Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4237, Keep a Distance From Me


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Junior Brother!” Yang Kai turned to smile at the disciple nearby, “Seeing as you answered my questions, I’ll give you a piece of advice!”


That person roared furiously, “Speak if you have something to say!”


“You should keep a distance from me; otherwise… You won’t be able to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven!”


That person was taken aback by those words for a moment. Then, he lost his temper completely, “Brat, don’t you dare snatch my entrance from me! I will cut off your head and use it as a urinal!”


“I’m just giving you a friendly warning!” After saying that, Yang Kai closed his eyes and spread his Divine Sense out to cover the surroundings.


That person glared at Yang Kai furiously, intending to spit out some insults; however, he saw that Yang Kai was no longer paying any attention to him. Although he was burning with rage, he simply opened his eyes wide and kept a close watch on his surroundings, lest an entrance to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven appeared all of a sudden.


Time passed slowly and a feeling of anxiety gradually filled the quiet void. Even cultivators from the same great force would feel tension when their gazes occasionally met. All of them had gone through rigorous selection of their respective Sects in order to obtain the qualifications to come here. Be that as it may, there was no guarantee that they could enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. This issue involved a matter of fighting over the entrances. Only those who could secure an entrance could enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. That was why everybody else was a rival in their eyes. How could they not be wary of the others?


Yang Kai kept his eyes tightly closed. He was completely motionless, almost as if he had fallen asleep.


In contrast, Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven disciple standing a few hundred metres away from Yang Kai was feeling incredibly anxious. Even though he kept his eyes wide open and vigorously searched his surroundings for so long, there were no signs of an entrance appearing nearby. His eyes were already starting to feel tired. Turning to glance at Yang Kai, he coldly snorted, “Hmph! Playing cheap tricks!”


He reached up to rub his tired eyes. Not a moment later, he suddenly noticed something out of the corner of his vision. He turned to look in that direction and saw a glimmer of red light appearing at a certain spot in the void. The light was not very conspicuous when it first appeared, but it quickly spread like a drop of ink in clear water.


It took only three breaths for that glimmer of light to transform into a swirling blood-red portal. The portal was not large, only able to accommodate a single person passing through it while the aura of a Universe World leaked out from beyond it.


The entrances to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven… had finally begun to appear! At that moment, all the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven and First Inn turned to look at the blood portal at the same time.


How could that person continue to rub his eyes? He couldn’t help bursting into laughter as he cheered, “The Heavens are on my side!”


With a slight shift of his body, he immediately rushed in the direction of the blood portal. He never imagined that the first entrance would appear near him. It was a huge stroke of fortune. He had been extremely nervous while waiting earlier, afraid that no entrances would appear within his couple-kilometre range. If that was the case, then he would not be able to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven no matter how capable he was.


Who could have known that he would be so lucky? All his worries from before dissipated into nothing, causing him to throw his head back and laugh heartily.


[I’m going to be the first person to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven!]  Although the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was filled with all sorts of dangers, he was already here, so who was not mentally prepared for all the possibilities? Just as there were dangers lurking everywhere inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, there was also an abundance of opportunities to be had. He might be able to achieve success overnight if he could obtain some benefit inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. It would be even more wonderful if he could advance into the Open Heaven Realm once it was all over.


He was feeling extremely excited and his expression reflected his emotional state. He hurriedly rushed towards the entrance as though he could see a bright future beckoning to him from within the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


In the next moment, his smile froze on his face. Widening his eyes, he stared in the direction of the blood portal and exclaimed in disbelief, “How is that possible!?”


That was because a person had appeared right in front of the blood portal during that brief flight of fantasy he had! Moreover, it was a person who should have been several hundred metres behind him!


Thinking that he had seen wrong, he even turned back to look behind him. There was no sign of a person’s figure at the spot where Yang Kai had been standing earlier. Somehow, the hateful young man had vanished at some point in time and bypassed him directly to arrive in front of the blood portal.




Inside the Five Elements Palace, the three Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven all had different expressions on their faces.


Senior Brother Guo was absolutely dumbfounded, “This…”


Elder Chu shouted through gritted teeth, “Space Secret Technique!”


The glamorous woman revealed a look of realisation and murmured to herself, “So that’s how it is!”


She had been puzzled when Yang Kai agreed so readily to Senior Brother Guo’s suggestion earlier; after all, the situation was very disadvantageous to First Inn. Judging by the current situation, this Junior by the name of Yang Kai was a Master of the Dao of Space and could perform Instantaneous Movement. He could shuttle back and forth across the Void in an instant without regard for the barriers of space. With such a Divine Ability, why would he worry about failing to secure an entrance?


She laughed and shook her head. [Taking petty revenge just because he suffered a bit of loss… That’s so childish. It’s just a single entrance. So what if that Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven disciple fails to secure it? We don’t expect all of them to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. It’s a good result even if only 50 out of these 200 disciples managed to go in. Losing one entrance won’t cause a problem for the overall situation. It doesn’t matter how amazing this boy’s Space Secret Techniques are. In the end, he’s just one pers…]


As soon as that thought came to mind, everybody saw Yang Kai abruptly reaching his hand into the Void. Immediately after that, he fished a chubby fatty out of nowhere…


Senior Brother Guo was shocked, as were Elder Chu and the glamorous woman… Then, all three of them suddenly had a bad feeling.




“The entrance to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven!” The chef immediately yelled in excitement when he appeared.


“Don’t talk nonsense. Hurry up and get inside!” Yang Kai kicked the chef in his butt and sent the chef falling into the blood portal. The swirling portal immediately collapsed upon itself and swiftly turned into a small red dot that vanished into thin air.


Just as the Proprietress and the others had mentioned before, the entrance to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was extremely unstable. Each entrance could only accommodate a single person passing through before it collapsed, so after Yang Kai released the chef from the Sealed World Bead and tossed him straight into the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, the entrance immediately disappeared.


It wasn’t until this moment that the previous Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven disciple arrived, but he was too late. Staring blankly at the spot where the entrance used to be, he was completely dumbfounded at first. Then, his blank stare was followed by a furious roar, “You bastard!”


Yang Kai brushed past that disciple and patted him on the shoulder, “Good luck, Junior Brother. I hope another entrance will appear nearby!”


Manipulating Space Principles, his figure vanished out of sight again.


Only that disciple was left behind in the same spot, fuming with rage that had nowhere to go.


By the time Yang Kai appeared again, he was already several kilometres away. There was a small glimmer of red light in front of him, expanding quickly to become an entrance.


300 metres away, another Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven disciple had just spotted the entrance, but before that disciple could make a move, Yang Kai grabbed the accountant out of the Small Sealed World and tossed him into the entrance.


The accountant’s figure flashed and vanished. He probably did not even realise what was happening before everything was over.


Following that, Yang Kai’s figure flickered again. This time around, he appeared two kilometres away. It was almost like he had predicted the future as a small red dot was just appearing when his figure reappeared from the Void. Three breaths later, the entrance took form. Yang Kai grabbed another person from the Small Sealed World and tossed them into the portal.


In just a matter of several dozen breaths, Yang Kai had consecutively stolen three entrances. This large void was like his backyard where he could come and go as he pleased. Nobody could compete with him at all. It could even be said that Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven disciples who were checking their surroundings had failed to even discover the appearance of those entrances before Yang Kai acted.




Inside the Five Elements Palace, Elder Chu’s expression was so ugly that one would cry at the sight of him. His gaze was fixed gloomily upon Yang Kai, who was several kilometres away. It was almost as though he wanted to rip Yang Kai into ten thousand pieces!


Three entrances represented three chances that should have belonged to Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven. Now that they were stolen away, the Main Sect had suffered a huge loss.


“This is difficult. The Brat is very proficient in the Dao of Space.” Senior Brother Guo fiercely scowled, “An entrance into the Blood Monster Cave Heaven appears when the Cave-Heaven and the Blood Monster Territory merge together for a moment, so there are bound to be subtle spatial fluctuations right before it becomes visible. The others might not notice anything, but these spatial fluctuations are as obvious as beacons in a sea of darkness to him. He can accurately locate each entrance before they even appear.”


The glamorous woman continued, “Furthermore, based on that boy’s actions, he probably has an artifact that can hold the living creatures; otherwise, how could he have conjured three people out of thin air?”


“An artifact that can hold living beings is extremely rare. Where did he obtain something like that?” He was puzzled.


She glanced at the Proprietress, “I’m afraid she must have given it to him.”


Elder Chu was furious, “That Junior thinks he can do whatever he wants just because he is proficient in the Dao of Space!? He is not respecting the Main Sect in the slightest! That bastard!”


“Elder, please calm down!” The glamorous woman quickly tried to comfort him, “The Dao of Space might be amazing, but there is still just one of him. He can’t create clones out of himself. It is only just the beginning. I’m sure many entrances will appear in this large void. It’s impossible for him to steal all of them. Besides… He is only in the Emperor Realm. Even if he is proficient in the Dao of Space, there must be limits to the distance he can teleport. As long as an entrance appears outside of his range, he will not be able to do anything either.”


As though to verify her words, five red points of light flickered throughout the void following the consecutive appearances of the three entrances earlier. The five red dots swiftly enlarged and turned into entrances.


Yang Kai’s figure flickered rapidly. Even so, he only managed to steal three entrances; the other two were taken by Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven disciples.


Elder Chu’s expression finally eased slightly at the sight. The Main Sect only managed to obtain two entrances, so only two disciples could enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Nevertheless, it could be considered a good start.


More than a dozen kilometres away from the Five Elements Palace, the Proprietress shook her head slowly, “Smelly brat, you are the embodiment of the saying ‘revenge is a dish best served warm’.”


It was not until this moment that she understood the reason for the question he asked previously. It would seem that he had already planned to make things difficult for Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven beforehand. It was just that he was worried about causing trouble for First Inn. That was why he asked if First Inn would be placed in a difficult position if Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven was humiliated slightly.


At this rate, Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven would not just suffer a small loss, they would suffer a terrible one! Be that as it may, it was Elder Chu who came looking for trouble first. If he had chosen to station himself elsewhere, this would not have happened. Unfortunately, they assumed that First Inn was easily bullied and forced their way into this area.


With Yang Kai’s temperament, how could he let others be happy when he was unhappy? This was a typical act of hindering the success of others even though these actions served no benefit to him.


Silavin: ‘revenge is a dish best served warm’ – the opposite of this is cold. It just means revenge earlier or later.




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