Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4278, Assistance


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Four Cave-Heavens and one Paradise. All of them wanted Yang Kai to die! These were only those who openly announced their intentions. There were even more who kept silent but watched Yang Kai with great interest. Many gazes were fixed on his neck and heart, as though wondering which location was better to target should they make their move.


A rough estimate indicated that there were as many as a dozen Cave-Heavens and Paradises, with approximately twenty to thirty other cultivators together with Pei Wen Xuan and Yin Xin Zhao in the lead. These people were the elite Core Disciples of the various Cave-Heavens and Paradises and had condensed Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Elements at the very least. Even so, many amongst them had condensed Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Powers!


It could be said that the most excellent and talented cultivators in the younger generation of the 3,000 Worlds were gathered here! One day, the cultivators in this place who managed to advance into the Open Heaven Realm would surely become powerful Great Experts who ruled over the world.


The audience was horrified as many people looked over from the mountains in the vicinity. They did not know who Yang Kai was or how he managed to provoke so many Cave-Heavens and Paradises that so many people hated him and wanted to take his life.


On the mountain where Yang Kai was standing, the expressions of the cultivators who came over and greeted him earlier became very solemn. They only came to greet him because they received his help back in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Who could have known that they would be mixed up in this mess as a result?


They were not ungrateful people who did not know how to repay their debts, and a life-saving debt was heavier than a mountain. It was only natural that they paid him back in full. It was just that each of them was a representative of their respective Sect. If they got caught up in Yang Kai’s mess, there was a high chance that their actions would also affect the force behind them. Thus, they hesitated to take action.


Ye Cheng of Azure Nether Paradise gave a small smile and looked at Yang Kai with a warm expression, “I’ve long heard of you, Brother Yang. After meeting you today, I can see that you are worthy of your reputation. It’s a pity that I can’t chat with you, Brother Yang. It truly makes me sigh with regret.”


Yin Xin Zhao coldly snorted, “Why are you spewing so much nonsense? Let’s attack him altogether! His head will belong to whomever manages to kill him!”


Pei Wen Xuan smiled deviously, “In that case, all of you should stand aside. I’ll be the one to kill him.”


If not for the fact that he had some means to protect himself, he would have died a long time ago due to Yang Kai’s schemes; therefore, he was holding a rather heavy grudge.


“Outsiders, step back! Otherwise, you will be killed without mercy!” Another person shouted. It was unknown which Cave-Heaven or Paradise he came from, but the aura around him was impressive.


Yang Kai had arrived here late, so many people had gathered around on the mountains. Some had quietly escaped after seeing that a conflict was about to break out, and at this moment, even more people retreated after hearing this person’s warning. These cultivators quickly scattered into the distance in an instant, like swallows leaving their nests.


On the other hand, the cultivators who came over to greet Yang Kai earlier were looking very troubled. A long while passed before one of them cupped his fist and said, “I’m sorry, Brother Yang.”


With a heavy sigh, he turned and left. It was true that he received a huge favour from Yang Kai in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary; nevertheless, he had no intention of making enemies with so many Cave-Heavens and Paradises. There was a high possibility that not only would he die in this place, but he would also bring trouble to his Sect. If he were killed by these people, his Sect would not dare to seek revenge either. His death would be in vain. With such a bright and promising future ahead of him, why would he willingly choose to die in this place?


With the retreat of one person, the others also quickly followed suit, each of them apologizing in shame as they did.


“Qu Hua Shang, why aren’t you leaving?” Ba Liang of Asura Heaven looked at Qu Hua Shang and questioned.


“Why would I leave? The world is so vast, so I can go anywhere I want. Can you stop me?” Qu Hua Shang snorted.


Ba Liang snorted, “It looks like Yin-Yang Cave Heaven is standing on the side of this bastard.”


She replied, “All of you should stop speaking in the name of your Sects. You can only represent yourselves.”


Ba Liang gently nodded, “There’s nothing I can say to refute your words, Junior Sister Qu. I just hope you won’t blame me for being ruthless when the fight begins later.”


To which she chuckled softly, “You can try.”


“Junior Sister Zhang, why are you still standing there!? Hurry up and come here!” Somebody shouted through gritted teeth from among the crowd.


Zhang Ruo Xi looked up and saw that it was the man who had previously been her travel companion, Du Xu. He had arrived at some point and was looking at her sternly from amongst the crowd at this moment.


She glanced at him and slowly shook her head, “I’m not going.”


Du Xu’s expression changed slightly as he snarled, “Junior Sister, do you know what you are doing!? Do you know who he is!?”


Du Xu and Zhang Ruo Xi were both Inner Disciples of Lang Ya Paradise. They had yet to reach the level of Core Disciples or Legacy Disciples, so they had not heard about Yang Kai before. Nevertheless, that did not stop Du Xu from assessing the current situation. With so many elite disciples of various Cave-Heavens and Paradises seeking Yang Kai’s life, it was only natural that he did not wish to bring trouble upon himself. When he saw Zhang Ruo Xi standing beside Yang Kai, he immediately tried to call her over so as not to implicate him.


“Of course, I know who he is! He is my life’s saviour and benefactor! If anybody wishes to kill him, they will have to go through me first!” Zhang Ruo Xi raised her hand and summoned the Heavens Order Sword, displaying a heroic demeanour.


Yin Xin Zhao turned to look at Du Xu, “Junior Brother Du, is that your Junior Sister? Then, you better persuade her well. Weapons have no eyes; it will be bad if she were injured once the battle begins.”


Du Xu cupped his fist in horror, “Please forgive me, Senior Brother Yin. Junior Sister Zhang might be part of Lang Ya Paradise, but she only joined the Sect a few years ago and is not very sensible. However, her attitude does not represent Lang Ya Paradise. Senior Brothers, Senior Sisters, please do what you need to. If she were injured in the fight, then I’m afraid that is her fate.”


“Not bad, Brat.” Pei Wen Xuan glanced at Du Xu approvingly, but the depths of his eyes were overflowing with deep disdain and contempt.


“She cannot represent Lang Ya Paradise, but I can. Isn’t that right?” A clear voice rang out and a petite figure landed nearby.


Zhang Ruo Xi looked in that direction with an expression of pleasant surprise, “Senior Sister Gu?”


Du Xu looked embarrassed and awkwardly cupped his fist, “Du Xu greets Senior Sister Gu!”


The person who came was none other than Gu Pan. As a Lang Ya Paradise Core Disciple, there was no denying that she could represent Lang Ya Paradise’s stance in this matter.


Everybody was stunned. They did not think that another person, apart from Qu Hua Shang, would dare to support Yang Kai at this time.


One was from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven and the other was from Lang Ya Paradise. A mere two Sects might not seem like much, but the momentum was not heading in a good direction. 


It was said that the major Cave-Heavens and Paradises had two opposing attitudes towards Yang Kai. One side wanted to kill him as early as possible while the other side wanted to win him over to their side. It would now seem that was indeed the case. The attitudes of those Cave-Heavens and Paradises were clearly reflected here.


“Dao is nature and nature is the heart. Ning Dao Ran greets daoist brothers!” An elegant voice sounded. At the same time, another figure landed beside Yang Kai and bowed slightly with one hand on his chest.


“How lively! Hahaha! Why is everybody gathered over here?” A loud hearty laughter rang out, followed by a burly figure landing nearby. He had a huge sword strapped to his back and his aura was sharp and fierce. This man immediately drew everybody’s attention to him. He was very tall and burly, almost one head taller than the average cultivator. The huge sword on his back was even larger, seeming to pierce the sky even while being carried. It was easy to imagine that this sword would have the power to split mountains with a single swing.


“This Senior Brother is?” Yang Kai glanced over suspiciously. He was certain he had never met this person before. When Gu Pan and Ning Dao Ran appeared to support him, he was pleasantly surprised; however, their reasoning was understandable. They had interacted with each other in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, so it could be said that they had some friendship between them. It was just that the current situation was so tense that he could not greet them properly. He could only nod his head at them in response.


[But, who is this tall and muscular guy? Why is he standing on my side?]


Ning Dao Ran smiled slightly, “This is Wei Bu Que of Divine Cauldron Heaven. I don’t think you’ve met Brother Wei yet, Brother Yang.”


“Divine Cauldron Heaven?” Yang Kai immediately understood, “Where is Senior Brother Xu?”


The image of a little fatty popped into his mind. The Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd in his possession was something the little fatty had refined for him.


Wei Bu Que said, “Junior Brother Xu is busy and could not participate in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Nevertheless, before I left, he told me to thank you on his behalf should I meet you in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, Little Brother Yang!”


Yang Kai replied, “Senior Brother Xu is too kind.”


Yin Xin Zhao’s expression turned dark, “Wei Bu Que, why is Divine Cauldron Heaven meddling in this matter and not focusing on Artifact Refining?” [It’s bad enough that Divine Cauldron Heaven is meddling in this matter. I can’t believe they are opposing us! This is outrageous!]


Wei Bu Que tilted his head to the side and picked his nose with a finger. Flicking a booger in Yin Xin Zhao’s direction, he said, “Is Divine Cauldron Heaven only capable of Artifact Refining? So what if I want to meddle in this matter? Not only is Divine Cauldron Heaven choosing to meddle, but people from True Martial Cave Heaven are choosing to meddle too.” 


He then turned to the side and shouted impatiently, “Lin Feng, you’re already here. Why are you hesitating like a little girl? Hurry up and get out here!”


A handsome man with a face like a jade crown coldly snorted from among the crowd in the distance and walked in this direction, snarling while walking, “Wei Bu Que, if you dare to utter just a single rude word again, I will knock out all your teeth!”


Wei Bu Que laughed heartily, “You’ll get the chance. We should find a time to spar together next time. We’ll see who knocks out whose teeth!”


Lin Feng coldly snorted and came to stand beside Yang Kai in a few steps.


Yang Kai’s heart warmed slightly and cupped his fist, “Yang Kai greets Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters! Many thanks for your help!”


Various Cave-Heavens and Paradises had joined hands to work against him; therefore, he couldn’t help feeling extremely grateful that there were people willing to stand up for him at this moment. Their willingness to side with him undoubtedly sent out a glaring signal that their respective Sects wanted to win him over to their side! Be that as it may, the reason their Sects made this decision was definitely related to their persuasion and efforts.


Lin Feng glanced at Yang Kai and spat in disdain, “Even women are capable of protecting you. It makes no sense for men to do any less than them.”


“What do you mean by ‘women’?” Qu Hua Shang immediately became unhappy, “Lin Feng, you better watch your words.”


Lin Feng turned his head to the side and feigned ignorance.


On the opposite side, the expressions of Yin Xin Zhao and the others turned ugly. At first, there were only Qu Hua Shang and Gu Pan, but now there was also Ning Dao Ran, Wei Bu Que, and Lin Feng. Although there was a huge contrast in numbers still, it would be troublesome to actually attack them. Aside from Zhang Ruo Xi, who they considered insignificant, the others would be very difficult to deal with.




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