Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4244, Meeting Qu Hua Shang Again


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Many cultivators were gathered around the stele by the side of the blood-coloured lake. Even more cultivators were rushing over from all directions, probably having heard about the news here. Otherwise, they noticed the strange movements here by chance.


Aside from that, Yang Kai also noticed that there were three small islands in the lake. Each island was separated by a distance of a couple thousand metres. They were located between the palace in the middle of the lake and the shore of the lake. In other words, one could use these three small islands as a foothold in order to reach the palace in the middle of the lake.


It was just that nobody was trying to head towards the palace in the middle of the lake even though many people were gathered around the shore. Most of them were gathered around the stele. Some stood with their hands behind their backs while others sat cross-legged on the ground. There were also some who were randomly shaking and swaying their heads. It was unknown what they were trying to do.


“Hahahaha! The Blood Monster Divine Palace!” A loud burst of laughter rang out. A burly figure rushed over from afar and charged towards the palace in the middle of the lake without hesitation. While doing so, he arrogantly yelled, “Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance is mine! Get out of my way!”


Yang Kai turned to look in that direction and saw the cultivator charging across the blood-coloured lake. The cultivator was heading for the first island that was nearest to the shore. Before he could fly very far though, a huge wave suddenly rose up from the blood-coloured lake, which had seemed like a pool of undisturbed and stagnant water all this time, before coming crashing down on him. He let out a furious roar and immediately surged his strength in defence. Splendid colours lit up around his body and a violent power fluctuation spread out.


It was clear that he was a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master who had condensed the Fifth-Order Elements. He was only one step away from advancing into the Open Heaven Realm; thus, his heritage was quite impressive. Given enough time, he would surely become a powerful individual as long as he did not die along the way.


However, the burly cultivator was completely powerless to resist the blood-coloured wave. The wave crashed down on him, swiftly dissolving the layer of defence around his body like snow under the scorching sun. His defenses didn’t even last for a breath. Turning pale with fright, he didn’t have the time to do anything else before he was showered from head to toe in blood water.


After encountering such a sudden change, how could he not know that he had activated some sort of restriction with his rash actions? For a moment, cold sweat drenched his entire body. He stood in place and did not dare to move.


The wave subsided and the blood-coloured lake returned to its peaceful state. It was almost as if the scene just now had been nothing more than an illusion.


“Hahaha! I’m fine!” That person laughed heartily once more. That was because he turned out to be completely unscathed even after waiting for some time. He initially thought that he had activated some sort of restriction previously and assumed that he was going to die. It turned out that he had simply been overthinking things.


“Fool!” Somebody by the shore looked at the burly cultivator coldly with an expression of scorn and ridicule.


Yang Kai also found the situation strange. That burly cultivator had been doused in the blood water, so how could he come out unscathed? Just as he was mulling over this question, he heard that burly cultivator’s voice again, “The restriction in this place has fallen into disrepair. It lost its effects a long time ago! And yet, you guys are being so cautious! How laughable! Just you wait! I’m going to get the Divine Monarch’s inheritance!”


After saying that, he rushed towards the small island in the middle of the island again.


He had just made his move when a burst of exclamations rang out among the people along the shore of the lake. Some women even looked horrified. They covered their red lips with their hands, staring ahead with widened eyes as though they were watching something extremely horrifying.


Likewise, Yang Kai also narrowed his eyes and stared in shock at the burly cultivator who was charging across the surface of the lake.


As that burly cultivator continued to charge forward, pieces of his flesh began to peel off and fall into the lake. In the blink of an eye, his head had turned into a fleshless skull. All the flesh on his body was gone too. His wide robes covered his body, making flapping sounds with every step he took. Even so, he seemed completely oblivious to the fact and continued to charge forward. It was a chilling sight to behold.


A short while later, the burly cultivator who was turned into a skeleton finally fell apart. He collapsed straight into the blood lake and was swallowed up silently. The surface of the lake was so calm that it was almost as if nothing had happened just now.


“Blood Monster Divine Monarch is an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Even if the restrictions he placed when he was alive had fallen into disrepair, how can just any stray cat or dog ignore them?” The cultivator, who called the burly cultivator a fool just now, sneered coldly.


It was obvious that it was not his first time seeing this situation. Somebody else must have died in this blood lake earlier; otherwise, it was impossible for so many people to be so indifferent towards the Palace in the middle of the lake despite gathering in this place.


Yang Kai turned to look in that direction and his eyes involuntarily narrowed all of a sudden. That was because he discovered that the speaker was brimming with Demon Qi. He couldn’t help thinking that it felt very familiar. After giving it some serious thought, he realised that he had felt this feeling from Great Demon God before.


[Is this person from Myriad Demons Heaven?] Yang Kai mulled over the possibility. Based on what he knew, there was a high probability that Great Demon God, Mo Sheng, had originated from Myriad Demons Heaven!


Seeming to notice Yang Kai’s gaze, the Myriad Demons Heaven disciple turned around and grinned fiercely, “What are you looking at, boy? Are you courting death?”


Yang Kai smiled slightly and looked away calmly. It was not that he was afraid of the other party, but that he was too lazy to be caught up in a conflict now.


Contrary to expectations, the other party was unrelenting. He studied Yang Kai with a measuring gaze and revealed a look of interest. With a shift of his body, he appeared within ten metres of Yang Kai as he rubbed his chin and said, “Brat, I realised that you resemble somebody a lot.”


Yang Kai turned to look at the other party and asked faintly, “Senior Brother, how may I help you?”


The Myriad Demons Heaven disciple observed Yang Kai carefully and nodded repeatedly, “I knew it! It’s you!”


When he said the last word, the Demon Qi in his body churned violently. He raised a hand and slammed his palm down on Yang Kai. Sixth-Order Elements surged in the palm of his hand, turning into a swirling vortex that tried to drag Yang Kai into the depths and strangle him to death.


Yang Kai was just about to counter the attack when Bu Lian Zhong and the four others activated their Powers at the same time and charged out from behind him. The auras of these five people connected tightly to form a peculiar Formation in an instant. Then, the power of these five gathered around Bu Lian Zhong’s body. Bu Lian Zhong raised a hand to counter the attack.


With a boom, the Myriad Demons Heaven disciple’s Demon Qi was shaken and he was pushed back several steps. On the other hand, Bu Lian Zhong and the others gave a muffled grunt and retreated. This fight was evenly matched.


It was just that Bu Lian Zhong had borrowed the might of that Formation to gather the power of all five of them. Meanwhile, the Myriad Demons Heaven disciple was all alone. It could be seen that the strength of Bu Lian Zhong and the others was far inferior to this Myriad Demons Heaven disciple.


“Great Battle Heaven?” The Myriad Demons Heaven disciple glanced at Bu Lian Zhong and the others coldly, “Are you courting death!? How dare you intervene in my affairs? If you dare make another move, I will kill you along with him!”


Bu Lian Zhong quickly said, “I have long heard that the disciples of Myriad Demons Heaven are extremely arrogant and tend to look down on everybody else. I originally thought that those claims were an exaggeration, but it turns out to be true! You might be powerful, Senior Brother Pei, but my Fellow Brothers and I are not weak either if we fight with our lives on the line!”


The Myriad Demons Heaven disciple tilted his head to the side, “Do you know me?”


Bu Lian Zhong said seriously, “Pei Wen Xuan of Myriad Demons Heaven. Senior Brother Pei, you are so famous, how can I not recognise you?”


His words might seem like he was answering the question, but he was actually explaining this person’s origins to Yang Kai.


Pei Wen Xuan grinned, showing off his fangs. He looked at Bu Lian Zhong with approval, “You can recognise me, yet you still dare to say such words to me. The people of Great Battle Heaven are courageous indeed! But, you’re dreaming if you think you can stop me with your abilities. It might work if it were your Eldest Senior Brother instead. Get out of my way if you don’t want to die!”


Bu Lian Zhong and the others were Great Battle Heaven disciples. It would not have mattered if he had killed them in secret, as long as the secret was not leaked. However, there were so many eyes watching in this place. It would be troublesome if he killed them here; after all, Great Battle Heaven was not to be trifled with.


“What if you include me?” A soft and gentle voice rang out. It was accompanied by a delightful fragrance that tickled the nose. At the same time, a beautiful figure appeared in front of Yang Kai.


The person who arrived had an extremely graceful image. Her appearance was exquisite and captivating. Her twin peaks were also so generous that it drew many people’s attention. Her dark hair was tied behind her head with a red ribbon and her beautiful eyes were mesmerising. Her every frown and smile gave off an amorous attraction. It was as though this woman was a flower in full bloom. Extremely eye-catching.


Many of the cultivators in the surroundings exclaimed in their hearts. [What a seductive woman!]


Their eyes were fixed relentlessly on this woman like leeches biting into flesh. They secretly swallowed nervously. As a result, many male cultivators were pinched hard by their Junior Sisters. They involuntarily grunted in pain and shifted their eyes away in embarrassment. Clutching the small hands of their Junior Sisters, they apologised profusely.


“Senior Sister Qu?” Yang Kai exclaimed in astonishment.


He had not expected to meet an acquaintance in this place. Many people had certainly entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven this time. The entire 3,000 Worlds had been involved in this event, so it was only natural for the people he was acquainted with to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven as well. It was just that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was simply too large so the possibility of running into them was simply too miniscule. Who would have known that he would meet one of them so quickly?


Qu Hua Shang of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven! Yang Kai’s memory of this woman was still quite fresh in his mind. She was the one and only woman who could clearly and eloquently discuss the matters of Yin-Yang Union Cultivation with him. Moreover, she did so with a straight and serious expression. She truly was a woman with a firm Dao Heart.


Although Su Yan had performed Yin-Yang Union Cultivation with him countless times, she had never discussed this aspect with him before. She was a woman who would blush if he so much as spoke affectionately to her, so how could she possibly discuss Yin-Yang Union Cultivation with him?


“Qu Hua Shang!” Pei Wen Xuan’s gaze turned cold.


He did not recognise Bu Lian Zhong and the others because they were not at his level even though their strength was not bad. However, that was not the case with Qu Hua Shang. Ever since she came out of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and became a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven Core Disciple, she had become quite famous in her own right. It could be said that her future achievements would not be inferior to his.


“Senior Brother Pei!” Qu Hua Shang bowed elegantly, “It has been years since we last met. I see you are still as arrogant as ever.”


He coldly snorted as his gaze shifted between Yang Kai and her before he asked, “Do you know who he is? Why are you so anxious to stand up for him?”


She smiled, “I’ve known Junior Brother Yang for more than 10 years now. Of course, I know who he is.”


He couldn’t help scoffing at those words. Then, he seemed to recall something and grinned, “Interesting. How interesting. I see that Yin-Yang Cave Heaven is playing these tricks again. But, you better watch him carefully if you want to protect him. I’m not the only one who wants to kill him.”


She smiled in response and thought to herself, [This fool has never seen how powerful Yang Kai is. That’s the only reason why he dares to boast so shamelessly!]


Unlike the others, she had accompanied Yang Kai for some time inside the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary; therefore, she had a deep understanding of how strong he was. Despite originating from one of the 36 Cave-Heavens, even she was confident there was no one in the 3,000 Worlds beneath the Open Heaven Realm who could be his opponent. Even Pei Wen Xuan would not survive for long against him.




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