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Martial Peak – Chapter 4242, Your Luck Is Quite Good


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To make a comparison, it was like going to an inn for dinner. The others could only dine in, so they were limited as to how much food they could eat. Yang Kai, on the other hand, could choose to either dine in and take-away. This ability naturally had its own advantages.


When Yang Kai emerged from the swamp again, he had already transferred the Cultivation Paradise that contained the Water Element Power into the Small Sealed World.


He turned around to look at the corpse of the Fifth-Order Monster Beast and secretly thanked the Heavens for his luck. That Monster Beast was not weak in any way; otherwise, it could not have killed two peak Emperor Realm cultivators in the blink of an eye. He might have been able to defeat the Monster Beast if it really came down to a frontal fight, but it would have taken him quite a lot of effort. By taking advantage of the Void Cracks in this place, Yang Kai swiftly slaughtered the Monster Beast and saved himself a lot of time and trouble.


According to his estimation, the strength displayed by a Fifth-Order Monster Beast was almost equivalent to the strength of a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master. Fortunately, the singular Attribute of the Monster Cores of the Monster Beasts in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven made them easier targets.


Take the Toad Monster Beast for example. It had a Water Element Core, so it was naturally weaker to Fire Element Power. The reason Yang Kai used the Golden Crow’s True Fire in his Dao Seal was out of this consideration.


Although such a Monster Beast had a weakness that was easy to target, a Fifth-Order Monster Beast was still equivalent to a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master in terms of raw strength. Most Emperor Realm Masters would be in danger if they encountered a Fifth-Order Monster Beast. If that was the case for a Fifth-Order Monster Beast, then what about a Sixth-Order Monster Beast? Wouldn’t a Sixth-Order Monster Beast be equivalent to a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master in strength?


This information was in line with his understanding and knowledge; after all, he had used the Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light to fight Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master. The power of the Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was great, so many Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters would have a hard time blocking its attack.


What about a Seventh-Order Monster Beast, which should be much stronger? Wouldn’t a Seventh-Order Monster Beast be equivalent to a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master in strength?


Yang Kai was secretly alarmed by the prospect. Not too long ago, he had wanted to find a Seventh-Order Monster Beast in order to slay it for its Monster Core. Looking at the current situation though, he might have no choice but to turn tail and flee if he encountered a Seventh-Order Monster Beast.


There was no point thinking about such possibilities at the moment. It was true that Seventh-Order Monster Beasts existed in this place, but they were not something that could be found so easily. If he really were to run into a Seventh-Order Monster Beast, then he could only react as the situation called for.


He took out the Space Rings from those two people earlier and checked the contents. Both of them were extremely poor, with only a couple hundred Open Heaven Pills between them as well as some random trinkets that Yang Kai turned his nose up at. Looking at the situation, it had not been long since they arrived in this place. It was a pity that they died before they could even make a fortune from the assets of the dead.


[What a tragedy…] Yang Kai did not mourn their deaths. They should have been mentally prepared to be killed when they entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Just as he was about to put their Space Rings away though, his expression changed drastically as he took out a piece of animal skin from one of the Space Rings.


It was easy to tell that the animal skin was very old at a glance. In addition, there were jumbled patterns drawn closely together on the animal skin. It was just that many spots on the animal skin were blurry and hard to read after countless years of wear and tear.


At first, he could not understand what was drawn on the animal skin; however, he seemed to remember something a short while later. Hurriedly taking out the jade slip the Proprietress had given to him, he split his Divine Sense into two parts. He immersed one part of his Divine Sense into the jade slip to study its contents and used the other part of his Divine Sense to pay close attention to the patterns on the animal skin.


Sometime later, he revealed a look of astonishment, “A map?”


What was recorded on this animal skin turned out to be a worn-out and incomplete map. Moreover, it was a map of a certain area inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. It was only because part of this animal skin map was relatively consistent with the map recorded in the jade slip that he could identify it.


That was not to say that the animal skin map was more comprehensive. On the contrary, the map in the jade slip given by the Proprietress was much more complete. It was a map purchased through auction from Red Clouds Auction House after all. This map was compiled from all the experiences of countless cultivators exploring the Blood Monster Cave Heaven over the years. Be that as it may, the animal skin map contained additional locations that were not recorded in the jade slip map, although there were parts in both maps that overlapped with each other.


Holding the animal skin map in hand, Yang Kai fell into deep contemplation. The hundred copies of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven map that Red Clouds Auction House sold off might not have been complete, but it was enough to provide the cultivators with an idea of their position and bearings. Yang Kai was also not so naïve that he would believe Red Clouds Auction House publicised this secret information out of kindness; after all, a relatively complete map could bring about huge and unimaginable benefits in a place like this.


Red Clouds Cave Heaven, who was the actual figure behind the Red Clouds Auction House, would definitely have a more complete map in their possession. That was their biggest trump card after all. The only information they could disclose to the public would be information on places that they had thoroughly explored and deemed to be of little value.


It was not just Red Clouds Auction House of course. All the other Cave-Heavens, Paradises, and even the Second-Class great forces would have their own respective maps compiled from information and experiences over the years. It was hard to say who had a more comprehensive map or who had a more valuable map.


That logic applied even to the map in Yang Kai’s hands. He was certain that this was not an exact copy of the map obtained from Red Clouds Auction House. The Proprietress would have definitely added some information of her own into this map; after all, she herself had been to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven in the past.


Yang Kai did not know to which great force those two who died just now belonged. This animal skin map could also have been an accidental acquisition by one of the two, which would explain why it had accumulated such an ancient aura.


There was a certain location on the animal skin map that had been circled and was very eye-catching. Generally speaking, places that were marked with such great emphasis would surely contain some sort of treasure.


Just looking at that spot on the map made Yang Kai’s heart itch with anticipation. When he compared the two maps, he discovered that the circled location on the map would take several days of travel to reach. He would first need to pass through the areas where the two maps overlapped.


Still, Yang Kai put away the animal skin map for now. He was in no hurry to make a decision. It would not be too late to decide once he arrived at the location. Raising his head, he looked at the swamp in front of him and did not choose to take a detour. The first reason was that it would consume more time if he wanted to bypass this region, and the second reason was that this place was the best battlefield for him even though there were Void Cracks all over the place. If he were ambushed by another Monster Beast like the Toad Monster Beast earlier, he could make use of the Void Cracks to slaughter it for its Monster Core. Not to mention, it would not take much effort on his part.


Thus, Yang Kai spread his Divine Sense into the surroundings then headed towards the depths of the swamp at a high speed. There certainly were quite a few Void Cracks in this damned place but fortunately, he was proficient in the Dao of Space. He was also staying vigilant at all times, so he generally detected the Void Cracks in advance and smoothly avoided them.


Contrary to his expectations, he did not encounter any other Monster Beasts. It would seem that this place was also an extremely dangerous place to the Monster Beasts in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Thus, they were reluctant to step foot here lightly. Even the toad had only been living at the edge of the swamp. Since there were no Monster Beasts, Yang Kai focused only on travelling and quickly crossed most of the swamp.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai heard a person’s voice coming towards him, “Friend, please wait! The road ahead is dangerous!”


Yang Kai immediately stopped and turned to look in the direction where the voice came from. A group of five was standing above the swamp more than a dozen kilometres away. All of them were dressed in full armour and carried weapons in hand. Although there were only five of them, their aura was so overwhelming that they gave off the impression of a mighty army.


Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking that this method of dressing was very familiar. Raising his brow, he recalled the name of a certain great force. His figure flashed and he arrived in front of those five people in a matter of moments as he tentatively asked, “Great Battle Heaven?”


Only the disciples of Great Battle Heaven would dress in this manner. It was only his guess, but he became more confident of his guess when he got closer. That was because all five of them gave off a chilling iron-blooded air. That was an aura that could only be acquired over the years if one lived under permanent military discipline.


Furthermore, Great Battle Heaven was the only great force in the entire 3,000 Worlds that was governed and managed by the iron law of an army. Any military order that was issued could not be disobeyed!


Thousand Birds Territory’s Star City was governed by Great Battle Heaven, so Yang Kai had seen a few Great Battle Heaven disciples at the Void Dock before. These people were not so much cultivators as they were soldiers!


These five people consisted of four men and one woman. They were staring at Yang Kai as though they were looking at a ghost. Shock and disbelief were written all over their eyes.


Upon hearing Yang Kai’s questions, the young man in the lead nodded, “That’s right.” Then, he examined Yang Kai once more and exclaimed, “Your luck is quite good.”


As soon as Yang Kai heard this young man’s voice, he immediately identified this person as the one who called out to him earlier. This person had thick brows and large eyes, making him look lively and spirited. The lines of his face were rigid though, giving him the feeling of an insightful but battle-tested young man. It could be seen that this person was the leader among these five.


Yang Kai smiled, “And your luck is not very good. How did you get trapped here?”


He could tell at a glance that these five were standing motionless in this place not because they did not wish to move, but because they were stuck here. There were Void Cracks surrounding them in all directions; moreover, some of the Void Cracks were moving about slowly and silently. These Void Cracks were imperceptible even with the help of Divine Sense.


Among these five, three of them were covered in blood, making it obvious that they were injured by these Void Cracks.


The young leader shook his head in response, “It’s difficult to explain! Let’s not talk about this for now. How should I address you?”


“Yang Kai!”


The young man was visibly taken aback by Yang Kai’s answer, “You are Yang Kai?”


The four people behind him also looked surprised and glanced at Yang Kai curiously.


Similarly, Yang Kai was stunned, “Do you know me?” Then, he immediately understood the reason, “Of course. You’ve probably heard of me.”


He most likely caught the attention of many Cave-Heavens and Paradises after the battle in Thousand Birds Territory’s Star City’s Asura Arena. First, there was the warning given by the man in charge of the Asura Arena; then, there was the recruitment offer from Senior Brother Guo from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven. Seeing as both Asura Heaven and Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven had noticed his existence, it was not surprising that the great force in charge of Thousand Birds Territory’s Star City, Great Battle Heaven, had also heard about him.


The young leader did not deny the statement. He simply cupped his fists and said, “So it is Brother Yang. I apologise for my disrespect. This one is Bu Lian Zhong.”


“You’re too polite, Brother Bu!” Yang Kai nodded.


Bu Lian Zhong pointed at the four people behind him and introduced them to Yang Kai. After that, he solemnly said, “Brother Yang, this one has a request.”


Yang Kai gestured, “Please speak freely, Brother Bu.”


Earlier, Bu Lian Zhong had shouted a warning to him after seeing him travelling at high speed, so it was obvious that this person was good-natured. Yang Kai had always believed in the philosophy of mutual respect, so he would not show enmity to a person who showed him kindness. Nevertheless, he would not agree to a request easily until he knew what kind of help the other party wanted from him.


Bu Lian Zhong explained, “We are trapped in this place and I’m afraid things will not end well for us. Brother Yang, when you leave here, please head to the Governor’s Mansion in Thousand Birds Star City and report our deaths to Governor Ye!”


The Governor in charge of Thousand Birds Star City, Ye Tian Xiong, was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Even Yang Kai knew of him. There was no denying that Thousand Birds Territory’s Star City was a large one; therefore, only a Master as capable as Ye Tian Xiong could manage it. After all, he would not have been able to control the situation in the Star City if he was not strong enough.




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