Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4243, The Inheritance of Blood Monster Divine Monarch?


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Yang Kai was wondering what kind of help Bu Lian Zhong would request of him, but he hadn’t anticipated such a request.


He couldn’t help bursting into laughter, “Brother Bu, you can tell that to Governor Ye yourself, but I don’t think he will believe you.”


Bu Lian Zhong frowned, “Brother Yang, it’s just a small effort on your part. It won’t take up much of your time. Since it won’t harm your interests, why refuse my request?”


The other four people were also looking at Yang Kai, frowning.


Yang Kai knew that they had misunderstood him, but he could not be bothered to explain himself. Instead, his figure flashed as he passed through the area surrounded by the Void Cracks and came to stand before Bu Lian Zhong.


Bu Lian Zhong was startled. Involuntarily taking a few steps back as he stared at Yang Kai in shock, “Why… Why did you come in!?”


The few of them had been trapped inside this space for a long time now. It was not as if they had not tried to escape from this place, it was just that they could not determine which path was safe. Three of them had been injured after several attempts to escape and they ended up unable to move from their current spot. On the contrary, Yang Kai entered this place with so little effort. It was almost as though the Void Cracks trapping them here did not exist.


[Isn’t his luck a little too good?] To their knowledge, this person had travelled across the swamp without encountering any danger, and just now, he even slipped into this highly dangerous place so easily. It was a miracle how he managed to survive until now.


Yang Kai smiled and said nothing. He simply pushed his strength to wrap up the five of them. Before Bu Lian Zhong and the others could react, Yang Kai’s figure flickered again and he escaped from the area surrounded by the Void Cracks together with the others.


“Brother Bu, it’s best if you report to the Governor yourselves,” He nodded at Bu Lian Zhong.


Bu Lian Zhong and the others were stunned. They quickly looked around their surroundings and confirmed that they were no longer standing in the same spot as before. Rather, they had left that place by several kilometres. Only now did they reveal expressions of surprise and joy.


A realization struck Bu Lian Zhong as he turned to Yang Kai in astonishment, “Brother Yang, can you see those Void Cracks? Could it be that you cultivate the Dao of Space?”


Yang Kai replied reservedly, “I know a little something!”


Bu Lian Zhong was extremely impressed. Yang Kai had brought him and his fellow Brothers and Sister out of that place so easily; that was far beyond the level of ‘knowing a little something. It definitely required a high level of attainment in the Dao of Space, so he quickly understood. [It’s not luck that allowed him to safely travel through the swamp! There was simply no danger to him in the first place!]


“Many thanks, Brother Yang!” He cupped his fist solemnly, with the four people behind him following suit.


“It was nothing.” Yang Kai waved his hand dismissively, “This swamp is extremely dangerous and there are hidden dangers everywhere. Strangely enough, the map did not mark this place as hazardous.”


He had the map bought from Red Clouds Auction House in his possession; likewise, Great Battle Heaven’s disciples would definitely have a superior version of it. That map not only indicated various routes but also various dangers and opportunities. These were the results of countless cultivators exploring this place throughout the ages.


It was just that the map in Yang Kai’s hand had only indicated the location of the swamp. There were no warnings about the dangers hidden in this area. Thus, he guessed that the map owned by Great Battle Heaven disciples was similar; otherwise, they would not have ended up in this situation.


Bu Lian Zhong explained, “The Blood Monster Cave Heaven is unstable, so the situation inside sometimes changes. This place was probably safe 200 years ago. These changes must have occurred recently, which is why the dangers were not marked on the map. Brother Yang, although maps are useful, you should not trust them completely. We have already learned our lesson. Please be careful in the future.”


Yang Kai understood, “You’re right, Brother Bu!” Turning to look at Bu Lian Zhong, he asked, “Where were you trying to go?”


Bu Lian Zhong pointed in a certain direction.


Yang Kai smiled, “It looks like we are heading in the same direction. Let’s go together then.”


After saying that, he took the lead.


Bu Lian Zhong and the others exchanged glances with each other before hurriedly following after him. Since Yang Kai could bring them out of that place surrounded by Void Cracks so easily, it should not be difficult for him to bring them out of the swamp. It was only natural that they did not wish to pass up on this opportunity.


It was hard to tell whether Great Battle Heaven’s disciples were generally on the reticent side, but along the way, Bu Lian Zhong and the four others barely spoke. Even if they occasionally made conversation, it was because Yang Kai was the first to bring up a topic.


After a casual conversation, Yang Kai learned that these five had entered the swamp from another direction. They had not encountered any dangers at the beginning, and by the time they realised that something was wrong, it was already too late for them to turn back. If not for their luck in meeting Yang Kai, they would most likely have lost their lives in the swamp.


Even though they did not say much, the gratitude in their hearts was overflowing beyond words; after all, Yang Kai had saved their lives. Great Battle Heaven’s disciples were generally taught to be straightforward and upright. They would always repay the kindness they received and return the grudges they were given.


Despite having five people in tow, Yang Kai’s speed did not decrease in the slightest and they managed to leave the swamp after travelling for half a day.


Bu Lian Zhong and the others exhaled fiercely, finally feeling relieved. The feeling of not being in control of their own lives was simply awful. They never wanted to experience something like this again.


“We’re now out of danger, so we’ll be parting ways here.” Yang Kai cupped his fist to Bu Lian Zhong and the others. He had only brought them out of the swamp since they were going the same way. Hunting for treasure was better done alone after all. In that way, he could monopolise anything he found.

Bu Lian Zhong returned the gesture, “We five will never forget the kindness you showed us today, Brother Yang. We will definitely repay this favour in the future.” 


Pausing for a moment, his expression suddenly became extremely solemn as he continued, “Brother Yang, please be careful. Don’t trust others easily.”


Yang Kai frowned slightly. He couldn’t shake the feeling that there was more to those words. Just as he was about to inquire further, he suddenly heard a cry for help coming from afar; moreover, it was getting closer.


Everybody hurriedly turned to look in the direction of the sound only to see two figures speeding in this direction like bolts of lightning. One was chasing while the other was fleeing. The person in the back continuously blasted out fierce attacks, causing the person in front to jump left and right to avoid those attacks.


The person who was being chased had probably noticed the presence of Yang Kai and the others, so he rushed in their direction while shouting for help. It only took a few breaths for him to arrive in their vicinity while his complexion was extremely pale.


Staggering to the ground, he hurriedly begged, “Senior Brothers, please save me!”


Yang Kai, Bu Lian Zhong, and the others simply looked at him calmly. They neither promised to help nor refused to. The main reason was that they did not know anything about this person nor what kind of grievances this person had with the other party. Therefore, it was not their place to interfere.


Be that as it may, the cultivator chasing after this person faltered and came to a stop when he saw this person landing in front of Yang Kai and the others. He glanced in this direction from afar and seemed to recognise the origins of the Great Battle Heaven disciples. Coldly snorting, he turned and left.


The Great Battle Heaven disciples were dressed so distinctively that it was difficult not to recognise them. With the reputation of one of the 36 Cave-Heavens behind them, nobody would willingly come into conflict with them.


When the cultivator who asked for help earlier saw his pursuer leaving quickly, he finally let out a breath of relief. He slumped to the ground tiredly as though all the energy in his body had been drained. His face was filled with lingering fears. After a while, he finally struggled to his feet and cupped his fist at Yang Kai and the others, “Many thanks, Senior Brothers.”


Bu Lian Zhong replied, “No need. We didn’t do anything.”


That person shook his head and said, “Although Senior Brothers did not act, this Junior Brother still knows that he only survived because of you. If I had not happened to meet you here, that person would not have given up so easily.”


Bu Lian Zhong waved his hand dismissively, “Since you survived, you should get a good rest. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven is a dangerous place. I’m afraid it will be difficult for you to do anything in your current state.”


That person’s expression darkened at those words as he smiled bitterly, “You’re right, Senior Brother. I will go and search for a place to treat my wounds. Before I leave, I want to tell you something. Somebody located about an hour’s travel in that direction found Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance. Many people have gathered there to compete for it. If you are interested, you should go and check it out.”


“Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance?” The expressions of Yang Kai, Bu Lian Zhong, and the others stiffened at those words.


That person explained, “That’s what they said. I don’t know if it’s true. I was just watching from the side when that guy suddenly tried to kill me. It’s probably because he was afraid that the news might leak out and attract more people to investigate.”


Yang Kai and Bu Lian Zhong exchanged a glance with each other and could see the excitement in each other’s eyes. If this person’s words were true, then a huge treasure had appeared, one that would definitely cause a reign of terror in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


That person continued, “I don’t know much about the situation there. You can check it out if you are interested, Senior Brothers. This Junior Brother will take his leave first.”


He bowed after saying that and swiftly left upon deciding a direction.


Yang Kai and Bu Lian Zhong watched as that person gradually vanished out of sight; then, Bu Lian Zhong asked, “What do you think, Brother Yang?”


Yang Kai licked his lips, “If there’s a possibility of it being Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance, then we should go and check it out.”


If he could obtain the Seventh-Order materials that he needed there, then his trip to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would be complete. It didn’t matter even if that person had been lying. It was only an hour away after all.


Bu Lian Zhong nodded, “I think so too.”


It was impossible to resist the temptation with such a huge prize dangling in front of them. Having come to a decision, they did not hesitate and immediately headed in the direction that man pointed earlier.


After going forward for a little less than an hour, Yang Kai suddenly frowned. He turned to Bu Lian Zhong and asked, “Brother Bu, do you notice anything?”


Similarly, Bu Lian Zhong had a serious expression on his face as he responded, “The smell of blood!”


Yang Kai nodded. He could also smell the scent of blood; however, this bloody scent gave him a strange feeling. It did not smell like when somebody was killed. Moreover, the smell of blood became stronger and stronger the further forward they went. It almost felt as though the World Energy itself was infused with blood.


A short time later, the group of six came to an abrupt halt and stared ahead blankly.


In front of them was a huge blood-coloured lake that spanned a diameter of a dozen or so kilometres. The lake water was crimson, as though it was made from fresh blood. The surface of the lake was strangely calm; there was not the slightest ripple in sight. Everybody couldn’t help feeling a little disturbed by the sight. It felt like countless ghosts and corpses would emerge from within the lake at any moment.


Currently, at least a few hundred people had gathered by the shore of the blood lake. They were either standing in groups of three to five, or standing alone. Many people were scattered around the edges of the lake, staring at its centre. Even more people were gathered in front of a large stone monument and looking up at something.


Yang Kai looked up and saw a palace standing in the centre of the lake; thus, he couldn’t help but wonder, [Could that be the Blood Monster Divine Palace? Is that where Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance is hidden? But, that can’t be right.]


According to the rumours, Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance was indeed hidden in the Blood Monster Divine Palace. Be that as it may, the Blood Monster Divine Palace was said to be located in the deepest depths of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. It was impossible for it to appear in this place. Regardless of whether Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance was hidden in this palace, there must be something precious inside a place like this. Therefore, countless cultivators were eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to explore.




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