Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4239, Blood Monster Cave Heaven


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There was something else that Junior Sister Han did not dare to say. The three Open Heaven Realm Master of First Inn were no inferior to Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven in terms of both cultivation and Order. If it really came down to a fight, nobody would hold an advantage over the other. It would only result in a situation where both parties suffered losses.


It was obvious that Elder Chu also knew this. Suppressing the rage in his heart, he shouted through gritted teeth, “Lan You Ruo, you better watch over your people carefully! If he dares to do something like that again, don’t blame this Old Master for being merciless!”


The Proprietress did not show any weaknesses though, “Go ahead and try. You’ll see whether or not this Queen breaks those old bones of yours. Old people should find a place to live out their old age. Why did you come running here?”


Elder Chu nearly exploded with rage. Stretching out a hand to point at her, he spoke in a voice trembling with anger, “This Old Master will definitely report this matter to the Sect. Just you wait! You’ll be punished for this!”


She snorted and threw Elder Chu to the back of her mind. When she saw that Yang Kai and Yin Xin Zhao were still glaring at each other in a stalemate, she couldn’t help sending a transmission, “It’s almost time. You should also head inside. All the entrances have almost finished opening. Unexpected changes might occur if you wait any longer.”


“Got it.” Yang Kai replied. Then, he smiled at Yin Xin Zhao and cupped his fist, “Good luck, Brother Yin!”


After saying that, he left with a flash.


[Fuck your good luck!] Yin Xin Zhao was about to explode with anger. He had waited for so long just for this wonderful opportunity. In the beginning, he believed that entering the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was a certainty. Who could have known that Yang Kai would interfere in his affairs so rudely!?


After such a long time, Yin Xin Zhao had discovered a pattern. The entrances to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven might appear without a fixed frequency, but they typically did not appear in the same location twice. In other words, there was not much hope for another entrance to appear in this location that he guarded so zealously. He had to search in another location. However, there were Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven disciples everywhere around him. Where could he go? For a time, his expression was extremely ugly.


On the other side, Yang Kai arrived at another newly-appeared entrance and slipped inside. After stepping into the entrance, he felt a blood light wrapping around him. Then, he was pulled, pushed, and squashed by an invisible force that pressed down on him. The scenery in front of him turned bizarre. A faint sense of dizziness came from the depths of his mind and golden stars filled his vision.


These were typical symptoms of teleportation, so he was all too familiar with this feeling. Moreover, he could tell from the severity of these symptoms that he was not being teleported too far. That was rather understandable. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven was hidden within Blood Monster Territory, not to mention that the entrances were formed when both sides merged together. Sooner or later, there would even come a day when the Blood Monster Cave Heaven and the Blood Monster Territory would completely merge together. That was why the distance between them was not that large.


It only took several breaths before the bizarre scenery suddenly disappeared. Yang Kai’s vision blurred for a moment and he discovered that he was in another world. He was in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven!


Before he could take a closer look at the surrounding scenery of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven though, he suddenly felt his body sinking downward. It felt like there was a huge mountain pressing down on his shoulders, causing his body to fall into a sharp descent. Only then did he realise that he was standing in mid-air. He hastily tried to correct his posture to stabilize his body, but to his horror and surprise, he found that there was an invisible restriction of some sort in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, preventing him from flying!


This was the Small Universe left behind by an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after all. The restrictions placed within the world were not something an Emperor Realm cultivator like him could ignore. This place had gone through the baptism of endless years and many of the restrictions had fallen into disrepair. Even so, restraining the abilities of Emperor Realm cultivators was not an issue.


Yang Kai was flustered for a short moment. Lowering his head, he saw that he was no more than a few dozen kilometres above ground. It was just that he was falling out of the sky at a high speed. Be that as it may, he did not panic. He had a Half-Dragon Body, so although it might hurt to fall from such a height, it would not endanger his life.


The key point was that he had not appeared at a very favourable location. There was a group of hyena-like Monster Beasts in the plain directly below him. These Monster Beasts numbered over a hundred and they had a ferocious aura about them. Seeming to detect the scent of a Human, one of the hyenas looked up and let out several short but fierce yelps. Consequently, more than a hundred hyenas soon raised their heads and swarmed around the area where Yang Kai was going to land. They bared their fangs and howled endlessly, seeming extremely hostile.


It was Yang Kai’s first time in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, so he was clueless about the strength of these Monster Beasts. The idea of using them to practice his skills immediately popped into his head.


His figure fell rapidly, like a meteorite falling out of the sky. When he was about three kilometres away from the ground, he stretched out a finger and flicked repeatedly. Pitch-black Moon Blades slashed out, tearing space apart.


Slashing sounds echoed, accompanied by blood splattering everywhere. The bodies of the Monster Beasts that were gathered around in one spot were torn apart by the Moon Blades. They collapsed in a pool of blood. With one attack, more than half out of the hundred or so hyena-like Monster Beasts were either killed or severely injured.


Yang Kai crashed down a moment later, blasting a crater in the ground with a loud boom. The ground cracked and split apart around him. In addition, dust flew up in a cloud in all directions! The short but fierce barks of those hyenas sounded mournfully all around him. By the time he stood up and cast a Secret Technique to get rid of all the smoke and dust, there was only a pile of Monster Beast carcasses left lying on the ground. The rest of the Monster Beasts had turned tail and fled!


“Trash!” Yang Kai spat disdainfully. He had thought that these Monster Beasts were powerful when he saw how fierce and hostile they were. Who could have known that they would be so weak? Even an ordinary Emperor Realm cultivator could have dealt with them easily.


He casually gave a wave of his hand to retrieve one of the hyena’s carcasses and took out its Monster Core. A brief investigation revealed that this Monster Core was equivalent to a First-Order material. In other words, this was nothing more than a First-Order Monster Core!


Yang Kai checked a few more carcasses, but none of them was an exception. It would seem that these hyenas were the weakest First-Order Monster Beasts in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. There was no value in hunting them.


Nonetheless, the situation here was consistent with the information from the Proprietress. The Monster Beasts in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven were cultivated and modified by Blood Monster Divine Monarch when he was still alive. The Attributes of every single Monster Core were singular and very pure. This was a very rare phenomenon.


The Monster Core of a Monster Beast was similar to a cultivator’s Dao Seal. It was a collection of a Monster Beast’s Spiritual Essence, so the energy within was generally more convoluted. Although there were Monster Cores with only a single, pure Element in the outside world as well, they were extremely rare.


Not only was that the case for Monster Beasts, but the same also held true for Divine Spirits. It was just that more Divine Spirits had Sources with a singular Attribute compared to these Monster Beasts. For example, Jin Wu’s Source was of the Metal Element. Yang Kai used to covet it greatly. Other examples included Bi Fang who had a Source of the Fire Element and Kun Sha who had a Source of the Water Element! There were all sorts of varieties out there.


On the other hand, Yang Kai had just randomly killed a bunch of Monster Beasts in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Even so, the Element of each Monster Core he obtained was singular and extremely pure. Although the Monster Cores in his hand were only in the First Order and were very low in value, they included the Metal, Water, Earth, and Fire Elements. There were more that he did not gather, but he should be able to obtain all seven types of the Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements from them.


Blood Monster Divine Monarch was definitely an expert in the Dao of cultivating and modifying Monster Beasts! Thus, Yang Kai could not help wondering what he had been aiming for. Cultivating such Monster Beasts would have required an enormous amount of effort and cost and incredible fortune. There must have been a reason for his actions.


A sudden idea occurred to Yang Kai and he couldn’t help thinking of a possibility.


Blood Monster Divine Monarch was in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm. The next step would be to advance into the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm! If he wanted to advance further, resources like the Open Heaven Pills might not be useful to him. In that case, he would need to refine all sorts of cultivation resources. It was just that his Order was so high that refining ordinary resources was just a waste of time. The only method that could work was if he refined Eighth-Order materials.


However, Seventh-Order materials were already extremely scarce. Eighth-Order materials, which were one Order higher, were probably even harder to find. Even if he himself was in the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm, Blood Monster Divine Monarch would not be able to find such treasures just anywhere.


Since he could not find them, then he had no choice but to think of a way to create them himself! If he could produce an Eighth-Order Monster Beast, he could then slay that Monster Beast for its Monster Core! In that way, it might be possible to further improve his cultivation.


The jade slip from the Proprietress had recorded the existence of Seventh-Order Monster Beasts in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. It was not a mere rumour but rather that cultivators had actually encountered Seventh-Order Monster Beasts in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven over the years.


Be that as it may, the jade slip did not contain any information on Eighth-Order Monster Beasts. Judging from the situation, it was either that Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s breeding efforts had failed and no Eighth-Order Monster Beast had ever been born, or all the Eighth-Order Monster Beasts had already been slaughtered by Blood Monster Divine Monarch!


Yang Kai shook his head. He did not know if his guesses were correct. It was just an idea that came to mind all of a sudden. Unfortunately, only Blood Monster Divine Monarch himself would know the actual reason why he began to cultivate and modify these Monster Beasts. This Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had passed away so many millennia ago that the truth of ancient times had long been buried, becoming an unsolvable mystery.


In any case, countless cultivators had benefited from Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s legacy. As long as one was strong enough, one could easily obtain suitable cultivation resources in this place. Leaving aside the Monster Cores of different Orders and varying Elements hidden within the bodies of the Monster Beasts, just the Cultivation Paradises scattered all over the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was enough to make people go crazy.


Every 200 years, countless cultivators would flock here just to obtain the cultivation resources that they wanted in order to receive the qualifications to advance into the Open Heaven Realm. Naturally, great benefits would also come with great dangers. Only the elite disciples of each Sect would be able to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Nevertheless, how many of them actually left this place alive? Just as how great waves washed away the sand, only the best among the best would survive such trials.


Yang Kai casually put away the First-Order Monster Cores in his hand and ignored the rest. First-Order materials were only worth some 150 Open Heaven Pills. With his wealth, he had no interest in such baubles. He then waved his hand and eight figures came out of the Small Sealed World to appear in front of him.


With Lang Qing Shan in the lead, these people cupped their fists in greeting, “Sir!”


Yang Kai nodded gently, his gaze sweeping over each one of them. More than 30 people had been hidden in the Small Sealed World earlier; however, he had thrown most of those people into the Blood Monster Cave Heaven when he was stealing entrances from the Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven disciples. He did not know where they had been scattered at this point.


Since they had the resolution to train by themselves though, then their survival was up to their own respective fates. There was no point worrying about them. It was just as Lang Qing Shan and the others had mentioned previously, they could not keep relying on him and hiding under the shelter of his wings. When walking the path of a cultivator, one would only grow and become stronger by experiencing real hardships.




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