Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4263, Sharing Life and Death


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Yang Kai had barely managed to keep himself awake long enough to release Qu Hua Shang from the Small Sealed World at the time. The reason for his actions was so that she could watch over him in case he was attacked by either a cultivator or a Monster Beast when he was unconscious. It should have been safer for him that way; however, he had no idea why this woman was running desperately whilst carrying him on her back!


When his body rose and fell with her movements, all the wounds on his body screamed in pain, causing him to grunt in agony. Patting her on the shoulder, he weakly said, “Senior Sister, please put me down.”


“I can’t, Junior Brother.” She shook her head, her hair brushing against his cheek.


Just as he was about to ask why, he suddenly detected a violent attack coming from behind. The attack sliced through the air with a loud rumbling noise, forcing her to dodge to the side, narrowly avoiding the attack.


Yang Kai was shocked and groaned, “Is that old dog still chasing me!?”


He could not tell how long he had been unconscious for; however, judging from the recovery of his injuries, it must have been two or three days by now. If they were ordinary wounds, he would already have recovered completely, but the situation this time was different from the usual. It was very difficult for the wounds that he received from his fight with Black Crow Divine Monarch to heal; therefore, he was still extremely weak and his strength had not recovered by much. There was a strange and troublesome force festering in his wounds that constantly ate away at them and prevented them from healing.


[So much time has passed. Don’t tell me Black Crow Divine Monarch is still chasing me!?] Yang Kai could not imagine how Qu Hua Shang had persevered for so long.


“It’s not Black Crow Divine Monarch.” She shook her head again. While speaking, she stumbled and nearly lost her balance. She herself had yet to recover from her injuries, so she was in dire need of recuperation. Unfortunately, she was currently being chased. Although she was not yet a lamp running out of oil, she wasn’t in good condition either.


“Then, who is it?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.


At this moment, a person’s voice came from a distance behind them, “Junior Sister Qu, this Senior Brother has no intention to harm you. Put Yang Kai down and you are free to leave on your own. Why do you have to struggle so hard to escape?”


The voice sounded rather familiar and Yang Kai vaguely felt like he had heard it somewhere before. After thinking about it, he abruptly became furious. [Doesn’t this voice belong to that little bastard Yin Xin Zhao from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven!?]


Before the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opened, Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven had come to seize their spot. In return, Yang Kai used his mastery of the Dao of Space to steal many of their entrances. He had targeted Yin Xin Zhao in particular and stolen the entrance that was nearest to him; hence, Yang Kai wrongly assumed that Yin Xin Zhao would not have the chance to step into the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Who could have known that they would encounter each other here? Moreover, the other party was relentlessly hunting him down.


[This guy has pretty good luck. How did he enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven under those circumstances?] Turning back to look, Yang Kai saw Yin Xin Zhao doggedly chasing Qu Hua Shang, and he was not alone either. There were two helpers beside him, probably disciples of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven.


In terms of strength, Qu Hua Shang was probably not inferior to Yin Xin Zhao and neither of them would lose to each other in a one-on-one fight. It was just that she was still injured and the other side had two helpers with him. How could she be their opponent? It was not hard to understand why she was fleeing while being chased.


“How did you encounter this guy?” Yang Kai was livid. If he met Yin Xin Zhao under normal circumstances, he would not be afraid of him; however, he had yet to recover his strength after his battle against Black Crow Divine Monarch recently.


“Bad luck.” Qu Hua Shang gave a bitter laugh and briefly explained what happened.


After being released from the Small Sealed World by Yang Kai, she immediately took him away from the battlefield. She originally wanted to find a quiet and remote place to recuperate, but how could she have anticipated running into Yin Xin Zhao and his group, who came to investigate the situation, before she could find a place to hide?


The battle between Yang Kai and Black Crow Divine Monarch had created a huge commotion. Yin Xin Zhao and his two fellow brothers had been in the vicinity, so it was only natural that they noticed the commotion.


Upon seeing that it was Yang Kai, Yin Xin Zhao was overjoyed and immediately wanted Qu Hua Shang to hand him over to them. How could Qu Hua Shang agree to his demands though? As such, she fled while coyly refusing his request. It had been two days since then.


Fortunately, Yin Xin Zhao still had to give face to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven so he did not dare to kill her. Otherwise, it was hard to say whether she could protect Yang Kai. It was just that his patience gradually ran out as time passed, so his attacks were becoming more and more lethal. He was acting as though he was going to kill Yang Kai recklessly.


“That bastard!” Yang Kai gritted his teeth and patted Qu Hua Shang on the shoulder, “Senior Sister Qu, please put me down.”


Although the feeling of lying on her back was very comfortable, how could he allow a woman to struggle desperately for his sake at a time like this? He couldn’t help cursing in his heart. [The Blood Monster Cave Heaven really isn’t a place for people to be in! I just got rid of Black Crow Divine Monarch and now I’m being targeted by Yin Xin Zhao. Does that mean I will constantly be hunted in this place!?]


“It’s fine. Junior Brother, you should continue resting. Let’s talk again once you’ve regained some of your strength.” Qu Hua Shang could sense that he was in very poor condition, so how could she agree to his request so easily?


“Junior Sister Qu, since you are so stubborn, then don’t blame this Senior Brother for attacking without mercy!” Yin Xin Zhao’s furious roar came from behind. Following his words, a whip-like sword light came slashing in this direction and arrived not far behind them in the blink of an eye. The power of this golden light was extreme and it could be seen that he had truly lost his temper. His scruples towards Yin-Yang Cave Heaven could not stop his resolution to kill Yang Kai.


By the time Qu Hua Shang noticed and wanted to avoid the attack, it was already too late. As a last resort, she could only turn sideways and throw out a palm in the direction of the attack together with Yang Kai.




A violent force spread out, and although the two of them had managed to block Yin Xin Zhao’s attack together, they were also sent flying by the force of impact.


*Pu…* Qu Hua Shang spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and her complexion turned as pale as a sheet.


Similarly, Yang Kai was in no better condition. He felt an even more intense pain coming from all the wounds on his body. A sweetness filled his throat and he nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood. Fortunately, he managed to force the feeling down in time.


Even in this situation, Qu Hua Shang continued to carry him on her back and did not throw him off. It made him feel extremely grateful towards her. He had no idea why she was struggling so desperately for his sake.


Seeing that Yin Xin Zhao and the others were approaching, Qu Hua Shang struggled to get back on her feet, but failed. On the other hand, Yang Kai had already recovered some strength from his rest earlier. Upon seeing this situation, he pulled her into his arms and took a deep breath. Space Principles wrapped around them and they vanished from the spot.


By the time they reappeared again, they were already several dozen kilometres away. It was just that this forceful method of exerting his strength left Yang Kai feeling extremely uncomfortable. He had only just stabilised his injuries when all the strength left his body and he collapsed to the ground again. Qu Hua Shang let out a scream of surprise as she tumbled to the ground.


Yang Kai coughed lightly but incessantly. Scrambling and crawling on the ground, he hurriedly came to her side and anxiously said, “Senior Sister, are you alright?”


She looked at him with tears in her eyes, “My butt is bruised from the fall! If you don’t believe me, you can touch and see for yourself!”


Yang Kai nearly spat blood at those words for an entirely different reason than before. [What kind of situation are we in right now!? How can you still be so flirtatious!? There’s no helping this woman anymore!]


Reaching out to grab her arm, Yang Kai carried her on his back and quickly sped off. Although he had used Instantaneous Movement to put some distance between them and their pursuers, they had yet to escape completely from Yin Xin Zhao’s range of perception. The three people from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven were still chasing them relentlessly, and although Yang Kai wanted to use Instantaneous Movement again, he no longer had the strength to do so.


It was Qu Hua Shang who was carrying Yang Kai earlier as they fled, but the situation was reversed now. She happily climbed on his back, wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist like an octopus.


It was not until this moment that Yang Kai noticed something strange, “Why am I wearing a dress!?”


Qu Hua Shang exhaled an orchid scent in his ear as she explained, “Your clothes were in tatters, so I tossed them. I couldn’t just leave you naked, right?”


He had no answer to that. It might be embarrassing to have a dress wrapped around him, but it was still within an acceptable range. It would have been far worse to be carried naked by a woman. His priority at the moment was to escape, so he had no time to complain about the way he was dressed.


He secretly regretted his decision. [If I had known that this would happen, I would have brought Pu Bai Xing with me.]


The grapes on Pu Bai Xing’s head were incredibly restorative Divine Medicines after all. It would only take a single grape for him to recover completely in a short time. Forget a single Yin Xin Zhao, he would even be able to kill ten Yin Xin Zhaos if he was at his peak.


It was just that he had left Little Mushroom in the Illusion Array to act as its Array Core after the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was fully set up. The Gourd Vine had also been left under the care of others in Void Land because of its special role. Out of the three Divine Medicines that Yang Kai brought out of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, two had to stay in Void Land, so naturally, Pu Bai Xiong was not willing to leave either. He was adamant about staying behind in Void Land to accompany Little Mushroom and the Bottle Gourd Brothers. Therefore, Yang Kai had allowed him to do as he pleased.


Who could have known that a Divine Monarch would possess somebody and come back to life inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven? Who could have expected the situation would become so dangerous? Yang Kai had assumed that his strength was enough that he could run wild in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. At the very least, he would not be in any danger.


[I was too careless! No matter what, I have to bring a few grapes along with me next time for emergencies.]


“Junior Brother, can we consider ourselves lovers after sharing life and death together?” Qu Hua Shang suddenly asked.


“Lovers my foot!” Yang Kai was rendered speechless by her. He had initially felt nervous being pursued by enemies, but the tense atmosphere vanished after listening to what Qu Hua Shang said.


She pouted in an aggrieved tone, “I’ve never struggled so desperately for a man in my life.”


To which Yang Kai nodded, “This Junior Brother will keep in mind the life-saving grace you have shown me today, Senior Sister. I will never forget it.”


Qu Hua Shang giggled and replied lightly, “Junior Brother also saved me back in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Besides, I would have lost my life if you had not stopped Black Crow Divine Monarch earlier. Taking all these into account, you helped me more.”


“Things like favors and life-saving graces can never be settled with numbers.”


“That’s true.” She leaned her head against his shoulder and nodded lightly. A short moment of silence later, she said, “Junior Brother, put me down. You should escape on your own.”


Yang Kai was taken aback by her words, “What about you!?”


Her voice had weakened considerably as she muttered, “I’m afraid I can’t go on any longer. I’m too tired. I think I’ll take a little nap.”


His expression changed drastically, “Hold on, Senior Sister! You can’t fall asleep!”


It was not until this moment that he noticed his palms were sticky. He lifted his right hand and saw that they were covered in bright red blood. His blood was golden, so this red blood undoubtedly belonged to her. Although they joined forces and managed to block Yin Xin Zhao’s attack earlier, it was obvious that she had been injured at the time. Yang Kai swept his Divine Sense over her and discovered that she had a vicious wound on her waist. Moreover, her blood stained the ground in their wake.




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