Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4253, Not a New Trick


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Black Crow Divine Monarch said it himself, he had thoroughly comprehended the Blood Light Scripture. In that case, why would the various tests for the Dao of Blood inheritance still remain?


“That’s right. How would this Old Master find a suitable candidate to possess if I had not done that?” Black Crow Divine Monarch readily admitted, “All the tests in this place were indeed set up by that old dog, Xue Yao, before his death. It’s just that this Old Master used certain means to move them here. This Old Master initially had his eye on another one of you brats. He seems to have a foundation in the Dao of Blood, so it would save me a lot of effort if I possessed him. But… your vitality is so abundant that it is simply outrageous. If I can possess you, I will get double the result with half the effort when cultivating the Blood Light Scripture in the future. Boy, you can only blame your poor luck for appearing in front of this Old Master at this time!”


The person with a foundation in the Dao of Blood that he mentioned was undoubtedly referring to Zhou Yi of Great Thousand Blood Land. Among the few people who arrived at the palace in the middle of the lake, he was the only one with a foundation in the Dao of Blood.


From what Black Crow Divine Monarch mentioned, Yang Kai also learned that all the tests in this place were indeed set up by Blood Monster Divine Monarch in order to pass down his Dao of Blood Legacy. They were simply relocated to this area by Black Crow Divine Monarch through unknown means.


[For a man to retain such great abilities even after his death… Divine Monarchs truly cannot be understood with common sense.] Just as Yang Kai was feeling amazed, the aura exuding from the grey mist suddenly soared. Immediately following that, an invisible and intangible Soul Attack shot out from within the grey mist.


Yang Kai was caught off-guard and took the attack straight on as a result. In that instant, his Soul became unstable, his mind was greatly shaken, and his entire Knowledge Sea became turbulent. Even his Soul Avatar nearly collapsed.


[This old dog… he’s been concealing his real ability!] Yang Kai was deeply shocked. After seeing Black Crow Divine Monarch getting slashed by the Soul Splitting Saber and failing to approach him, he had mistakenly assumed that the other party was not that strong. It was not until Black Crow Divine Monarch suddenly unleashed such a terrifyingly powerful attack that he realised his mistake. The other party had been hiding his skills all this while; it was just so that he could catch Yang Kai off guard.


Thinking about it again, it made perfect sense. The enemy was a Divine Monarch after all. How could he not have a trick or two up his sleeves? If not, how could he have penetrated Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea defences or even plan on possessing him?


“Hahaha!” Black Crow Divine Monarch laughed madly. The scattered mist gathered together again and lunged at Yang Kai like a tiger pouncing on its prey, “Junior, why did you think this Old Master kindly explained all of this to you!? It’s simply to distract you! Youngsters nowadays truly do not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth! But worry not. This Old Master will definitely take good care of your body after possessing it. You can also tell me if you have any dying wishes. This Old Master will fulfill them to the best of his abilities!”


While he was speaking, he had already arrived in front of Yang Kai and looked like he was about to envelop him entirely.


At that moment, Yang Kai’s dull eyes suddenly regained clarity. He backed away and shouted, “Many thanks for your kindness, Senior, but this Junior will fulfill his wishes himself! I don’t need to trouble you for your help, Senior!”


The Soul Splitting Saber unleashed another burst of sword light and slashed down diagonally to scatter the grey mist once more.


“You…” Black Crow Divine Monarch’s voice was filled with disbelief. He was nothing more than a Remnant Soul at the moment, so the power he could exert was limited as a result; even so, he was still the Remnant Soul of a Divine Monarch! How could a trivial Emperor Realm Junior resist him? And yet, that was exactly what happened just now. The boy in front of him had recovered in a matter of moments, causing the plans he believed were fool-proof to go horribly wrong.


Yang Kai did not give Black Crow Divine Monarch the slightest chance to approach him again. Having suffered once just now, he did not dare to underestimate his opponent. He reached out a hand when the sword light came slashing down and his Spiritual Energy surged violently as he shouted, “Blossoming Lotus!”


A lotus suddenly blossomed in the middle of the grey mist. The flower was as white as jade and looked extremely delicate, as if it might be blown apart by a gentle breeze. However, this very flower was swiftly absorbing the Spiritual Energy of the grey mist. With this power, the flower bloomed quickly and several layers of lotus petals unfurled magnificently.


“Ahhh…” Black Crow Divine Monarch’s screams of rage and agony came from within the grey mist.


The Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique consumed a lot of energy to unleash, but it would use the enemy’s own Spiritual Energy as nutrients to bloom after it was activated. It was a move with unlimited potential. If this attack struck an opponent of similar strength, their Soul would immediately suffer heavy damage. Unfortunately, the power of Black Crow Divine Monarch’s Remnant Soul was simply on a different scale.


Yang Kai immediately clenched his fist after unleashing the Blossoming Lotus and shouted, “Sealed Lotus!”


Another huge lotus appeared, directly wrapping the grey mist within its petals. It practically presented the exact opposite situation compared to when the Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique first appeared. This huge lotus swiftly closed and turned into a bud, sealing the grey mist within its petals so that it was plunged into an endless darkness.




A huge force exploded from inside the flower and the entire lotus was torn apart immediately. The grey mist came rushing out aggressively from within the lotus and charged at Yang Kai viciously. Black Crow Divine Monarch roared in fury, “Your resistance is futile, Junior! This Old Master will not allow you to act so impudent in front of me!”


It was not until this moment that he finally revealed his true power. At the beginning, he had only wanted to numb Yang Kai’s will so that it was easier for him to take over his body. He was a Remnant Soul after all, so what little remained of his strength was running out and he had to use that power sparingly. Otherwise, he might be wiped out before he could even possess Yang Kai. That would make him the greatest laughing stock of all time!


Black Crow Divine Monarch’s aura, which was concealed until now, soared. It was more than twice as strong as before and the attacks of the Soul Splitting Saber did not have much effect on him. It simply slashed through the grey mist but did not delay or force him back in any way.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai’s expression remained as calm as before. His large hand slammed down in the direction of the grey mist once more as he shouted, “Blossoming Lotus!”


“Little bastard!” Black Crow Divine Monarch was furious. He had been struck by that Soul Secret Technique just now. Even judging the attack from the heights he achieved in the past, it was an ingenious idea even though the power behind it was not worth mentioning. The strength of the attack was weak, but that was related to the strength of the user. He believed that the power behind this attack would only increase steadily as Yang Kai’s cultivation improved over time.


The grey mist dissipated on its own, turning into a trail of grey vapour as though to avoid the Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique. Unfortunately, this place was within Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea and he was very sensitive to all the changes that occurred. How could he allow the grey mist to avoid his attack?


The flower appeared again and the flower petals of the lotus bloomed magnificently. Black Crow Divine Monarch screamed in agony but did not stop in place. Enduring the pain in his Soul, he charged towards Yang Kai as though desperate to take over his body right then and there.


“Sealed Lotus!”


Black Crow Divine Monarch was livid as he roared, “Junior, do you only know these two tricks!?”


Before he could finish his sentence, he was wrapped in a huge lotus once more. Although he soon broke out of the shackles, the delay gave Yang Kai some breathing space and allowed him to put some distance between them.


“It’s not about how new your tricks are, but whether they work or not!” Whilst fleeing, Yang Kai observed the changes of Black Crow Divine Monarch and what he saw made his heart sink.


It truly was the Remnant Soul of a Divine Monarch. Black Crow Divine Monarch had received at least several hundred hits from the Soul Splitting Saber, in addition to two rounds of the Blossoming Lotus and Sealed Lotus Secret Techniques, since he first revealed himself. However, the grey mist had not changed much at all. In other words, the damage he suffered was extremely limited.


Meanwhile, Black Crow Divine Monarch was about to explode with anger! He originally thought that he could succeed at taking over this boy’s body in an instant, but he had yet to succeed even after all the unexpected twists and turns. For some inexplicable reason, he vaguely sensed that something was wrong. It was just that he had no time to think about it at the moment. As soon as he broke free of the restraints, he charged towards Yang Kai again.


“Blossoming Lotus! Sealed Lotus!”




The two self-created Soul Secret Techniques were unleashed repeatedly. The former was a method to attack one’s enemy while the latter was a means to restrain one’s enemy. Two Souls were engaged in a chase inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, caught in a life-and-death contest.


At the beginning, Black Crow Divine Monarch had cursed and yelled in exasperation. Later, he no longer called out so loudly. He simply said coldly, “Junior, let’s see how long you can keep this up. The burden on your body from casting these Soul Secret Techniques is not small. Sooner or later, the power in your Knowledge Sea will be depleted. Let’s see how you resist this Old Master then!? Once I take over your body, I will definitely kill all your friends and family. I will sell your women to the cheapest whorehouse and force them to take customers every single day!”


Yang Kai was furious, “Old dog, you court death!”


Black Crow Divine Monarch snickered, “This Old Master gave you a chance, but you didn’t know how to appreciate the opportunity I gave you. Who else can you blame but yourself? How dare a trivial Emperor Realm boy…”


His sentence trailed off all of a sudden. The grey mist that had been chasing Yang Kai relentlessly also came to a halt. Seeming to sense something, he silently perceived his surroundings and immediately cried out in alarm, “No! That’s impossible! You are just an Emperor Realm Junior! How can you have such powerful Spiritual Energy!?”


He finally realized what that nagging feeling in his heart was. Having been focused on trying to take over Yang Kai’s body, he did not think too much about other things. It was only at this moment that he realised something. How could an Emperor Realm cultivator be this powerful? This person’s Spiritual Energy was almost on par with a common Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master’s.


That was not the most important thing though. The most important point was that Yang Kai had unleashed so many Soul Attacks earlier, so logically speaking, his Spiritual Energy should have been exhausted long ago. Even if it was not depleted, it should have gone down considerably. On the contrary, Black Crow Divine Monarch’s perception told him that Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea remained as plentiful as ever. There were no signs of depletion at all. In other words, Yang Kai was still in peak condition.


“Are you not an Emperor Realm cultivator!?” Black Crow Divine Monarch felt as though he had been bitten by a poisonous snake. Even his voice became one pitch higher.


The anger on Yang Kai’s face disappeared in an instant and he floated just above his Knowledge Sea as he looked at Black Crow Divine Monarch lightly, “You must be joking, Divine Monarch. What else can I be if not an Emperor Realm Junior? I am indeed an Emperor Realm cultivator! Guaranteed exchange if not genuine!”


“How dare you still try to deceive me, Junior!? How can an Emperor Realm brat have such powerful Spiritual Energy!? You unleashed so many Soul Attacks earlier. How is it possible that your Spiritual Energy shows no signs of depletion!?” After saying that, Black Crow Divine Monarch seemed to discover something, “Wait! Your Knowledge Sea itself is strange !”


Grey and wispy attacks suddenly shot out of the grey mist and slammed into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea. The sea became turbulent, revealing the seven coloured island hiding below. An inexplicable aura immediately leaked out from that seven coloured island. It was extremely mysterious, almost as though it contained some sort of Grand Dao.


“This is…” Black Crow Divine Monarch stared fixedly at the seven coloured island. Immediately after that, he reacted as though he made an amazing discovery and exclaimed in shock, “Soul Warming Lotus! Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus!”


“You sure are well-informed, Divine Monarch. Your vision is indeed sharp. This Junior is impressed!” Yang Kai said lightly. Stretching out his hand, the seven coloured island flew out of his Knowledge Sea and transformed into a seven colour lotus. It bloomed with a dazzling light, floating just beneath his feet. Since it had been discovered, then there was no need to hide it any longer. Yang Kai figured he would just display it proudly. It would also serve as a form of deterrent.




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