Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4238, Unstoppable


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Entrances to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven appeared one after another throughout the endless void of the Blood Monster Territory, allowing the cultivators waiting nearby to succeed in entering. There were people everywhere in the Blood Monster Territory; as such, less than ten breaths would pass from the time an entrance appeared to the time somebody entered. Some entrances were taken not even a breath after they appeared.


Each entrance represented an opportunity. Whether a person could successfully seize that opportunity or not depended on one’s abilities and one’s luck. For the sake of securing an entrance for themselves, many fellow cultivators from the same great forces would even attack each other. This was also allowed. As long as one was careful when attacking and the attack was not lethal, the Elders leading the team would turn a blind eye to those actions.


The cultivators who managed to secure an entrance would vanish out of sight. On the other hand, those who failed would be extremely annoyed. They had no choice but to search for another entrance.


Inside the territory where First Inn and Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven were located, Yang Kai’s figure was flickering about without pause, pushing his Space Principles to their limits. As Senior Brother Guo had mentioned before, the entrances to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven were formed when the Blood Monster Cave Heaven merged with the Blood Monster Territory; hence, there was a subtle fluctuation right before an entrance formed. Other people might not be able to perceive anything, but the space fluctuations were extremely conspicuous to Yang Kai, who was proficient in the Dao of Space


For that reason, he was perfectly capable of taking the lead in seizing the opportunities. Even if he was all alone, he was practically unstoppable. Most of the time, the entrances had only just appeared and he was already standing in front of them. He would casually grab somebody from the Small Sealed World and throw them into the entrance, then turn around to leave. As a result, he left many Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven’s elite disciples stunned and annoyed in his wake.


However, the entrances to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven appeared at irregular intervals. Sometimes, it would take a long time before one appeared. Sometimes, several entrances would appear at the same time, so no matter how capable Yang Kai was, it was impossible for him to dominate all the entrances.


Be that as it may, he had stolen almost 70% of the entrances that had appeared so far. Although Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven had the advantage in numbers, they were only able to secure 30% of those entrances in this territory. Inside the Five Elements Palace, Elder Chu’s eyes were practically spitting fire at the sight. His murderous intent was also extremely dense and he was tempted to smack Yang Kai to death in a single move.


If not for Yang Kai’s constant interference, Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven could have secured nearly 20 of the entrances. On the contrary, only 6 disciples had entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven so far. Every entrance represented an opportunity; therefore, this heavy loss left him feeling heartbroken.


Suppressing his rage, he shifted his gaze to look in another direction instead. His Legacy Disciple, Yin Xin Zhao, was standing in the void and looking around his surroundings with an anxious expression.


He was not very lucky. Almost an incense stick had passed by since the entrances to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven started appearing, but there were no signs of one appearing around him whatsoever. This had resulted in him being unable to obtain a chance to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven even though his strength was extraordinary.


Seeming to notice Elder Chu’s gaze, Yin Xin Zhao turned to look at his Honoured Master. Then, he took a deep breath and suppressed the anxiety in his heart to wait patiently.


And his patience paid off. Less than a cup of tea later, a small red dot suddenly appeared approximately 400 hundred metres away from him. He immediately noticed the changes and swiftly moved in that direction with an expression of excitement. As somebody standing at the peak of the Emperor Realm, a distance of 400 metres was nothing to him. He could cover it in the blink of an eye.


Inside the Five Elements Palace, Elder Chu let out a breath of relief at the sight. It didn’t matter if the other disciples failed to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, but it would be an extremely devastating loss if his Legacy Disciple failed to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. After all, he had very high expectations for this boy.


At that moment, Yang Kai suddenly came to mind. Elder Chu glanced vigilantly at a certain spot in the distance and discovered that Yang Kai was a few thousand kilometres away due to the constant struggle just now; thus, he immediately felt relieved.


With such a huge distance between them, it was impossible for Yang Kai to return in an instant. It was not possible even if he was a Master of the Dao of Space.


As soon as that thought crossed Elder Chu’s mind though, his face twitched. That was because Yang Kai, who was several thousand kilometres away, had abruptly vanished from his field of vision. Immediately following that, Yang Kai appeared not far from Yin Xin Zhao.


Elder Chu was absolutely startled and could barely believe his eyes. [How can this be!? He is only in the Emperor Realm! Even if he is proficient in the Dao of Space, how can he cover a distance of several thousand kilometres in an instant!?


What enraged Elder Chu even more was the fact that another entrance had appeared near the place where Yang Kai was originally located; however, the brat had ignored that entrance and chose to appear in the vicinity of Yin Xin Zhao instead. His actions clearly indicated that he was deliberately aiming at Yin Xin Zhao. Elder Chu couldn’t help feeling anxious; thus, he paid close attention to the situation at hand without looking away in the slightest.


On the other side, the Proprietress and the others had been keeping a close watch on Yang Kai; therefore, they immediately noticed his strange actions. Old Bai let out a frivolous whistle and snickered, his expression seemed to say that he was ready to watch a good show.


Meanwhile, the Proprietress looked pensive. Like Elder Chu, she was puzzled, “How did he achieve Instantaneous Movement over such a large distance? It should have exceeded his limits.”


She had once chased Yang Kai through the void, so she had an idea where his limits were.


Yue He replied gently, “It’s thanks to the Space Beacons, a special artifact that the Young Master refined himself. One is used for positioning while the other is carried around on hand. As long as the distance between these two Space Beacons is not too outrageous, they can be used as anchor points to connect two places across the Void.”


The Proprietress was enlightened, “So, you’re saying that brat left a Space Beacon in the vicinity beforehand?”


Then, she suddenly recalled how Yang Kai had wandered aimlessly throughout the territory with his hands behind his back before the entrances to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven began opening. Judging by the current situation, he was actually making preparations in advance even though he looked like he had only been taking a leisurely stroll. Furthermore, he must have scattered more than one Space Beacon.


“Crafty little bastard,” She spat softly. It would seem that he had already been conspiring to do this when he agreed to Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven’s unreasonable request back then.


Yin Xin Zhao was Elder Chu’s Legacy Disciple. Moreover, he quarrelled with Yang Kai earlier. It would have been strange if Yang Kai did not harass him.


Predictably, Yang Kai had immediately rushed back as soon as he detected an entrance appearing in this area. He even went so far as to ignore other entrances that appeared closer to him.


At this moment, Yin Xin Zhao looked like he had seen a ghost. He turned his head to the side to look at Yang Kai, who was racing forward side by side with him, with a horrified expression on his face.


On the other hand, Yang Kai winked at Yin Xin Zhao; then, his figure flashed and he vanished out of sight.


Yin Xin Zhao raised his head to look forward.


Sure enough, Yang Kai’s figure reappeared in front of the nearby entrance. However, he did not send anybody through the entrance immediately. He simply stood there with a teasing expression and gazed at Yin Xin Zhao. The blood portal swirled endlessly a dozen metres behind him, connecting to the Universe World like a huge mouth that was gaping open in silent mockery.


Yin Xin Zhao was furious. His Emperor Qi surged and he bellowed, “Scram!”


His speed abruptly increased, almost as if he intended to rush into the entrance while Yang Kai was unprepared.


Yang Kai did not bother to dodge aside. He simply stretched out his arm in front of him in slow motion. Space Principles surged and with a strike of his palm, he shouted, “Near… Distant Horizon!”


This palm strike held no destructive force. Yin Xin Zhao was initially on guard against the attack, but contrary to his expectations, no attack came. He was feeling bewildered when he suddenly discovered that he could not approach Yang Kai at all no matter how fast he flew forward. That hateful face continued to smile at him from a few hundred metres away. Meanwhile, the void beneath his feet seemed to extend infinitely despite his constant forward movement! It filled him with an inexplicable sense of terror!


Although he had heard from Senior Brother Guo about how Yu Luo Sha had been defeated by this man in a single move, he had subconsciously refused to believe it; after all, he was familiar with Yu Luo Sha’s abilities. More importantly, he had his pride as an elite disciple of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven and the Legacy Disciple of Elder Chu. He did not consider himself inferior to anybody. He even had the impulsive thought of fighting Yang Kai in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven to determine who was better between them.


Unfortunately, it would now seem that this person’s methods were both profound and mysterious. It was certainly extremely unusual! Just the Divine Ability ‘Near Distant Horizon’ alone was something he had never heard of before.


Be that as it may, he was still a Core Disciple of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven with amazing talent and disposition. As soon as he noticed that something was wrong, he immediately reacted with a loud roar. A violent force erupted from his body and his fists transformed into a rain of shadows that struck out in all directions.


Yang Kai simply watched him quietly, showing no intention of stopping him whatsoever.


Three breaths later, cracks began to appear around him, as if space itself was collapsing. Overjoyed, Yin Xin Zhao increased the intensity of his attacks!




The sounds of something shattering rang out and Yin Xin Zhao could clearly feel as though he had escaped from an invisible cage. His entire body felt lighter all of a sudden. The other party’s Divine Ability had been broken!


The moment the understanding struck him, Yin Xin Zhao moved to rush forward without hesitation; however, what entered his field of vision nearly made his eyes pop out of their sockets from rage. He watched as Yang Kai leisurely summoned a person out of thin air before pushing them into the entrance! The blood portal immediately shrank and turned into a red dot that dissipated into nothing.


His complexion was ashen due to his rage and the veins in his temples were throbbing madly. Glaring furiously at Yang Kai, he shouted through gritted teeth, “You bastard! How dare you humiliate me!?”


Yang Kai had come running here from several thousand kilometres away. It was bad enough that he was deliberately targeting him to steal this entrance, but he even went so far as to taunt and trap him until Yin Xin Zhao had broken free of the shackles to use the entrance. It was obviously a deliberate act to humiliate Yin Xin Zhao.




Inside the Five Elements Palace, Elder Chu was so angry that he almost spat blood. His clothes flapped around him wildly as he roared solemnly, “This Junior does not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth! What impudence!”


Following that, he took a step forward and an endless wave of pressure came crashing down in that direction.


A figure flashed at that moment and the Proprietress stepped in between Yang Kai and him. With a flick of her hand, she lightly stopped the pressure that Elder Chu was exerting and raised her head to look at him, questioning in a cold voice, “What is the meaning of this, Elder Chu? You are a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and the Elder of a famous Sect. Are you planning to attack a child? Who was it who said that adults should only watch over the affairs between children?”


When she spoke the last sentence, she glared at Senior Brother Guo with a vicious look.


Senior Brother Guo was a little embarrassed. Those were certainly his words; nevertheless, he never imagined that Yang Kai would behave so excessively immediately after. Yang Kai had continuously stolen entrances from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven, practically pushing them to the verge of despair.


The rage brewing in Elder Chu’s chest was about to erupt like a volcano. His World Force fluctuated erratically, seemingly as though he might attack at any time.


Both Senior Brother Guo and Junior Sister Han were taken aback, with the latter hurriedly speaking, “Elder Chu, please calm down. Senior Sister Lan is a subordinate under Elder Si Tu. She is also considered part of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven. We will only make a laughing stock of ourselves if a fight breaks out between us.”




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