Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4235, People From Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven


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A short while later, the Proprietress’ expression darkened. It was obvious that her attempt at communication had not gone smoothly.


At this moment, the enormous palace arrived in front of them and came to a steady halt.


Yang Kai looked up, feeling shocked. Just by looking from a distance, he could tell that the palace was huge. Even so, it wasn’t until it was right in front of him that he realised it truly was a giant existence.


The Falling Lotus was certainly not small and could accommodate several dozen to several hundred people without feeling the slightest bit crowded. Nevertheless, the Falling Lotus looked like a small blade of grass standing beside a huge tree when compared to the palace artifact of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven.


The palace was at least ten times the size of the Falling Lotus. Its huge shadow loomed over the Falling Lotus, producing a kind of gloomy air. A plaque on the front of the main gate of the palace was emblazoned with the words ‘Five Elements Palace’. The characters shone brilliantly in radiant golden light. Three people stood side by side on the front steps of the Five Elements Palace. They consisted of two men and one woman. Moreover, one of them was Senior Brother Guo whom Yang Kai once met at the auction house.


At this moment, Senior Brother Guo squeezed out an embarrassed smile at the Proprietress. His smile was mixed with a slight sense of helplessness.


In addition to Senior Brother Guo, there was a dry elderly old man. He could only be described as thin and withered-looking, almost like a bamboo stick. His robes were flapping around him noisily. His expression was not angry, but he had an imposing temperament. On the other hand, the woman was extremely glamorous. She was petite and had exquisite features. She also had a pair of peach blossom eyes that overflowed with seductive charm.


Yang Kai could not determine the cultivation of these three people at all. He only knew that Senior Brother Guo was on par with the Proprietress in terms of strength. In other words, Senior Brother Guo was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Even so, it did not seem as though he was in charge of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven’s current contingent. That was because both he and the glamorous woman were standing half a step behind the elderly man. With such obvious positioning, it could be seen that this elderly man’s status in Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven was higher than that of Senior Brother Guo and the glamorous woman.


Yang Kai was startled. [Senior Brother Guo is already in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Could it be that the elderly man is in the Seventh Order!?]


However, that didn’t make sense. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven was indeed of great importance and a grand event that involved the entire 3,000 Worlds. Almost all the great forces would participate in this event. Even the Cave-Heavens and Paradises were no exception. Even so, the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters held such noble statuses, so how could they possibly bother themselves over something like this? It had to be said that the incident involving the Golden Crow Divine Palace had only brought out several High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters because an Eight-Order material was involved.


Just as Yang Kai was feeling suspicious, the Proprietress bowed, “First Inn’s Lan You Ruo greets Elder Chu.” Then, she nodded to the glamorous woman lightly, “Junior Sister Han.”


As for Senior Brother Guo, she outright ignored him.


Junior Sister Han returned the greeting with a soft voice, “Senior Sister Lan!”


She then eyed Old Bai and Yue He with interest. In particular, she took a closer look at Yue He.


The Proprietress nodded and glanced at Elder Chu, “The Blood Monster Cave Heaven is about to open. Why did you come here, Elder Chu?”


Elder Chu had a dried-out appearance, and his voice was just as dry as his appearance. It was almost as if he had never drunk a drop of water in his life, “Are you sure you don’t know why this Old Master is here? Why ask when you already have the answer?”


She faintly said, “Please enlighten me, Elder.”


Senior Brother Guo lightly coughed into his fist and said, “It’s like this, Junior Sister Lan. I’m sure you know how far the Main Sect is from here. Although Elder Chu and the others had calculated the time of departure and should have arrived at the Blood Monster Territory half a month ago, there was some trouble on the road. Because of that, they only arrived today, which is… a bit late.”


“So?” She cast a glance at him.


He scratched his head, “We arrived too late, so we couldn’t find a suitable location anymore. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven has attracted too many people. At present, the entire Blood Monster Territory is crowded with people.”


She flicked her sleeve and snorted, “And? What has that got to do with me?”


Senior Brother Guo chuckled in embarrassment. Just as Senior Brother Guo was about to say something, Elder Chu suddenly raised his hand from where he stood to stop him from speaking. He looked at the Proprietress as he spoke, “This Old Master will not waste time with you. Let us have a frank discussion. The Main Sect is unable to find a suitable location, so this Old Master wishes for you to hand this spot over to become the Main Sect’s base.”


Yang Kai immediately lost his temper when he heard those words, “Why!?”


Although this territory was something the Proprietress and the others had stolen as well, there had been a valid reason for their actions. Be it the Proprietress or Old Bai, both of them held deep grudges against Boundless Altar, the previous owners of this spot. If not for that, the Proprietress and the others would not have abused their strength to rob the other party of their territory. They passed through many places that they could have snatched along the way, but the Proprietress and the others had not arbitrarily attacked anyone up until that point.


Be that as it may, this elderly man with the surname Chu was asking First Inn to give up its place so lightly. Was that not a clear sign that his intention was to harass them? What’s more, the elderly man with the surname Chu had maintained an arrogant attitude and an unquestionable tone throughout the conversation. It was almost as if the others owed him a million Open Heaven Pills. It was extremely annoying.


Yang Kai couldn’t help recalling what Senior Brother Guo mentioned at the exchange meeting. There also existed people who were unfavourable towards the Proprietress in Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven. It would seem that Elder Chu was one of these people.


Old Bai’s expression also fell upon hearing those words.


Meanwhile, Elder Chu glanced at Yang Kai calmly but did not bother to respond to him. In his opinion, he probably felt that there was no need for him to explain anything to a mere Emperor Realm Junior with his status. He simply glanced at the Proprietress and exerted an invisible pressure on her.


The Proprietress was obviously a little annoyed, but she managed to suppress her anger, “Although there are many people in the Blood Monster Territory at the moment, it should not be a problem for you to obtain a territory with your strength and prestige. Isn’t that right, Elder Chu? Why do you specifically target me?”


Elder Chu replied indifferently, “That’s true. It is very easy for this Old Master to occupy a territory if he wanted to. I believe no one would dare not give the Main Sect face; however, won’t the Main Sect be slandered as an entity that abuses its strength to bully the weak if this Old Master were to do that? That would definitely result in damage to the Main Sect’s reputation. That is not desirable! Not desirable at all!”


Yang Kai was furious, “Snatching somebody else’s territory is an abuse of your strength and bullying the weak, so you targeted one of your own instead!? For the sake of something like reputation, you can damage the interests of one of your own!? What kind of logic is that!?”


Both Elder Chu and Senior Brother Guo frowned and gave Yang Kai a displeased look. On the other hand, a young man who had been standing behind Elder Chu immediately leapt forward and scolded Yang Kai without a trace of politeness, “The Elders are speaking! How dare a mere Emperor Realm Junior interrupt them with your nonsense!?”


This young man had been standing behind Elder Chu without saying a word this entire time, but he had an extraordinary bearing. It was easy to tell that he was probably one of the elite disciples of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven. Yang Kai had interrupted twice. Due to Elder Chu’s status, it was inconvenient for him to say anything. In comparison, this young man was not bound by such scruples.


Yang Kai glanced sideways at the young man and curled his lips, “With such bold talk, I was wondering which High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master it was. It turns out to be nothing more than an Emperor Realm Junior.”


The young man coldly snorted with a look of disdain, “There are vast differences between Emperor Realm cultivators. Although both you and I are Emperor Realm Masters at the moment, I am destined to stand above the clouds in the future while you are destined to wallow in the mud. I will be looking down on you from above. Let’s see if you still dare to speak to me in that manner then!”


Yang Kai sneered, “Then, you better start praying so that you never meet me in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven; otherwise, I will beat you so badly that you’ll resemble a pig’s head!”


The young man burst into laughter, “This is the first time I’ve ever met such a crazed Junior before! Let’s see whether you can even enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven in the first place. Who knows? You might not even get the chance!”


Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “Don’t worry. Even if you can’t enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, I can.”


The two Emperor Realm cultivators were arguing in front of a group of Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Furthermore, neither of them was willing to back down. It was quite a strange sight.


Senior Brother Guo couldn’t bear to listen any longer so he looked at the Proprietress with a grimace, “Junior Sister, please reprimand your people.”


The Proprietress replied calmly, “Senior Brother, why don’t you reprimand your people first?”


Elder Chu spoke up, “Why are you all making so much noise? Cease this nonsense!” His expression that had always remained as tranquil as an ancient well was tainted with a hint of rage. He glared at the Proprietress, “First Inn doesn’t have that many people in the first place. Why do you need to occupy such a large territory? Many people from the Main Sect came on this trip. Unfortunately, we arrived slightly later than expected. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven may open at any time, so there is no time to find another place. If you are still grateful for the kindness that the Main Sect has shown you, then you should be willing to sacrifice for the Main Sect.”


The Proprietress’ voice was cold as she retorted, “It was the old man who was kind to me. What does that have to do with Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven?”


Elder Chu snapped irritably, “The old man you are referring to is one of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven’s Elders! Whether you admit it or not, you have received the kindness of the Main Sect!”


“That’s just your wishful thinking.” She sneered, “Besides, who said that First Inn doesn’t have many people? We naturally have our own reasons for occupying such a large territory. What will happen to the people under me if I hand this territory over to you? I suggest you should hurry and find another place while you still have time. Who knows? You might be able to find an unclaimed area. But, it will really be too late if you wait around any longer.”


His expression was as ugly as could be, “Do you insist on doing this?”


Senior Brother Guo stepped forward, “Please stop arguing. Look; I have a suggestion. First Inn won’t need to give up this territory either. Why don’t we both share this spot? This territory is quite large so when the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opens, many entrances will probably appear here. At that time, we can let the little ones compete for the entrances with their own strength. That way, they won’t have any complaints even if they failed to seize the opportunity.”


“Impossible!” The Proprietress refused flatly. This was the territory that First Inn had acquired. Yang Kai had mentioned earlier that he could bring everybody into the Blood Monster Cave Heaven with him by using the Sealed World Bead, so they only needed to fight for a single entrance. Nevertheless, she could not swallow this indignity. Why should she share with Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven? She would have nothing to say if the old man himself came forward; however, Elder Chu had always looked down on her. She had no reason to make things easy for this old man.


“Fine!” Contrary to expectations, Yang Kai nodded in agreement at the same moment that she refused.


She turned to look in that direction only to see Yang Kai winking at her furtively.


Senior Brother Guo hesitated, “Junior Sister, do the words of this boy… count? Do you need to discuss this first?”


Her expression was cold as she pondered in silence for a moment. Then, she nodded, “Since he has agreed to it… I’ll let him make the decision. But, we will agree on this in advance. If anybody dares to intervene when they are competing for the entrances, then don’t blame this Great Aunt for hitting back!”




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