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Martial Peak – Chapter 4249, I Can Even Give Myself to You

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Regardless of what other people might think, Yang Kai refused to give up halfway. It was true that he was only lured in by the Monster Cores given as a reward, but be that as it may, his strong Blood Qi gave him some natural advantages. If even he could not pass this trial, then everybody else in this place could only wait for their deaths.


He then turned to look at Qu Hua Shang and likewise, her eyes were firm.


It could be said that most cultivators would not back down easily from challenges. People like the cultivator earlier, who wanted to return via the same path he came, were in the minority; after all, who among the cultivators present were not people with great perseverance? That was how they achieved everything they had so far in their lives. Which one of them did not experience life and death struggles countless times? If they turned tail and fled at every setback they encountered, they would not have reached the Emperor Realm in the first place.


Closing his eyes again, Yang Kai continued to comprehend the third chapter of the Blood Light Scripture.


In the meantime, a steady stream of people moved to head towards the third island. It was just that the casualty rate was noticeably higher than before. Many of the cultivators successfully arrived at the first and second islands with ease only to perished en-route to the third island.


A long while later, Yang Kai opened his eyes. He integrated the essence of all three chapters of the Blood Light Scripture from the three steles and circulated the Blood Light Scripture. A golden blood mist immediately appeared around his body. Nodding lightly to himself, he was certain that he would have no problem crossing the blood lake and reaching the third island in his current state.


He turned to the side and saw that Qu Hua Shang was still comprehending the Secret Art. Just as he was debating as to whether he should wait for her or not, she abruptly opened her eyes on her own, “Are you done, Junior Brother?”


He nodded.


She said, “Then, you should go ahead first, Junior Brother. I will catch up to you later. You don’t need to wait for me.”


He raised his head and glanced in the direction of the third island. Then, he slowly shook his head, “No. Let’s go together.”


It was obvious that she did not expect that response from him; thus, she couldn’t help blinking at him in surprise for a moment before she exclaimed with a touched expression, “You are so good to me, Junior Brother!”


He sweated slightly at those words, “I just think that Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance can’t be that simple. It’s better to let the others test the waters first.”


She leaned into his embrace, tilted her head upward slightly, and spoke in a coquettish voice, “This Senior Sister can’t help it anymore. I want to promise myself to you right now. What should I do?”


Yang Kai naturally acted like he heard nothing, “Senior Sister, stop playing around. Hurry up and finish comprehending.”


“En.” She nodded repeatedly, acting like an obedient little girl, “I will listen to everything you say!”


After saying that, she closed her eyes and continued to comprehend the Blood Light Scripture.


There was nothing to do, so Yang Kai watched the movements in his surroundings. Even now, many people continued to head in this direction from the shore. The number of people on the first island remained high. Similarly, there were over 300 people gathered together on the second island. In contrast, only 6 people were gathered on the third island. The Great Thousand Blood Land disciple was among those 6.


Yang Kai could not help being amazed. [It really is different when one has a foundation in the Dao of Blood.]


Among the cultivators gathered here, Qu Hua Shang and Pei Wen Xuan were not the only ones who came from various Cave-Heavens and Paradises. There would surely be others; even so, the Great Thousand Blood Land disciple remained in the lead. It clearly indicated that his heritage was also very impressive. At this rate, he might really be the first person to arrive at the palace in the middle of the lake.


Be that as it may, Yang Kai was not worried that the Great Thousand Blood Land disciple might get a head start over them and obtain Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance. It was unconfirmed whether the Dao of Blood inheritance was even inside the palace in the middle of the lake, and if it was, the test to obtain it would not be that simple. Just as Yang Kai mentioned earlier, the first to arrive might not have an advantage. Although the pioneer would get the first attempt at the prize, the very same pioneer might also end up paving the road for the others.


After waiting for approximately four hours, Qu Hua Shang finally opened her eyes. The look in her beautiful eyes was as gentle as water as she said softly, “Junior Brother, I’ve made you wait.”


“It’s fine.” Yang Kai stood up and called out to her, “Let’s go.”


They walked to the lake together. Circulating the Blood Light Scripture, he took a step onto the lake.


“Junior Brother, please be careful. I don’t wish to become a widow at such a young age,” she reminded him from the side.


Yang Kai stumbled upon hearing those words and the Secret Art he was circulating nearly stopped. Therefore, he couldn’t help glaring fiercely at her. It made her giggle madly. For a moment, she was so gorgeous that her flirtatiousness practically oozed out like water.


There was a cultivator standing next to them. They did not know which great force he came from. Unfortunately, he was so befuddled by the sight of her beauty that he fell into the blood lake with a splash and lost his life.


Qu Hua Shang stopped laughing with an innocent expression.


Yang Kai sighed, “Let’s go.”


She nodded and stepped onto the blood lake before him. Ripples spread out from beneath her feet as she stood steadily on the surface of the water. Turning to look back at him, she playfully said, “Junior Brother, stay close, okay?”


He involuntarily snorted at those words but followed behind her nevertheless as they set off for the third island; however, the smile soon slid off his face. It reached a point where he didn’t even dare to look forward anymore. The main reason was that this crazy woman was twisting and swaying her hips in front of him hypnotically. He could not tell whether she was doing so intentionally or whether her actions were simply a natural habit, but her graceful and seductive curves evoked endless imagination in his head. Unable to take it anymore, he quickly caught up to her in a few steps and walked side by side. Only then did he get some peace of mind.


The third island was also located a couple thousand metres away from the second. As long as they circulated the Blood Light Scripture correctly and maintained the blood mist around their bodies to protect themselves, they would be able to cross the blood lake safely.


In less than the time it takes to boil a cup of tea, the pair arrived on the third island. At this moment, there were only a dozen or so people present. The elimination tests at each stage were becoming more and more difficult. Accordingly, the number of people who safely passed those tests became lower.


Upon arriving at this spot, Yang Kai finally became a little nervous even though he had remained calm all this time. According to his estimation, it was possible that the reward they would receive at the third island was a Seventh-Order Monster Core. Although the possibility was not high, there was always a glimmer of hope.


Three round platforms appeared in front of the two of them once more.


Yang Kai stared at the three Monster Cores in front of him and was unable to make up his mind. While he was hesitating, he suddenly detected a strange energy fluctuation coming from the side. He turned to look and saw Qu Hua Shang staring fixedly at the Monster Core in her hand with her mouth gaping open in shock. Her beautiful eyes were filled with surprise and joy.


That Monster Core was Seventh-Order! Moreover, judging from the aura it was exuding, it was an extremely rare Yang Element Monster Core!


Yang Kai was completely dumbfounded by the sight! Although he had the feeling that a Seventh-Order Monster Core might appear on the third island, he never imagined that it would actually appear in front of him, much less that Qu Hua Shang would obtain it!


“Put it away!” He quickly sent her a transmission.


Qu Hua Shang snapped back to her senses and lifted her head to glance around. A dozen or so people in front of them were all staring in this direction. It was obvious that they had sensed the energy fluctuations coming from the Seventh-Order Monster Core. They all had shocked and greedy expressions on their faces.


That was a Seventh-Order Monster Core, a treasure worth hundreds of millions of Open Heaven Pills! Back at the exchange meeting in Red Clouds Auction House, Yang Kai had paid more than 200 million Open Heaven Pills in exchange for the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng! In other words, the Yang Element Monster Core that she received was worth at least 200 million Open Heaven Pills!


For something like that to simply fall into Qu Hua Shang’s hands so easily… Even a Core Disciple from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven like her felt as though she had been struck by a huge blessing.


It wasn’t until she stored the Seventh-Order Monster Core into her Space Ring that those gazes slowly retracted. They could probably tell that she was not an easy prey; otherwise, it would not be surprising for them to attack and rob her.


After being stimulated by this incident, Yang Kai couldn’t help rolling up his sleeves in anticipation. He took a deep breath and reached his hand into the light barrier on the left. When he withdrew his hand and spread open his palm, his anticipation immediately turned into disappointment.


It was not a Seventh-Order Monster Core. It was not even a Sixth-Order Monster Core. It was a Fifth-Order Monster Core! He nearly spat blood when he saw it. [This is the third island! How can I obtain a Fifth-Order Monster Core as a reward!? Are you joking with me!? I would have grudgingly accepted even if it was only a Sixth-Order Monster Core!]


Compared to what Qu Hua Shang had obtained, the Fifth-Order Monster Core he received was trash. It deserved to be thrown away without a second glance. Upon further consideration, a Seventh-Order Monster Core would not appear so easily even though this was the third island. It was amazingly lucky of her to receive a Seventh-Order Monster Core. The others would never get another opportunity to obtain a Seventh-Order Monster Core again.


Seeming to sense Yang Kai’s disappointment, Qu Hua Shang whispered, “Junior Brother Yang, do you want my Monster Core? I can give it to you.”


“Give it to me?” He glanced at her in surprise. That was a Yang Element Seventh-Order Monster Core! How could she just offer to give it away like that? There would definitely be more than one Master in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven who would need this resource. It could be said that it would be a huge achievement if she brought this Seventh-Order Monster Core back!


She continued, “Don’t you need High-Rank materials?”


Even if not for the fact that they had known each other since the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and she was aware that he had condensed High-Rank Powers, his existence had caught the attention of the major Cave-Heavens and Paradises at this point. As long as Qu Hua Shang casually inquired, she would be able to get this information.


Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before he chuckled and shook his head, “Many thanks, Senior Sister. Unfortunately, I can’t use this Monster Core anymore.”


If it was before he participated in the exchange meeting, he might have considered trading with her for the Yang Element Seventh-Order Monster Core; however, he had already condensed his Yang Element now. This Monster Core was useless to him for the time being. Although it might be necessary for him in the future, that was still something far, far off from now.


How could he ask somebody else for something so precious? Nevertheless, he was moved by the fact that she wanted to give this Monster Core to him. [This woman can’t have truly fallen for me, right?]


Be that as it may, his current future was extremely bleak. There was no saying when he would have to face great pressure from multiple parties. Qu Hua Shang was no fool, so how could she fall for him at a time like this?


“Is that so…” She nodded, “Then, I’ll keep it for now. If you need it in the future, you can come to me at any time.” Glancing at him with a shy smile, she added, “Not just the Monster Core. I can even give myself to you.”


“Cough. Cough. Cough…” Yang Kai nearly choked to death on his own saliva. Qu Hua Shang’s boldness was a little difficult to handle. Looking at her was like looking at Shan Qing Luo from before. The seductive charms of the Beguiling Demon Queen were not something just anybody could withstand. 


Yang Kai quickly pointed to the front, “Let’s just comprehend the Blood Light Scripture first. Is Blood Monster Divine Monarch sick in the head? Why does he have to make the test so complicated?”


Shaking his head, he walked towards the stele, listening to coquettish laughter coming from behind.


The stele was not small. Moreover, not many people had managed to reach the third island, so Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang casually found a spot and sat down together as usual. Afterward, they immersed their consciousness into the stele and immediately began to comprehend the fourth chapter of the Blood Light Scripture. Many subtle mysteries poured into their minds.



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