Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4264, Seeking Life By Crossing The Gates Of Death


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“Hold on, Senior Sister Qu,” Yang Kai shouted, “You’ll be alright!”


“If something happens to me, will you be sad?” Qu Hua Shang asked softly.


“Of course! So, you can’t let anything happen to you!” Yang Kai nodded with certainty. As a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven disciple, Yin Xin Zhao would not have dared to lay a finger on her if she had abandoned him to his own devices. However, Qu Hua Shang had chosen to flee while carrying him and was currently on the verge of death as a result. If anything happened to her, he would definitely feel guilty for the rest of his life.


“In that case, I’m relieved.” She chuckled softly, “But, it’s a little regretful.”


“Senior Sister, what do you find regretful? Let’s hear it,” he quickly asked. She was currently in poor condition, so a conversation was just the thing to keep her focused.


“I’ve never tasted a man before. If I die just like this, then wouldn’t I have lived my life in vain?” Her tone was humorous.


Yang Kai had nothing to say in response. [As expected of a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven disciple, she really dares to say just about anything]


However, it was not that strange either after he thought about it. This woman was somebody who could clearly and eloquently discuss the Grand Dao of Yin-Yang Union Cultivation with him after all.


“Junior Brother, can you promise me one thing if I survive this time?”


“Don’t hold back, Senior Sister. Forget one thing; I don’t mind doing ten or hundred things for you!”


“Dual Cultivate with me!” Her words were incredibly shocking. It was almost as though she would not be happy unless she frightened him to death.


Yang Kai stumbled and nearly tumbled headfirst to the ground. His voice sounded rather uncertain, “Senior Sister, what did you say just now? I believe I misheard you.”


She chuckled softly, “You didn’t mishear me, Junior Brother.”


“Why are you still joking around at a time like this!?” He angrily snapped.


Nevertheless, she replied in all seriousness, “I am not joking around. I want to cultivate together with you. I want to do what men and women do when they are together.”


He shook his head, “Senior Sister, your injuries are too severe. You seem a little delirious. Why don’t you take a rest?”


After saying that, he poured his strength Qi into her body slightly, causing her to stiffen then faint on his back.


Behind them, Yin Xin Zhao and his two fellow disciples were getting closer and closer. Although Yang Kai had used Instantaneous Movement to put some distance between them earlier, he could not escape their pursuit in his current state. During their conversation just now, Yin Xin Zhao and the two others had already arrived within five kilometres. Such a distance was nothing to a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master.


The lights of various Secret Techniques and artifacts blasted out as Yin Xin Zhao’s group attacked from the rear.


Yang Kai shifted Qu Hua Shang, carrying her in his arms to prevent her from being hit by the attacks. At the same time, he activated the Dragon Transformation Secret Art to cover his back with Dragon Scales. He planned to avoid as many attacks as possible, but for those he couldn’t, he had to take them with his body. After several rounds, blood flowed endlessly and his condition worsened even further.


“Yang Kai, weren’t you acting so high and mighty back in the Blood Monster Territory!? Why don’t you stop and fight me now if you have the guts!? Let’s see if this Yin can’t take your life!” Yin Xin Zhao shouted whilst in pursuit.


Yang Kai roared furiously, “Yin Xin Zhao, I will definitely kill you one day if I survive this!”


Yin Xin Zhao roared with laughter, “Looks like you will never get the chance! Because you will definitely die here today!”


Yang Kai coldly snorted. He couldn’t be bothered to argue with Yin Xin Zhao. While he had the Divine Ability Bead given to him by the Proprietress, Yin Xin Zhao also had his Identity Token. It was just that one required active stimulation while the other was for passive protection. Be that as it may, Yang Kai had to admit that it was impossible for him to harm Yin Xin Zhao even if he used the Divine Ability Bead. He had witnessed the situation himself when Pei Wen Xuan’s Identity Token was activated earlier.


This was the first time he had such a hard time escaping ever since he began cultivating the Dao of Space. What vexed Yang Kai even more was that his pursuers’ strength was inferior to his own. It truly was a case where a Dragon could be toyed with by a shrimp in shallow waters while a tiger could be bullied by a dog if it left the mountains.


[I have to find a way out of this crisis; otherwise, things will end tragically for me.] Just as Yang Kai was studying his surroundings, he suddenly heard a loud noise coming from a certain direction. It was accompanied by extremely violent energy fluctuations. There were Masters fighting nearby!


Yang Kai turned to look in that direction and it didn’t take long before he heard another deafening bout of noise. The sound of explosions was mixed with the howls of a beast. Realisation struck Yang Kai immediately. One of the parties involved in the fight was unquestionably a Monster Beast. Moreover, it could be inferred from the energy fluctuations that the level of this fight had exceeded that of the Emperor Realm. There was no World Force, but the energy fluctuations indicated strength that was definitely on par with Open Heaven Realm Masters. The fight in the distance felt like two Black Crow Divine Monarchs fighting each other.


The strongest Monster Beast Yang Kai encountered ever since entering the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was only in the Fifth-Order. Based on his estimation, a Fifth-Order Monster Beast was the equivalent to an ordinary Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master. In a desperate battle, a Fifth-Order Monster Beast might be slightly weaker than the Core Disciples of the Cave-Heavens and Paradises; however, the difference would only be a small margin. If Qu Hua Shang were to battle a Fifth-Order Monster Beast alone, she would have to pay a price even if she managed to slay the Monster Beast in the end.


On the contrary, the turmoil of the battle had already exceeded the limits of a Fifth-Order Monster Beast. It was a Sixth-Order Monster Beast! Furthermore, it was most likely a fight between two Sixth-Order Monster Beasts!


Sixth-Order Monster Beasts were not something the cultivators who entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven could fight alone; after all, they were capable of exerting strength on par with that of a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master! As for the Seventh-Order Monster Beasts… Yang Kai could not make an inference.


Looking in the direction of the commotion, Yang Kai grit his teeth and rushed towards it with Qu Hua Shang in his arms. The current situation could not get any worse. The only way he could survive was to seek life by crossing the gates of death.


Yin Xin Zhao clearly realised what Yang Kai was planning and the look in his eyes turned cold and he shouted, “Stop him!”


The other two Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven disciples accompanying him were speechless when they heard those words. [You can’t even stop him yourself. How are we supposed to stop him?]


Even so, they chased after Yang Kai with all their might.


On the other hand, Yang Kai forced himself to take a deep breath and used Instantaneous Movement once more. He opened up the distance between him and his pursuers while steadily approaching the place of the battle.


After running for a few hundred kilometres, a bright golden light suddenly appeared in Yang Kai’s field of vision. He looked up and inhaled a sharp breath of cold air. Now that he was here, he could finally see what kind of Monster Beasts were fighting each other.


One of them seemed to be a gorilla while the other was a wolf. Be that as it may, both the gorilla and the wolf had bodies that were several tens of metres tall, making them incredibly huge. Furthermore, both of them were gleaming with a dazzling golden light and every movement they made revealed great power. These were clearly two Sixth-Order Metal Element Monster Beasts!


The Metal Element Power was incomparably sharp and radiated in all directions during their battle, riddling the mountain peaks nearby with countless gaping holes. Many of the shorter peaks were even razed to the ground.


The two Sixth-Order Metal Element Monster Beasts looked evenly matched. Despite struggling hard against each other, it was impossible to tell who was holding the upper hand in the battle. That was not all. Both the Monster Beasts were also wounded and drenched in blood. Not to mention, their bodies were covered in countless wounds that had long since healed.


This fight seemed to have taken place many times before in the past. It would seem that these two Monster Beasts were incompatible enemies; thus, they had been continuously fighting each other in this Blood Monster Cave Heaven for countless years. Their fight would not stop until one party was dead.


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling shocked when he felt the energy fluctuations from the fight between these two. [These two Monster Beasts are not ordinary Sixth-Order Monster Beasts. They are probably at the peak of the Sixth-Order; otherwise, it is impossible for them to cause such wide-spread damage.]


Despite the dangerous situation, Yang Kai carried Qu Hua Shang on his back and charged straight into the middle of the battle between these two huge Monster Beasts. He watched as the wolf came lunging straight at the gorilla’s neck while the gorilla lifted one arm to block the wolf’s gigantic maw. Meanwhile, the gorilla lifted its other arm, wrapped in dense Metal Element Power, and sliced towards the wolf’s abdomen.


Fresh blood splattered everywhere. Be it the gorilla or the wolf, both parties howled in agony. The wolf backed away, chewing on a piece of the gorilla’s flesh in its mouth. Similarly, the sharp Metal Element Power had sliced a bloody gash across its abdomen.


The two Monster Beasts stood thousands of metres apart and glared at each other across the distance. All of a sudden, they turned around in unison and looked in Yang Kai’s direction with vigilant expressions. It was obvious that they noticed his presence.


Yang Kai did not dare to be careless and hurriedly drew upon the power of his Dragon Source to reveal his Dragon Clan aura.


Although these two Monster Beasts looked like they were unrelated to the Dragon Clan, they were still Monster Beasts. As the head of the Divine Spirits, the Dragon Clan’s aura could act as a deterrent for almost all Monster Beasts.


The gorilla immediately let out a roar; likewise, the wolf bared its fangs at Yang Kai. The two enormous Monster Beasts were unhappy that Yang Kai’s arrival had interrupted their life-and-death struggle.


Even so, Yang Kai showed no fear and rushed straight at them. He held Qu Hua Shang up with one hand and took out the Proprietress’ Divine Ability Bead with his other, holding it up high above his head.


Both the gazes of the gorilla and the wolf were immediately drawn towards the Divine Ability Bead. The two enormous Monster Beasts could instinctively sense that the tiny bead contained terrifying power; thus, they both took a few steps back while looking extremely grim.


Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief at the sight. He was afraid that the two Monster Beasts would attack him out of rage. If that was the case, then he had no choice but to activate the Divine Ability Bead. That would mean that he was forced to use his final trump card in this place. It was a huge loss that was not worth the benefits.


Fortunately, the sentience of the two Monster Beasts was not that low. They could tell that Yang Kai was a tough opponent, so they only watched him warily and did not do anything else.


Atop the mountains, a majestic Monster Qi permeated the air. The two enormous Monster Beasts were facing each other as Yang Kai slipped between them to stand right in the middle of their stand-off and breathed out heavily. He was in no hurry to leave. Since these two Monster Beasts were mortal enemies, they would not recklessly attack him as that would only give their opponent an advantage that could be exploited.


At this moment, Yang Kai was standing right on the balance point between them. It might look dangerous, but it was actually fairly safe. It was like standing in the eye of the storm. Yang Kai then turned around, his gaze becoming incredibly chilly.


*Shua shua shua…* Three bursts of noise, like something cutting through the air, rang out before the figures of Yin Xin Zhao and the others appeared and stopped nearby.


Yin Xin Zhao furrowed his brow deeply, glancing at the gorilla and the wolf. The depths of his gaze were overflowing with fear. Yang Kai had the courage to stand between these two Monster Beasts, but he did not. He did not dare to rashly attack Yang Kai either. He was as good as dead if the two Monster Beasts misunderstood his intentions.


“Yin Xin Zhao!” Yang Kai calmly stared forward, “This Yang will not forget what you did today! I will definitely pay you back a hundred times over for this!”


Yin Xin Zhao was silent. Besides, there was no point in saying anything in this situation. He could only hate the fact that he failed to catch Yang Kai in time; otherwise, how could he tolerate such impertinence?




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