Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4261, Desperate Battle


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The endless hissing of the blood snakes entered Yang Kai’s ears. Their bodies wriggled forward, gradually approaching the place where he was standing.


[I’m going to be found!] He closed his eyes and adjusted his breathing to suppress both his heartbeat and his aura to make himself seem as still as a rock, becoming completely motionless.


Now that things had come to this, he could only take a gamble. Although he could use Space Principles to escape, the old dog was as persistent as maggots on rotting bones. He could not escape, which was extremely troublesome.


The overwhelming number of blood snakes were creeping closer and closer. 30 metres… 15 metres… 10 metres…


Yang Kai abruptly opened his eyes and raised his hand to grab at something. The Azure Dragon Spear immediately appeared in his grip. Following that, his Dao Seal shone brightly as he poured the power of the Golden Crow’s True Fire into the spear. Lifting his spear, he stepped forward and pointed the spear to the front. Space Principles fluctuated as he thrust forward and roared, “Eat this, old dog!”


Black Crow Divine Monarch noticed the movement as soon as Yang Kai took action; thus, the face in the middle of the blood cloud immediately turned to look in his direction. The countless blood snakes in the surroundings leaped forward with their mouths opened wide towards Yang Kai from all directions.


The blood snakes attacked in a frenzy and Yang Kai’s figure was torn to shreds. However, it was only his afterimage. His actual body had already arrived in front of the blood cloud, his spear stabbing forward like a Dragon!




The large face was pierced right through by the spear. A huge hole appeared, causing the face to become so distorted that it was practically incapable of taking shape once more. The pitch-black Golden Crow’s True Fire spread out in all directions, wantonly burning.




The blood cloud evaporated in large patches. Even so, Black Crow Divine Monarch was calm and unaffected as his voice rang out faintly, “Junior, your courage is admirable. It’s a pity that your actions are foolhardy!”


He quickly sliced away the parts of the blood cloud that was being burned by the Golden Crow’s True Fire; then, the endless blood cloud rolled and wrapped around Yang Kai.


“Let’s see where you can run now!” He let out a wicked laugh. What troubled him the most was not Yang Kai’s Azure Dragon Spear or the Golden Crow’s True Fire. Rather, it was his Space Principles.


If Yang Kai was determined to escape, he would not be able to catch up to him. Even if he could use his Secret Technique to determine Yang Kai’s general location, the Yang Kai’s Instantaneous Movement was too difficult to counter. Who could have expected that Yang Kai would stop running and throw himself into the trap instead? That was just what Black Crow Divine Monarch wanted.


Yang Kai was enveloped by the blood cloud which had Heaven Sealing, Earth Locking properties. Even if he was proficient in the Dao of Space, he could not perform Instantaneous Movement again. The winner of this battle would be determined once he was trapped to death inside the blood cloud.


The Blood Qi inside the blood cloud contained an extremely strong corrosive property that eroded away at Yang Kai’s body. It instantly damaged him so badly that he was covered in blood. Despite looking miserable, the look in Yang Kai’s eyes was as aggressive as ever as he coldly snarled, “Who said I was going to run!?”


Black Crow Divine Monarch was slightly confused, but before he could react, he heard Yang Kai shout something, “On this day, the Golden Crow casts the sun, below the Heavens, above the Earth, only I am supreme!”


A Great Sun suddenly leaped out from within the blood cloud, as though it was a newly-born star. Inside the sun, a Three-Legged Golden Crow danced playfully and joyously. A faint crowing could be heard coming from within the brilliant light. The majestic radiance caused the world to collapse and the surroundings to tremble. The aura in Yang Kai’s body soared to incredible heights in an instant.


Black Crow Divine Monarch exclaimed in utter disbelief, “A Divine Manifestation!”


He was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in the past, so it stood to reason that he was very knowledgeable. He could tell at a glance that the Golden Crow Casts the Sun was not just an ordinary Divine Ability. On the contrary, Yang Kai had already condensed his very own Divine Manifestation.


There were two methods by which one could comprehend a Divine Manifestation. The first was to condense High-Rank Open Heaven Element Powers. The second condition was to reach the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm and comprehend one’s own Element Powers to the extreme. These were, supposedly, the only methods to comprehend a Divine Manifestation.


Nevertheless, those were only the most basic requirements. As far as Black Crow Divine Monarch knew, throughout all of recorded history, all those who had Divine Manifestations were in the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm. He had never heard of anybody in the Mid or Low-Rank having comprehended one, much less a mere Emperor Realm Junior. In fact, even many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters did not possess a Divine Manifestation. Even he had only managed to barely comprehend a Divine Manifestation when he was a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in the past.


[This boy is only in the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm. That’s still within the range of the Emperor Realm! How does he have his own Divine Manifestation!?] Black Crow Divine Monarch could not believe his eyes. Be that as it may, his senses told him that this attack was indeed a Divine Manifestation.


[I was tricked again!] His heart jumped in fright. [This brat might look like he is attacking me out of desperation, but he was waiting for this very moment to strike a decisive blow! Damn it! This boy is too deceptive, hiding his cards like this!]


Everybody had fought desperately inside the place in the middle of the blood lake and revealed all their best methods in the process; however, Yang Kai had kept this biggest card hidden all this while. As a result, Black Crow Divine Monarch had mistakenly assumed that Yang Kai’s strength was still limited to common sense. Who could have known that he would receive such an unpleasant surprise here?


The Great Sun hung in the sky, almost as though it was an actual sun. It was just a sun that was countless times smaller than normal. The blood cloud that surrounded the great sun was completely powerless to resist and swiftly began evaporating. It didn’t take long before a large clean space in the sky was cleared out.


Black Crow Divine Monarch let out a strange cry and the blood cloud abruptly shrunk and swirled about before it transformed into Zhou Yi’s appearance. Before he could even stabilise his figure though, a bright light filled his vision from the front. He looked up and saw Yang Kai’s spear piercing straight towards him, the great sun manifesting at its tip.


[I will die if I fail to block this attack!] Panic filled his heart for a moment. Black Crow Divine Monarch had always held the upper hand in the fight earlier, no matter how hard Yang Kai, Pei Wen Xuan, and Qu Hua Shang fought back. Hence, he had not even panicked. Besides, he had Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s Blood Dao inheritance and cultivated the Blood Light Scripture. As long as his injuries were not too severe, he would be able to quickly recover. However, this attack was different. Black Crow Divine Monarch was certain that not even his ashes would remain if this attack struck him head on. He would be completely vaporized, to the point where nothing of him would remain.


With death looming right before his eyes, Black Crow Divine Monarch immediately became eerily calm. Two flashes of blood light rushed out from his body and entered his hands, transforming into his twin butterfly daggers. A raging fighting spirit erupted out of his body as he crossed his twin daggers above his head and shouted furiously, “I never imagined that there would come a day when this Monarch would be forced to go all out against a mere boy tens of thousands of years in the future! Brat, you have nobody but yourself to blame if you die at this Monarch’s hands!”


Yang Kai shouted a response upon hearing those words, “Divine Monarch, I will not mourn your death either if you die!”


“Hahaha!” Black Crow Divine Monarch burst into laughter, “Good good, very good!”


As they spoke, the distance between them shortened quickly. Yang Kai urged the strength in his body to the limits and even the Dao Seal in his body began trembling slightly. Likewise, Black Crow Divine Monarch’s vitality surged madly.




An explosion rang out. At the same time, a huge and bright ball of light exploded.


Black Crow Divine Monarch’s twin daggers blocked the Great Sun. In that moment, he attacked countless times. The knife shadows covered the entire sky, slashing down with incredible power in each stroke.


At the same time, Yang Kai wielded his spear techniques to the extreme. They transformed into boundless spear shadows and the Dragon Roars shook the sky continuously. The spear in his hand practically turned into a True Dragon that devoured Black Crow Divine Monarch.


Their figures passed by each other and the light gradually faded.


Black Crow Divine Monarch coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood and staggered unsteadily. Using his two daggers to steady himself against the ground, he barely managed to stop himself from falling.


At this moment, the left side of his body was gone and the wriggling internal organs in his abdomen could clearly be seen. It was just that these injuries were nothing under the profound effects of the Blood Light Scripture. He had come back to life even after being sliced in half by the Divine Ability sealed within Pei Wen Xuan’s Identity Token, so what were injuries like these in comparison? His flesh squirmed and blood gathered in that spot. The half of his body that he lost was soon regrew in the blink of an eye.


On the other hand, Yang Kai stood motionless with the Azure Dragon Spear in his hand. It was just that the Great Sun attached to the tip of the spear had vanished. The vicious attack just now had practically drained all the strength out of his body.


It was not until this moment that countless blood arrows finally shot out from all over his body. Before his blood could land on the ground though, the golden blood arrows floated towards Black Crow Divine Monarch as though guided by an invisible force and were absorbed by him. That was not all. Yang Kai could clearly feel the fresh blood in his wounds being pulled towards Black Crow Divine Monarch.


[The Blood Light Scripture is a wicked art indeed!] Yang Kai did not dare to be negligent and hurriedly used his strength to seal his wounds. Turning around slowly, he saw Black Crow Divine Monarch watching him quietly with an expression of approval from several thousand metres away, “You are the first Emperor Realm Junior that has ever survived this long after meeting me!”


Yang Kai replied lightly, “Among the ‘Emperor Realm cultivators’, you are also the first person ever to block my Golden Crow Casts the Sun!”


Black Crow Divine Monarch slowly shook his head, “It’s not the same!”


He was a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master who possessed somebody else and came back to life; thus, he had thousands, if not tens of thousands of years more knowledge, experience, and heritage compared to Yang Kai. The reason his strength was only that of an Emperor Realm cultivator at the moment was that he had possessed somebody else’s body. If he really were an Emperor Realm cultivator, he would not have been able to block the attack just now.


“What this Monarch said earlier still stands. Surrender, and I will spare your life. You will be a pretty decent subordinate!” His expression seemed sincere and trusting.


“Die!” Yang Kai shouted. Suppressing all sorts of discomfort, he lifted his spear and thrust out.


Although the Golden Crow Casts the Sun Divine Manifestation was powerful, the consumption was also unimaginably huge. With his current strength, Yang Kai could only activate it once in a short period of time. It was hard to say whether he could successfully activate it a second time by force. Even if he did, it might shatter his Dao Seal even if he succeeded.


“What a pity! Talented people sure have such short lifespans!” Black Crow Divine Monarch shook his head and lifted his blades. The twin daggers turned into Blood lights that came slashing down on Yang Kai from both sides.


Yang Kai swung his spear to deflect the blood lights and send them flying away; afterward, he stabbed at Black Crow Divine Monarch’s heart.


Meanwhile, Black Crow Divine Monarch did not budge whatsoever. He allowed the spear to pierce his heart and the Golden Crow’s True Fire to burn him. All the while, he simply stared at Yang Kai with a cold smile.


*Chi chi…* 


The two blood lights that Yang Kai sent flying earlier came hurtling through the air once more. They slashed two large wounds down the length of his body. Despite using his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique at the critical moment, his Dragon Scales were sliced through by the blood lights.


“Your strength isn’t bad, but your recovery rate is inferior to mine. How will you fight against me now?” Black Crow Divine Monarch sneered. He previously devoured the blood water in the blood lake cleanly, so his vitality was extremely abundant at the moment. Unless his vitality was completely exhausted, he was an existence that could not die. That was why he had nothing to fear!


On the contrary, although Yang Kai’s recovery abilities were indeed countless times stronger than the average cultivator, they paled in comparison to the extraordinary recovery abilities of Black Crow Divine Monarch.


The spear shadows danced and fresh blood splattered everywhere. Every attack Yang Kai unleashed struck Black Crow Divine Monarch’s vital points without fail. If it were anybody else, they would have been killed countless times by now. However, Black Crow Divine Monarch remained very much alive. He even kept up a steady stream of vicious mockery despite everything.


In contrast, Yang Kai’s injuries were becoming more and more severe. He had lost too much blood and was feeling dizzy as a result.




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