Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4246, You Finished So Quickly?


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Three Monster Cores lay quietly on the round platforms, shrouded by transparent light barriers which isolated the power fluctuations coming from them. As such, they appeared to be identical from the outside, without the slightest bit of difference between them.


The distance of a couple thousand metres was not that great, so everybody on the shore could see the Monster Cores clearly if they focused their eyesight. Nevertheless, nobody could determine what Order those Monster Cores belonged to. Not even the Great Thousand Blood Land disciple standing on the small island could. He was rubbing his chin and examining the three round platforms in front of him with curiosity.


“Is that a reward?” Somebody asked in surprise and doubt.


These objects had appeared when the Great Thousand Blood Land disciple set foot on the first island; therefore, it was clearly a reward. It was just that nobody could say whether all three Monster Cores were given to him as a reward or whether he could only choose one out of the three.


Everybody stared blankly in that direction. A short while later, the Great Thousand Blood Land disciple made his decision and reached his hand out towards the round platform on the right. There was no resistance as his hand slipped right through the light barrier and he took out the Monster Core from within.


For a time, everybody was itching to know what Order the Monster Core was and what Element it was!


Unfortunately, the Great Thousand Blood Land disciple put the Monster Core away directly without giving the others a chance to investigate. Immediately after that, he stretched out his hand again at the speed of lightning to reach for the round platform in the middle; however, his attempt failed this time around. The light barrier enveloping the round platform might look as thin as a cicada’s wings, but it was extremely strong. There was no way to retrieve the Monster Core without breaking the light barrier.


After a brief delay, the three round platforms sank back into the ground and vanished out of sight. Everybody immediately understood that the Monster Core was a reward after watching this scene. How could they not? It was just that only those who could set foot on the island were eligible to obtain this reward. Although it was just a Monster Core, it still greatly roused everybody’s enthusiasm as a result.


All the cultivators who came here were attracted by Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s Dao of Blood inheritance. It was just that many people had backed away from the challenge after witnessing the horror and peculiarity of the blood lake. Be that as it may, the appearance of this Monster Core reward made many cultivators become eager again. If they could just obtain a Sixth-Order, a Seventh-Order, or even an Eighth-Order Monster Core, then there was no need to worry about money for the rest of their lives. The riches they stood to gain would be enough for them to live luxuriously for an entire lifetime.


Once the Great Thousand Blood Land disciple took away the Monster Core, a loud rumbling sound came from the centre of the first island. Following that, a huge stele burst out of the ground and stood in the centre of the island.


“There’s a second chapter after all!” Qu Hua Shang’s beautiful eyes lit up. She had told Yang Kai about the existence of the second chapter, third chapter, and so on earlier, but those were simply her own speculations. It wasn’t until the appearance of this stele that her conjecture received immediate confirmation.


The people by the shore used all their might to stare in that direction, hoping to get a glimpse of the contents on the second stele. To their surprise, the stele seemed to be covered in a layer of fog. Nobody could see what was written on it. This immediately made it clear that one had no choice but to step onto the first island in order to understand the contents of the Blood Light Scripture’s second chapter.


Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance was designed to be interlinked so that one could only advance step by step. It would seem that he really had the intention to choose his successor; otherwise, there was no need to make the design so complicated.


The Great Thousand Blood Land disciple came to the stele and looked up at it for a while; soon after, he sat down cross-legged without moving as he began to comprehend the mysteries of the Blood Light Scripture’s second chapter.


“Junior Brother Yang, do you want to give it a try?” Qu Hua Shang turned to look at Yang Kai.


“Of course.” Yang Kai nodded. Besides, he was already here. There was an opportunity right in front of him, so how could he be reconciled with himself if he didn’t even make an attempt? He might never have dabbled in the Dao of Blood before, but most of the cultivators here were no different from him.


Blood Monster Divine Monarch must have already taken this aspect into consideration when he set up a test in this place; after all, if his successor was chosen because of a prior foundation in the Dao of Blood, then it could almost be said that the disciples of Great Thousand Blood Land had secured the winning spot. There would also be no need for tests.


Yang Kai had the vague feeling that the tests for this inheritance could not be that simple.


Bu Lian Zhong and the others had no objection either. They quickly found a place to sit and immersed their minds into the stele to begin comprehending.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai did not begin studying the mysteries of the stele immediately; instead, he secretly manipulated Space Principles to see if he could directly teleport himself to the first island or the palace in the middle of the lake via Instantaneous Movement. If he could travel there instantly, then there was no need to comprehend the mysteries of the stele.


He had only started taking action when a huge sense of crisis flooded his heart for no reason. It felt like an imminent disaster would befall him if he tried to teleport himself there via Instantaneous Movement. This feeling shocked Yang Kai and he hastily gave up on the attempt. The sense of crisis that loomed over him vanished the moment he did so, causing him to sigh. [I knew it was not going to be easy. Blood Monster Divine Monarch had carefully prepared his inheritance. He would never allow later generations to take advantage of any loopholes. Those who tried to step foot on the small island or the palace in the middle of the lake without using his intended methods would definitely suffer a terrible fate.]


Unable to make use of Space Principles, Yang Kai had no other choice but to obediently begin comprehending the mysteries of the stele. Just like before, there was an inexplicable force that pulled his mind in, allowing the mysteries of the Blood Light Scripture to flash through his head.


Yang Kai had only gotten a brief glimpse earlier, so he didn’t think much about the Blood Light Scripture. Now that he was calmly focusing on comprehending it though, he quickly realised that the Blood Light Scripture was not obscure or difficult to understand. Strictly speaking, that only applied for the first chapter. There was no way for him to know how difficult the rest would be. 


Nevertheless, it was not difficult for a person to comprehend the mysteries of the Blood Light Scripture’s first chapter as long as one’s heritage and comprehension abilities were not too poor. Focusing his mind, Yang Kai concentrated harder.


Time passed little by little. More and more people gradually stood up from under the stele to head towards the location of the first small island. One after another, they successfully stepped foot on the island. Moreover, the number of people who succeeded was not small.


Be that as it may, the number of cultivators gathered around the monument continued to increase steadily. That was because more and more people were arriving here. These people had clearly heard about the news and rushed over to get a piece of the pie.


By the time Yang Kai thoroughly comprehended the Blood Light Scripture’s first chapter and was confident that he would have no problem circulating the Secret Art, half a day had already passed. He slowly opened his eyes, just in time to see Qu Hua Shang turning to look at him from where she sat beside him.


Qu Hua Shang was obviously taken aback, “You finished so quickly?”


After all, she herself had only just come to a thorough understanding of the Blood Light Scripture’s first chapter.


She could not compare with the Great Thousand Blood Land disciple who already had a profound heritage in the Dao of Blood. She might be one of the Core Disciples of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, but like Yang Kai, she had never dabbled in the Dao of Blood before; therefore, she could not compete with the Great Thousand Blood Land disciple who held a unique advantage since she had to start from zero.


It was just that she had already begun comprehending the Blood Light Scripture before Yang Kai arrived, so she did not expect to finish at the same time as him. However, she was not surprised when she recalled his extraordinary performance in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


Pursing her lips into a coquettish smile, she commented, “It’s not a good thing for men to finish too fast!”


Yang Kai’s expression darkened at those words. [Has this woman gotten addicted to teasing me?]


He irritably replied to her teasing, “Would you like to try?”


Her eyes lit up and her expression changed, “Really?”


Feeling ashamed, Yang Kai quickly waved his hand to dismiss the notion, “No…”


He looked away only to see that Bu Lian Zhong and the others were still comprehending with their eyes closed. Just as he was wondering whether he should talk to them, Bu Lian Zhong’s eyes opened.


Bu Lian Zhong said, “Brother Yang, please go on ahead. We will catch up to you later.”


Yang Kai nodded, “In that case, we will go ahead and wait for you there.”


Bu Lian Zhong gave Qu Hua Shang a deep look and secretly sent a voice transmission to Yang Kai, “Brother Yang, remember not to trust anybody too easily!”


His words seemed to contain another hidden meaning behind them, causing the look in Yang Kai’s eyes to flicker in response. Yang Kai smiled and nodded at him in acknowledgement.


Afterward, Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang came to the shore of the lake together. Looking around them, they saw many cultivators circulating the Blood Light Scripture’s first chapter on the surface of the lake. All of them were covered in a layer of Blood Qi as they carefully made their way across the blood water.


Most of these people moved forward cautiously, lest they encountered something unexpected. Only a few of them walked confidently and soon came to the first island. Like the Great Thousand Blood Land disciple from before, three round platforms would appear in front of each cultivator that stepped foot on the island. Each round platform would contain a Monster Core. Once one of the Monster Cores were taken, the remaining two Monster Cores would sink back into the ground along with the round platforms and vanish out of sight.


A miserable cry suddenly rang out. One of the cultivators had stumbled for some reason, causing one of his legs to sink into the lake. Panicking, he reached out to grab at a companion beside him. His actions made his companion who had also been extremely on edge make a mistake. Thus, both of them lost their balance for a moment. The blood mist surrounding their bodies dissipated and they immediately fell into the lake.


The tranquil blood lake was like a fierce beast that selectively devoured people. Not a single ripple would crease the calm surface of the lake under normal circumstances, but it reacted viciously when somebody fell into it. A blood wave surged and came crashing down. The two cultivators who made a mistake were swept into the blood lake and disappeared without even a single bubble emerging.


Many people were horrified by the sight. The cultivators standing by the shore and preparing to make their attempt suddenly lost their courage to step forward onto the lake. They hesitated for a time, unable to make up their minds.


Yang Kai said, “Let’s find a spot with less people.”


Qu Hua Shang expressed her agreement, “Good.”


Although both of them had confidence in their respective abilities, they could not withstand the interference of others. Things would most likely end in tragedy for them if they were dragged down by a cultivator who stumbled like what happened in the situation just now.


After searching around for some time, they soon arrived at a location with less people. Yang Kai turned to look at Qu Hua Shang, “Senior Sister Qu, be careful.”


Qu Hua Shang smiled sweetly, “Rest assured. If I sense that something is wrong, I will definitely drag you down into the water with me. Although we could not be born on the same day and year, we can always die together. We can be a pair of lovebird ghosts. I’m sure it’ll be better than dying alone. Right, Junior Brother?”


Yang Kai sighed out loud as he commented, “I never realised that you were such a vicious cunning snake, Senior Sister Qu. I’m considering whether I should stay away from you.”


To which she giggled, “It’s too late!”


At the same time, she reached out her hand and grabbed his arm. She even pressed her ample bosom against him without hesitation, transmitting a sense of amazing elasticity to him. Before he could react, she jumped into the blood lake and pulled him in with her.


Shocked and frightened, Yang Kai hurriedly circulated the first chapter of the Blood Light Scripture to control the Blood Qi in his body according to the Secret Art that he had just learned. A pale golden light immediately enveloped his entire body.




The two of them landed steadily on the surface of the blood lake. Ripples spread out from beneath their feet, slowly spreading outward.




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