Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4255, Fooled You


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Black Crow Divine Monarch himself mentioned that he had modified the second segment of the Blood Light Scripture that he left in his skeleton; therefore, it would be weirder not to experience cultivation dissonance after cultivating the modified Blood Light Scripture. Only Yang Kai escaped this crisis because he was too busy to cultivate this Secret Art when Black Crow Divine Monarch penetrated his Knowledge Sea.


Yang Kai turned his head to look at the people around him and swept his Divine Sense across the Grand Hall, but he failed to locate any traces of Black Crow Divine Monarch’s Remnant Soul. Nevertheless, he was certain that the other party was not only still here but had also entered somebody else’s body. Black Crow Divine Monarch was most likely in the process of taking over somebody’s body right now. It was a pity that Yang Kai had no way to determine who Black Crow Divine Monarch was trying to possess.


A groan came from beside him. It was Qu Hua Shang sitting next to him who made the sound. At this moment, her complexion was flushed red and the blood mist around her body was literally steaming. She looked like she was in great pain.


Yang Kai had no time to search for Black Crow Divine Monarch. If he could not find a way to resolve Qu Hua Shang’s current situation, then it was likely that her meridians would be destroyed and she would become a cripple.


Coming to stand behind her with a flash, Yang Kai slapped his palm against her back and circulate his strength. He poured his own power into her body, attempting to restore her chaotic vitality and Emperor Qi to order.


Although she was experiencing dissonance in her cultivation, it had not been long since it began. She instinctively realised that something was wrong, so she did not reject his help and willingly cooperated with him instead. Soon after, her churning vitality gradually calmed down. The entire process only took about half a cup of tea’s time. Her complexion softened and her Blood Qi that had been churning like boiling water became calm once more.


She slowly opened her eyes, a trace of lingering fear flashing through her eyes as she said softly, “Many thanks, Junior Brother!”


She did not know what had gone wrong. After comprehending the second part of the Blood Light Scripture recorded in the skeleton, her Blood Qi went out of control and began to boil. Even her consciousness became hazy. If Yang Kai had not stepped in to rescue her at that moment, she would have suffered a disastrous fate.


“Senior Sister, it’s more important to treat your wounds immediately!” Yang Kai said. At the same time, he secretly sent a Divine Sense transmission to her, “Senior Sister, listen to me. The Dao of Blood inheritance here is a complete conspiracy. It’s a trap set up by a guy who has the title ‘Black Crow Divine Monarch’…”


He gave her a simplified explanation of Black Crow Divine Monarch’s plot and she was extremely shocked after listening to it. Qu Hua Shang could never have imagined that there was another Divine Monarch’s Remnant Soul in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Simultaneously, she also came to understand the reason for her cultivation dissonance just now. It turned out that the Blood Light Scripture she comprehended had been maliciously tampered with.


“Junior Brother, are you saying that Black Crow Divine Monarch’s Remnant Soul is in one of these people’s bodies right now?”


He replied, “Yes. I suspect that he had already succeeded in possessing one of them.”


Yang Kai’s situation was an exception among exceptions. Not only did his Spiritual Energy exceed other cultivators of the same Realm by a wide margin, he also had the Soul Warming Lotus and extremely powerful Soul Devouring Insects. Those were the only reasons he could turn the situation around on Black Crow Divine Monarch. Unfortunately, others would not have such deep heritage or equally profound methods. Even if they were the elite disciples of their respective great forces and could grow to become extremely powerful figures in the future, they would still be helpless in front of somebody like Black Crow Divine Monarch.


Black Crow Divine Monarch’s Remnant Soul could not escape from this palace; otherwise, he would not survive for long. If he wanted to live, then he could only continue with his attempt to possess somebody. And, they were the only ones in the Grand Hall at the moment. Who else could he possess aside from them?


Among these people, there was no doubt that Qu Hua Shang was safe. That was because she was a woman. If Yang Kai were in Black Crow Divine Monarch’s shoes, he would never choose to possess a woman’s body as it was extremely likely his Soul and her body would be incompatible, leading to all sorts of negative consequences in the future. Another important reason was that Black Crow Divine Monarch placed great importance on the Blood Light Scripture.


As a woman, Qu Hua Shang’s body was inherently Yin-aligned and unsuited to cultivating the Blood Light Scripture. This could be seen from her previous performances. Although she and Pei Wen Xuan had started comprehending the Blood Light Scripture at the same time, Pei Wen Xuan would finish faster than her every time.


It was out of this consideration that Yang Kai immediately rescued Qu Hua Shang from her predicament. As for the others… He warily swept his gaze over the rest, feeling troubled. There was no way to determine who had been possessed from their outward appearances.


Among them, Zhou Yi of Great Thousand Blood Land was undoubtedly the biggest suspect. Black Crow Divine Monarch himself mentioned before that he originally had his eye on the person with a foundation in the Dao of Blood. It was only because Yang Kai’s vitality was so abundant that he gave up on his original idea of possessing Zhou Yi.


[Is it Zhou Yi?] Yang Kai fixed his gaze intently upon Zhou Yi’s face. Just as he was about to attack Zhou Yi as a test, a roar came from nearby. Immediately after that, Pei Wen Xuan abruptly jerked his eyes open. His eyes trembled violently and the Demon Qi in his body churned vigorously. While roaring loudly, he punched himself hard in the chest.


Fresh blood spurted out of his mouth and his aura weakened significantly as a result.


He then immediately got to his feet and glared at the skeleton in front of him furiously while swearing and cursing, “What the Hell!? This shitty Blood Light Scripture nearly destroyed me!”


Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly at the sight. [I can’t believe Pei Wen Xuan actually freed himself from that state of cultivation dissonance with his own strength. Is it because he is just that talented? Or, is it because he was possessed by Black Crow Divine Monarch? If he was possessed, then this performance is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.]


Pei Wen Xuan’s expression was resentful, mixed with a hint of lingering fear. There were no flaws in his performance.


Seeming to sense Yang Kai’s gaze, he turned to look in this direction and exclaimed in amazement, “Ho… that’s impressive! Did you break free too? Looks like I underestimated you.”


“It’s you! Old Dog, die!” Yang Kai shouted as he lunged forward at the same time and viciously slammed his fist out at Pei Wen Xuan, leaving his back wide open.


Pei Wen Xuan’s eyes widened. He had not expected Yang Kai to attack him at such a time. Although he had provoked Yang Kai earlier, the situation then and now was completely different. Yang Kai appeared completely unharmed right now while he had only just broken free from cultivation dissonance. He had damaged his foundation as a result, so his strength had been greatly reduced.


Even so, Pei Wen Xuan was still a disciple of Myriad Demons Heaven and had his own pride to uphold. Thus, he laughed fearlessly instead of becoming furious, “Since you’re begging for death, this Pei will grant your wish! I’ll bring your head back as proof that I completed my mission!”


Forcefully enduring the pain coming from his body, he pushed his palms forward with great vigour. The Demon Qi in his body surged like the waves in the sea, suppressing Yang Kai with overwhelming force.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai’s fist turned into a barrage of fist shadows, slamming into the Demon Qi with little effect. He only managed to resist for a few moments before the Demon Qi slammed into him, sending his body flying through the air like a paper kite before falling backward.


At that moment, Qu Hua Shang suddenly screamed, “Junior Brother, watch out!”


Pei Wen Xuan couldn’t help feeling stunned. That was because he saw Zhou Yi, who had been sitting cross-legged all this time while suffering from signs of cultivation dissonance, opening his eyes abruptly. Then, Zhou Yi’s figure drifted towards Yang Kai’s back like a ghost, his hand stretched out like a claw, aiming straight for Yang Kai’s heart.


Not far away, Qu Hua Shang tried her best to rush forward to provide support. Unfortunately, Yang Kai was falling in the direction of Zhou Yi, so there was no way she could reach him in time. By the time she arrived, he would already be a corpse.


[Why did Zhou Yi launch a sneak attack on Yang Kai?] The sudden turn of events left Pei Wen Xuan feeling confused. Be that as it may, he could not be happier. He was severely injured at the moment, so it was inconvenient for him to engage in protracted battle. If Yang Kai was killed by Zhou Yi, then it would save him a lot of trouble.


While watching coldly from the side-lines, he suddenly felt that something did not add up. That was because Yang Kai’s expression was so calm that it was terrifying. [Besides… this guy isn’t that weak, right?]


It was rumoured that Yang Kai had defeated Yu Luo Sha in one move in the Asura Arena. Even if the rumours had exaggerated the truth, it made no sense for him to be sent flying with a single blow, much less from a hasty attack made by him right after having suffered from cultivation dissonance and receiving heavy damage as a result.


[This bastard is up to something!] A thought crossed Pei Wen Xuan’s mind as he knit his brow.


At this moment, a harsh and ear-splitting sound of metal rubbing against each out rang out. Sparks flew all over the place. Yang Kai spat out fresh blood as though he were struck by lightning and was sent flying back towards Pei Wen Xuan again. Spinning his body around, he turned and landed not far from him.


Pei Wen Xuan did not make another move. How could he attack again when he could tell that something was wrong? Raising his eyes, he saw that the clothes covering Yang Kai’s back were in tatters but a layer of golden scales that looked like Dragon Scales had appeared in their place. It was just that most of the Dragon Scales had been blown away at this moment, leaving a bloody wound that stretched across Yang Kai’s entire back. It was a horrifying sight and under his gaze, he saw the Dragon Scales slowly fade and vanish out of sight. Only the bloody wound remained.


Not far away, Zhou Yi looked down at his hand with a slightly puzzled look. He seemed surprised that Yang Kai had survived his sneak attack. When they came into contact earlier, he distinctly sensed a powerful layer of defence covering Yang Kai’s body. It was that layer of defence that caused all his previous efforts to come to naught. In the end, he failed to crush Yang Kai’s heart with his claw hand as a result.


*Pui* Yang Kai turned to the side and spat out a mouthful of blood. Lifting his chin, he looked down on Zhou Yi with a condescending expression, “Fooled you, old dog!”


Attacking Pei Wen Xuan was a feint; luring Black Crow Divine Monarch into action was his real aim.


In the situation just now, Yang Kai had no way of knowing who Black Crow Divine Monarch had possessed. There was no way for him to rescue the others under those circumstances. He might not be able to defend himself if Black Crow Divine Monarch attacked him while he was busy trying to rescue the others.


If Pei Wen Xuan had really been possessed, then it would be perfect. He could take the opportunity to kill him. Fortunately, Black Crow Divine Monarch failed to hold back and leaped out first.


Even though Yang Kai had already prepared himself in advance, he still nearly died at the hands of Black Crow Divine Monarch. If he had not used his Dragon Transformation Secret Art to form Dragon Scales on his back at the critical moment, he would not have gotten off with such light injuries.


“What are you talking about?” Zhou Yi looked at Yang Kai calmly.


“Are you still going to pretend?” Yang Kai looked at Zhou Yi contemptuously, “Does a noble Divine Monarch really need to act so cautiously in front of a mere Junior like me?”


“Divine Monarch?” Pei Wen Xuan was dumbfounded by those words. He was also very tempted to ask Yang Kai, “What in the world are you talking about?” How could a disciple of Thousand Great Blood Land be a Divine Monarch? That was a title only High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters could possess.


“Brother Pei, open your eyes wide and look carefully.” Yang Kai pointed at Zhou Yi, “The person in front of you is not Brother Zhou from Great Thousand Blood Land. He has been possessed by an old ghost by the name of ‘Black Crow Divine Monarch’. Black Crow Divine Monarch was imprisoned in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven by Blood Monster Divine Monarch. After Blood Monster Divine Monarch died, he stole Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s Dao of Blood inheritance and moved it to this place. It was all to lure us here so that he could find a suitable candidate to possess.”


Pei Wen Xuan frowned, “How do you know all that?”


Yang Kai replied, “Because he tried to possess me just now, but he failed! That’s why he changed targets and possessed Zhou Wu instead.”


Pei Wen Xuan turned to glance at Yang Kai. He instinctively felt reluctant to believe his words, choosing instead to believe that Yang Kai was up to something nefarious; after all, who in this place could escape if a Divine Monarch tried to possess them? But, Yang Kai claimed that the other party had failed to possess him.




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