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Martial Peak – Chapter 4262, Don’t Run!

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Aside from those Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters and High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters whose strength were on a completely different scale altogether, Black Crow Divine Monarch, who possessed somebody else and came back to life, was definitely the strongest and toughest enemy Yang Kai had ever encountered.


Even Great Demon God who he fought back then could not compare. That was because Black Crow Divine Monarch was practically undying and immortal! When Yang Kai fought Great Demon God, the entire Star Boundary had risen up to fight back together. He had countless companions by his side, supporting each other in adversity. However, he was currently fighting alone.


Moreover, Yang Kai was not confident that he could kill Black Crow Divine Monarch; after all, his most powerful attack, Golden Crow Casts the Sun, had been rendered useless by his opponent. It could even be said that he no longer had any cards left to play aside from the Divine Ability Bead given to him by the Proprietress!


It was a precarious situation! Yang Kai stabbed forward with his spear again and again as Space Principles fluctuated wildly. At the same time, his figure leapt about and flickered erratically. Each attack inflicted massive damage to Black Crow Divine Monarch, but the latter simply healed from even the most lethal and deadliest injuries in short order.


While Black Crow Divine Monarch continuously received heavy injuries, Yang Kai’s injuries were also becoming more and more severe. It had always been Yang Kai who relied on his powerful restorative abilities to put up a desperate fight against the others. Thus, he never imagined that there would come a day where somebody else would use the same method against him. It truly was a case of what went around came around. Fate was truly unpredictable!


Yang Kai’s vision flickered and went dark from time to time as he desperately drew out his potential to exceed his limits. Even if he failed to kill the old dog today, he had to let the other party know that he was not to be trifled with; otherwise, it would only be a matter of time before he became a lamp running out of oil if Black Crow Divine Monarch continued to hunt him down like this.


When the blood light struck towards him, Yang Kai lifted his spear to block the attack and deflected Black Crow Divine Monarch’s twin butterfly daggers to the side with soft clanging sounds. However, one of the blood knives suddenly turned into a cloud of blood and vanished. Simultaneously, a wave of murderous intent came from behind, locked onto him.


Yang Kai was shocked. How could he not realise that he had fallen into a trap? Hurriedly moving his body to dodge, he suddenly felt a slight pain around his waist and abdomen. He looked down only to see a blood light pouring into his back and coming out around his waist. The blood light had opened a gaping hole in his body that his blood was gushing out of!


The blood light flew back to Black Crow Divine Monarch’s hand, where he raised it in front of him in its dagger form, licked the blade lightly, and nodded in approval, “The blood of a Divine Spirit is delicious indeed!”


Yang Kai staggered backward by a few steps. Reaching out his hand to clutch at his waist, he circulated his strength to seal the wound as his figure swayed unsteadily.


[I’m at my limit!] Despite giving it his all, Yang Kai had reached the limits that his body could withstand. He might end up dying in this place if he continued fighting, causing him to sigh. Now that things had come to this point, he could only choose to escape and find a place to recuperate from his injuries. Unfortunately, it would not be easy to get rid of Black Crow Divine Monarch’s pursuit in his current condition.


“Junior, if you have any last words, speak them now!” Black Crow Divine Monarch held a dagger in each hand. After saying that, his figure shifted slightly and he rushed forward to come directly in front of Yang Kai. The twin daggers came slashing down from both sides as overwhelming murderous intent surged from him!


Yang Kai raised his spear to parry and in the next instant there was a loud explosion. He could sense an overwhelmingly powerful force coming from above him and even with his Half-Dragon Body, he could not withstand the impact. His entire figure was pressed down by the force, so much so that he was almost kneeling on the ground.


His vision went black again, and by the time it recovered, Black Crow Divine Monarch’s face was practically right in front of him, grinning as he sneered, “Die!”


Yang Kai grit his teeth and let out a roar. His Spiritual Energy erupted violently from within his Knowledge Sea, turning into a haphazard attack that blasted towards Black Crow Divine Monarch.


Black Crow Divine Monarch’s savage grin instantly stiffened in response and even his eyes seemed to bulge as though he received a huge shock.


The terrifying pressure suddenly relaxed. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yang Kai quickly steadied himself and swung his spear at Black Crow Divine Monarch. His attack sent the latter flying, and before Black Crow Divine Monarch could get further away from him, the Azure Dragon Spear had already thrust out hundreds of times in a row. Every single attack blasted out with Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering power.


Black Crow Divine Monarch was utterly powerless in the face of those attacks and his body was smashed to pieces as a result.


Yang Kai was stunned for a moment as he had not expected such a change in the battle. It was out of desperation that he unleashed a Soul Attack just now. He simply wanted to relieve some of the pressure bearing down on him, but who could have known that he would strike Black Crow Divine Monarch’s weakness with that attack? It caused the latter’s strength to drop sharply and even froze him on the spot for a moment.


After pondering for a while, realisation suddenly struck Yang Kai.


Black Crow Divine Monarch was just a Remnant Soul in the first place; moreover, he was severely injured inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea. Not to mention, he had been forced to separate a thread of his consciousness to create a diversion in order to escape. Afterward, he went on to possess Zhou Yi’s body. Although he was successful in his attempt, it was not as simple as it seemed from the surface.


Regardless of the circumstances, Zhou Yi was still an elite disciple of Great Thousand Blood Land, so his aptitude was not bad. Therefore, Black Crow Divine Monarch would definitely need to pay a price in order to possess his body. How strong could Black Crow Divine Monarch’s Soul be after overcoming all these obstacles?


In other words, his Spiritual Energy was nothing compared to the mighty power he displayed earlier and it was no wonder a single Soul Attack from Yang Kai was capable of causing such heavy damage to him. He didn’t even have the strength to fight back, and this was the reason.


Upon understanding this point, Yang Kai felt extremely annoyed. He had been fooled by the overwhelming momentum displayed by the other party and forgot about this crucial point. If he had realised it sooner, then this fight would not have been nearly as difficult. Using one’s strength to target the opponent’s weakness. How could he not understand such a simple truth? Nevertheless, it was not too late for him to realise this now!


Black Crow Divine Monarch was blasted to pieces by that attack just now, but he did not die. The pieces of hashed meat swiftly melted into blood that quickly converged together. The blood flowed and vaguely took on a humanoid figure.


How could Yang Kai simply stand back and watch? He sent out another blast of Spiritual Energy, causing the blood gathering together to immediately show signs of falling apart again. Swinging his spear, Yang Kai scattered the blood into the surroundings once more.


Black Crow Divine Monarch’s mournful screams rang out. The blood squirmed and flowed, transforming into a blood cloud that quickly fled into the distance.


“Where are you trying to run!?” Yang Kai roared. Lifting his spear, he hurriedly gave chase; however, he had only taken a few steps when his strength left his body and he slumped to the ground. It was fortunate that he had the Azure Dragon Spear to support himself; otherwise, he would have collapsed on his face then and there.


“Junior, I’ll spare your life this time! I will definitely take your head the next time we meet!” From far away, Black Crow Divine Monarch’s voice sounded from the blood cloud.


“Don’t run! If you’re not a coward, come and fight me!” Yang Kai roared furiously. He wanted to pursue Black Crow Divine Monarch but did not have the strength to do so; hence, he could only watch helplessly as his enemy fled further and further away until he vanished out of sight.


Yang Kai smashed his fist heavily onto the ground, his expression full of annoyance. Having missed the perfect opportunity to kill Black Crow Divine Monarch this time, he was not sure if another chance would appear again in the future. An Old Monster that had been sealed for countless years like Black Crow Divine Monarch was not a common occurrence in the first place.


After catching his breath for a while, Yang Kai turned and studied his surroundings. He did not know if Black Crow Divine Monarch had really retreated or if he was only feigning retreat. In any case, he was currently in terrible condition and could not help feeling slightly uneasy as a result. He did not dare to remain in place for long, lest he suffer if the old dog decided to turn around and attack him.


Putting the Azure Dragon Spear away, Yang Kai stuffed a handful of restorative Spirit Pills into his mouth before fleeing in a certain direction. He had not gone further than a few hundred kilometres though when he suddenly collapsed on the ground, lacking the strength to move a single finger. The fight with Black Crow Divine Monarch had exhausted him completely and it was a miracle he could escape even this far.


Yang Kai was feeling extremely dizzy and his vision turned dark from time to time as he felt as though he could faint at any moment. Nevertheless, he forced himself to stay awake as he did not dare to lose consciousness. That was because there was no saying what would happen to him if he passed out under these circumstances. After all, there were countless Monster Beast and cultivators in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven at the moment.


He barely managed to activate his Divine Sense and opened the boundaries of the Small Sealed World to release Qu Hua Shang from within. Before he could even say anything to her, his head tilted to the side and he fell unconscious.


Qu Hua Shang had been in the middle of treating her injuries when she was brought out of the Small Sealed World by Yang Kai. She initially felt confused about the situation, but then she turned around to see Yang Kai lying on the ground and covered in blood. His clothes were in tatters and numerous bone-deep wounds dotted his body. In addition, there was a gaping hole that penetrated his body from front to back at his waist. Thus, she couldn’t help being shocked by the sight and called out in alarm, “Junior Brother Yang! Junior Brother Yang!”


Rushing over, she knelt beside him, her complexion pale. She had no idea what he went through while she was recuperating from her injuries; however, judging from the extent of his injuries, it was definitely an extremely dangerous battle. She tremblingly placed a hand under his nose and discovered that he was still breathing, albeit faintly. Letting out a deep breath of relief, she slumped to the ground weakly. [I thought he was dead! I’m so glad he’s still alive! But, with injuries this severe…]


She reached out a hand and lightly brushed against those vicious-looking wounds, her body shivering lightly. Leaving aside how long it would take for him to heal from these injuries, there was no saying what kind of consequences he might suffer even after fully recovering. She more or less had a grasp of Yang Kai’s true abilities and knew that not many people or Monster Beasts in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven could possibly force him to this extent. [Could it be that Black Crow Divine Monarch was pursuing us?]


The moment that thought crossed her mind, she suddenly became agitated and anxious. She did not dare to remain in this place; therefore, she hurriedly took out some topical healing medicine, tore open his clothes, and applied some of the medicinal liquid to his body. Afterward, she took out a robe from her own Space Ring and wrapped him in it. Lifting him onto her back, she then quickly ran off.


Yang Kai vaguely felt his body moving up and down in his unconscious state. A fragrant scent entered his nose, enticing him sweetly. Furthermore, there was a soft and plump sensation pressing against his body. Something tickled his cheeks, almost as though a strand of hair was gently stroking his heartstrings. It was the very picture of a so-called tender love nest.


For a time, he could not figure what kind of situation he was in, but just as he was about to get a clear look of his surroundings, a burst of pain erupted throughout his entire body, causing him to hiss in pain.


“Junior Brother Yang, are you awake?” Qu Hua Shang’s voice entered his ears. She was out of breath and her voice sounded weak.


“En.” He responded and opened his eyes to look. Only then did he realise that he was being carried on her back. Her hands were supporting his thighs and she was leaning forward slightly while running quickly. In addition, his head was resting crookedly on her shoulder. Due to a matter of angle, his mouth would occasionally come into contact with her delicate cheeks and fair neck.


[This…] He never imagined that he would be greeted by this kind of situation as soon as he opened his eyes; thus, he was stunned for a moment.



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