Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4259, Do You Dare to Fight Me


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Pei Wen Xuan was feeling very complicated. It was not as if he had never heard about how Yang Kai defeated Yu Luo Sha in one move in the Asura Arena. The truth was that this information had quickly spread far and wide after the incident, so many people knew about it.


However, he had not believed those rumours. That was because he knew how capable Yu Luo Sha was. She might not be as strong as him, but she was not much weaker either. Core Disciples of the various Cave-Heavens and Paradises like themselves were capable of fighting to a certain extent even if they encountered a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


Therefore, the reason Yang Kai defeated Yu Luo Sha in one move when they were in the same Realm was either a sneak attack or Yu Luo Sha had greatly underestimated her opponent.


When Pei Wen Xuan met Yang Kai at the blood lake, he wanted to test his ability. It was just that Qu Hua Shang had stepped in to stop him at the time, so he could only give up. He had been feeling extremely unconvinced as a result. But, by the looks of things, it was fortunate that Qu Hua Shang had intervened back then; otherwise, he would have embarrassed himself instead.


He was practically helpless against Black Crow Divine Monarch’s attacks and it had taken all his strength just to fight back just a few times. Even his Coiling Dragon Shears were destroyed in the process. On the other hand, Yang Kai was able to hold his ground against the enemy with confidence. The difference between them was obvious at a glance. Such talent was completely unheard of, and his ability to defeat Yu Luo Sha in one move no longer seemed like an exaggeration now.


Pei Wen Xuan had always thought highly of himself, so he couldn’t help feeling rather deflated at the moment.


Blood Crows flew about within the spacious Grand Hall, cawing loudly. It was very distracting. The Yuan Magnetic Divine Light flashed brightly. Thanks to the Sixth-Order Metal Element Power, the countless Blood Crows could not approach them. Once in a while, the occasional Blood Crow would manage to penetrate the defences but they were killed by Qu Hua Shang and Pei Wen Xuan in short order. Every single Blood Crow they killed would transform into a strand of crimson Blood Qi that dissipated in the Grand Hall.


All of a sudden, the hundreds of thousands of Blood Crows gathered and merged together once more to return to their original appearance. It was just that Black Crow Divine Monarch’s complexion was slightly paler compared to before. His aura was also no longer at its peak and it was obvious that he was heavily injured. His eyes were filled with deep hatred.


“Kill!” Yang Kai turned the mouth of the gourd around and the Yuan Magnetic Divine Light immediately gushed towards Black Crow Divine Monarch. At the same time, he reached out his free hand and summoned his Azure Dragon Spear. With a flash of his body, Yang Kai charged towards Black Crow Divine Monarch.


Qu Hua Shang and Pei Wen Xuan immediately followed suit. They were both well-versed in grasping the flow of the battle. Black Crow Divine Monarch’s aura was obviously at an all-time low, so with the opportunity to defeat him right in front of their eyes, how could they not act?


Three figures attacked Black Crow Divine Monarch, surrounding him from three different directions. Yang Kai took the lead while Pei Wen Xuan and Qu Hua Shang supported him from the side. They did not engage Black Crow Divine Monarch too much and only attacked whenever the opportunity arose. With the combined forces of these three, the battle with Black Crow Divine Monarch instantly became extremely heated.


However, the three of them became increasingly frightened the longer they fought.


At this moment, it was clear that Black Crow Divine Monarch’s strength had dropped sharply; even so, he continued to fight them on equal footing. It just went to show how powerful he used to be. Luckily, the three of them had whittled down a considerable amount of his Blood Qi earlier; otherwise, it would have been an extremely dangerous battle for them.


Inside the tightly shut Grand Hall, the lights of various Secret Techniques and artifacts flared blindingly. At the same time, these lights were accompanied by several groans and grunts. It didn’t matter whether it was Black Crow Divine Monarch or Yang Kai’s party; both sides were covered in wounds in just a short period.


Black Crow Divine Monarch’s Blood Light Scripture was extremely troublesome. All the injuries to his body would only cause his vitality to drop by a small margin while even the most lethal and fatal injuries could not kill him.


That was in stark contrast to the situation when Yang Kai and the two others were injured. The blood from their wounds seemed to be guided by some kind of invisible force, transforming it into blood mist that gathered around Black Crow Divine Monarch and poured into his body, vanishing from sight to become part of his strength.


Yang Kai had the Wood Element Power stemming from the essence of the Immortal Tree, as well as a very pure Dragon Clan bloodline flowing in his body. Therefore, his regenerative abilities were incredible and his wounds healed very quickly. For this reason, the Blood Light Scripture affected him the least. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Pei Wen Xuan and Qu Hua Shang. It was hard to say exactly how much vitality they lost in such a short period, but their complexions were now extremely pale.


Nevertheless, nobody retreated after things had come this far. That was because all three of them knew that only one side would survive the battle today. The slightest negligence or sign of weakness could bring about an irreversible and catastrophic outcome.


“Kill!” Yang Kai’s roar reverberated throughout the Grand Hall as his spear stabbed forward and Space Principles fluctuated wildly. The spear disregarded the barriers of space and stabbed towards Black Crow Divine Monarch’s head even though he was standing a thousand metres away.


Black Crow Divine Monarch narrowed his eyes and lifted his hands to push out a wall of Blood Qi.


There was a loud explosion and Yang Kai was sent flying by the impact. Similarly, Black Crow Divine Monarch was also thrown backwards. He spun lightly in mid-air and landed on the ground, glaring at Yang Kai with deep hatred as he viciously snarled, “Just you wait, Junior! Once this Monarch replenishes his strength, he will return to fight you again!”


After saying that, he turned around and shot a blast of light behind him.


Yang Kai felt his heart jump in horror as he witnessed this. He hurriedly stopped his body from flying backward any further and shouted, “Stop him! He’s trying to escape!”


How could Pei Wen Xuan and Qu Hua Shang dare to hold back upon hearing those words? They quickly unleashed their Secret Techniques at Black Crow Divine Monarch, but the latter simply ignored them. He forcefully took on the brunt of their Divine Abilities, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood while his back was turned into a bloody mess.


In the meantime, there was a loud rumbling sound and the gates that had been closed all this while opened all of a sudden. Before the gates even finished opening, Black Crow Divine Monarch transformed into a blood light and rushed out.


Yang Kai and the two others felt their hearts freezing in fear at the sight!


It had to be said that hundreds or even thousands of cultivators were gathered on the three islands, the blood lake, and the lakeshore outside the Grand Hall. With a Heaven-defying Evil Art like the Blood Light Scripture, Black Crow Divine Monarch would only need to kill a few people and devour their vitality to recover completely. How were the three of them supposed to fight him if that happened?


“The gates have opened!” An exclamation suddenly sounded from outside the Grand Hall. It was obvious that more people had arrived at the palace in the middle of the lake while the three of them had been battling Black Crow Divine Monarch inside. It was just that the gates had been firmly shut, so they could not enter. Now that the gates had opened so suddenly, it was only natural for them to be pleasantly surprised.


On the other hand, Yang Kai quickly gave chase with his spear in hand. He had only taken a few steps when he heard several short screams coming from outside the palace. By the time he rushed out of the Grand Hall, three corpses were lying at the entrance of the Grand Hall. They had died a miserable death and all the vitality from their bodies had been sucked out, leaving them as little more than withered husks.


The cultivators who could arrive at the palace in the middle of the lake were the elite amongst the elite; however, who among them could withstand the assault of Black Crow Divine Monarch, especially when he was essentially launching a sneak attack? They were immediately killed on the spot.


Yang Kai suddenly felt as though his eyes were about to pop. An intense feeling of danger enveloped him. He looked up and saw Black Crow Divine Monarch running across the blood lake. There were several cultivators cautiously making their way across the blood lake. They seemed to be heading towards the palace in the middle of the lake.


Upon sensing the commotion in front, they looked up and saw Black Crow Divine Monarch travelling towards them in the opposite direction. All of them were shocked; after all, the blood lake only allowed a person to move forward but not retreat. Somebody had tried to retreat earlier only to end up dying on the spot. So, why was this person completely unscathed?


Just as they were puzzling over this question, Black Crow Divine Monarch lifted his hand and shot out several rays of blood light. These cultivators were already walking on thin ice in the first place and most of their concentration was used to maintain the circulation of the Blood Light Scripture. Thus, they were completely powerless to resist these attacks.


The blood light reached them in an instant and enveloped them completely. A dense blood mist leaked out of the bodies of those cultivators who were enveloped by the blood light at a rate that was visible to the naked eye. All the Blood Essence in their bodies flowed out quickly, and when the blood light returned to Black Crow Divine Monarch, those cultivators who had been turned into mummified corpses fell into the blood lake.


“Zhou Yi, how dare you steal the Blood Essence of others!? You will definitely suffer the Heavens’ wrath for committing such evil and despicable acts!” Somebody who probably knew Zhou Yi roared furiously.


Black Crow Divine Monarch was naturally unmoved. He simply waved a hand in that direction, shooting a ray of blood light at that person who in turn roared furiously and summoned his artifact to fight back.


“Run! That isn’t Zhou Yi! It’s a Divine Monarch who seized his body to revive himself! He’s not an enemy you can fight!” Yang Kai circulated his strength to his throat and shouted so that his voice was transmitted clearly across the entire surroundings.


Everybody was shocked and horrified.


At that moment, several others fell to the attacks of Black Crow Divine Monarch. They lost all the vitality in their bodies and perished. The rest of the cultivators became terrified upon witnessing that sight. The cultivators on the third island hurriedly got up and rushed towards the shore when they saw Black Crow Divine Monarch heading straight towards them.


There had been a restriction placed on the blood lake that only allowed a person to move forward but not retreat; however, Black Crow Divine Monarch was currently safe and sound while running in the opposite direction. It gave them a glimmer of hope and sure enough, they discovered that the restriction had lost effect at some point in time when they tried to retreat to the shore. It was most likely because the palace in the middle of the lake had been opened.


For a time, all the cultivators on the first and second islands all turned around and ran for their lives. Meanwhile, the people who were gathered on the shore scattered far away, keeping a distance that could ensure their absolute safety.


Black Crow Divine Monarch stopped in the middle of the blood lake and turned around to glare at Yang Kai hatefully, “Junior, I’ll rip your corpse into ten thousand pieces for ruining my good deed!”


If possible, he would not have exposed his identity. He would have preferred to silently possess and replace a person so that he could slowly take his time to cultivate and reach the heights he once achieved in his past life. Unfortunately, his attempt at possession had failed. Moreover, he was forced by Yang Kai and the others to reveal himself in order to replenish his strength. His secret could no longer be kept hidden at this point. It was conceivable that countless Masters would hunt him down as soon as he left the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


“Black Crow Divine Monarch, do you dare to fight me!?” Yang Kai lifted his spear and pointed forward, shouting with his arms raised. [If I leave this old dog alone, he will only become stronger and stronger in the future. If I want to kill him, I have to do it now!]


Black Crow Divine Monarch coldly snorted, “Why do I have to fear? Junior, just stay there obediently. This Monarch will deal with you later!”


After saying that, he suddenly raised both his arms. The gigantic blood lake seemed to be lifted by some kind of force and the surface of the lake that had remained calm all this while suddenly began to churn violently, gurgling and bubbling as though it was boiling. When the bubbles burst open, they released dense Blood Qi.


Meanwhile, Black Crow Divine Monarch’s body seemed to have turned into a bottomless abyss that continuously devoured the Blood Qi.


Yang Kai felt his entire body going cold with fear…


The blood lake was definitely something Blood Monster Divine Monarch prepared for his Inheritance Disciple; after all, there was no point in inheriting his Blood Dao inheritance and cultivating the Blood Light Scripture if one did not have enough vitality. That was why he prepared this blood lake in advance.


Yang Kai had not given much thought to this matter before, so it was not until this moment that he understood. All the water in the blood lake was formed from genuine fresh blood. Just how many people were sacrificed to fill such a large blood lake? As expected, Blood Monster Divine Monarch was not a good or kind man either!




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