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Martial Peak – Chapter 4266, Heartless Dao

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When they walked through the city gates, one of the cultivators on guard noticed the young man and hurriedly cupped his fists in greeting, “Big Brother Wu Xin.”


One of the younger cultivators laughed, “Big Brother Wu Xin, you truly are amazing. You captured them so easily. Are these two people from Emerald Thunder City?”


The young man shook his head, “No. They are Outer World visitors.”


“Outer World visitors!?” Everybody looked stunned to hear those words and curiously studied Yang Kai with a measuring gaze.


Although they lived in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, they had all heard their Elders talking about the Outer World visitors. It was said that every few hundred years, a group of people would enter this world from the outside before disappearing after some time. Nevertheless, it was not until today that many of them saw what an Outer World visitor looked like for the first time.


They discovered that the Outer World visitors were not much different from themselves. Moreover, this man was covered in wounds, so it was obvious that he had fought recently. On the other hand, the woman was unconscious. Her complexion was pale and her aura was weak.


“That’s enough. Guard this place carefully.” The young man waved his hands to dismiss the others before leading the group into the city.


The streets in the city were very spacious with row upon row of houses located in the surroundings. Yang Kai looked around while walking but did not notice anything special about this place. It looked no different from the cities that could be found everywhere in the outside world.


Under the guidance of the young man, they headed straight towards the building in the middle of the city. This place was most likely the City Lord’s Mansion. The young man contacted somebody once they arrived and gave a brief report about the situation before requesting that this matter be reported to the City Lord so that they could decide on how to deal with Yang Kai.


That person immediately entered the City Lord’s Mansion; however, he soon came back out with a frown on his face, “Senior Brother Fan, the City Lord is currently in retreat. She previously ordered that she was not to be disturbed unless it was for an important matter. What would you…”


Similarly, Fan Wu Xin frowned upon hearing those words and only spoke up after pondering in silence for a bit, “In that case, please place these two in custody for now. We can discuss this matter again once the City Lord comes out of retreat.”


“Many thanks, Senior Brother Fan.” That person cupped his fists.


It didn’t take long for Fan Wu Xin to bring Yang Kai to an underground prison where he gestured with his head, “Get in.”


Yang Kai glanced at Fan Wu Xin and said nothing. Carrying Qu Hua Shang in his arms, he squeezed into the prison. He had no intention of arguing with the other party as he was currently a prisoner. Besides, the prison might be on the smaller side, but there were no strange odours. It was also very clean and even had a small bed inside.


Fan Wu Xin stood at the door of the prison cell and said, “Please make do with this place for a few days. The City Lord will meet you after she comes out of retreat.”


Yang Kai did not respond. His most pressing concern was treating his wounds. Once he had recovered, nobody in this small city would be able to lift a finger against him; therefore, there was nothing to be worried about. More importantly, the other party believed that he was helpless after being restrained by the Firm Yuan Nail, not realizing that he was not affected in the slightest.


Fan Wu Xin was about to turn and leave when the look in his eyes suddenly changed. He lowered his head and glanced in the direction of Yang Kai’s waist. Then, he reached out his hand and grabbed the wooden token hanging there. After taking a closer look at the token, he asked curiously, “Where did you get this?”


This token was something the Proprietress had given to Yang Kai. Back at the palace in the middle of the lake, Yang Kai had made a bluff and hung this token on his waist to frighten Black Crow Divine Monarch. He had been fleeing for his life with Qu Hua Shang since then, so he had not had the time to store it away.


Judging by the way Fan Wu Xin spoke, it would seem that he recognised the token.


Yang Kai’s eyes flashed for a moment, but without answering the question, he countered with one of his own, “What is this token?”


Fan Wu Xin glanced at Yang Kai deeply. Frowning, he did not say anything more. He closed the door and turned to leave without returning the token to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai did not ask for the token back. That was something the Proprietress had given him, so he could not lose the token so easily. He would just have to retrieve it once he recovered from his injuries.


Putting Qu Hua Shang on the small bed, Yang Kai finally let out a shallow breath of relief.


This trip to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven had completely exhausted him. Aside from the first few days where things were relatively peaceful, he was first hunted by Black Crow Divine Monarch and subsequently chased by Yin Xin Zhao. And now, he was being imprisoned in this place. It could be said that his entire journey had been full of ups and downs.


Fortunately, he would finally have some peace for the next few days. With his regenerative abilities, he should be able to recover most of his strength in short order.


He placed his hand on Qu Hua Shang’s wrist to check the condition of her injuries, but the results made him frown. Her injuries were quite severe and her strength was almost completely exhausted. It was obvious that she had struggled desperately to escape from Yin Xin Zhao during the two days that he was unconscious.


Taking out some Spirit Pills, he ate some himself before stuffing the rest into her mouth.


The bed was too small and could only accommodate one person; therefore, Yang Kai flipped himself onto the bed and sat cross-legged at its head. He then placed Qu Hua Shang’s head on his lap and held her wrist with one hand. Activating the Wood Element Power in his Dao Seal, he poured the pure energy into her body while simultaneously treating his own injuries.


The Wood Element Power condensed from the essence of the Immortal Tree contained astonishing healing effects, and in less than an hour, Qu Hua Shang groaned softly and her lashes trembled slightly.


“Senior Sister Qu,” Yang Kai called out softly.


Qu Hua Shang’s long lashes fluttered harder and after a long while, she slowly opened her eyes and immediately looked up to see Yang Kai looking down at her. Blinking, she asked, “Junior Brother, are we dead?”


“No. We’re alive and well.” He smiled.


“No wonder it hurts so much.” She forced a smile, but her complexion was still as pale as a sheet of paper.


Yang Kai shook his head and chided lightly, “Since you’re awake, Senior Sister, then don’t get distracted. Your top priority should be to treat your injuries.”


Nodding weakly, she closed her eyes and began circulating some kind of Secret Art. She could clearly sense a powerful and energetic force flowing into her body through Yang Kai’s palm. Wherever that energy flowed, her injuries healed at an unimaginable speed. She initially thought that it would take her one or two months just to recover; however, judging by the current situation, it would not take longer than a few days at most. Hence, she was secretly amazed at how high the Order of the Wood Element Power Yang Kai must have condensed was.


She might not have condensed a Seventh-Order Element herself, but she was certain that what she was experiencing was not something a Seventh-Order Power could accomplish. A Seventh-Order Wood Element would simply not have such astonishing regenerative properties. [Is it an Eighth-Order? Or even… a Ninth-Order? Just what did Junior Brother condense for him to obtain such a horrifyingly powerful Wood Element Power!?]


Another half a day passed and her cheeks were now much rosier than before while her aura had stabilised somewhat. It was not until this moment that she realised she had been sleeping on Yang Kai’s lap all this while. Moreover, they were even sharing a small bed inside a tiny stone room.


“Junior Brother, what is this place?” She asked curiously.


He answered, “Inside a city.”


“A city?”


“En.” He nodded, “There are many natives inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, and this place is one of the cities where a group of natives reside. We were captured and brought back here.”


“Then, aren’t we prisoners?” She exclaimed in surprise. [Just what happened after I fell unconscious? How did we get captured by the natives?]


“I guess.” Yang Kai chuckled.


“What do we do now?” Her expression changed. [Who knows whether these natives have any malicious intentions towards us?]


“Since we’re already here, then we might as well see how things play out. Let’s just focus on recovering for now. What can they do to us once we are fully healed?”


She frowned and anxiously said, “I’m worried that they might do something to us before we recover completely. No, we can’t just do nothing and wait for death. Junior Brother, please cultivate with me.”


Yang Kai’s eyes bulged as he stared at her, feeling speechless, “Senior Sister, you’re becoming delirious again.”


She immediately retorted, “Don’t you dare knock me out again!”


The last time she had mentioned something similar, Yang Kai had knocked her unconscious without any hesitation; therefore, she immediately became vigilant upon hearing those words.


Yang Kai was truly exasperated as he grumbled, “What does our current situation have to do with cultivating together?”


“As a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven disciple, I have been cultivating a Yin-Yang Secret Technique since I was young. If we engage in Yin-Yang Union Cultivation, then we can recover even faster.”


“Even without doing that, our recovery is not slow.” Yang Kai chuckled.


“But, time is of the essence right now, Junior Brother.”


Yang Kai fell silent for a moment before he sternly replied, “Senior Sister, Yin-Yang Union Cultivation should only be done between people who are deeply in love with one another. This is a major life event; you should think this over carefully.”


“Of course, I know that! Junior Brother, you are a great candidate!” She stared at him with clear eyes. It was just that her charming beauty in addition to her weakened state made her even more alluring than ever.


He was stared at so intently that he couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable. Thus, he shifted his gaze away and muttered, “Including meeting here in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, you and I have only met each other twice, Senior Sister. You don’t know what kind of man I am. On the same note, I’m not sure what kind of character Senior Sister has. With such a loveless foundation, how will we blend with each other seamlessly and perform something like Yin-Yang Union Cultivation?”


“Feelings can slowly be nurtured in the future,” she said confidently, “I’m certain that you will surely fall for me once we’ve performed Yin-Yang Union Cultivation!”


Yang Kai scowled and spoke sternly, “Senior Sister, I am not talking about performing Yin-Yang Union Cultivation. I am talking about your lifelong happiness. You are so beautiful and intelligent, Senior Sister Qu. You should find somebody who is worthy of entrusting the rest of your life to.”


She replied, “But, I’ve already found one.”


Yang Kai was on the verge of a mental breakdown, feeling as though he could not communicate with her at all. What he could be certain of was that she had some feelings of admiration for him, just as he did for her. But, there was absolutely no love between them. How could she speak about dual cultivating together so easily?


“Junior Brother, do you think this Senior Sister is a woman without morals?” She suddenly asked.


“Why would I?” He shook his head. Over the past few days of interaction, he had more or less grasped her personality. She was not a loose woman. Otherwise, she would not mention that she had never tasted a man before. With her looks, who could resist her temptation and seduction if she really put her mind to it?


She broke into a wide smile, “In that case, why do you refuse to cultivate with me, Junior Brother?”


The conversation went full circle and came back to this topic again, so Yang Kai countered her question with one of his own, “Senior Sister, why are you so insistent on cultivating with me?”


Qu Hua Shang paused for a moment before explaining, “I’ll have to find somebody sooner or later. Junior Brother Yang is an outstanding man. I’ll never find somebody like you again if I let you slip away. You don’t understand. What I cultivate is the Heartless Dao.”


“The Heartless Dao?”


She nodded, “As a Yin-Yang Cave Heaven disciple, I must first cultivate the heart in order to advance into the Open Heaven Realm. We can either cultivate the Heartfelt Dao or the Heartless Dao. And, I am cultivating the latter.”



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