Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4260, Fleeing


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Black Crow Divine Monarch was unstoppable now! Having devoured all the vitality contained within the blood lake, his aura increased to new heights. Not only were his injuries from before completely healed, but he also experienced a huge boost in strength. His strength had reached a level where it was simply impossible to resist.


“Let’s meet again in the future!” Pei Wen Xuan immediately shouted at the sight. Turning around, he transformed into a cloud of black smoke and fled in a certain direction. He travelled across several dozen kilometres in an instant.


It had to be said that he was very clever indeed. He knew that nobody here was Black Crow Divine Monarch’s equal in terms of strength. Furthermore, the first thing Black Crow Divine Monarch would do once he finished devouring the blood lake was to come after Yang Kai. The old fart had suffered so badly at Yang Kai’s hands after all. It was only natural for him to take his revenge against him. Knowing all of this, why would Pei Wen Xuan continue to stick around with Yang Kai?


Yang Kai was so vexed that his teeth nearly cracked from grinding together; however, he did not dare to delay either. He grabbed Qu Hua Shang by the arm and shouted, “Let’s go!”


With a flicker of his figure, he chased after Pei Wen Xuan and it didn’t take long before the cloud of black smoke appeared in his field of vision.


Pei Wen Xuan turned around and nearly spat blood at the sight, “You bastard! Why are you chasing after me!? We are unrelated to each other; mind your own business and go your own separate ways!”


Yang Kai did not stop moving. Space Principles fluctuated and he arrived in front of Pei Wen Xuan with Qu Hua Shang in tow, “Brother Pei, you and I have faced life and death together. We wouldn’t have gotten to know each other otherwise. I admire your abilities greatly, Brother Pei. Senior Sister Qu is currently in poor condition so I need to bring her somewhere to treat her injuries first. I’ll have to trouble you to delay Black Crow Divine Monarch for a little while.”


After having said his peace, Space Principles fluctuated in consecutive motions and Yang Kai vanished out of Pei Wen Xuan’s field of vision.


Pei Wen Xuan couldn’t help cursing out loud! He had also attacked Black Crow Divine Monarch back at the Grand Hall, and although his attacks were not as damaging as Yang Kai’s due to his lack of strength, there was no denying that he had participated. If Black Crow Divine Monarch came chasing in this direction and caught sight of him, the former would not go easy on him; hence, he had been counting on Yang Kai to buy him some time to escape. Who could have known that Yang Kai would have the same idea? It truly was a case of karmic consequences; he reaped what he sowed.


The black smoke halted abruptly, revealing Pei Wen Xuan’s figure. He did not dare to flee in the same direction as Yang Kai; therefore, he could only turn and flee in a different direction. At the same time, he fervently prayed in his heart that Black Crow Divine Monarch would not come and cause trouble for him. His Identity Token had been destroyed, and although he did not fear encountering anybody else, Black Crow Divine Monarch was not somebody he could contend against with his strength alone.


He had not escaped far when he detected a bloody stench in the wind coming from behind him. Turning back to look behind him, Pei Wen Xuan was instantly stricken with terror. In the direction of the blood lake, he could see a blood cloud flying close to the ground and heading in this direction at a high speed. Moreover, there was a large face within the blood cloud. It looked so ferocious that it was absolutely horrifying. The mouth that was opened wide roared continuously, as though intending to devour the world itself!


The blood cloud travelled extremely quickly and arrived within several hundred kilometres in the blink of an eye. That face was glaring intently in the direction that Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang had fled just now; thus, Pei Wen Xuan secretly rejoiced. The thought had only just crossed his mind when the face suddenly turned to glance in this direction. It was just a passing glance, but Pei Wen Xuan immediately felt the sense of crisis looming over him.


The face opened its mouth and a blood arrow shot out, slicing through the Void and arriving in front of Pei Wen Xuan in an instant. The blood light immediately filled his vision, so he did not hesitate to bite his tongue and spray out a mouthful of Blood Essence. The Demon Qi in his body simultaneously surged violently. He had only just finished this when the blood arrow enveloped him.


There was a huge explosion and the entire world seemed to shatter from the impact. An enormous pit in the ground appeared out of nowhere and dust flew everywhere.


It was not until half a day later that a subtle movement stirred the dirt inside the deep pit in the ground. A large hand dug out of the earth and immediately after that, a bloody figure climbed out of the pit. He lay weakly on the ground, facing the sky without moving, his aura extremely weak. Who else could it be but Pei Wen Xuan!?


If an ordinary cultivator were in his shoes, they would not have any chance of surviving the attack. The only ending waiting for them was a death so tragic that not even their bones would be left. It was fortunate that he was a Core Disciple of Myriad Demons Heaven and his heritage was extremely rich, so he managed to survive after exhausting all his methods and strength.


Although he managed to survive, he was heavily injured as a result. It was impossible for him to fight anybody else with these injuries, not unless he recuperated for a month or two first. However, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was filled with dangers, so where would he find a safe place to recuperate from his injuries? There was a high chance that he would be eaten by the Monster Beasts here before he could recover; thus, he cursed in his heart, [Yang Kai, you bastard! If I survive this ordeal, I will definitely get my revenge on you one day!]


On the other side, Yang Kai was busy fleeing for his life. At some point, he had placed Qu Hua Shang into the Small Sealed World so she could treat her injuries. It was not the seductress’ first time entering the Small Sealed World anyway as she had entered it once before when leaving the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


With the help of Space Principles, Yang Kai was second to none when it came to escaping. He even managed to escape from a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like the Proprietress for a time in the past. What was Black Crow Divine Monarch, who had only just possessed Zhou Yi, in comparison? No matter how powerful Black Crow Divine Monarch was, he was limited by Zhou Yi’s physical body; hence, the strength that he could exert was also limited.


Half a day later, Yang Kai fled so far that Black Crow Divine Monarch was nowhere to be seen. He hid inside a cave in one of the mountains, sitting cross-legged to rest. At the same time, he used his Divine Sense to communicate with the Small Sealed World to check on Qu Hua Shang’s condition.


Qu Hua Shang was quite badly injured. First, she was affected by dissonance in her cultivation from cultivating the false Blood Light Scripture; then, she was wounded countless times and had most of her vitality devoured by Black Crow Divine Monarch. For that reason, her aura was currently very weak. It was fortunate that her life was not in danger and she only needed to recuperate for several days to recover fully.


After confirming that Qu Hua Shang was alright, Yang Kai withdrew his mind from the Small Sealed World.


The fact that there was another Divine Monarch inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was probably something nobody had ever expected. Nevertheless, Black Crow Divine Monarch had returned to life by possessing another. The various Cave-Heavens and Paradises would not ignore this situation once the information spread to the outside.


Black Crow Divine Monarch was bound to face all sorts of troubles when the Blood Monster Cave Heaven closed. In the worst case, he might even be hunted down by numerous Masters! Whether or not he could keep himself safe at the time was an unknown variable. It stood to reason that he would not have the excess energy to deal with Yang Kai at that time.


In other words, Yang Kai had to make sure that he could safely escape from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven! Fortunately, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was very large, so as long as he remained careful, it would not be difficult to avoid meeting Black Crow Divine Monarch.


Just as that thought came to mind though, Yang Kai felt his heart jump in fright. An inexplicable chill suddenly flooded his body and he did not hesitate to push his Space Principles and vanish from the spot.


At the same moment that his figure vanished out of sight, two blood snakes suddenly lunged out from their hiding places. These two blood snakes were very well-hidden and it was not until they made their move that they revealed a trace of their aura. If Yang Kai had not reacted so swiftly, he would have fallen prey to the attack just now.


Consequently, the blood snakes bit into nothing but air. Following that, they transformed into blood and the cave was instantly filled with an extremely unpleasant stench. Even the ground was corroded into a deep pit.


Yang Kai turned around to look behind him and gave a horrified exclamation, “Black Crow Divine Monarch!”


Somewhere no more than thirty kilometres away, a blood cloud entered his vision. Moreover, there was a lifelike face in the middle of the blood cloud. It was none other than Black Crow Divine Monarch.


Sensing the Space Principles fluctuations, Black Crow Divine Monarch immediately turned to look in this direction with an evil grin, “I found you, boy!”


Whilst saying that, a portion of his Blood Qi turned into a large hand that came crashing down on Yang Kai. The sky instantly darkened and all the light was quickly obscured as a result. After his palm slammed down on Yang Kai, he frowned slightly because Yang Kai had made a swift escape and disappeared with a flash of his figure.


Black Crow Divine Monarch was filled with hatred. [This brat is extremely proficient in the Dao of Space. How troublesome!]


Unbeknownst to him, Yang Kai was also feeling extremely annoyed at the moment. [I believe I ran far enough. How did Black Crow Divine Monarch find me? Could it be that he left some sort of Soul Mark on me? Is that why he can track my whereabouts? If that’s the case, it would explain how he managed to rush here so quickly.]


Spreading out his Divine Sense, Yang Kai investigated his Knowledge Sea and body, but despite checking every corner of himself thoroughly, he did not find anything. Thus, he scowled fiercely.


In an attempt to confirm his conjecture, Yang Kai escaped to a location that was even further away and secretly hid himself. That was not all; he also summoned the Shadowless Veil and covered himself with it. The Shadowless Veil was something that could even fool the perception of a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master who was not actively searching for him. Although it had its limits, it was still an amazing treasure.


In less than six hours though, Yang Kai saw a blood cloud rushing through the sky from the distant horizon at high speed. Black Crow Divine Monarch shouted from afar before he even arrived, “Boy, cease your futile resistance! You will never escape from this Monarch even if you flee to the ends of the world!”


Yang Kai was furious and was now certain that Black Crow Divine Monarch had placed some sort of mark on him; otherwise, how could the latter accurately determine his whereabouts twice? It was just that he had no idea what kind of mark it was, so he had no way of removing it.


Yang Kai initially planned to avoid the old dog until the Blood Monster Cave Heaven closed as everything would be over after that. Unfortunately, it would seem that he was far too naive. In that case, he could only go all out and fight! This time around, he would not have Qu Hua Shang or Pei Wen Xuan with him. It would literally be a one-on-one battle!


Yang Kai remained hidden from view. Judging by the first time his whereabouts were exposed, Black Crow Divine Monarch could not determine his precise location despite the mark on his body and only had a general idea of his location. Otherwise, Black Crow Divine Monarch would not have used those blood snakes to search for him.


Yang Kai’s conjecture turned out to be correct. It didn’t take long for the blood cloud to arrive within ten kilometres of Yang Kai’s vicinity. The large face glanced about the surroundings for a while before its gaze fixed on the spot where Yang Kai was located. The blood cloud trembled slightly as numerous blood snakes emerged and immediately disappeared out of sight after landing on the ground.


Black Crow Divine Monarch then shouted, “Brat, don’t say this Monarch did not give you any chance! Although you embarrassed this Monarch greatly, it does not change the fact that this Monarch appreciates your abilities. I will spare your life if you come forward on your own initiative. Refuse, and it will be difficult for you to survive once this Monarch captures you!”


Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to those words. [This guy relentlessly chased me for over ten thousand kilometres just to kill me. Who would believe him when he utters such nonsense at this time?]


*Chi chi chi…* A series of noises came from Yang Kai’s surroundings. It was the slithering sounds of countless blood snakes moving around. Just listening to those sounds made one’s scalp tingle in fear.


Yang Kai, who was in hiding, could even discern clearly that the countless blood snakes were forming an extremely large net as they swept towards him like a blanket. At this rate, his location would be exposed once they reached his hiding spot.




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