Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4240, A Highly Dangerous Place


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“This is the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.” Yang Kai got straight to the point, “Are you coming with me or going your own way?”


Lang Qing Shan and the others exchanged glances with each other before they responded in unison, “We would like to try exploring this Sealed World on our own. Please forgive our selfishness, Sir.”


This was the same resolve they had expressed previously. Otherwise, Yang Kai would not have thrown them, one after another, into the entrances of Blood Monster Cave Heaven earlier. Since they had made up their minds, then they would not change them easily.


He nodded, “In that case, please be careful.”


Everybody responded enthusiastically and rolled up their sleeves as though planning to demonstrate their skills in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


After that, he turned to look at Guo Miao, “What about you?”


Guo Miao glanced at Lang Qing Shan and quietly blushed before she said softly, “This Disciple would like to follow Big Brother Qing Shan.”


Yang Kai was taken aback by her words. He looked at Guo Miao, then looked at Lang Qing Shan. Quickly grasping the situation, he nodded, “Qing Shan.”


“Sir!” Lang Qing Shan stepped forward.


Yang Kai looked at Lang Qing Shan with a smile, “Guo Miao wishes to join you. What do you think?”


Lang Qing Shan was embarrassed. Sneaking a glance at Guo Miao, he cupped his fist and quickly said, “This subordinate will definitely keep Junior Sister Guo safe. Please rest assured, Sir.”


Yang Kai patted Lang Qing Shan on the shoulder, “I’m not worried, but you better not let anything happen to her; otherwise, you will have a hard time providing Commander Guo with an explanation when you exit the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.”


Lang Qing Shan nodded solemnly.


Yang Kai looked around again before saying loudly, “You are all ambitious men. This King is very pleased, so I will not stop you. This King wishes you all the best. I hope that any misfortune you encounter will turn into opportunity and good luck!”


Afterwards, he took out the jade slip that the Proprietress handed to him previously. Using his Divine Sense to make copies of this jade slip, he handed each person one. Only then did he wave his hands to tell them to leave.


A short while later, Yang Kai was the only person remaining in this place. He was holding the jade slip in his hand and trying to compare his location with the incomplete map recorded inside to determine his position. Unfortunately, he had only just entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. The information that he received was too little, so he could not determine where he was even after checking the map for some time.


With no other choice, he could only put the jade slip away and prepare to explore a little more. He could make a decision again once he had more information to compare.


Randomly choosing a direction, Yang Kai travelled onward. Along the way, he did some experiments and discovered that he could only float at a height of several dozen metres in this damned place. If he tried to go any higher, he would lose his ability to fly. There was probably a Flight Inhibiting Array covering the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. His discovery was in line with the feeling he got when he first arrived in this place.


The Blood Monster Cave Heaven was certainly worthy of being the Small Universe left behind after the death of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. It was truly not much different from a real Universe World. In this place, the World Principles were essentially perfect, the World Force was lively and vigorous, and World Energy was abundant everywhere. It was a huge Cultivation Paradise.


According to Old Bai, at least some tens of thousands of people could enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven every time it opened. This was not a small number. During his travels, he would occasionally encounter some people, most of them alone, like him. Thus, they tended to be wary of their surroundings and chose to give a wide berth to strangers whenever they sensed an unfamiliar aura so that they could avoid conflict.


The entrances of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven were widely scattered all over the Blood Monster Territory. As a result, the people who entered this place were not gathered in any one place either. Rather, they were scattered across every corner of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


It had to be said that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was a paradise for Monster Beasts. There were countless Monster Beasts of various shapes and sizes roaming this place.


Yang Kai travelled forward for half a day but did not encounter many cultivators; he did, however, run into many Monster Beasts. Along the way, he came across many traces of fighting, as well as the corpses of various Monster Beasts. All their Monster Cores had been retrieved; there were no exceptions. Although he did not see any corpses belonging to cultivators, that was not to say that no cultivators had died. On the contrary, even if any cultivators were killed in battle, their corpses would have been devoured by the Monster Beasts.


Yang Kai’s true strength had already surpassed the limits of an Emperor Realm cultivator; after all, he had even killed several Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters in the past. Most ordinary Monster Beasts were not his opponents at all and he could instantly kill any Monster Beasts in the Fourth Order and below. He had yet to meet any Fifth-Order Monster Beasts, so he did not know the strength of one yet.


Aside from that, this place was also abundant with various Spirit Flowers and exotic plants. There was no saying whether they formed in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven by natural means or whether they were cultivated by the late Blood Monster Divine Monarch. Be that as it may, Yang Kai only selectively harvested some and did not waste his time with those of little value and rarity.


After surveying his surroundings for half a day, Yang Kai had gotten some understanding of his current location. Comparing his location with the map recorded inside the jade slip, he adjusted his direction slightly and headed towards the depths of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. If he was heading in the right direction, then there should be a swamp up ahead.


An hour later, a huge swamp appeared in front of him. There was no end in sight to the swamp, which only made him more confident that he was heading in the right direction.


Floating ten metres above the ground, Yang Kai’s figure flew across the swamp. All of a sudden, he halted in mid-air and looked forward with a frown. There was an unusual fluctuation in the Void coming from a spot less than three metres from where he stood. He would not have noticed anything if he were not proficient in the Dao of Space.


[A Void Crack!] His brow rose, surprised to find a Void Crack in this swamp. Under careful probing, he discovered that the Void Crack was quite long, at least several dozen metres in length, stretching out invisibly and horizontally.


Void Cracks were extremely dangerous, to the point that even though he was proficient in the Dao of Space, Yang Kai was reluctant to touch something like that. Once touched, he would either be slashed in half by this invisible Void Crack, or dragged into the Void Crack with no means of determining his direction.


He was secretly shocked. This Void Crack was so well hidden that he had nearly run straight into it without realising it. It would seem that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was indeed becoming rather unstable; otherwise, it was impossible for something like a Void Crack to appear in the middle of nowhere. The appearance of the Void Crack undoubtedly meant that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would not last for much longer.


After perceiving his surroundings, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling speechless. There was more than one Void Crack above the swamp. In fact, there were numerous Void Cracks messily scattered across the sky.


This place was highly dangerous. If somebody were to accidentally pass through this place, they would lose their lives nine times out of ten. Yang Kai’s gaze suddenly landed on a certain spot in the swamp. That spot had faint traces of bloodstains and he couldn’t help sighing. It looked like somebody had already met their demise here.


Not everybody was able to sense the dangers lurking in this place after all. The only reason Yang Kai managed to detect these dangers was by relying on his mastery of Space Principles.


Just as he was preparing to bypass this area, Yang Kai abruptly turned his head to the right and shouted, “Who is it sneaking around over there!? Show yourself!”


While speaking, he reached out a hand towards the depths of the swamp to grab at something.


At the same time that he made his move, a beam of light shot out from under the water. That beam of light was aimed directly at his face and was extremely hostile.


Yang Kai leaned to the side and dodged the attack, but immediately following that beam of light, a figure charged out of the swamp. Water splashed and rippled everywhere. A sword stabbed forward, shooting out thousands of sword waves that swarmed over him.


“Despicable!” Yang Kai roared furiously. His figure dropped sharply, instantly figuring out the intentions of the sneak attacker.


The other party was probably aware of the existence of the Void Cracks; therefore, they laid an ambush in this place to see if they could gain riches from the dead. After all, the wonderful chance to pick up the assets left behind by the dead without lifting a finger was not something one could easily encounter. It just so happened that the invisible and intangible Void Cracks that practically covered the entire sky above the swamp had created a chance like that for this person.


Who could have predicted that Yang Kai would be so alert though? He not only discovered the existence of the Void Cracks in advance but also noticed that person’s ambush. Thus, that person had no choice but to strike out openly.


While falling downward, Yang Kai flicked his fingers repeatedly. Numerous Moon Blades slashed towards the sneak attacker.


That person reacted quickly. Sensing that the Moon Blades were shockingly destructive, he hastily released numerous sword waves. The Moon Blades and the sword waves collided with each other and vanished without a trace in mid-air. The attacker frowned at the sight; then, he turned his body and fluttered to the ground several tens of metres away. Tilting his head to look at Yang Kai, he grinned, “Wait, Senior Brother! Don’t attack! This is a misunderstanding!”


It wasn’t until this moment that Yang Kai finally caught a clear glimpse of the sneak attacker’s appearance.


The young man appeared to be in his early twenties and looked quite capable. Although there was a smile on his face, his eyes were filled with deep wariness. He probably never expected Yang Kai to be such a difficult opponent. Besides, he was not weak in his own right. He also had the advantage of launching a sneak attack. His attempt would have succeeded if Yang Kai’s cultivation had been slightly weaker. If his attempt had succeeded, it would not have been a ‘misunderstanding’ anymore. It was precisely because he noticed Yang Kai’s strength that he said those words.


Yang Kai coldly snorted, “Seeing as it’s a misunderstanding, why don’t you invite your companion out to join us?”


While saying so, he suddenly punched at something behind him. That punch ignored the very barriers of space. When the force of the punch burst forth, a muffled grunt rang out.


Another figure appeared out of nowhere, no more than several tens of metres behind Yang Kai. At this moment, that person was pale-faced and retreating backwards. Blood was trickling out of his mouth and he was horrified to see that he had coughed up blood after just one of Yang Kai’s punches.


Startled, the young man smiled bitterly, “I admit defeat! You are amazing indeed, Senior Brother. My Brother and I have made a mistake. Please forgive us, Senior Brother.”


He immediately backed down upon realising Yang Kai’s strength. It could be said that he was rather flexible and adaptable.


Yang Kai looked at the young man calmly, “What is there to hide at this point? Ask your third companion to come out.”


The young man frowned, “There’s only my Brother and me here. We just wanted to take advantage of the situation to get some free benefits. What do you mean by a third person?”


All of a sudden, a stream of bubbles emerged behind the young man. Immediately after that, a whip-like object shot out from the swamp. Before the young man could react, it pierced right through his body.


He stiffened as if struck by lightning, his eyes widened in shock. Only now did he understand what Yang Kai meant by ‘a third person’. He and his Fellow Brother had been lying in ambush in this place, but something had been watching them all this while as well. The absurd part was that both of them had been completely unaware of this fact. If Yang Kai had not pointed out the truth, they would have remained in the dark even now. Unfortunately, it was too late by the time he realized…


The length of the whip was astonishing. Moreover, it did not lose its momentum even after piercing through the young man’s body and came straight at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai slammed his palm out and caught the end of the whip. However, what he caught in his hand was so slippery that he could not get a good grip on it. The whip rolled up and wrapped around his body several times. Then, a powerful pulling force was transmitted through the whip. Yang Kai abruptly lost his balance and as a result, the owner of the whip dragged him into the swamp, along with the young man who was pierced through the chest. Both of them instantly vanished from sight.




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