Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4258, Joining Forces to Battle a Divine Monarch


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Blood Qi poured into the black hole that appeared and vanished into nothingness, allowing Yang Kai to break free of its restraints and thrust his spear straight at Black Crow Divine Monarch. This attack was made in a direct, seemingly straightforward, simple, and ordinary manner. However, it contained intense murderous intent, perfectly demonstrating the strength of Yang Kai’s personal spear technique.


“The Dao of Space!” Black Crow Divine Monarch narrowed his eyes. He distinctly felt the fluctuation of the Space Principles at that moment; moreover, he could infer from those fluctuations that Yang Kai’s attainments in the Dao of Space were superb.


As those words left his mouth, the spear sliced through the air towards him. Black Crow Divine Monarch wanted to avoid the attack but was surprised to find that it had sealed off all his paths of retreat. There was no way to dodge.


The spear pierced through his head and came out through the back!


If it were a normal cultivator, they would not have survived after receiving such heavy injuries, but the person who received this wound was none other than Black Crow Divine Monarch who even revived after being sliced clean in half.


Yang Kai did not reveal the slightest hint of joy at succeeding. The truth was that this attack had not affected Black Crow Divine Monarch in any significant way. Although the Azure Dragon Spear had pierced Black Crow Divine Monarch’s head, Yang Kai had not felt the sense of having stabbed anything. It was as though Black Crow Divine Monarch’s head did not contain any resistance whatsoever at that moment.


“Boy, where did you get this spear?” Black Crow Divine Monarch asked in surprise.


He had a good eye, so he instantly noticed just how extraordinary the Azure Dragon Spear was. [This brat is not only proficient in the Dao of Space but also in possession of such an astounding treasure. He probably comes from quite a prominent background.]


“Why are you spouting such nonsense? Just die, old dog!” Yang Kai coldly snorted. The spear trembled slightly and a jet-black flame suddenly spread out across its length, igniting Black Crow Divine Monarch’s head.


“Ahh!” Black Crow Divine Monarch screamed loudly and his body abruptly retreated backward. The hole in the middle of his forehead swiftly sealed up, leaving him uninjured. Be that as it may, the pitch-black flames continued to burn him, causing him to suffer excruciating pain as he screamed in horror, “Golden Crow’s True Fire! You condensed the Golden Crow’s True Fire!?”


While screaming, his heart flooded with a deep sense of regret.


He had tried to possess Yang Kai earlier, but in the end, he suffered miserably inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea and severely damaged his foundation in the process. He had been forced to separate out a thread of his consciousness in order to create a diversion to escape. When he finally possessed Zhou Yi and obtained a physical body, he thought that it would be easy for him to get rid of the Juniors around him, but how could he have known that Yang Kai would wield a High-Rank Element Power? Not to mention, this was the Golden Crow’s True Fire that was said to be able to burn everything in existence!


Didn’t that mean this boy condensed High-Rank Open Heaven Elements? If Yang Kai could even condense the Golden Crow’s True Fire, then condensing the other High-Rank Elements clearly would not be a problem. In other words, this boy had the qualifications to advance directly into the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm!


What terrifying aptitude! How many people throughout the ages have been capable of breaking through directly to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm? It was impossible to imagine what kind of achievements Yang Kai would have in the future with such a high starting point.


Therefore, Black Crow Divine Monarch was wallowing in regret. If he had known earlier, he would not have given up on trying to possess Yang Kai no matter what. He would have fought to the death in order to possess Yang Kai. Who could say for sure? He might have stood a chance to succeed. It was unfortunate if he lost, but what if he won? Then, he would have obtained an extremely high starting point and his future achievements would be many times higher than that of the past.


Unfortunately, he had already possessed Zhou Yi and nothing would change even if he felt regret. He was originally just a Remnant Soul. In addition, he had been heavily injured. He no longer had the strength to possess anybody else at the moment.


While screaming, his Blood Qi surged violently to force out the Golden Crow’s True Fire inside his body. The flames of the Golden Crow’s True Fire continued to rage without fuel even after falling to the ground.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai attacked again with his spear. His expression was as calm as jade, but his attacks were as fierce as a Dragon’s. His spear formed shadows that filled the sky, and every blow landed on Black Crow Divine Monarch’s vital points.


At the same time, Pei Wen Xuan attacked from the side with his Coiling Dragon Shears. The Coiling Dragon Shears made a clicking noise every time it opened and closed, constantly cutting away at the Blood Qi surrounding Black Crow Divine Monarch.


Likewise, Qu Hua Shang was not idle. She held a lute in her hands, strumming the strings lightly. Plucking sounds that resembled the sound of beads clattering onto a jade plate rang out. These sounds transformed into invisible attacks that disturbed Black Crow Divine Monarch’s concentration. She also set up countless crimson silk threads that criss-crossed all over the Grand Hall to form a network that hampered Black Crow Divine Monarch’s movements.


At this moment, Black Crow Divine Monarch was facing three enemies at once; thus, his situation was disadvantageous for a while. Among the three of them, what caused him the greatest headache was not Pei Wen Xuan’s Coiling Dragon Shears nor Qu Hua Shang’s lute, but Yang Kai’s Azure Dragon Spear.


Each attack from the spear displayed a refinement that was beyond anything he had ever encountered in his life. He simply could not imagine how a cultivator could execute such exquisite spear techniques. It was like watching a famous Grandmaster crafting a masterpiece. Each attack from the spear was a work of art.


He could understand if it were a cultivator with low strength who wholeheartedly cultivated the Spear Dao. Since they lacked strength, they could only make up for their shortcomings with technique; however, skill did not determine victory or defeat in the Emperor Realm. What really decided everything was strength. No matter how skilled a person was, it was useless if their strength was inferior to their opponent.


It would be one thing if Yang Kai’s spear technique was simply amazing, but the critical point was that the spear itself was extraordinarily powerful. Moreover, the spear was also covered in the pitch-black Golden Crow’s True Fire. It truly made Black Crow Divine Monarch suffer greatly as a result.


Due to a momentary lapse of concentration, Black Crow Divine Monarch was consecutively stabbed several times by Yang Kai. He screamed in pain and had no choice but to force out more Blood Qi to purge the Golden Crow’s True Fire that was burning his body.


Pei Wen Xuan’s Coiling Dragon Shears played a huge role in this situation. With every cut he made, he shaved off some of Black Crow Divine Monarch’s vitality and caused the latter to weaken steadily.


“Enough!” Black Crow Divine Monarch roared furiously. With a wave of his hand, two spots of blood light suddenly flew out from the skeleton on the round platform. They transformed into a pair of butterfly daggers, one for each hand. This artifact was clearly one he used in the past; furthermore, it was an artifact used by a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master. It would surely be of high quality.


With the twin butterfly daggers in hand, Black Crow Divine Monarch’s weakening momentum suddenly soared again. He crossed the twin daggers and brought them down on the Azure Dragon Spear.


A mighty force spread out and sent Yang Kai flying backwards. 


The twin daggers in his hands trembled slightly as he turned the two blades into a stream of light that shot towards Pei Wen Xuan and Qu Hua Shang.


Pei Wen Xuan was shocked and immediately used the Coiling Dragon Shears to defend himself. Contrary to his expectations, the Coiling Dragon Shears had only just come into contact with the blade light when they shattered into pieces with a loud explosion. His artifact was unable to stop the blade light and the strength of the light blade did not weaken as it slashed down on him. How could he afford to care about his pride at such a dangerous moment? He threw himself on the ground like a dog lunging for food and a large piece of flesh was sliced off his back.


Also, most of the silk thread network that Qu Hua Shang spent so much effort to arrange was sliced apart and destroyed by the blade light which did not stop and slashed down at her lute. The sound of strings snapping rang out as they were all cut apart. Qu Hua Shang spurted out blood and was thrown backwards. Even so, the blade light continued to chase after her, threatening her life.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai appeared with a flash. His spear swept across the blade light and sent it flying as he turned to look at her and asked, “Senior Sister Qu, are you alright!?” 


“I’m fine!” She slowly shook her head.


Yang Kai immediately spun around and leapt forward. Arriving in front of Black Crow Divine Monarch in the blink of an eye, he stabbed out.


Black Crow Divine Monarch looked at Yang Kai coldly, neither blocking nor dodging. More importantly, a slightly mocking smile crept onto the corner of his lips.


Yang Kai immediately sensed that something was wrong as a huge sense of crisis befell him. At the same time, he saw a blade light coming towards him from the left. It was the blade light that slashed down on Pei Wen Xuan earlier. 


How could Yang Kai dare to be negligent? He immediately drew upon the Powers within his Dao Seal and formed a Dragon Shield around his body to protect himself!


The khakis-yellow Dragon Shield had only just formed when the blade light came slashing down. The sound of something shattering rang out and fresh blood splattered everywhere. Yang Kai retreated by several tens of metres with a new wound at his waist, one so deep that bone was showing!


Black Crow Divine Monarch’s gaze was scorching, “A High-Rank Earth Element Power!”


The Dragon Shield Secret Technique was obviously formed from a High-Rank Earth Element Power. Combined with the Golden Crow’s True Fire that Yang Kai displayed earlier, Black Crow Divine Monarch became more and more convinced that Yang Kai was aiming to become a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master directly. 


[This Brat is definitely a rare genius!]


Yang Kai lowered his head to gaze at the wound on his waist. The spear in his hand trembled slightly as he lifted it with one hand and stared at Black Crow Divine Monarch mockingly, “Seems a Divine Monarch is nothing much!”


Black Crow Divine Monarch snorted, “What an arrogant mouth you have, boy. I will make you beg for mercy on your knees soon enough.”


While saying so, his body jerked slightly and took the initiative to fall apart of his own volition. He transformed into hundreds of thousands of Blood Crows that cawed loudly. They covered the sky as they threw themselves at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai kicked off against the ground and backed away but kept his eyes forward. He realised that his enemy feared his Golden Crow’s True Fire. That was why he created hundreds of thousands of Blood Crows to confuse him. He did not know what kind of Secret Technique it was that could produce such shocking effects and it did not look like part of the orthodox Blood Light Scripture. It was most likely Black Crow Divine Monarch’s own Divine Ability.


Black Crow Divine Monarch’s voice rang out from all around, “Boy, this Monarch believes that you have a bright future ahead of you. If you kneel down and beg for mercy, I can spare your life.”


Possessing Yang Kai was no longer an option, but subduing and taking Yang Kai under him could also be considered a kind of compensation. The brat was a genius who could probably advance into the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm in the future, so accepting Yang Kai as his subordinate was not a bad idea.


His voice floated around, giving no hint of his true location. There was no way for anybody to figure out which Blood Crow his Soul was hiding in. If it were anybody else, they would have no means of attacking in this situation.


However, Yang Kai put the Azure Dragon Spear away and summoned a bottle gourd instead. He pointed the mouth of the gourd forward and grinned wickedly, “This Junior is honoured by your offer and would like to offer a gift to show his thanks, Divine Monarch. Please accept it!”


While saying so, he activated the power of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd, sending a blinding light pouring out of it to sweep across the flock of Blood Crows.


The Yuan Magnetic Divine Light was a Sixth-Order Metal Element Power, and even a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master would need to use their World Force to block it. How could Black Crow Divine Monarch withstand this attack? Countless Blood Crows were struck by the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light and instantly riddled with holes, dropping to the ground while cawing loudly before turning into puddles of blood.


In just a few breaths of time, 20% of the Blood Crows were destroyed while the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light poured out strongly and continuously. Although those Blood Crows were numerous, they could not penetrate the defences of the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, much less approach Yang Kai.


Qu Hua Shang hurriedly came to stand behind Yang Kai, lest Black Crow Divine Monarch attack her. On the other hand, Pei Wen Xuan also scrambled on all fours and ran over. Yang Kai turned to faintly glance at him, causing the former’s face to twitch slightly, but he did not know what to say.




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