Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4271, Golden Gorilla King


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Yang Kai’s eyes lit up at those words and he quickly asked, “Does Abundance City have any Seventh-Order Yin or Metal Element Monster Cores?”


Pang Duo laughed bitterly at those words, “Little Brother Yang, do you think we have the strength to kill a Seventh-Order Monster Beast? If a Seventh-Order Monster Beast were to appear here, Abundance City would have been razed to the ground a long time ago. We don’t have any Sixth-Order Monster Cores in stock in Abundance City either. If you need any Fifth-Order Monster Cores, then we might be able to share some with you.”


[What use are Fifth-Order Monster Cores to me?] Abundance City had existed for thousands of years, so Yang Kai originally thought that it would have accumulated some Monster Cores over the years. There was a possibility that they had what he needed. Only now did he learn that Abundance City was not as wealthy as he imagined.


It made sense when he thought about it though. He estimated that a Seventh-Order Monster Beast could exert strength equivalent to a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master. How could they win against a Seventh-Order Monster Beast with their strength?


Since there were no Seventh-Order Monster Cores available, then he had nothing else to ask for. In any case, he only came here to treat his wounds. Now that he was almost fully recovered, it was time for him to leave.


A blanket of silence fell over the scene.


“Wu Xin, why don’t you take your leave? You should get your wounds treated properly!” A short while later, Pang Duo dismissed Fan Wu Xin with a wave of his hand.


Fan Wu Xin left immediately.


At this moment, Jing’er returned. It was just that she was alone. Moreover, she had a strange expression on her face.


The generally taciturn Gong Yang Xi was puzzled and asked, “Where is Elder Tan?”


She replied, “I couldn’t find Elder Tan. His residence is empty.”


“How can that be?” Pang Duo was astonished, “Have you searched the city? Is Elder Tan treating his wounds somewhere else?”


Before she could respond, they heard a rush of footsteps coming from outside. Immediately after that, a person urgently shouted, “Reporting! Golden Gorilla King is here!”


“What!?” Jin Yuan Lang shouted. He was so shocked that he jumped up from his chair, “Why is he here again!? Didn’t he come here just a few days ago!?”


Likewise, the others also looked solemn. It was as though something major was about to happen.


Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang exchanged glances with each other. They did not know who this Golden Gorilla King was that he could make the people of Abundance City react like they were about to engage a formidable enemy.


“Reporting!” Another shout entered their ears. That shout was followed by a figure landing in the City Lord’s Main Hall.


“Speak!” Mo Mei shouted with great majesty.


That person cupped his fists, “City Lord, Elder Tan forcibly opened the Grand Array barrier and fled on his own just now. At this moment, the Grand Array is not functioning and the entrance to the city is wide open!”


“Bastard!” Mo Mei leapt to her feet with a furious roar while the expression of the others also changed greatly.


This truly was a case where ‘when it rained, it poured’. Golden Gorilla King’s sudden arrival was bad enough, but they could have dealt with the situation no matter how dangerous and critical it was so long as the Grand Array remained intact. However, Tan Luo Xing had forced open the Grand Array barrier and caused problems with its operation. It was like throwing Abundance City into the fire and roasting them on a stake. If they failed to handle this matter properly, there was a high chance that Abundance City would be reduced to ashes today.


Pang Duo was stunned, “Why did Elder Tan forcibly open the Grand Array? Why did he leave?”


Qu Hua Shang said, “Are you stupid? It’s obvious that bastard surnamed Tan ran away!”


“Ran away?” He sounded like he couldn’t believe it. He was just about to ask why Tan Luo Xing would flee when he suddenly realised something.


Tan Luo Xing clearly knew that he had been exposed for slandering Yang Kai. He was afraid of being punished by the City Lord and felt too humiliated to remain in Abundance City. That was why he hurriedly fled; after all, the commotion earlier was quite large. Although nobody died, it was only because Yang Kai had held back. Nevertheless, countless people were injured as a result.


If it wasn’t for Tan Luo Xing’s slanderous words, those incidents would not have occurred. As an Elder of Abundance City, he allowed jealousy to blind him, not only causing him to repay kindness with enmity and bring shame to Abundance City, but also resulting in great losses to Abundance City. Therefore, he simply had no face to stay.


“Leave aside the matters involving Elder Tan for now. Our priority at the moment is dealing with Golden Gorilla King!” Mo Mei walked down from the City Lord’s throne. Her voice was steady and her appearance was imposing as she began issuing orders, “Since he came here, he must want a tribute. He will leave as long as we can fulfil his requirements. Elder Mu, how many offerings does Abundance City have left?”


Mu Qian Xuan replied, “There’s not much left; only four or five Monster Cores at most. Golden Gorilla King usually only comes once or twice a year, so we have enough time to hunt Monster Beasts and gather the necessary tribute. It has only been a month since he last came here though. We emptied out our inventory at the time; moreover, the team we sent out to hunt Monster Beasts has yet to return. What tributes could we possibly have?”


Despite knowing that this was a possible outcome, Mo Mei still felt her heart sinking in despair after listening to Mu Qian Xuan’s report. Without enough tribute, they could not send Golden Gorilla King away peacefully. That could mean Annihilation for Abundance City.


“City Lord, Elders, Golden Gorilla King seems to be heavily injured,” the cultivator who reported this news earlier added.


“Golden Gorilla King is injured?” A light flashed in Gong Yang Xi’s eyes and he nodded, “That explains why he came back so soon. It’s obvious he wants the tributes to treat his wounds.”


Jin Yuan Lang smiled bitterly, “But, we don’t have any offerings for him. I wonder if he will become enraged.”


Mo Mei sighed, “Regardless of the circumstances, we should go out and meet him. Let’s hope it’s a blessing, not a curse. Even if it is a curse though, it can’t be avoided. It’s best if he can retreat peacefully. Otherwise… we can only draw upon the strength of the entire city to fight him.” After saying that, she turned to look at Yang Kai and added, “Sir Yang, Abundance City has wronged you regarding the matter with Elder Tan. Once this Queen finishes dealing with Golden Gorilla King, I will discuss the finer details with you.”


Yang Kai nonchalantly replied, “Please don’t worry about that, City Lord. As you’ve said, all this was caused by Elder Tan. What happened previously was just a big misunderstanding. On the other hand, I injured many of your people and should be asking for your forgiveness, City Lord Mo. As for this Golden Gorilla King, please allow us to come along if you don’t mind.”


Mo Mei glanced at him and gently nodded with a grateful expression on her face, “Many thanks, Sir Yang.”


Yang Kai had the strength to throw Abundance City into chaos, which clearly showed that he was very powerful. He could provide extra protection if he came along. Nevertheless, Mo Mei couldn’t help feeling ashamed. Abundance City was supposed to return Yang Kai a favour but instead a huge misunderstanding had caused him to suffer. Now, even after all that, he was voluntarily offering them his assistance.


[Sir Yang not only looks very similar to Ting Yu, but he also has the same old-fashioned compassion. If Lan Ting Yu had not rescued us back then, we would not have survived this long. We would have long been eaten by Monster Beasts.]


From Yang Kai’s point of view, Abundance City was jointly established with the help of the Proprietress and Yue He, so now that it was in trouble, he could not just sit back and ignore them. Although his injuries had yet to recover fully and he could not exert his complete strength, it would not be a problem for him to bring out 80% of his maximum.


While speeding forward, Yang Kai was just about to ask about Golden Gorilla King when he suddenly heard an Earth-shaking roar coming from not far away. This sound was a beast’s howl which clearly came from a Monster Beast Moreover… it also sounded very familiar, like he had heard this roar somewhere before. 


When he followed Mo Mei and the others to the Grand Array portal, Yang Kai looked out and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. [What a coincidence!]


At this moment, the barrier of Abundance City’s Grand Array had been damaged after being forcibly opened by Tan Luo Xing during his escape and could not close properly as a result. A gorilla glowing with golden light was standing in front of the wide-open portal with his hands on the ground and his head held high. He was several tens of metres tall. Not to mention, he was looking down on the crowd with a contemptuous gaze as though he was looking at a group of ants. Moreover, his expression seemed impatient.


A while ago, Yang Kai had witnessed this gorilla fighting a life-or-death battle with a wolf. Their fight had shaken the very world itself. Yang Kai previously used the gorilla and the wolf as a deterrent to escape Yin Xin Zhao and his lackeys before he later arrived at Abundance City.


When Mo Mei and the others mentioned a Golden Gorilla King, Yang Kai mistakenly assumed that they were referring to some powerful cultivator. Only now did he realise that the other party was actually a Sixth-Order Monster Beast!


Yang Kai did not know what the outcome of the fight between the gorilla and the wolf was; however, he had the feeling that the gorilla did not win. That was because Golden Gorilla King was covered in wounds and dripping with blood. It was obvious that the wolf had bitten him and torn large chunks of flesh from his body. Even the golden light covering him seemed a little dim and his aura was rather weak.


Mo Mei and the others came to a stop several hundred metres away from Golden Gorilla King, each of them wearing a solemn expression. They bowed to him before Mo Mei spoke, “Golden Gorilla King, why have you returned to Abundance City so quickly?”


Golden Gorilla King lowered his head and growled something. The meaning was unclear, but the way he behaved indicated that he understood what they were saying. It could be seen that his sentience was quite high.


Mo Mei shook her head, “We’ve handed all the tributes we gathered to you earlier. Abundance City does not have any offerings left. We are powerless to help you even if you come here!”




Golden Gorilla King flew into a rage. He lowered his head and let out a fierce howl, baring his fangs at them. A violent wind blew in their direction, causing Mo Mei’s hair to fly out in the wind. Even so, she remained motionless. Her expression did not change even when she stood in front of a furious Sixth-Order Monster Beast, showing her strong spiritual cultivation.


Mo Mei continued once the noise faded, “Abundance City will support you if you wish to treat your wounds. It’s just that we don’t have what you need. Nothing will change even if you lose your temper.”




Golden Gorilla King let out another furious roar. Not only did he roar louder than before, but he also ran around and smashed several houses with his fists. Afterward, he waved his enormous fist at Mo Mei and the others as though saying, ‘Are you scared?’


Many of the cultivators who had gathered around couldn’t help taking several steps back. On the other hand, Mo Mei did not move. She simply called out calmly, “You are injured right now. It’s best not to get angry so easily; otherwise, it will be harder for you to recover.”


Golden Gorilla King ignored her completely, like a child throwing a temper tantrum. He was enraged because he could not get what he wanted. Clenching his fists tightly, he punched the ground repeatedly. Violent Monster Qi spread out in all directions, causing many to look terrified.


Yang Kai quietly asked Jin Yuan Lang, who was standing next to him, “What does Golden Gorilla King want?”


Jin Yuan Lang answered with a bitter smile, “Metal Element Monster Beast Cores.”




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