Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4277, You Actually Have the Guts to Come Here


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After Zhang Ruo Xi finished her story, she asked Yang Kai about what he had encountered over the years.


Yang Kai did not conceal anything from her. He told her that he had been lured to a place called Seven Wonders Land where he served as a Worker for some time following their separation. Later, he took the opportunity to escape when an incident arose and inadvertently joined First Inn. Afterwards, he wandered into the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary…


Zhang Ruo Xi’s eyes filled with pleasant surprise upon learning that he had gone back to the Star Boundary and repaired the shattered World Principles. She was different from him in the sense that she was truly born and raised in the Star Boundary; therefore, she held a special affection for that world. When the World Principles shattered and the Star Boundary was on the brink of collapse, she too had hoped to find a method to restore the world one day. Nevertheless, she knew that it was bound to be an extremely long and difficult process.


Contrary to her expectations, Yang Kai had succeeded in such a short time. [Sir is really amazing. He is capable of performing feats that ordinary people can never hope to achieve. If I think back to everything he has done in the past, which of those feats were something an ordinary cultivator could have done?]


When she learned that he had acquired a Spirit Province in the 3,000 Worlds, established Void Land, and brought several hundred thousand people from the Star Boundary there, her admiration for him grew stronger and stronger.


Over the past few years, she had cultivated extremely hard just to become one of Lang Ya Paradise’s Inner Disciples. On the other hand, Yang Kai had founded a Sect in the Outer Universe. The gap between them was apparent at a glance.


She had condensed the Fifth-Order Elements. Since entering the Outer Universe, she had spent most of her time journeying to Lang Ya Paradise. She did not have any means to earn resources either; therefore, it could be said that she achieved nothing for the past decade. Her strength had not grown by much either. It wasn’t until she entered Lang Ya Paradise that her circumstances changed for the better.


Disciples from any Sect had to obtain their own cultivation resources through hard work, meaning it was impossible for them to receive anything without effort. For that reason, Zhang Ruo Xi had no resources available for use even after she joined Lang Ya Paradise; after all, she was only an insignificant Outer Disciple at the beginning.


That might be the reason why many disciples of various Sects had such slow progress in their cultivation. They often had to perform various tasks for years, decades, or even longer just to build up enough merits to exchange for necessary cultivation resources. When they finished consuming these resources, they would have to continue completing tasks until they could gather all of the required Open Heaven Element Powers. If they had a sufficient supply of resources, then their speed of cultivation would surely increase significantly.


After Gu Pan returned from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, she sought out Zhang Ruo Xi, checked her aptitude, and gave her some Fifth-Order materials. It was only then that Zhang Ruo Xi finally began cultivating for real.


Gu Pan was one of Lang Ya Paradise’s Core Disciples. Although she had condensed Sixth-Order Elements, even she could not obtain Sixth-Order materials at will; after all, each Sixth-Order material was worth ten or twenty million Open Heaven Pills. These resources were treated as strategic reserves in any Sect, so it was impossible to obtain them casually. It was the limit just for her to acquire Fifth-Order materials.


“Senior Sister Gu has been very good to me. She told me that you helped her greatly in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Moreover, she said she would not have come out of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary alive without Sir’s help.”


Yang Kai smiled, “She is a virtuous and upright woman.” 


Pondering quietly for a moment, he continued, “Do you want to start over again? I have some Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water in my possession. It can wash away the Powers in your Dao Seal and allow you to condense new ones. There’s no need to worry about the resources. I have quite a lot of them.”


Zhang Ruo Xi shook her head at those words, “No need, Sir. I know my own limits. Even though I am capable of forcefully condensing Sixth-Order Elements, I’m afraid I won’t be able to survive the breakthrough to the Open Heaven Realm.”


The consequence of failure was the destruction of her body! That was one of the problems that plagued countless cultivators. In order to advance into the Open Heaven Realm, one of the problems the cultivators faced was obtaining resources. The higher the Order of the material, the more expensive and difficult to obtain such resources became. The other problem was the carrying capacity of a cultivator’s Dao Seal. That was why cultivators would only choose resources within the range of their financial abilities and carrying capacities, regardless of who they were.


While Zhang Ruo Xi’s aptitude was certainly not bad, it was not as good as Qu Hua Shang or Gu Pan’s. It was undeniable that condensing Sixth-Order Elements would be dangerous for her.


However, Yang Kai had the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills in his possession. The Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was refined with World Source Liquid as its main ingredient and could significantly increase a cultivator’s chances of entering the Open Heaven Realm successfully. Therefore, Yang Kai believed that her risks of failure when advancing into the Open Heaven Realm was not high even if she condensed Sixth-Order Powers.


But upon further consideration, Yang Kai realised that Fifth-Order Elements were enough. Zhang Ruo Xi could slowly cultivate until she reached the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm one day. There was a risk even if she used the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water, so he decided to leave the decision to her.


After telling her to get a good rest, Yang Kai withdrew his mind from the Small Sealed World.


A few more days passed. Zhang Ruo Xi was almost fully recovered at this point, so Yang Kai released her and properly introduced her to Qu Hua Shang. Only then did Zhang Ruo Xi learn that the other party was a Core Disciple of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. Her expression became a little weird when she looked at him. Needless to say, she had heard of the name ‘Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’.


Qu Hua Shang and Yang Kai had been travelling together all by themselves. Not to mention that the way Qu Hua Shang looked at him and spoke to him were clearly suggestive. It was inevitable that Zhang Ruo Xi would misunderstand.


As they gradually moved forward, they began to come across traces of other cultivators. They also encountered the occasional fleeing Monster Beasts and even found several battlefields.


Yang Kai knew that they had finally caught up to the others after rushing to get here. Be that as it may, the gains he received inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven were practically negligible. It was extremely depressing. Qu Hua Shang had obtained a Seventh-Order Monster Beast Core at the blood lake, while he only obtained a Fifth-Order Monster Beast Core.


By contrast, he had acquired so many treasures back in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary that he nearly couldn’t carry them! Just as Yang Kai was wondering whether he had used up all his luck back in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, he suddenly noticed a large group of people gathering at a spot not too far ahead; thus, he couldn’t help feeling surprised.


It had to be said that this place was located quite deep in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. It had far exceeded the range of the areas marked on the map. Throughout history, nobody had ever gotten this far since the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was first opened.


It was rumoured that the deeper one ventured into the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, the greater the dangers became; however, their journey here had been completely unimpeded, without the slightest hint of danger. It was not just Yang Kai’s group who managed to get this far; there were also many others who had gotten there before them. Hence, it was strange why these people were gathering in that direction.


Curious, Yang Kai led Qu Hua Shang and Zhang Ruo Xi over. It didn’t take long before they arrived atop a crowded mountain. Yang Kai swept his gaze around and saw several acquaintances whom he once met in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. These people were Bearers chosen by the Divine Spirits. In the end, it was only thanks to his help that they could leave the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary safely.


When they parted ways, these people had left their respective Faith Tokens with Yang Kai so that he could visit them at their Sect when he had the time. They promised to provide him with the best hospitality they could offer. For that reason, many eyes immediately lit up upon seeing Yang Kai again. They quickly came forward and cupped their fists at him in greeting.


Yang Kai returned the greeting, but before they could exchange pleasantries, he heard a furious roar, “Yang Kai, I can’t believe you actually have the guts to come here!”


For some reason, listening to this voice enraged Yang Kai greatly. He looked in the direction of the voice only to see a group of people flying over from another mountain with great fanfare. It was clear that this group of people had been resting over there but came over after spotting him.


The person in the lead was none other than Yin Xin Zhao of Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven. Yin Xin Zhao and Yang Kai had a feud between them. Before the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opened, Yang Kai had stolen his entrance and almost caused him to lose out on this opportunity. Yin Xin Zhao later led a pair of his Junior Brothers to hunt Yang Kai down. There was no saying what would have happened if Yang Kai had not borrowed the strength of Golden Gorilla King and a Monster Beast wolf to escape their pursuit.


It was only natural for these two sworn enemies to blaze with hatred now that they came face to face with each other.


Yin Xin Zhao was surrounded by many people; however, what surprised Yang Kai slightly was that Pei Wen Xuan of Myriad Demons Heaven was among them.


[This guy didn’t die?] Yang Kai glanced at Pei Wen Xuan in astonishment. He recalled Black Crow Divine Monarch shooting a blood arrow at him and Pei Wen Xuan no longer had an Identity Token to protect him. How did he survive? As expected of a disciple from a major Sect, his heritage was indeed extraordinary.


The sight of these two together caused Yang Kai’s teeth to grind slightly.


“Is he Yang Kai?” A handsome young man swept his eyes over him and asked.


Yin Xin Zhao said, “That’s right! He is Yang Kai!”


The young man arrogantly said, “I heard you defeated my Junior Sister Yu Luo Sha in one move in the Asura Arena.”


Yang Kai raised a brow at those words, “Yu Luo Sha is your Junior Sister? Who are you?” [If Yu Luo Sha is his Junior Sister, then he must also be from Asura Heaven.]


The young man replied, “My name is Ba Liang. Remember it well, for I will be the one to kill you.”


While saying so, he grinned at Yang Kai, revealing a set of white teeth.


Another young man stepped forward, “Brother Ba, where does your confidence come from? Yang Kai’s head is mine.”


“And you are?” Yang Kai was so furious that he laughed. He had heard from Qu Hua Shang that many people wanted to kill him. The Cave-Heavens and Paradises had taken notice of him already, but it was inconvenient for the renowned Open Heaven Realm Masters to take direct action against him because they had their reputation and their Sects’ reputations to maintain. For that reason, they left this matter to their Juniors. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven was undoubtedly the best place to resolve this issue. Nobody would say anything if Yang Kai was killed in this place.


Nevertheless, rumours were simply rumours. He never imagined that so many people would actually want to kill him as soon as he arrived at this place.


It was one thing if Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xin Zhao wanted him dead. They had personal grudges against him after all. It was also reasonable for Ba Liang of Asura Heaven to come looking for trouble. Ba Liang had a justifiable reason to avenge his Junior Sister and recover Asura Heaven’s face. On the other hand, the last person who popped up out of nowhere was completely unfamiliar to Yang Kai.


“Clear Mind Heaven, Qiu Kang Xian!”


[Clear Mind Heaven?] Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking that the name sounded familiar. After thinking carefully about it, he suddenly recalled where he heard the name before. He had met a Clear Mind Heaven disciple with the name ‘Young Master Hai’ during his first time in Thousand Birds Star City. That person had been harassing Luo Hai Yi, so Yang Kai taught him a little lesson. As a result, he was captured and punished by the law enforcement team of Thousand Birds Star City.


The incident had enraged the Proprietress so badly that she silently pursued and killed Young Master Hai in the void outside the Star City. Due to this incident, Hai Ping Le of Clear Mind Heaven joined forces with Qin Ji and the others to besiege the Proprietress during Old Bai’s breakthrough to the Open Heaven Realm.


Another person stepped forward and politely cupped his fist at Yang Kai, “Azure Nether Paradise, Ye Cheng, here for your head, Brother Yang!”




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