Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4247, Please Behave Yourself, Senior Sister


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Yang Kai felt cold sweat drenching his entire body. A breeze blew by, making his body shiver from the cold. He turned around and glared at Qu Hua Shang furiously, “Are you insane!? Couldn’t you have given me a warning, at least!?”


Qu Hua Shang looked at Yang Kai with surprise evident in her beautiful eyes, “Junior Brother Yang, your blood… is golden?”


Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for other people to tell the difference unless he was injured; however, he was circulating the Blood Light Scripture at the moment. The blood mist covering his entire body immediately revealed just how different he was from the others.


She tilted her head to the side. Sniffing him like a dog, she furrowed her eyebrows together, “The aura of a Divine Spirit?” Then, she stared at him in shock and exclaimed, “Junior Brother, do you have a Divine Spirit bloodline? Are you part of the Monster Race?”


Yang Kai became visibly irritated, “Monster Race, my foot!”


On the other hand, Qu Hua Shang’s expression was pure and innocent as she pursed her lips and asked with a twinkle in her eye, “Junior Brother, are you angry?”


At this point, he was practically on the verge of exploding from rage so his expression became surly, “No.”


He extricated his arm from her embrace. Following that, he carefully observed the blood lake and sensed the flow of the blood water under his feet. It didn’t take long before he discovered the secret behind the blood lake.


The ‘water’ in the blood lake might seem calm and undisturbed, but it was actually constantly shifting. It was just that these changes were so hidden that they were very difficult to detect. These changes could only be detected if one was standing on top of the lake. Furthermore, these changes gave the lake a peculiar suction force that caused a person to involuntarily fall into it. Only those who were circulating the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture could resist this pulling force and stand above the surface of the lake.


After becoming aware of this fact, Yang Kai felt a sense of understanding flooding his heart. He became certain that the Blood Light Scripture recorded on the stele was indeed the foundation of passing this test. It could be said that there was no danger as long as one remained focused and constantly maintained the Blood Light Scripture at all times while standing on the surface of the lake. In fact, one would have no trouble reaching the first island at all. The cultivators who fell into the lake and lost their lives either failed to comprehend the Blood Light Scripture thoroughly or made a mistake due to their nerves. Whichever the case, their actions ultimately resulted in their deaths. In truth, the first part of this test was not difficult to overcome!


Yang Kai gained confidence from this knowledge and strode forward. Sure enough, he could walk safely across the blood lake as long as he continuously maintained the Blood Light Scripture. After taking a few steps forward though, he abruptly turned back to look at Qu Hua Shang, who was standing there blankly, “Why are you just standing there?”


Qu Hua Shang looked at him pitifully, “I was wrong. Junior Brother, please don’t be angry. Okay?”


He was speechless, “I’m not angry.”


She quietly said, “You clearly look angry. Haih… It looks like you won’t forgive me, Junior Brother. Then, this Senior Sister has no reason to continue living. I might as well die.”


While saying that, the blood mist around her body showed signs of dispersing on its own.


Yang Kai was shocked and shouted, “Senior Sister Qu, stop fooling around!”


At the same time, he hurriedly reached out to grab her, but to his surprise, she giggled and flicked her sleeves. A ribbon flew out and wrapped around his arm. Immediately after that, she fluttered like a dancing butterfly and threw herself into his arms. Lifting her head, she looked at him with her elegant and beautiful eyes.


Exhaling an orchid scent, she whispered sweetly, “I knew you’d be unwilling to let me go, Junior Brother.”


“Crazy woman!” He cursed through gritted teeth, “Is this the place to fool around?”


“I was wrong…” She said pitifully as she pressed her exquisite body up against him slightly.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai felt extremely uncomfortable. A gorgeous and seductive woman was literally in his arms. Moreover, she was rubbing herself up against him. Having such a mesmerising beauty in such close proximity left him feeling dry-mouthed and confused. Thus, he quickly grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her away slightly as he sternly said, “Senior Sister Qu, please behave yourself!”


[She was not this forward the last time we met each other in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary! What is wrong with her today? Her behaviour is too much to bear!]


Her expression turned cold and she glared at him, “Junior Brother, are you saying that I’m behaving badly?”


[Why is she suddenly being so unreasonable?]


Just as he was about to explain himself, she went against his expectations and stomped her foot in anger, “If that’s what you think, Junior Brother, then this Senior Sister won’t disturb you anymore! Hmph!”


Her hair slapped him in the face as she whipped her head around and strode away without a backward glance.


Stunned, Yang Kai was left standing stupidly in place, realizing once more that a woman’s heart is impossible to fathom.


The two of them looked like a pair of lovebirds quarrelling on the surface of the lake. Their flirtatious actions made many cultivators look at them in annoyance; therefore, many of them applauded in their hearts when they saw Qu Hua Shang abandoning Yang Kai.


Qu Hua Shang moved very quickly and it didn’t take more than a few moments for her to arrive on the first island. Meanwhile, Yang Kai was stunned for a while before he came back to his senses and hurriedly caught up to her.


The first test was not very difficult. As long as one could maintain the Blood Light Scripture smoothly, one could resist the pulling force coming from the blood lake 


A moment later, Yang Kai also set foot on the first island. Three round platforms appeared out of nowhere in front of him the moment both his feet touched the ground. The round platforms were covered in a light barrier and they each contained one Monster Beast Core.


When he tried to investigate the Monster Cores with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai quickly determined that he could not probe into the contents of the barriers. He couldn’t even figure out what Element the Monster Cores belonged to. It looked like Blood Monster Divine Monarch had no intention of giving anybody any basis to make a judgement. The reward one would receive after arriving on this island was completely based on luck.


Realizing this, he randomly reached out towards one of the round platforms. The light barrier did not hinder his movements in any way. He was holding an Earth Element Monster Core when he retracted his hand from the light barrier. The three round platforms abruptly sank back into the ground and vanished out of sight after he retrieved the Monster Core.


Qu Hua Shang happened to be standing beside him and nudged him with her elbow before asking in a whisper, “Junior Brother, what Order Monster Core did you get?”


He turned to look at her and laughed, “I thought you were ignoring me, Senior Sister.”


She blinked, “I was joking just now. Couldn’t you tell? You sure are dense.”


[Who plays a joke like that!?] Yang Kai was speechless. Nevertheless, he revealed the Monster Core in his hand, “See for yourself, Senior Sister.”


She glanced at the Monster Core in his hand and said proudly, “You only received a Fourth-Order Monster Core. I got a Fifth-Order one!”


While saying that, she stretched out her hand to show him her Monster Core.


He glanced over and discovered that she had indeed received a Fifth-Order Monster Core. It would seem that the rewards here were not all the same. Turning around to observe the others around him, he saw that some had obtained Third-Order Monster Cores while others had Fourth-Order Cores like him. Only one other person received a Fifth-Order Monster Core, just like Qu Hua Shang.


Judging from the situation, the rewards for the first island ranged from Third-Order to Fifth-Order Monster Cores. Third-Order and Fourth-Order Monster Cores were far more common, but Fifth-Order Monster Cores were rare.


This discovery made his heart pump with excitement. If that was the case for the first island, then what about the second island, third island, and the palace in the middle of the lake. It might actually be possible to find Seventh-Order Monster Cores in this place! Hence, Yang Kai became even more determined to check out the palace in the middle of the lake.


At the moment, at least hundreds of people had gathered on the first island and more were heading here from the shore. Looking at the situation, the cultivators gathered on the shore had an 80% chance of reaching the first island. Furthermore, they would receive a reward as long as they arrived on this island. Those with great luck might even obtain a Fifth-Order Monster Core as a reward.


The first person to step foot on this island was the Great Thousand Blood Land disciple. Nearly half a day had passed since then. In other words, he had already been comprehending the stele here for slightly less than half a day. His progress was much faster than everybody else.


Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang did not dare to procrastinate. They quickly found a place to sit and immersed their minds in meditation, allowing the stele to guide them as they studied this Secret Art.


The stele on the first island indeed turned out to be the second chapter of the Blood Light Scripture. It was the continuation of the first chapter, but in comparison, the second chapter was much more esoteric and difficult to cultivate.


The expressions of many cultivators were difficult as they furrowed their brows together, looking as though they were having trouble understanding what they were seeing. Nonetheless, they tried their best to persevere.


Yang Kai immersed himself into the second chapter of the Blood Light Scripture, unable to extricate himself. About half a day had passed by the time he opened his eyes again. Looking around, he saw that the Great Thousand Blood Land disciple was nowhere to be seen. He immediately glanced in the direction of the second island and sure enough, he could see that person’s figure on the second island.


The Great Thousand Blood Land disciple had an extremely deep foundation in the Dao of Blood; therefore, he held a unique advantage over the others here. He also arrived on the first island earlier than all the others, so it was only natural for him to be in the lead. Aside from him, more than a dozen other cultivators had also arrived on the second island. Meanwhile, more than twenty others were cautiously making their way across the surface of the lake.


Yang Kai then turned to look at Qu Hua Shang and discovered that she was still in the middle of comprehending the Secret Art, and it did not look like she was going to wake up anytime soon. It was not to say that her aptitude was not as good as others. Having arrived later than the others, it stood to reason that she would be a little behind compared to the lead group. Be that as it may, Yang Kai did not rush to leave and simply sat beside her and waited patiently.


About an hour later, Qu Hua Shang slowly opened her eyes and gently let out a breath of turbid air. She turned to look at Yang Kai and said, “I apologise for making you wait such a long time, Junior Brother. Next time, you can set off on your own. You don’t need to wait for me.”


Although she had been comprehending the mysteries of the stele, she was not ignorant about what was going on in the outside world; hence, she was aware that he had been waiting for her for a long time. It was just that she was at a critical juncture of her comprehension so it had not been convenient for her to stop partway, forcing her to continue her meditation.


“It’s fine!” He smiled, “Besides, I didn’t wait that long.”


“Let’s go.” She called out to him.


Walking side by side, they headed in the direction of the second island. When they came to the lake, he said, “Be careful, Senior Sister Qu. The second stage is much more difficult than the first stage. The casualty rate is also much higher.”


He had been observing his surroundings for the past hour, so it was only natural that he noticed more things than the others. Compared with the first stage, it was obvious that the difficulty of the second stage had increased significantly. Many cultivators who passed the first stage had easily lost their lives in the second stage.


“You be careful too, Junior Brother,” she said.


Yang Kai nodded and stepped forward while circulating the Blood Light Scripture. A layer of golden blood mist immediately burst out from all over his body. It was denser and more imposing than before. After that, he gently stepped onto the surface of the lake. Resisting the pulling force of the blood lake, he moved forward step by step.


Qu Hua Shang followed close behind.


The pair immediately revealed how different they were from most people the moment they set off. Despite setting off a little later than others, their speed was not slow at all. They proceeded forward step by step with no hesitation at all. On the other hand, most of the other cultivators seemed to experience great hardship with every step that they took and many of them were sweating profusely. Their sweat slid down their faces and dripped into the blood lake. Every step required immense time and effort, so they could not move quickly.


It was only a short distance of a couple thousand metres, but Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang surpassed those who came before them one after another. It only took both of them less than a cup of tea worth of time to arrive at the second island. Unlike Yang Kai’s calm and relaxed demeanour though, Qu Hua Shang let out a sigh of relief. Her complexion was slightly pale and it could be seen that she had consumed a lot of energy to keep up with his pace.




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