Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4245, The Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture


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“Forget it! This is boring!” Pei Wen Xuan glared for a while. Then, he flicked his sleeves in annoyance and strode towards the stele, “You can play by yourselves. I won’t accompany you.”


When Qu Hua Shang saw him leaving, she couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief. [If that guy did not give up, he would have suffered great humiliation today. At the same time, it would be very troublesome if Yang Kai killed him.]


She turned around and looked at Yang Kai with a smile. The look in her eyes seemed to speak volumes, revealing a trace of pleasant surprise, as her voice was as soft and gentle as ever, “Junior Brother Yang, it truly is a small world. I never expected to meet you here.”


Yang Kai bowed, “It has been many years since we last met, but your noble bearing remains the same, Senior Sister. Many thanks for resolving that conflict just now.”


Qu Hua Shang giggled happily with her hand over her mouth, “If anyone should thank me, it isn’t you. That bastard should be the one showing his gratitude.” 


She then waved her hand dismissively and continued, “Let’s not talk about that. Why are you with the people from Great Battle Heaven?”


She glanced curiously at Bu Lian Zhong and the others, her beautiful eyes filled with curiosity.


Bu Lian Zhong stepped forward to reply, “We owe Senior Brother Yang our lives. We were stuck in a desperate situation and Senior Brother Yang came to our rescue.”


After listening to his explanation, she was struck by understanding, “I see! But, you don’t need to worry about it too much. Junior Brother Yang has always been a righteous man. He has saved the lives of many in the past. I’ve also received his life-saving grace. Since I have nothing to repay him for his favour though, I was just thinking about promising myself to him.”


Back then, Yang Kai used the Small Sealed World to bring all the surviving Bearers out of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary at the last moment. If not for that, they would each have had to suffer the wrath of their Divine Spirits when they eventually lost the Spirit Seizing War. At least half of them would have died in the process.


Bu Lian Zhong and the others looked at each other and were surprised to learn that even Qu Hua Shang from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven had been saved by Yang Kai before.


On the other hand, Yang Kai nearly choked for a moment when he heard her saying that she wanted to promise herself to him. [This woman is truly daring to say such things!]


Outwardly, he couldn’t help laughing, “Senior Sister, please don’t joke around like that.”


Qu Hua Shang covered her mouth and laughed gently, looking extremely charming as she did so.


Bu Lian Zhong and the others came from Great Battle Heaven, so they all had calm and steady temperaments. Even so, they nearly fell into a daze at the sight. [Eldest Senior Brother was right, all the women from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven are indeed walking catastrophes…]


“Senior Sister Qu, what is going on here? Why are there so many people gathered in this place? What is that palace in the middle of the lake?” Yang Kai changed the subject to prevent this woman from saying anything crazy again.


Qu Hua Shang composed her expression and replied, “The palace in the middle of the lake probably contains a part of Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance.”


Yang Kai and the others stiffened at those words and could barely believe their ears, “Is it really the inheritance?”


They had first heard about this from a random cultivator, but that person couldn’t be sure either. Now that even Qu Hua Shang was saying the same thing, it might actually be true.


Qu Hua Shang shook her head, “Blood Monster Divine Monarch was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. He was very powerful. While he was alive, he was proficient in the Dao of Blood and the Dao of Beast Taming. Aside from these two, his achievements would surely include many other Daos. Although this place might contain part of Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance, it is unknown what kind of inheritance it might be. Many people speculate that the inheritance hidden here is related to the Dao of Blood.”


“What is the basis of their speculation?” Yang Kai was puzzled.


“The blood lake is one reason.” While speaking, she pointed at the stele by the shore of the lake, “But, the greatest reason is the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture. That’s the reason for their speculation.”


“Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture?” Yang Kai felt his heart trembling in anticipation. If memory served him right, that Secret Art was one of the main cultivation methods Blood Monster Divine Monarch used before his death. Its name was even recorded in the jade slip given to him by the Proprietress. It could be said that the reason Blood Monster Divine Monarch was able to become an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was partly thanks to the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture.


Bu Lian Zhong exclaimed, “Senior Sister Qu, do you mean to say that the secrets to the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture are carved on that stele!?”


She nodded solemnly, “That’s right. I was comprehending the mysteries behind it before you came.” While saying so, she invited them to join her, “Let’s go and check it out together.”


Yang Kai and Bu Lian Zhong exchanged a glance with each other before they immediately followed behind her and came to stand before the stele without any hesitation.


There were many people crowding around the stele. It was just that this stele was very big. Even with so many people surrounding it, they could still see the stele clearly. Sure enough, there was a line of characters that seemed to be written in fresh blood at the top of the stele which read ‘Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture’!


Yang Kai was speechless.


This was one of the main Secret Arts that Blood Monster Divine Monarch cultivated. People used to speculate that this Secret Art would be hidden within Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance. It was a Secret Art that allowed one of their Seniors to advance into the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Who would not covet it? Nonetheless, who could have expected this Secret Art to appear unconcealed by the side of the blood lake? All the people who came here could observe, emulate, and comprehend this Secret Art. What was Blood Monster Divine Monarch thinking?


Be that as it may, this stele only had these few characters on it. There was nothing else aside from them.


Suppressing the suspicions in his heart, Yang Kai raised his head, focused his mind, and stared forward. An invisible force immediately seemed to pull his mind into the stele and a bizarre image involuntarily formed in his head. The circulation paths of the Secret Art flashed through his mind, shocking him so much that he hastily took a few steps back. The moment he moved, his mind was released and he immediately broke free of the stele’s hold.


Qu Hua Shang’s voice sounded next to his ear, “The circulation method of the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture is hidden within this stele. If you can comprehend this Secret Art thoroughly; if nothing else, you can at least obtain that!”


Yang Kai shook his head and said doubtfully, “Senior Sister Qu, this method seems to be incomplete.”


Although his mind had only been held by the stele for a short moment and what he saw was not much, he could sense that the knowledge contained within this stele was incomplete.


Hearing this, Qu Hua Shang glanced at him in surprise, “Junior Brother, you deciphered the mystery in such a short time? You’re as amazing as ever. It took me several dozen breaths to notice that.” Pausing for a moment, she continued, “But, you’re right, Junior Brother. The Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture recorded here is indeed incomplete. It is probably only the first segment. Unfortunately, you have to comprehend this segment carefully in order to advance towards the palace in the middle of the lake. Do you see those islands in the middle of the lake?”


Yang Kai nodded, having noticed them as soon as he arrived. The stele was situated on the shore while the palace was situated in the middle of the lake. On the other hand, there were three islands separated by a couple thousand metres each between the stele and the palace.


She pointed at the first island, “Only by comprehending the first chapter will you have the qualifications to set foot on the first island. And, you will find the second chapter of the Blood Light Scripture on that island. Following this logic, you still have the third chapter, the fourth chapter, and the fifth chapter! Only by combining all five chapters of the Blood Light Scriptures can you truly obtain the complete version of the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture. Only then can you obtain Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance, the Blood Dao Secret Art!”


“So that’s how it is!” Yang Kai now understood.


He had witnessed the peculiarity of the blood lake with his own eyes just now. Even if one wanted to step foot on the islands in the lake, choosing to fly was simply courting death. Fortunately, Blood Monster Divine Monarch intended to pass on his inheritance. It stood to reason that he would prepare many tests. The contents recorded in this stele was one such test. Only by comprehending the mysteries of the Blood Light Scripture could one obtain the qualification to receive this inheritance!


After considering all this, Yang Kai felt his heart sinking. He had never really dabbled in the Dao of Blood before. Even if the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture was right in front of him, he could only look on in despair.


Seeming to see through his concerns, Qu Hua Shang chuckled, “Don’t think too much about it, Junior Brother. I studied the Secret Art earlier. Although the Blood Light Scripture is mysterious and obscure, it is not as if we don’t stand a chance. Since Blood Monster Divine Monarch set up his inheritance in this place, then he must not want to see everybody going home empty-handed.”


“You’re right, Senior Sister.” He nodded lightly, “In that case, let’s give it a try.” [In any case, I won’t lose anything even if I fail. But, what if I succeed?]


The words had only just left his mouth when he saw one of the cultivators sitting cross-legged by the stele suddenly stand up and laugh loudly, “I’ve comprehended it! Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance is mine!”


He was speechless. [Uttering those words in front of so many people… That only serves to draw the people’s hatred. The last person who said something similar has already lost all the flesh on his body and turned into a skeleton that was lying dead at the bottom of the blood lake. I wonder what fate this guy will face.]


In front of everybody’s eyes, the man walked towards the lake. When he reached the shore, the space around his body abruptly shimmered. A layer of Blood Qi wrapped around his body, turning into a red blood mist that enveloped him. Immediately after that, he took a step forward and lightly stepped on the surface of the lake.


Many people turned their gazes away. They did not dare to watch, lest they saw him being dissolved by the blood water. Strangely enough though, he did not fall into the blood lake when he took a step forward. On the contrary, his foot stayed steadily above the surface of the lake. Then, he lifted his other foot and stood on top of the blood lake.


Everybody was shocked!


Meanwhile, that man let out a low chuckle, “This much is nothing!”


He strode forward and continued onward. Large blood-coloured ripples spread out under his feet with every step that he took, but he remained completely unhurt. As he moved forward, the blood mist around his body kept squirming and wriggling. It seemed to be operating under some sort of mysterious method to form a resonance with the ripples that formed on the surface of the lake under his feet to support him as he continued to move forward. It only took him a short while to cross the distance of a few thousand metres and he soon set foot on the first island.


A burst of exclamation sounded. Everybody stared at him in shock and envy. Although he was still two islands away from the palace in the middle of the lake, he had successfully taken the lead and seized an important advantage in this competition. Even if somebody else could comprehend the mysteries after this, they would still lag behind his progress.


“Amazing!” Yang Kai sincerely praised. 


Qu Hua Shang whispered quietly, “If my guess is correct, he is probably a disciple of Great Thousand Blood Land.”


“Great Thousand Blood Land?” Yang Kai asked curiously.


“It’s one of the top Second-Class great forces. Although it is inferior to the Cave-Heavens and Paradises, it is quite an impressive great force. This great force is proficient in the Dao of Blood. The reason that person can comprehend the mysteries of the Blood Light Scripture’s first chapter so quickly is that he already has a deep foundation in the Dao of Blood.”


Yang Kai sighed, “This part of Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance is related to the Dao of Blood. Doesn’t that mean this person had an unfair advantage?”


She said nothing. It was obvious that she had the same opinion.


At that moment, another burst of exclamation rang out from the side. Many people were staring fixedly at the small island. Yang Kai followed their gaze and couldn’t help being amazed.


On that small island, three round platforms had appeared in front of the Great Thousand Blood Land disciple at some point. A Monster Core was placed on each of the round platforms, covered in individual light barriers.




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