Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4236, Yin Xin Zhao


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Senior Brother Guo laughed, “Affairs between the children should be left to them. As Seniors, it’s enough if we just watch over them. What do you think, Senior Brother Chu?”


Elder Chu coldly snorted, but his expression did not change in the slightest. Although he did not agree with this method, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven could open at any time now. If he rejected this suggestion at this time, he might really fail to find even the last spot available. Thus, he immediately replied unhappily, “If you go back on your word, this Old Master will definitely report this matter to Elder Si Tu. I’ll see how you still dare to hold your head high to face him then!”


The Proprietress didn’t even bother to look at him, treating him as though he were a fart in the wind.


Hence, a strange sight appeared in the void. The gigantic Five Elements Palace and the much smaller Falling Lotus coexisted peacefully in that piece of territory that could not be considered large.


It had to be said that countless great forces from all over the 3,000 Worlds were gathered in the Blood Monster Territory at the moment. Both large and small great forces would occupy a territory that belonged solely to them. In that way, they would have the advantage of being closer if the entrance to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven were to appear in front of them.


There were no other great forces in the Blood Monster Territory in the same situation as First Inn and Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven.


“Smelly brat, what crazy idea are you cooking up now?” The Proprietress couldn’t help asking when she saw Yang Kai sneakily studying his surroundings. The one who agreed to Senior Brother Guo’s suggestion earlier had also been him. Although she could guess that he was up to no good, she had no idea what he planned to do.


Yang Kai did not answer; instead, he asked a completely different question, “Proprietress, is First Inn directly under Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven?”


She replied, “Nonsense! The old man is the Owner of First Inn. Even though the old man is one of the Elders of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven, First Inn is considered the old man’s private asset.”


“Private asset!?” Yang Kai was dumbfounded. He might not know how much income First Inn brought in, but he was certain that they were raking in profit every single day. Not to mention that there were so many branches across numerous Great Territories. [I can’t believe such a great force is nothing more than the private assets of that old man surnamed Si Tu. I have to say; the heritage of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master is just so different from our own.] 


“Then… Will it trouble First Inn if I were to make the people from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven suffer a little?”


She sneered, “In that case, I’ll be looking forward to it. What do you plan to do?”


“You just need to watch the good show later.”


While speaking, Yang Kai’s gaze shifted towards the Five Elements Palace. He just so happened to meet the gaze of the young man who had been quarrelling with him before. Four eyes suddenly met but the young man’s expression was filled with contempt. He reached up and slowly slid his hand across his neck like a blade… The threat behind his actions were obvious.


Yang Kai sneered in his heart and directed a question at the Proprietress, “Who is that guy? He looks like a complete wastrel.”


She raised her head and glanced in that direction, “I forgot his name, but he is probably that old dog’s Legacy Disciple.”


“Is that so…” Yang Kai grinned, “I got it.” 


Staring at the young man deeply, Yang Kai suddenly announced, “It’s still early. I’m going to take a walk.”


After saying that, he slipped out with his hands behind his back. He looked absolutely carefree, almost as if he was going sightseeing.


The Proprietress failed to stop him in time, so she could only remind him, “Don’t go off for too long and come back soon! The entrance to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven may appear at any time!”


“I know!” He didn’t even bother to turn back as he waved his hand at her dismissively.



Inside the Five Elements Palace, the young man watched Yang Kai and did not take his eyes off the latter at all. Yang Kai was acting like he was patrolling his own territory, looking around left and right in the vast void. There was no saying what he was doing. Hence, the young man couldn’t help snorting coldly, “Pitiful weakling!”


Senior Brother Guo was standing right next to the young man. Upon hearing those words, he laughed, “Nephew, don’t judge a person by their appearance.”


Jumping in surprise, the young man hurriedly turned around and bowed, “Martial Uncle Guo!” He frowned, “Martial Uncle, what do you mean? Is there anything worthy of respect in that brat?”


Senior Brother Guo said, “Do you know the name ‘Yu Luo Sha’?”


The young man did not understand why Senior Brother Guo suddenly brought up an irrelevant person; even so, he nodded seriously, “Of course. I went to Thousand Birds Territory’s Star City two years ago and participated in the Asura Arena on a whim. I fought Yu Luo Sha once!”


“Oh?” Senior Brother Guo raised an eyebrow at those words, “What was the result of your fight?”


“It was a draw. I fought her for six hours until I was completely exhausted in the end. But, don’t worry, Martial Uncle. This disciple has been working hard over the past two years. My strength has improved greatly compared to back then. If my estimation is correct, Yu Luo Sha will definitely enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. This disciple will not embarrass the Main Sect if I encounter her inside.”


Senior Brother Guo nodded, “I’m not worried about you meeting Yu Luo Sha. If you fought her on equal terms two years ago, then I’m sure you won’t be weaker than her two years later. Rather, I’m worried about you meeting that boy inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.”


The young man was astonished for a moment, then he immediately became annoyed, “Martial Uncle, why do you speak so highly of him and belittle me? Although my aptitude is poor, I have never failed the teachings of Honoured Master in all these years!”


Senior Brother Guo sighed, “I’m not trying to belittle you, but you wouldn’t be so carefree if you saw how the fight went between that boy and Yu Luo Sha went.”


The young man was dumbfounded, “He fought Yu Luo Sha before? What was the result of his fight?”


“One move!” Senior Brother Guo turned to look at the young man sternly, “Yu Luo Sha was completely defeated in a single move!”


“Impossible!” The young man reacted as if he was struck by lightning. His entire body stiffened in shock and his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.


“There’s nothing impossible about it. I witnessed it personally.” Senior Brother Guo reached out a finger and pointed at the tall girl standing beside him all this while, “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Junior Sister Zhu yourself.”


The young man turned to look at the tall girl and she gently nodded in affirmation.


“One move…” The colour drained out of his face. He was as pale as a dead man, “How can Yu Luo Sha be defeated in a single move? Like me, she condensed Sixth-Order Elements. We are only one step away from advancing into the Open Heaven Realm. How can anybody below the Open Heaven Realm overwhelm her so completely?”


“It’s simple.” Senior Brother Guo glanced at Yang Kai’s back in the distance, “What you are condensing is the Sixth-Order Elements, but… that boy is condensing Seventh-Order Elements!”


“Seventh-Order Elements!?” The young man’s eyes narrowed as though he had received a great shock, “He…”


Senior Brother Guo said, “This Martial Uncle will give you a piece of advice. If you encounter him in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, run as far as you can. I’m certain that brat is not a soft-hearted and forgiving young man. You were having a dispute with him just now, so be careful, just in case he does something to you inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.”


“He dares!?” The young man was livid.


Senior Brother Guo patted the young man on the shoulder, “It’s better to endure for a moment and keep the peace. He has condensed Seventh-Order Elements, so while his future might seem bright and promising, it is actually filled with misfortune and danger. The higher one stands, the harder one falls after all.”


After listening to what Senior Brother Guo said, the young man seemed to recall something. His complexion slowly returned to normal and he nodded, “This Disciple will remember your advice, Martial Uncle.”


Gazing in the direction that Yang Kai had left, the young man gripped his fists lightly and sneered in his heart. [Condensing Seventh-Order Elements… He doesn’t know his place!]




Exactly half a day later, Yang Kai finally returned to the Falling Lotus. He looked up and saw that the Five Elements Palace was crowded with people. Many cultivators were standing on the deck and listening to Elder Chu’s teachings. He was amazed by the sight, “Just how many people did they bring?”


The Proprietress replied, “The Blood Monster Cave Heaven only opens once every 200 years. They might not have another chance in the future. It’s only natural for them to want a share of the pie while they still have the chance. The numbers from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven are considered on the low side even. They only have 200 or so. Some great forces might even dispatch 4 or 5 hundred people.”


Old Bai chimed in, “It’s just that the entrances are limited. There’s no point even if many of them come. They have to successfully secure an entrance if they want to enter.” He turned to look at Yang Kai, “You should act now. It’ll be too late if you wait any longer.”


Yang Kai nodded and slipped into the Falling Lotus. He placed Lang Qing Shan and the others in the Small Sealed World, then he put the Falling Lotus away. By the time he finished doing everything, the 200 disciples from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven had moved out and spread out into the surroundings. They were evenly distributed across the rather spacious void that was their territory. In this way, the person closest to the entrance would have the greatest advantage if an entrance appeared near them.


Glancing around carefully, Yang Kai discovered that the two hundred disciples had practically occupied the entire area within the Void. The distance between each person was rather evenly spaced. It was clear that they had no intention of leaving any space for First Inn at all. If there were more than thirty people from First Inn who were trying to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, this would have turned into an awkward situation. Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven had the advantage in numbers after all. If it came down to a fight, First Inn had no advantages to speak of. It was truly fortunate that he had the Sealed World Bead.


“Proprietress, I’m going.” Yang Kai had his sights set on a certain location, so after a cursory goodbye, he immediately headed towards that spot.


“Young Master, please be careful!” Yue He called out from behind.


Guo Zi Yan cupped his fists and quickly said, “This subordinate wishes you all the best! May you return with success!”


Yang Kai waved goodbye.


A short while later, he came to a spot near one of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven’s disciples and came to a halt. Although it was said to be near, he was still a few hundred metres away from the other party. It was just that the others had a distance of several kilometres between them, so this distance was relatively close.


The Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven disciple shouted at Yang Kai furiously when he noticed him, “Brat! Are you looking for trouble!?”


Not only had Yang Kai come alone, but out of all the places he could stop, he also just had to stop so close to this man. Therefore, it upset him greatly.


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai turned to look at the disciple and grinned. He pointed in another direction and asked, “Junior Brother, can I ask you a question? What is that guy’s name?”


The Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven disciple glanced in the direction that Yang Kai was pointing and blurted out, “That’s Yin Xin Zhao. Senior Brother Yin is Elder Chu’s Legacy Disciple. He is expected to advance into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm in the future… Hey, what the Hell do you count for!? How dare you so shamelessly address me as ‘Junior Brother’!?”


“So his name is Yin Xin Zhao!” Yang Kai smiled lightly.


Even though there were several kilometres between them, that smile gave Yin Xin Zhao an inexplicable sense of horror. He had looked down on Yang Kai before learning what the latter was capable of. However, he knew that he was not Yang Kai’s opponent once he learned that even Yu Luo Sha had been defeated by Yang Kai in one move. It was only natural for him to feel uncomfortable when he was being watched by Yang Kai so wolfishly. [This guy can’t be trying to compete against me for an entrance, right? There is a distance of several kilometres between us after all. If the entrance appears near me, I’m bound to have the advantage. How can he win?]




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