Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4252, Another Divine Monarch


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Blood Monster Divine Monarch was proficient in the Dao of Blood and the Dao of Beast Taming when he was still alive. This fact was portrayed extremely evidently throughout the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. The blood lake was the manifestation of the Dao of Blood while the various Monster Beasts were the embodiment of the Dao of Beast Taming. So, why would a person be able to inherit the entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven just by obtaining the Dao of Blood inheritance?


Another point that puzzled Yang Kai greatly was the location of the blood lake. The location of the blood lake could not be considered hidden. The area in which the blood lake was located was also indicated in the map given to him by the Proprietress; in other words, their predecessors had definitely explored this area before. However, the blood lake was not marked clearly upon the map!


If the blood lake had existed in the past, then why was it never mentioned before over the years? After all, the Dao of Blood inheritance was no trivial matter. The slightest information leak regarding this matter would cause such a huge commotion that everybody would know about it. Be that as it may, nobody had ever heard about the existence of the blood lake or the Dao of Blood inheritance until the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opened this time.


As such, there was only one explanation that would make sense. The blood lake and the Dao of Blood inheritance only appeared recently. It had not appeared in the past. That was why their predecessors who entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven in the past had no knowledge about this matter. That was also why the blood lake was not marked on the map.


The cultivators who entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven were the first batch of people to come into contact with the Dao of Blood inheritance. But, if that was the case, then it did not make sense either.


If Blood Monster Divine Monarch had set up various tests in this place in hopes of handing down his Dao of Blood inheritance to his destined successor, then there was no reason for him to hide this place for so many years. It was not until the most recent opening of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven that this place was revealed to the public. If he really wanted to find an Inheritance Disciple, then this blood lake should have appeared before the eyes of the world a long time ago; after all, the most likely result of hiding this place too deeply was the loss of his legacy with time.


[It doesn’t make sense. I just can’t figure it out…] Yang Kai shook his head while comprehending the rest of the Blood Light Scripture. In any case, the Blood Light Scripture was definitely genuine. Such an exquisite Secret Art was very rare. At this point, the only thing he could do was take it one step at a time.


As time passed, blood mist lingered around the people sitting around the skeleton. They were immersed in the mystery of the Blood Light Scripture, unable to extricate themselves. A glimmering light suddenly lit up in the eye socket of the skeleton without anybody noticing. The glimmering light was very dim and weak, almost like a candle that was about to go out. It silently drifted out of the sunken eye socket, circled around the skeleton leisurely before floating over to Qu Hua Shang.


The glimmering light floated up and down, seeming to be searching for something. It did not stay in front of Qu Hua Shang for long before moving on to the next cultivator. The short man who hid his abilities earlier was sitting to her right, not far away from her. The glimmering light seemed to have a sentience of its own and after observing the short man for a while, it moved away.


After investigating the cultivators one by one, the glimmering light came to Zhou Yi. It stopped in front of Zhou Yi for the longest time, almost as though it had found something of interest; however, it eventually floated towards the next person sitting beside Zhou Yi.


The glimmering light soon circled around and came to Yang Kai, who was sitting close beside Qu Hua Shang. Then, the glimmering light suddenly shone brightly like a wild beast that had found the most delicious food and immediately slammed straight into his mind without hesitation. Even though it looked like a flickering flame that was on the verge of extinguishing, it slipped into Yang Kai’s head without the slightest hindrance and quickly vanished out of sight.


Yang Kai was focused on comprehending the latter portion of the Blood Light Scripture when all of a sudden, his body shuddered slightly and a feeling of coolness spread throughout him. Before he could figure out what was going on, he felt his Knowledge Sea defences being penetrated. It seemed to be caused by something entering without his permission. Immediately after that, a cold voice sounded in his mind, “Junior, hand over your body!”


Shocked, Yang Kai quickly immersed his mind into his Knowledge Sea and transformed into his Soul Avatar. The first thing he saw was an illusory phantom charging towards him. The illusory phantom clearly looked very weak, but it gave him the feeling that it was very powerful. All of a sudden, it exploded without warning and turned into a cloud of grey mist that tried to wrap around him.


Hurriedly backing away to avoid the grey mist, Yang Kai was shocked as he shouted, “Soul Possession!?”


The illusory phantom that invaded his Knowledge Sea was clearly a Soul!


The horror he felt in his heart was indescribable. Although he had been concentrating on comprehending the Blood Light Scripture, a part of his consciousness had remained aware of the outside world. It was a countermeasure he took in case Pei Wen Xuan secretly attacked him. Even so, he failed to notice anything until this Soul invaded his Knowledge Sea. There was only one explanation for this outcome. This person’s Soul was so much stronger than his that it could completely evade his perception.


[Who!?] He immediately thought about the jade skeleton sitting cross-legged in front of him. For a moment, he was so shocked that it felt as though his Soul had been blown away. [It can’t be Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s Soul, right!? If that’s the case, then this might be the end for me!]


Blood Monster Divine Monarch was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Even if he had been dead for countless years, his Soul was not something Yang Kai could resist.


Yang Kai watched as the fog relentlessly approached him. Gritting his teeth, he stretched out his hand in that direction and roared, “Cut!”


A sword light silently slashed downward as the Soul Splitting Saber that had been nurtured in his Knowledge Sea all this time manifested in his grip. Combined with the Heaven Severing Slash that Tian Yan taught him in the past, the power of this move was absolutely staggering. However, what made Yang Kai sink into utter despair was that the mist only scattered for a moment under the sword light of the Soul Splitting Saber before it converged together once more and doggedly chased after him. He nearly spat blood at the sight!


The Soul Splitting Saber was an Emperor Artifact. Its strength was no longer able to keep up with his cultivation progress, so it had fallen into disuse. Nevertheless, it was specially meant to target Souls. Not to mention that it had been nurtured with the Heaven Severing Slash Secret Technique for so long. It could be said that even a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master who was caught off guard by this move would become dazed. Be that as it may, the mist was completely unobstructed in any way. It could be seen just how pure and powerful the Soul was.


“Junior, are you trying to resist?” An aged voice came from within the mist, “This Old Master has been waiting for tens of thousands of years and finally obtained a good opportunity! How can you possibly resist? Obediently hand your body over to this Old Master and you will suffer less pain!”


Yang Kai of course ignored the voice and repeatedly activated the Soul Splitting Saber. The Soul Splitting Saber transformed into countless sword lights that slashed down. Accordingly, his Spiritual Energy also flowed out like the ebbing tide.


Every blow from the sword light would scatter the mist, but the mist would gather together again quickly. Although the attacks seemed to have no effect on the other party, they bought Yang Kai precious time to escape. After all, everything would be over if he was enveloped by the mist.


After launching several dozen consecutive attacks, Yang Kai calmed down considerably. Judging from the situation, this invading Soul was indeed extremely powerful; however, too much time had passed. It was no longer in its peak condition. How could he have resisted otherwise? Furthermore, it turned out that the attacks of the Soul Splitting Saber were not completely ineffective. The grey mist had faded ever so slightly after being subjected to this barrage of attacks. It was not very obvious. Nonetheless, this place was within his Knowledge Sea, so how could he not notice the changes?


“Insolent Junior! Once this Old Master has seized your body, I will capture your Soul and make you beg for death!” An exasperated voice came from within the grey mist.


Yang Kai became more and more at ease upon hearing those words. Thus, he relaxed and continued to attack the other party with the Soul Splitting Saber. Concurrently, he asked, “Are you Blood Monster Divine Monarch?”


The grey mist charging at him froze for a moment, but immediately a furious howl followed, “Don’t you dare mention that Old Dog in front of this Old Master! Beneath the Heavens this Old Master cannot coexist with him!”


Yang Kai was absolutely shocked. [This guy is not Blood Monster Divine Monarch!?]


Based on his speculation, the Soul had probably been hiding inside the skeleton. If that was the case, then how could it not be Blood Monster Divine Monarch? Moreover, it sounded like this person had a huge grudge against Blood Monster Divine Monarch. A possibility suddenly flashed through his mind. [Unless… that skeleton is not the remains of Blood Monster Divine Monarch. It belongs to somebody else!]


“Who are you? Announce your name!” Yang Kai slashed down with the Soul Splitting Saber once more, blocking the other party’s offensive to a certain extent. This place was within his Knowledge Sea; therefore, he held a unique advantage in this battle. Unless the gap between their Spiritual Energy was extremely wide, the act of possession would never succeed under general circumstances.


The grey mist coldly snorted, “This Old Master is the Black Crow Divine Monarch!”


Yang Kai was secretly speechless, [Another Divine Monarch!]


Only those in the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm had the right to crown themselves with the title of ‘Divine Monarch’. [Doesn’t that mean that the Black Crow Divine Monarch was a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master when he was alive!? No wonder his Spiritual Energy is still so powerful that he can even try to possess somebody else to resurrect himself even though so many years have passed since his death!]


What made him curious was the reason why this Black Crow Divine Monarch turned up in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


“How dare Xue Yao, that old fart, imprison this Old Master!? Hahaha! So many years have passed, yet that old fart is dead while this Old Master still lives! How ironic!” The grey mist continuously pounced on while laughing maniacally.


Only then did Yang Kai realize that this person had been imprisoned within the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


Blood Monster Divine Monarch was certainly very impressive. He even managed to imprison another High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master in his Small Universe. That being said, it was highly likely that this Black Crow Divine Monarch was in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm when he died. If not, he would not be so helpless against Blood Monster Divine Monarch.


“This Old Master spent countless years and only a hundred years ago broke free of that accursed seal. Unfortunately, this Old Master’s physical body was destroyed eons ago. Only my Remnant Soul remained. Fortunately, Xue Yao left behind his Dao of Blood inheritance. What kind of aptitude do you think this Old Master has!? I easily comprehended his Dao of Blood inheritance. Junior, do you know why that old fart’s Dao of Blood Secret Art is called the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture?”


It was hard to say whether it was because Black Crow Divine Monarch had been feeling lonely for countless years, but he was very talkative, and Yang Kai was perfectly willing to be his conversation partner. Upon hearing those words, Yang Kai said, “Please explain, Senior.”


Black Crow Divine Monarch chuckled softly, “The emphasis is placed on the word ‘Immortal’ in the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture. It allows a person to become immortal, undying, and indestructible! When you cultivate the Blood Light Scripture to its limit, you can be reborn from just a single drop of blood! This Secret Art is the ultimate Secret Art throughout the entire universe. It incited a reign of terror when it first appeared in the world and in the end, it ultimately fell into old dog Xue Yao’s hands.”


Yang Kai was curious, “If you can be reborn from just a single drop of blood, then why did Blood Monster Divine Monarch die in the end?”


Black Crow Divine Monarch coldly snorted, “One’s lifespan is limited. He simply died of old age. The power of time is extremely cruel. There have been countless heroes throughout the ages, but who among them has managed to escape the clutches of time?”


Yang Kai backed away while attacking ruthlessly and nodded, “So Senior obtained Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s Dao of Blood inheritance? What about the tests earlier? Were they also your doing, Senior?”




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