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Martial Peak – Chapter 4268, What Did You Come Back Here For

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“I know a little bit, but I will only know whether or not it’s as I believe once I meet the person in question.” Tan Luo Xing clenched the Wooden Token in his hand and looked up, “Where are those two right now?”


Fan Wu Xin said, “The woman is unconscious due to severe injuries while the man is sealed by the Firm Yuan Nails. They are currently being imprisoned in the dungeon.”


“I’ll go and take a look.” After saying that, Tan Luo Xing turned around and left.


[In the end, he didn’t say anything about the Wooden Token….] Although Fan Wu Xin was annoyed, he could not inquire further into the matter. After ruminating over something for a bit, he got up and followed Tan Luo Xing.



Inside the dungeon, Yang Kai was adjusting his breathing when he abruptly opened his eyes and sent a transmission to Qu Hua Shang, “Be careful, Senior Sister. Someone is coming.”


Qu Hua Shang hurriedly sat up at those words, her bright eyes watching the door of the prison vigilantly. All of a sudden, she felt Yang Kai’s aura weaken considerably. She immediately understood his intentions and restrained her own energy, pretending that she was still seriously injured and on the verge of death, her complexion as pale as could be.


The two of them had only just finished preparing their ruse when a voice rang out from outside the door, “Greetings, Elder Tan!”


Another person grunted faintly in response, “Are the two people that Deacon Fan captured inside?”




“Open the door. I’m going in to take a look.”




Soon, the door of the prison cell opened and a beardless middle-aged man with a fair face walked in. His expression was gloomy and slightly anxious. When he looked up and saw Yang Kai, he immediately paused at the door of the cell and a hint of astonishment flashed across his eyes before he blurted out, “It’s you!?”


“Huh?” Yang Kai stared at the man suspiciously. [What is he talking about? Do we know each other?]


“So many years have passed. What did you come back here for!?” The middle-aged man shouted again.


Yang Kai was utterly confused; he had no idea what the middle-aged man was talking about.


Just as Yang Kai was about to inquire about the situation, the middle-aged man’s expression suddenly turned savage and he gave a low laugh, “It doesn’t matter. Since you came back, die!”


Whilst saying so, he raised a hand and pushed his palm towards Yang Kai as the Power of the Five Elements swirled around him.


From the strength of his attack, he had obviously condensed Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Elements. Moreover, he must have been immersed in this Realm for many years because his control over his Five Element Powers was incredibly refined and potent. Among all the other Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Masters that Yang Kai had met so far, none of them could surpass this man in this regard.


Moreover, this attack was very aggressive and overflowing with murderous intent. It was obvious that the middle-aged man intended to take Yang Kai’s life.


Yang Kai immediately lost his temper. He had never met this man before, so why was he trying to kill him at their first meeting!?


If he had not neutralized the Firm Yuan Nails that were placed on him earlier, Yang Kai would have been helpless in the face of this attack. Fortunately, he was no longer bound by such restraints.


Lifting his hand, Yang Kai threw his own palm forward while drawing the powers of his Dao Seal. His clothes flapped about wildly, making rustling noises even though there was no wind.




Yang Kai’s figure swayed slightly and the small bed under him immediately shattered into dust.


On the other hand, the middle-aged man’s expression changed drastically as he was sent flying backward, coughing up a mouthful of fresh blood in mid-air.


The violent force from their exchange swirled and swept out in all directions. The dungeon was unable to withstand the impact and came crashing down with a loud rumble.


“Let’s go!” Yang Kai grabbed Qu Hua Shang’s waist with one hand and shot upward.


At this moment, Fan Wu Xin was hurrying towards the dungeon, but before he could even reach the entrance, he suddenly heard a violent explosion coming from below. It was followed by the distinctive sounds of battle. He was startled, not knowing what was going on. Before he could understand the situation, the ground collapsed without warning and two figures flashed out from the opening to land not far away from him.


Turning around to look in that direction, Fan Wu Xin was shocked by the sight that greeted him. [Isn’t that man and woman the two Outer World visitors whom I captured and brought back recently!?]


When he captured them, the woman had been seriously injured and unconscious as a result. Furthermore, he had planted the Firm Yuan Nails in that man himself. Logically speaking, it was impossible for the other party to exert any strength at this moment, but looking at Yang Kai’s abundant vitality and violent Qi… There were no traces of weakness at all.


*Hong hong hong…* More figures emerged from below, all of them covered in dust. One of them was pale-faced and had blood trickling out of the corners of his mouth.


Fan Wu Xin cried out in shock, “Elder Tan!”


The person who seemed to be injured was none other than Tan Luo Xing, who had parted ways with him earlier. Judging by Tan Luo Xing’s appearance, Fan Wu Xin could tell that the former had been injured by the Outer World visitor. Thus, he couldn’t help feeling horrified by the discovery.


He had a clear understanding of just how strong Tan Luo Xing was. The number of people in Abundance City who could win against Tan Luo Xing could be counted on one hand. Besides, it had not been long since they separated. [How did Tan Luo Xing get wounded so quickly? How strong is this Outer World visitor for him to do something like this in such a short period of time!?]


“Cough… Cough, cough!” Tan Luo Xing coughed lightly and spat out the blood in his mouth. Staring at Yang Kai with a mixture of shock and horror, he shouted furiously, “This person is not an Outer World visitor! He is a spy from Emerald Thunder City! Don’t let him escape!”


When that order rang out, a group of people immediately gathered around from all directions.


Fan Wu Xin was stunned. [How did these two get tangled up with Emerald Thunder City? Could it be that I was mistaken previously? Are they not Outer World visitors but actual spies? Elder Tan must have his own reasons for saying this but…]


He had no time to think. Hurriedly summoning his longsword, he joined the encirclement.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai was holding Qu Hua Shang by the waist with one hand, his expression gloomy. He had willingly let himself be captured in this place because he had urgently needed to find a quiet spot to recuperate from his injuries. Who could have known that he would be accused of being a spy and attacked before he had the chance to recover completely? It was only natural that he was in a foul mood.


Although he had yet to recover fully at the moment, he was no longer as weak as he was before. It was true that he could not exert his complete strength, but it was not a problem for him to fight at 80% of his maximum. For that reason, he was not scared in the slightest even though a lot of people were gathering around. It was just that this place was the enemies’ territory, so it would be rather troublesome if it came down to a fight.


Therefore, he turned to look at the middle-aged man coldly and asked, “You, are you misunderstanding something?”


“Misunderstanding?” Tan Luo Xing snarled, “Even if you turned into ashes, I would still be able to recognise you! What do you mean by misunderstanding!? What are you all doing!? Kill him!”


Following his command, more than ten figures lunged at Yang Kai from all directions. Every one of them used killing moves as their energy swirled wildly around them.


Seeing that, Yang Kai did not dare to underestimate them. He lifted his hand and summoned the Azure Dragon Spear into his grip. A bright light flashed, seemingly shocking the entire world as spear shadows flew in all directions.


Numerous cries of agony rang out as the people who threw themselves at Yang Kai were all thrown backwards. Each one of them collapsed to the ground, bleeding profusely.


The others in the surroundings were shocked by the sight. [Just who the Hell is this guy!? How is he so fierce!? Is he really a spy from Emerald Thunder City!?]


It was only a short moment of hesitation, but Yang Kai had already broken out of the encirclement during that time. Everywhere he passed, a reign of terror was left in his wake.


Fan Wu Xin was completely dumbfounded as a chill ran down from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. He had not realised just how powerful this man was when he first led his men to capture these two people. If this man had revealed such ability at that time, he and his men would not have been able to return alive. It was obvious that the other party had been terribly injured earlier but had recovered somewhat now.


“Watch out, Deacon Fan!” A shout broke Fan Wu Xin out of his daze. He looked up and felt fear flooding his heart. The Outer World visitor was charging straight in his direction, sending numerous figures flying along the way. Fresh blood splattered across the skies and screams reverberated through the air.


Fan Wu Xin quickly focused himself. With death looming right before his eyes, he slashed his sword wildly, sending out a torrent of sword waves towards the enemy.


There seemed to be no end to the sounds of the sword waves slicing through the air, completely obscuring the figure of the Outer World visitor.


[Did I get him?] Fan Wu Xin frowned, still feeling extremely uneasy.




It was as if a giant ominous beast had rushed out from ancient-history. When the sword waves shattered, Fan Wu Xin saw a spear rapidly enlarging in front of his eyes!


[Oh, no!] He wanted to avoid the attack, but that spear seemed to block out all the light in front of him. There was no way for him to dodge.


[I’m going to die!] The moment that thought appeared, Fan Wu Xin felt an intense pain coming from somewhere in his body and immediately collapsed to the ground. A short while later though, he was stunned to discover that he was still breathing. Looking down, he saw that he was covered in blood and there was a wound at his waist area that had penetrated right through his body! Nevertheless, considering his Half-Step Open Heaven Realm cultivation, such an injury could be considered neither light nor serious because his vitals had not been destroyed. 


[I can’t believe I’m not dead! Did he miss?]


All of a sudden, a series of groaning sounds entered Fan Wu Xin’s ears. Looking up, he was stunned by the sight before him. All the people who were defeated by the Outer World visitor earlier were injured and bleeding, but not one of them had died!


After witnessing this scene, how could Fan Wu Xin not understand? The other party had not missed; rather, he had held back! He had no intention of killing anybody and was simply fighting back and defending himself.


Fan Wu Xin looked around once more and saw countless cultivators of Abundance City continuing to besiege the Outer World visitor; however, none of them could even slow him down. Yang Kai left a path of destruction everywhere he went, mowing down his opponents as easily as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood. On the other hand, the cultivators of Abundance City were cut down like wheat in a storm, collapsing to the ground one after another.


[Is he really Human!?] Fan Wu Xin looked dumbstruck.


“Kill him!” Tan Luo Xing roared furiously with a savage expression as he, too, charged in the direction where Yang Kai was located.


Fan Wu Xin hurriedly followed suit after circulating his strength to staunch his bleeding. There was no other choice. He was the one who captured these people in the first place, so he could not just leave them be. Although the other party was still showing mercy, Fan Wu Xin could not just sit around and watch as he caused such a huge commotion in Abundance City.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai charged forward with his spear in hand, fighting his way through the city. He was extremely annoyed by now. It was not a pleasant experience to be besieged for no reason. Although he believed that there was a misunderstanding, he had no idea who to approach to resolve the situation. Thus, he could only fight while running. He initially wanted to find a way to leave the city, but he couldn’t find the exit at all. This city was guarded by a powerful Spirit Array and there seemed to be no way out unless it was deactivated or opened.


He had not killed any of the native cultivators here so as not to create an irresolvable grudge between the two sides. There was still room for resolving this misunderstanding as long as he did not kill anybody. On the contrary, he would have no choice but to fight to the end if he launched a slaughter.


Fortunately, all the cultivators in this city were now aware of Yang Kai’s strength after his astonishing display just now. Nobody dared to approach him carelessly, but there was still a large group of people surrounding him from afar no matter where he went. Even though they had him surrounded though, they were the ones gulping nervously as terror and panic filled their faces.


Yang Kai held his spear in hand while Qu Hua Shang followed behind him at a leisurely pace. The more she watched this Junior Brother of hers, the deeper her impression of how extraordinary he was grew. When she thought back to the hardships and dangers that they experienced together, an indescribable and unfamiliar emotion began to blossom in her heart.



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