Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4269, Recognizing the Wrong Person


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Abundance City was a complete mess. Countless cultivators were gathered around in all directions with Yang Kai at their centre. Most of these cultivators looked terrified and were nervously gulping. They moved quickly with Yang Kai’s every movement, maintaining a distance of several dozen metres from him at all times.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai scurried around the city with Qu Hua Shang in tow. He had failed to locate the exit of this city’s Grand Array despite searching for over an incense stick worth of time; thus, his patience was wearing thin. He reached out a hand and Space Principles fluctuated before a young man appeared in his grasp.


That young man had originally been standing fifty metres away from Yang Kai, but before he could realise what was going on, he felt something tightening around his neck. He looked up and saw Yang Kai staring at him with a dark expression. Screaming in fear, he instinctively tried to fight back; however, a mighty force filled the other party’s palm and flooded his body, making him unable to exert any strength at all.


“Where’s the exit!?” Yang Kai asked sullenly.


Pale with fright, the young man swallowed nervously. A look of hesitation and struggle flashed across his face, but he soon closed his eyes and grit his teeth with a look that indicated he was resigned to his fate.


“How brave!” Yang Kai coldly snorted. Increasing the strength in his hand slightly, he threatened the young man, “I’ll ask you one last time. Where is the exit!? I’ll kill you if you don’t talk!”


The young man gritted his teeth tightly together. Even though he looked extremely frightened, he refused to say a single word.


Yang Kai turned to look at his surroundings. Countless pairs of eyes stared back at him, flickering with fright and anger as though he was some kind of wicked villain. He was so furious that he wanted to laugh. Lifting the young man in his hand high into the air, he snarled savagely, “Release the city’s Grand Array and let me out! Otherwise, I will raze this entire city to the ground and leave no man alive!”


Nobody responded, but his words made everybody’s expression change drastically. Nobody answered his demand either. It could be seen that although this city and population was not very large, they were incredibly united. Thinking about it, it was not that strange. Every corner of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was filled with danger, so if natives were not unified, it would be difficult for them to survive in this harsh environment.


“Junior Brother, are we really going to kill them?” Qu Hua Shang asked in a whisper.


“Senior Sister, please don’t be impatient. Just follow me closely.”


“En!” She nodded and snuggled tightly against him.


Afterward, Yang Kai turned his head to look at the middle-aged man who attacked him earlier. [The people here called him ‘Elder Tan’. He probably holds some sway in this city. I might be able to discover the location of the Grand Array’s portal from this man.]


When Tan Luo Xing noticed Yang Kai looking in his direction, his expression changed considerably and he subconsciously took several steps back. He had exchanged blows with Yang Kai back at the prison, which nearly resulted in his death; therefore, he had a deep understanding of the latter’s strength. This man was not somebody he could defeat. In fact, they could not stop him even after all the forces within Abundance City were mobilised. At this point, he seriously doubted that anybody in Abundance City could prevent Yang Kai from wiping out this city if so chose to.


At this moment, a shadow rushed over and landed not far away from Yang Kai. It transformed into a girl that looked quite young. She was dressed like a maidservant and in addition, she had a playful and pure appearance. 


Upon seeing the situation within the city, the young girl revealed an expression of astonishment. Then, her beautiful eyes landed on Yang Kai. She swept a measuring gaze over his body as though trying to assess him.


“Be careful, Lady Jing! This person…” Fan Wu Xin shouted. After mulling for a long while, he finally added, “He is unfathomable!”


Lady Jing nodded lightly. Giving Yang Kai an elegant bow, she gently said, “This maid greets you, Sir!”


“What do you want?” Yang Kai glanced sideways at her.


She said, “I wouldn’t dare. The City Lord wishes to speak with you!”


“The City Lord?” Yang Kai squinted at the location in the middle of the city. Fan Wu Xin had brought him there once, but the City Lord had been in retreat at the time. That was why he and Qu Hua Shang were eventually thrown into the dungeon.


[It seems that all the commotion I caused here has roused the City Lord from her retreat. Nevertheless, this City Lord is certainly quite an interesting woman.] Even though he had made such a huge fuss in Abundance City, this person was still inviting him over for a chat. It went to show that the other party was either very generous, or was as timid as a mouse. Judging by the maid servant’s attitude, the former was more probable.


Just as Yang Kai was about to nod in agreement, Tan Luo Xing suddenly shouted, “You can’t! This person is a spy sent by Emerald Thunder City! Furthermore, he is very strong! If we recklessly allow him to approach the City Lord, the consequences will be dire! Everybody, please work with me to kill this man to prevent any further troubles!”


Yang Kai was furious. [Just what is wrong with this Tan Luo Xing!? Why does he keep accusing me of being a spy from Emerald Thunder City!?]


Listening to those accusations caused his murderous intent to rise, tempting him to kill this person on the spot with his spear!


Lady Jing, however, smiled and refuted, “Elder Tan, please watch what you say. The City Lord has made her decision. What’s more, if this man is as strong as you say, were he a spy sent by Emerald Thunder City, the city would be flowing with rivers of blood by this point. Nobody in Abundance City can stop him after all. However, that is not the case. While it is true that many of our people have been injured, not a single of them lost their life. It can be seen that this man has held back. I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding somewhere!”


[At least the City Lord is sensible.] Yang Kai nodded to himself, the rage in his heart subsiding slightly.


“Sir, Madame, please come this way!” After saying that, she turned sideways and gestured with her hand to show them the way.


Qu Hua Shang blushed, “I’m not a Madame.”


It was her first time being addressed in that manner, so it felt strange to her ears.


“Lead the way.” Yang Kai put away the Azure Dragon Spear, released the young man in his grasp, and nodded in acknowledgement.


Lady Jing looked to the side, “Deacon Fan, please come with us. I heard that you are the one who brought this Sir and Lady back.”


“Yes!” Fan Wu Xin responded as he clutched at his waist with one hand, his complexion pale. That spot was where Yang Kai had stabbed him with his spear earlier. Even now, the bleeding has not stopped completely.


“Everyone, please disperse. Those who are injured should receive proper treatment for your wounds!” Lady Jing waved her hands to dismiss the others before stepping forward to lead the way.


On the other hand, Tan Luo Xing could only watch helplessly as Yang Kai and the others departed. He was anxious and furious, but unfortunately, it was impossible to stop them with his current strength alone. He clenched his fists and ground his teeth, knowing that he was finished the moment that person entered the City Lord’s Mansion. He would no longer have a place in Abundance City. Staring in the direction of the City Lord’s Mansion that held so many of his memories, he immediately flew towards his residence.




The City Lord’s Mansion was probably the largest building in Abundance City. Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang had been here before, but they had not been able to enter at the time. Now though, they had a smooth journey under Lady Jing’s guidance and soon arrived at the Main Hall. Lady Jing stopped outside the doors and announced, “City Lord, I’ve brought them here.”


“Since you’re here, then please come in.” A gentle voice came from within.


“Sir, please come this way!” Lady Jing gestured forward.


Yang Kai nodded and strode inside with Qu Hua Shang. Upon entering the Main Hall, he immediately felt a dozen or so Divine Senses shrouding him. He looked up and saw four people sitting at the head of the hall. There were two on each side, including both men and women. The others were hidden in the shadows, remaining alert and vigilant against him.


He was not bothered by their attitudes; after all, he had caused a huge commotion in the city earlier. Even if they invited him here, it was only natural that they took some precautions.


Meanwhile, the four people sitting in the Main Hall were on par with Elder Tan in terms of strength. They were probably the highest-level Elders in Abundance City. Besides them, a woman dressed in imperial dress sat demurely on the head seat located at the central platform.


When their gazes met, Yang Kai discovered that this woman looked to be in her thirties. Time had not left any traces on her face and her appearance was dignified, looking like a true Young Lady of the house.


What surprised him even more was that the City Lord abruptly stood up from her chair the moment their gazes met. She was not the only one to do so as the other people sitting around them had the same reaction. All of them stood up abruptly and stared at him in shock. In addition, the City Lord’s eyes reddened, her breathing quickened, and her body trembled lightly. She covered her red lips with one hand.


“It’s you!?” An elderly man on the left shouted.


Yang Kai turned to look in that direction and studied the man, having no clue who he was.


He had heard these words twice now. The first time was when Elder Tan met him, and the second was in this place. That was not all. The people here had reacted strangely when they saw him, so much so that the City Lord even lost all her composure for some reason.


Yang Kai frowned as various thoughts ran through his head, “Have you mistaken me for somebody else?”


If they did not mistake him for somebody else, then how could they have these kinds of reactions?


As soon as those words left his mouth, everybody stiffened in surprise; then, they all turned to look at the City Lord in unison.


The City Lord’s eyes were red as she called out, “Ting Yu… is that you?”


Her voice trembled slightly, sounding weak and desolate. Like a woman calling out to her lover after waiting for many years. Her voice was filled with longing but also mixed with a trace of resentment.


Upon hearing the name ‘Ting Yu’, Yang Kai immediately understood what was going on. The people here had indeed mistaken him for somebody else.


“Madame, are you referring to Lan Ting Yu?” Yang Kai asked.


Everybody was stunned once more. The City Lord’s tender body trembled at those words. Her figure fluttered lightly as she came to stand in front of Yang Kai. She studied him carefully while weeping softly; however, her expression became disappointed after taking a closer look at him, “You’re not him!”


She slowly shook her head repeatedly. Turning around, she slowly walked back to her seat and sat down as though all the strength in her body was gone. Even her complexion looked lifeless.


The elderly man who spoke up earlier took a good look at Yang Kai and asked suspiciously, “Are you not Lan Ting Yu?”


Yang Kai cupped his fist, “Yang Kai greets fellow cultivators!”


Everybody exchanged glances with each other when they heard his greeting while one of the women couldn’t stop herself from muttering, “How can they look so alike?”


Another middle-aged man said, “It’s probably not Brother Lan. It has been nearly a thousand years since we last saw Brother Lan, but this man still looks so young.”


“Yes. What Elder Pang says makes sense.”


“Could he be a descendant of Brother Lan’s? Otherwise, how can they be so alike?” The last person who abruptly voiced out a whimsical thought was a fatty. The words had just left his mouth when the woman next to him viciously stomped on his foot. The pain was so intense that he grimaced and he called out, “Why did you step on my foot!?”


That woman glared at the fatty fiercely and gestured upwards with her mouth.


The fatty immediately fell silent and sneakily stole a glance in that direction. The City Lord was staring at Yang Kai blankly, her eyes seemingly flashing with memories of the distant past.




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