Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4275, Heavenly Sword Union


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The woman seemed to have suffered heavy injuries previously; therefore, this attack only made her condition worsen. The other man looked back in horror and a trace of struggle and hesitation flashed through his eyes before he fled without pause.


“Shameless!” Qu Hua Shang cursed upon witnessing this scene. The person she cursed was not the group of people attacking, but the man running at the forefront.


This fleeing pair were clearly companions. They were either lovers or Senior Brother and Junior Sister. Now that they were in danger, only the woman had turned around to defend against the attacks and was injured as a result. On the contrary, the man not only did not turn around to help but ran even faster instead. It was the height of despicableness.


His actions even made him seem like he wanted the woman to buy more time for him to escape. In their current state, he might not be able to escape his pursuers even if he turned around to help his companion. There was a chance that she might survive if he had done that; however, there was no doubt that she would die now that he had abandoned her.


Qu Hua Shang was also a woman. It could have been her in that situation. How tragic would that have been? Then, she thought back to what Yang Kai had done so far. No matter what kind of situation they were in, or how badly they were injured, he had never abandoned her. Be that as it may, they could not be said to have a close relationship with each other. They had only met once or twice before after all.


Comparing these two men, their characters were as different as night and day. She had not thought much about this before, but now that she made a comparison, she couldn’t help feeling a sense of warmth and sweetness in her heart.


Likewise, Yang Kai was also enraged. The pursuers were about to attack once more, but the woman was powerless to defend herself. Seeing that, he rushed forward and appeared in front of her while throwing out a punch at the same time. Space Principles flared and the Void shattered!


The expressions of the pursuers changed greatly. They hurriedly took action to defend themselves as one of them shouted, “Who!?”


There was a series of rumblings and when the dust settled, the pursuers were dishevelled and their complexions had gone pale. All of them looked in Yang Kai’s direction with fear in their eyes.


Yang Kai stared back at them coldly as he asked, “Ruo Xi, are you alright?”


The woman originally thought that she could not escape death today, but who could have known that a reliable figure would appear in front of her and block the barrage of attacks for her at a critical moment? She looked up, thinking that the back looked strangely familiar. When she heard his voice, her beautiful eyes widened in surprise as she asked in a trembling voice, “Sir?”


She nearly thought that she was dreaming! Ever since departing from the Star Boundary and heading out into the Outer Universe together, they had not heard anything from each other after they were devoured by a Myriad Facets Insect. She had tried to search for him, but the 3,000 Worlds were simply too vast. There were as many Great Territories as hairs on an ox. Moreover, each Great Territory was large and boundless. Trying to find a person in the 3,000 Worlds was harder than trying to find a needle in a haystack.


Throughout her journey, she continued her search and experienced all sorts of hardships. She finally arrived at Lang Ya Paradise. Following the legacy of her ancestor, she joined Lang Ya Paradise and became one of its disciples.


When she heard that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was about to open, she struggled desperately to obtain a place among the participants. With Yang Kai’s abilities and heritage, she believed that he would definitely enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. In that case, she only needed to search for him inside. It would be much easier than her search in the past.


Unfortunately, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was filled with dangers at every corner. She coincidentally met up with a Senior Brother, so they decided to travel together. Who could have known that they would encounter trouble and be hunted down by others? Just as she was about to die, Yang Kai miraculously appeared in front of her.


She had the sudden impulse to burst into tears. She had been able to endure all the hardships and tribulations on her own before she saw him. Her expression never changed even with a blade held to her neck; however, she reacted like a child who finally found support after suffering grievances outside the moment she saw him.


Yang Kai never expected to encounter Zhang Ruo Xi here either, much less that their reunion after so many years would be under such circumstances.


Back in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, he had tried to ask Gu Pan from Lang Ya Paradise about her. It was a pity that Gu Pan claimed that she had never heard the name ‘Zhang Ruo Xi’ before. Yang Kai figured that there were two possibilities. One was that Zhang Ruo Xi had not gone to Lang Ya Paradise. The other was that Gu Pan had not met her. There were at least hundreds of thousands of people in Lang Ya Paradise’s Main Sect, so it was impossible for Gu Pan to know all of its disciples.


During their conversation, Qu Hua Shang landed next to Yang Kai and crouched beside Zhang Ruo Xi. She stretched out her hand to support her and asked in concern, “Junior Sister, are you alright?”


Zhang Ruo Xi shook her head slowly and whispered, “I’m fine.”


Then, she abruptly opened her mouth and coughed up a mouthful of blood.


Qu Hua Shang’s expression changed slightly. How could she not know that this woman’s injuries were very severe? She quickly took out some healing pills and fed them to Zhang Ruo Xi.


“Senior Sister Qu, please take care of my friend,” Yang Kai’s voice was low and grim. It was a tone she had never heard from him before. Although he sounded calm, she could sense the hidden rage rampaging beneath that tranquillity.


“Rest assured,” Qu Hua Shang carried Zhang Ruo Xi and moved to a spot in the distance.


The pursuers frowned deeply at the sight and the young man in the lead spoke with a dark expression, “Who are you? Please don’t interfere in the matters of Heavenly Sword Union.”


“Am I supposed to just stand back and watch as you try to kill my friend?” Yang Kai glanced at the young man coldly.


The young man frowned slightly. After briefly considering the situation, he cupped his fist, “In that case, I will take my leave now.”


After saying that, he turned to leave. He seemed to have realised that Yang Kai was strong after the exchange of blows just now, so he did not wish to start a fight so easily.


Yang Kai shouted, “Did you think you could just leave after hurting others? Do you think something so simple exists?”


Who could have known that the young man was actually only pretending to leave? His real purpose was to distract Yang Kai. The words had only left Yang Kai’s mouth when he suddenly shouted, “Die!”




The ground beneath Yang Kai shuddered and a green vine shot out without any prior warning. The vine was like a snake that wrapped around Yang Kai so tightly that he resembled a dumpling. That was not all. The vine was covered in incredibly sharp thorns that stabbed into his skin and released a powerful poison.


He never intended to retreat in the first place. The fact that he had tried to kill Zhang Ruo Xi and the other man could not be leaked out to the world; otherwise, he would be in huge trouble even if he managed to walk out of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven alive. Heavenly Sword Union could be considered among the top Second-Class great forces with a number of Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters assuming command. Nevertheless, it was vastly inferior compared to Lang Ya Paradise. That was because Lang Ya Paradise had High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Blinded by wealth just now, he had planned to kill and rob Zhang Ruo Xi and the other Lang Ya Paradise disciple when he saw that they were not very powerful. Who could have known that they would encounter Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang here?


When he saw Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang, he immediately decided to silence all witnesses to his crimes. If word about this incident were to spread, forget about Lang Ya Paradise’s reaction, Heavenly Sword Union would be the first to capture him and offer his head up as an apology. 


The only way to ensure his safety was to kill them all!


At the same time the green vine shot out of the ground, he charged towards Yang Kai. His sword flashed briefly and slashed towards Yang Kai’s neck. The others also quickly unleashed their killing moves. Every one of those attacks was extraordinarily powerful and they seemed intent on killing Yang Kai on the spot.


“How dare dead men like you come out to cause trouble!?” Yang Kai roared. With a whooshing sound, Golden Crow’s True Fire covered his entire body and began burning down everything around him. The vine curled around his body was an extraordinary treasure; nevertheless, it was powerless before the raging Golden Crow’s True Fire. Twitching like a living thing, it hurriedly shrank back and tried to plunge into the ground again.


Yang Kai grinned madly, reached out a hand, and caught the vine, all the while ignoring the thorns that dug into his flesh and secreted poison which was making him slightly dizzy.


With his Dragon Clan heritage, Yang Kai had incredibly strong resistance to poison. Most poisons were completely ineffective against him, but this vine managed to affect him slightly. It could be seen how powerful the poison was. Even if ordinary cultivators did not die from the effects of this poison, they would lose most of their combat power once afflicted with it. The realization struck Yang Kai suddenly. [No wonder the auras of Zhang Ruo Xi and that fleeing man seem so weak. It looks like they have been poisoned by the vine.]


Yang Kai held the vine in his grip, and under the heat of the Golden Crow’s True Fire, it kept twisting and struggling about. He then flicked the vine as though he was wielding a whip and sent it lashing towards the attackers.


Their expressions changed drastically. They never imagined that this man could break free so quickly; after all, they had used this very trick to kill many people before. Many of those victims had even been stronger than them. 


Before they could understand what was going on, the vine sent them flying backwards. Every one of them coughed up blood in mid-air. They looked terrified when they hit the ground.


If Yang Kai had unleashed World Force, they would have understood why they were defeated in one move; however, the aura radiating from him was still within the bounds of the Emperor Realm…


[How can an Emperor Realm cultivator be this powerful!? We are not his opponents at all!]


“Retreat!” The young man in the lead shouted as they desperately performed their Secret Techniques to escape from this place. At this point, they did not care whether or not they would be exposed for trying to kill Lang Ya Paradise disciples. Survival was their top priority.


“Solidify!” Yang Kai shouted as he pushed his Space Principles and the surrounding space instantly transformed into a cage. Those people felt the space around them becoming viscous, like they had fallen into a quagmire and could not move.


They turned around and looked at Yang Kai in horror only to see him walking towards them with a wooden expression. He arrived at the closest person, glanced down at them, and casually threw a punch. That person’s head exploded open like a smashed watermelon, with brain matter and blood splattering everywhere.


Then, he walked over to the next person, glanced down at them, and threw another punch. Next came the third, followed by the fourth…


In the blink of an eye, only the young man leading the pursuers remained alive, trembling from head to toe. Although he was desperately trying to summon his strength, he discovered that his Emperor Qi was not flowing smoothly. Forget fighting back, even moving a finger was an extremely difficult task.


He watched helplessly as Yang Kai walked over to him. The fear in his heart overflowed from his eyes. He was on the verge of a mental breakdown as he screamed, “Don’t kill me!”


“Don’t worry. I won’t kill you,” Yang Kai looked at the young man calmly.


The young man could barely believe his ears, “Really?”


On the other hand, Yang Kai said nothing. With a flick of the vine, he wrapped the young man up in it.


The young man, who was now wrapped up like a dumpling, asked in a horrified voice, “What are you doing?”


Yang Kai slowly crouched beside the young man and lowered his head to look at him. Then, he picked up the young man’s right arm and gave a powerful squeeze.


*Kacha…* The sound of bones breaking rang out. The young man screamed in agony, but before his scream ended, the sound of bones breaking rang out again, raising his screams by a whole octave.


*Kacha cha…* 


Yang Kai slowly and methodically made his way up. In the blink of an eye, he broke the young man’s right arm into seven or eight sections. It would have been one thing if only the bones had been broken, but the key point was that the meridians along the young man’s arm had been destroyed completely as well.




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