Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4272, I’ll Show You What Big Is


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“A Metal Element Monster Beast Core?” Yang Kai could not hide his astonishment, “Why does it have to be of the Metal Element?”


“Little Brother Yang, you might be unaware of this fact.” Pang Duo leaned over, stroking his beard absent-mindedly while watching the raging Golden Gorilla King warily. He explained, “I don’t know about the Monster Beasts in the outside world; however, I’ve heard that there are some differences with the Monster Beasts here. The Monster Beasts here can strengthen themselves and recover from their injuries by consuming the Monster Cores of Monster Beasts of the same Element as them, thereby becoming more and more powerful.”


“The Monster Beasts here grow stronger through such a method?” Yang Kai was surprised at first, but he soon understood.


It wasn’t just the Monster Beasts in this place. There were many examples of Monster Beasts fighting for Monster Cores in the outside world too. Monster Beasts cultivated very differently from Humans. Humans had Secret Arts and Secret Techniques, but Monster Beasts did not. They relied completely on their instincts. If they felt that the Monster Core of another Monster Beast would be highly beneficial to them, they would not hold back if they could obtain it.


It was just that the Monster Beast Cores in the outside world usually contained a mixture of Attributes. It was not nearly as pure and singular compared to the Monster Beast Cores in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


“That’s right. The first time Golden Gorilla King appeared outside Abundance City, it had only just advanced to become a Sixth-Order Monster Beast. After so many years of receiving tribute from us, I’m afraid it’s not far from becoming a Seventh-Order Monster Beast.” Pang Duo’s eyes looked fearful.


They were no match for an ordinary Sixth-Order Monster Beast, so what more need be said about a Sixth-Order Monster Beast at its peak like Golden Gorilla King? One should not be fooled by its seriously wounded condition. If it really came down to a fight, the few thousands of people in Abundance City would not be enough to repel him.


Yang Kai asked curiously, “How did you manage to make an agreement with Golden Gorilla King to provide him with tributes?”


Jin Yuan Lang replied with a wry smile, “It’s not something that can be helped. Abundance City would have ceased to exist a long time ago if we refused to offer tribute. However, over the years, there have been several crises that Golden Gorilla King helped defend us against. He knows that we have value, so he allows us to exist in this place. If he decides that we no longer have any value though…”


A Monster Beast’s thoughts could not be inferred from Human common sense. If they failed to bring out a satisfactory tribute this time, there was no saying what kind of consequences they might face.


Abundance City and Golden Gorilla King seemed to be dependent on each other for survival. Although Abundance City was the weaker between the two, they could provide Golden Gorilla King with a steady supply of Metal Element Monster Beast Cores. It was for that reason that Golden Gorilla King would occasionally protect Abundance City from danger.


During their brief conversation, Golden Gorilla King was becoming more and more furious by the moment. He roared continuously, blowing a foul stench in their faces.


Mo Mei shouted, “Golden Gorilla King, I’m saying this for the last time! Abundance City does not have any tributes to offer at the moment, it’s useless no matter how angry you get! Why don’t you calm your anger and focus on healing yourself instead of wasting your energy in vain?”


Golden Gorilla King turned to glare at her, his crimson eyes filled with a cruel and ferocious light. All of a sudden, he raised his palm and slammed it down fiercely.


Mo Mei shouted, “Everybody, watch out!”


While shouting, she immediately moved to block the attack. Many of Abundance City’s cultivators trembled as they quickly used their respective Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques.


The moment they attacked in unison, the World Energy churned wildly. All sorts of Divine Abilities of various attributes transformed into a frenzy of attacks that shot towards Golden Gorilla King in different forms.


Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang looked at each other and saw the surprise in each other’s eyes.


Strictly speaking, the people in Abundance City could not be considered powerful. They were suppressed by the Principles in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven and could not advance into the Open Heaven Realm. It didn’t matter whether it was Mo Mei, the Elders, or the other cultivators; the strongest among them was only Half-Step Open Heaven Realm. In essence, their strength was still within the range of the Emperor Realm.


However, these Emperor Realm Masters seemed to be different from the Emperor Realm Masters in the outside world. That was especially true for Mo Mei, Pang Duo, and the other Elders. All of them had an overwhelmingly powerful and extremely pure Emperor Qi while the Divine Abilities that they could unleash were also incredibly powerful.


When Yang Kai fought Tan Luo Xing back then, he had noticed this distinction. Among those in the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Yang Kai knew, even Qu Hua Shang might not be Tan Luo Xing’s opponent. It had to be said that Qu Hua Shang had condensed the Sixth-Order Element Powers while Tan Luo Xing had only condensed Fifth-Order Powers. It would now seem that Tan Luo Xing was not a unique existence. It was the same case for Mo Mei and the other Elders.


After pondering over this matter for a while, Yang Kai understood the reason for this disparity.


In the outside world, people like Mo Mei and Pang Duo would have tried to advance into the Open Heaven Realm a long time ago. If they succeeded, they would experience a massive surge in strength. Of course, if they failed to break through, they would be reduced to ashes. There was no third possibility.


Unfortunately, the people in Abundance City were suppressed by the Principles in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven and could not advance any further. They had been stuck in the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm for thousands of years. For that reason, they could only find other ways to increase their strength. It was only natural that their use of their Open Heaven Elements became stronger and more refined after a long period of accumulation and precipitation. Similarly, the Divine Abilities that they could unleash were also more powerful.


Yang Kai was secretly surprised. It would not be difficult for Mo Mei, Pang Duo, and the others to advance into the Open Heaven Realm if they could find a suitable opportunity; after all, they had much lower chances of failure with such solid foundations.


While he was immersed in his thoughts, numerous Divine Abilities had already collided with the giant palm of Golden Gorilla King. A golden light shone brightly as sharp Metal Element Power shot out in all directions like countless sword lights.


A buzzing sound rang out endlessly and in an instant, many Abundance City cultivators collapsed to the ground with their fresh blood staining their surroundings red.


Mo Mei and the others might have stopped that giant palm for a moment with their Divine Abilities, but their efforts could not be sustained for much longer. Just as the palm was about to slam down, Mo Mei, Pang Duo, and the others did not hesitate to rush forward. They frantically drew upon their power and blocked the palm from below.




A golden force ran rampant and sliced through the sky. Countless small wounds appeared on everybody. Meanwhile, the figures of Mo Mei and the others staggered slightly. They were nearly pounded into the ground by Golden Gorilla King.


No matter how powerful they were, they could not exceed the limits of the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm. Even if Golden Gorilla King was injured, a peak Sixth-Order Monster Beast could exert the strength on par with a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master at will. Abundance City had no way to fight back at all.


*Crack!* The sound of something breaking rang out. Jin Yuan Lang’s legs had been twisted and broken. Despite being in intense pain though, he grit his teeth and persevered without letting out a single sound.


When Yang Kai saw that, he knew he could not stand by any longer. If he continued to just watch without doing anything, there was no telling how many people would die in this place today. He rushed forward and raised his hand, summoning the Azure Dragon Spear. In the next moment, the spear stabbed towards Golden Gorilla King like a Dragon going out to sea.


Golden Gorilla King turned to look in this direction and while baring his fangs, he raised his other hand that was covered in dense Metal Element Power and grabbed at Yang Kai.


“Sir Yang, be careful!” Mo Mei shouted. The words had only just left her mouth when she saw him vanishing out of sight after he was caught squarely in the middle of the Golden Gorilla King’s palm.


[This…] Pang Duo and the others looked speechless. They originally thought that Yang Kai had extraordinary strength since he could cause such a huge commotion in Abundance City. Who could have known that he would be so vulnerable?


That thought had only just come to mind when they heard the Golden Gorilla King crying out in surprise. Immediately following that, fresh blood spurted out like a hurricane from his tightly clenched hand. A figure holding a spear shot out from within, spinning like a top that directly drilled a hole through the giant palm. The spear kept going, heading towards the Golden Gorilla King’s head.


Yang Kai’s hair was dishevelled. Covered in Golden Gorilla King’s fresh blood, he shouted solemnly, “It’s best you don’t get too brazen!”


Golden Gorilla King roared furiously and drew back both hands. Completely ignoring the wound on his palm, he clasped his fists together and savagely brought them down on Yang Kai.


*Hong…* A shockwave spread out as Yang Kai’s figure was slammed into the ground like a meteor. Likewise, Golden Gorilla King’s figure was sent flying into the distance. An extra ferocious-looking wound was added to his body that was originally already covered in wounds.


With Yang Kai’s support, the pressure on Mo Mei and the others reduced significantly. They hurriedly ran over in concern and stood beside the pit when they saw Yang Kai being smashed into the ground with Pang Duo shouting out, “Little Brother Yang!”




Yang Kai jumped out of the pit as his hair blew in the wind, shaking his head for a bit before stating, “I’m fine!”


Although his injuries had yet to heal, Golden Gorilla King was also severely injured. Both sides were on even ground and nobody held the advantage, a fact made obvious by the exchange of blows just now.


[He’s fine even after taking that!?] Pang Duo and the others were completely stunned. They couldn’t believe that anybody could survive after being smashed into the ground by Golden Gorilla King. They all thought that Yang Kai would definitely die from that attack.


“Pu!” Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood and stabbed the Azure Dragon Spear into the ground. He glared fiercely at Golden Gorilla King, who was also getting back up, and grinned savagely, “Do you think you can do whatever you please just because you’re bigger? Today, I’ll show you just what it means to be big!”


With a guttural roar, Yang Kai shouted, “Dragon Transformation!”


A high-pitched Dragon Roar exploded from his mouth, echoing across the sky. An enormous Golden Dragon appeared behind Yang Kai’s back, looking extremely life-like. The Dragon Eyes were filled with a majesty that stood above all other living beings.


The Golden Dragon phantom plunged into his body and vanished out of sight in the next instant before a crackling sound rang out. Under everybody’s stunned gazes, Yang Kai’s figure suddenly swelled and transformed into a 500 metre tall Half-Dragon in the blink of an eye.


With the continued development of his Golden Divine Dragon’s Source and the purification of his Dragon Vein, Yang Kai was starting to gain better control over his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique. His current 500 metre form should be enough to crush Golden Gorilla King, who was only several dozen metres tall, and if that wasn’t enough, he could always transform into a behemoth more than 3,000 metres tall!


Yang Kai’s entire body was covered with Dragon Scales; his hands transformed into Dragon Claws; Dragon Horns grew out of his head; a Dragon Tail swished about behind his back; and a Dragon Beard flew about wildly below his jaw. He was the very picture of majesty and invincibility!


Qu Hua Shang lifted a hand to cover her red lips, staring up at him with shock in her beautiful eyes! It was her first time witnessing his transformation. She initially thought that she understood him to an extent after the life-or-death experiences they went through together. It was not until this moment that she realised something, what she saw was only the tip of the iceberg!


Inside Abundance City, thousands of people raised their heads and stared up at Yang Kai. All of them felt as insignificant as ants in front of this enormous figure. It was one thing if it was just their height, but the majesty Yang Kai radiated was what truly made them shudder. They instinctively felt the urge to bow down and worship him.


The cultivators of Abundance City were not the only ones frozen in shock. Golden Gorilla King was also stunned for a moment.


As a Monster Beast, he could sense the Dragon Pressure that Yang Kai was releasing much more acutely than Humans ever could, so his eyes narrowed slightly and he instinctively took a few steps back. However, he soon directed a furious roar at Yang Kai. It was almost as though he felt ashamed for backing away just now, so he could only strengthen his momentum through this roar.


Similarly, Yang Kai roared back at Golden Gorilla King. The Dragon Roar resounded throughout the skies, making the wind and clouds pale in comparison. Then, he took a step forward and charged at Golden Gorilla King.


Golden Gorilla King did not shrink back in fear either, rushing forward instead. The two enormous figures quickly collided with each other with a deafening explosion that shook the entire world.




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