Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4274, Into the Depths


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Yang Kai felt a slight sense of pity. He had been planning to use the Sealed World Bead to bring Mo Mei and the others out of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven if they were willing. They were old acquaintances with the Proprietress. It was nothing for him to help them out while he was at it.


More importantly, he believed that the people in Abundance City were extremely rare talents! Judging from their battle with the Golden Gorilla King earlier, these Emperor Realm cultivators had a much stronger foundation than average Emperors in the outside world. That was especially true for Mo Mei and the Great Elders. They were no different from Core Disciples of the various Cave-Heavens and Paradises like Qu Hua Shang and Pei Wen Xuan. Mo Mei had condensed Sixth-Order Element Powers while the rest of the Elders had condensed the Fifth-Order Elements.


Thanks to their precipitation over the years, they would surely have a greater chance of breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm compared to others if they could obtain the opportunity. If that happened, they would form a whole batch of Fifth-Order and Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.


What did Void Land lack the most right now? Wasn’t there a shortage of Open Heaven Realm Masters?


Yang Kai believed that it would not be a problem for him to invite them into Void Land if he could bring them out; after all, they had lived their entire lives in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven so they had no place to go in the outside world. Void Land was just right for them.


Unfortunately, the Blood Principles Restriction that Blood Monster Divine Monarch placed upon their ancestors had crushed all his hopes. If he placed them into the Small Sealed World, they would immediately die without the nourishment from the aura of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven!


Mo Mei sighed, “This place has become more and more unstable recently. I’m afraid our fate is to live and die together with this World. Many thanks for your kindness though, Sir Yang.”


The Blood Monster Cave Heaven was showing signs of collapse. That was something Yang Kai also knew. The most obvious manifestation of this phenomenon was the continuous increase in the number of entrances to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven whenever the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opened. That was a sign that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was merging with the Blood Monster Territory. If these signs were appearing in the outside world, then there was bound to be more obvious signs inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. It would be particularly obvious to Mo Mei and the others who lived here.


Yang Kai pondered in silence for a moment, “City Lord Mo, you don’t need to abandon all hope just yet. I know somebody who can lift the Blood Principles Restriction in your bodies.”


“Who?” Mo Mei asked in pleasant surprise.


He grimaced, “A guy named Black Crow Divine Monarch.”


Black Crow Divine Monarch had stolen the Dao of Blood inheritance left behind by Blood Monster Divine Monarch and cultivated the complete version of the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture. It would be a simple matter if he were willing to lend a hand to help remove the Blood Principles Restriction. The main issue was that Black Crow Divine Monarch was wicked by nature. Moreover, he had a deep grudge against Yang Kai. It could be considered a miracle if they neither fought nor tried to kill each other when they encountered each other next, so how could Yang Kai convince him to help?


“Black Crow Divine Monarch?” Mo Mei looked astonished. Although she lived her entire life in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, even she knew what the title ‘Divine Monarch’ signified. Only a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master was worthy of taking such a title. Why would a person standing so far above them be willing to help them remove the Blood Principles Restriction for no reason?


“Black Crow Divine Monarch is currently inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. If I encounter him by chance, I will ask him to help. It’s just that there are some… misunderstandings between us, so I cannot guarantee whether he will agree. I can only say that I will do my best.”


Mo Mei bowed and exclaimed gratefully, “Many thanks, Sir Yang.”


Yang Kai raised a hand to stop her, “It’s not a big deal. Abundance City has deep ties with Madam Lan. Since that’s the case, it also relates to me. I can’t just sit back and watch now that I’ve met you. City Lord Mo, you should arrange for your subordinates to patch up the Grand Array. I cannot stay in this place for long, so I’ll be leaving soon.”


Mo Mei nodded and hurriedly relayed the order to her people.


It took three days and three nights for the repairs to Abundance City’s Grand Array to be completed. Nevertheless, the ruined buildings in the city caused by the battle between Yang Kai and Golden Gorilla King also needed to be repaired. In addition, the countless wounded needed time to recuperate from their injuries. The events over the past few days had severely damaged Abundance City’s foundation so it would take a long time to recover completely.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang took a good rest for a few days.


Three days later, the two of them took their leave. Mo Mei and the others did not stop them from departing as they knew that Outer World visitors like Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang had entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven to search for their own respective opportunities. It was impossible for these two to remain in Abundance City as once the time limit was up, they would be forced to leave even if they didn’t want to.


The Grand Array was reactivated, and with Mo Mei in the lead, many of the Elders and Deacons of Abundance City saw Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang off from afar. Thus, Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang exited the Grand Array. When they looked back, all they saw was a sparkling lake behind them. Who could have known that a city was hidden behind such a calm scenery?


“Let’s go.” Yang Kai called out.


Qu Hua Shang asked, “Junior Brother, where are we heading?”


“The depths of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.” He took out a jade slip and checked the contents briefly. Blood Monster Divine Monarch had left behind two main inheritances. Even though the Dao of Blood inheritance had been stolen by Black Crow Divine Monarch, there was still the Beast Taming inheritance. Yang Kai did not know where it was concealed, but the rumours claimed that the Blood Monster Divine Palace was located in the deepest depths of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. The reason Yang Kai even entered this place was to search for High-Rank Metal and Yin Element materials. Who could say? The Blood Monster Divine Palace might contain exactly what he needed.


Yang Kai was secretly looking forward to it. It would also be very interesting if he encountered Yin Xin Zhao again. The last time they met, Yang Kai had been forced to flee desperately, which was a huge humiliation. Now that he had recovered his strength, he would surely teach Yin Xin Zhao a lesson on showing proper respect.


The pair travelled forward for several consecutive days but did not come across anybody at all. They barely even encountered any Monster Beasts, much less any Spirit Flowers or Exotic Herbs.


Yang Kai knew that the series of encounters he experienced previously and the delay in Abundance City had caused him to be much slower than the others, so all the good stuff along the road ahead would surely have been taken. 


Be that as it may, this did not bother Yang Kai. There were a lot of good things in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, but not many interested him; after all, it was practically impossible for anybody else in the Emperor Realm to be wealthier than him.


They continued onward for another half a day when all of a sudden, they halted in their tracks and stood atop a small hill to study the battlefield in front of them.


A huge battle had probably taken place here and there were still strong energy fluctuations lingering everywhere. The ground was also littered with damaged artifacts. A dozen or so corpses lay haphazardly on the ground, each one shrivelled up terribly, as though something had drained all the essence out of their bodies. Moreover, these corpses retained expressions of horror on their faces from just before they died.


Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang exchanged a glance with each other and blurted out in unison, “Black Crow Divine Monarch!”


These people had clearly died from having their vitality drained by the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture. Such obvious signs clearly indicated that Black Crow Divine Monarch had attacked this place.


Black Crow Divine Monarch’s strength could be said to be invincible in this place. Even if Yang Kai went all out, he would not be a match for Black Crow Divine Monarch. This old dog had the heritage of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master after all. Now that he had possessed a body and revived himself, Emperor Realm Juniors were as insignificant as ants in front of him. 


Fortunately, Yang Kai knew the old fart’s weakness. Black Crow Divine Monarch’s damaged Soul was a critical flaw. Yang Kai had nothing to fear even if he met Black Crow Divine Monarch again. It was just that he did not know how to ask Black Crow Divine Monarch to help remove the Blood Principles Restriction from the bodies of the people in Abundance City. It was extremely troubling.


Based on the appearance of these corpses, they had been dead for a few days. All of their Space Rings were nowhere to be seen, but Yang Kai could not tell whether Black Crow Divine Monarch had taken them or the people who passed by later had looted them.


If he had not come across Abundance City, Yang Kai would have taken a detour lest he run into Black Crow Divine Monarch again. However, he had promised Mo Mei that he would do his best to ask Black Crow Divine Monarch to help remove the Blood Principles Restriction in their bodies. As such, he could not avoid Black Crow Divine Monarch.


The pair continued to track Black Crow Divine Monarch’s progress. Along the way, they would occasionally come across some shrivelled corpses. It was not just the corpses of cultivators but also the corpses of Monster Beasts. All of them had died from having their vitality drained by the Blood Light Scripture.


Judging by Black Crow Divine Monarch’s path, he seemed to be heading into the depths of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


This discovery shocked Yang Kai. It was rumoured that the Blood Monster Divine Palace was hidden at the core of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven where nobody had ever been before. All Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritances were preserved inside, waiting for the lucky person to discover them. It was just that the rumours had remained as nothing more than rumours after so many years. Nobody had ever confirmed the rumours because nobody had ever arrived at the depths of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven or found the Blood Monster Divine Palace.


Even so, the current situation seemed to indicate that there was a high possibility the Blood Monster Divine Palace truly existed!

If one were to say who had the greatest understanding of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, it would not be Yang Kai or the Proprietress. Rather, it would be Black Crow Divine Monarch! Although he had been sealed away by Blood Monster Divine Monarch for countless years, he had obtained Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s Dao of Blood inheritance. How could he not have some understanding of the secrets in this place?


If he was heading in this direction, then it could only mean that there was something in this direction that was attracting him! The only thing that could move a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master could only be the inheritance of another High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


After figuring out this point, Yang Kai increased his speed and pursued Black Crow Divine Monarch. They continued forward for a while before he suddenly halted. Qu Hua Shang followed suit and stopped to look at him, “What’s wrong, Junior Brother?”


Yang Kai turned to look in a certain direction, “There are sounds of battle…” He paused for a moment and added, “It’s heading our way.”


When he spread out his Divine Sense, he could detect the sounds of battle coming from a certain direction. The other party probably detected him through their perception as a result and immediately rushed towards him. He did not know whether the other party intended to seek help or foist the enemy off on them instead!


He initially planned to ignore the other party, but before he could leave, he noticed something and exclaimed in surprise. Following that, he pushed his Divine Sense strongly and probed the situation in that direction. A short while later, he became overjoyed and called out, “Senior Sister, follow me!”


While saying so, he immediately rushed to meet the other party. Qu Hua Shang did not know why he was so elated, but she did not question him.


It didn’t take long before two figures that were fleeing desperately appeared in their field of vision. It was a man and a woman; moreover, this man and woman were being pursued closely by six others. They unleashed a continuous barrage of Secret Techniques and the power of artifacts, blasting those two fleeing figures until they became increasingly desperate.


A dazzlingly bright light burst out. It was a killing move summoned by one of the pursuers that shot straight at the backs of the fleeing duo. The woman seemed to perceive that danger and hurriedly turned around to mount a defence. On the other hand, the man focused on escaping and ignored what was happening behind him.


The longsword in the woman’s hand slashed downward and a sword light flashed out, colliding with the attack coming from behind. Following the commotion, the woman’s body flew into the air like a paper kite. She spat out a mouthful of fresh blood in mid-air and her complexion turned as pale as a sheet.




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