Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4280, Blood Monster Divine Palace


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Yin Xin Zhao had never been to the blood lake, so he did not know about Black Crow Divine Monarch or the latter’s strength. Although Pei Wen Xuan was aware, he did not think to warn Yin Xin Zhao for some reason. Most likely, he was racking his brains and single-mindedly thinking of ways to protect himself.


A cultivator approached Yin Xin Zhao and whispered something in his ear, causing the murderous intent in Yin Xin Zhao’s eyes to flare brightly, “A Great Thousand Blood Land disciple? How dare a disciple of a trivial Second-Class great force utter such arrogant words in this place!? Scram!”


Black Crow Divine Monarch had possessed the body of Zhou Yi from Great Thousand Blood Land. It was obvious that the person who whispered in Yin Xin Zhao’s ear earlier had recognised the former’s appearance.


Black Crow Divine Monarch turned to look in that direction and grinned meaningfully, “What did you say, boy? I dare you to repeat those words again.”


Yin Xin Zhao was further enraged and snapped, “If you dare act disrespectful again, I’ll take your dog life!”


Black Crow Divine Monarch nodded repeatedly, “It has been many years since this Monarch appeared in the world. I was not aware that young people were so bold nowadays.”


While chuckling to himself, he raised a hand and pointed in Yin Xin Zhao’s direction.


Yin Xin Zhao originally did not think much of Black Crow Divine Monarch as, in his eyes, the other party was just a disciple from a Second-Class great force. There was no need for him to take notice of the other party. Even if he killed the other party here for irritating him, Great Thousand Blood Land would not dare to make a single complaint. However, Yin Xin Zhao suddenly felt that something was wrong when Black Crow Divine Monarch pointed at him and a suffocating aura of death suddenly enveloped him.


A small crimson point of light appeared in Yin Xin Zhao’s vision and rapidly magnified in front of him. It obscured his vision and flooded his other senses. Before he could realise what was happening, he suddenly heard the sound of something shattering coming from his waist. The Identity Token hanging on his belt suddenly crumbled to dust. Amidst the cloud of dust, a stream of light burst out and slashed towards the crimson light. The crimson light broke apart, but the stream of light did not lose its momentum and crashed towards Black Crow Divine Monarch.


Black Crow Divine Monarch had suffered badly due to a similar incident before. Back at the palace in the middle of the lake, he had been sliced in two by Pei Wen Xuan’s Identity Token, so how could he be unprepared now? After unleashing his attack, Black Crow Divine Monarch kicked off slightly and floated backwards. At the same time, he left a blood shadow that looked exactly like him in the place where he was standing before. The blood shadow was almost like a Soul Clone, its aura was no different from his.


That stream of light slashed down upon the blood shadow and it collapsed with a loud splash, transforming into a crimson pool. The stench of blood permeated the air. After slashing down this blood shadow, the stream of light dissipated.


The entire place went dead silent. Only Yang Kai, Pei Wen Xuan, and Qu Hua Shang were mentally prepared for this situation. All the remaining people stared at Black Crow Divine Monarch in shock, regardless of which Sect they came from. Their eyes were filled with horror.


Yin Xin Zhao was also as pale as a piece of paper! Even now, he was completely clueless about the situation. All he knew was that the Identity Token his Master had painstakingly created for him had been activated and his protective charm had been up. The Identity Token he carried would only activate automatically at times where his life was in danger. In other words, he would be a corpse by now if not for the protection of that stream of light.


[What just happened!?] His thoughts were all over the place.


“Are all the Cave-Heaven and Paradise disciples so shameless nowadays? How boring,” Black Crow Divine Monarch shook his head. He had tried to kill Pei Wen Xuan before but failed, and now, he once again failed to kill Yin Xin Zhao. It was all because his attacks were blocked by the Divine Ability released by their Identity Tokens. He turned to look at Yang Kai with a smile, “These kids are so much weaker than you.”


There were so many talented young people present, but the only person that interested him was Yang Kai. Only Yang Kai was capable of actually fighting him and surviving despite being pursued over ten thousand kilometres.


Yang Kai coldly snorted in response.


“Who are you?” Yin Xin Zhao no longer dared to underestimate Black Crow Divine Monarch. Somebody who could nearly kill him in a single move could not have been nurtured by Great Thousand Blood Land. Although Ding Yi’s display had surprised him, it was nowhere near as terrifying and shocking as what he experienced just moments ago.


He originally thought that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would be where he could display his talents and rise to fame. Who could have known that each person he met in this place would be stronger than the last?


Black Crow Divine Monarch turned to look at Pei Wen Xuan and grinned, “Who is this Monarch? Why don’t you ask your companion?”


If it was someone else speaking such words, they wouldn’t hold much weight, but after his little display, Black Crow Divine Monarch certainly had such capital.


Everyone save for a few glanced towards Pei Wen Xuan.


Pei Wen Xuan was standing very far away by now, with all the energy in his body prepared to attack at any time. He had the posture of escaping at the first sign of something going wrong. When Black Crow Divine Monarch looked in his direction, his heart tightened in fear and he nearly fled.


To his surprise, Black Crow Divine Monarch smilingly assured him, “Don’t worry. I won’t attack you since you’re capable of reaching this place.”


Pei Wen Xuan did not know whether to believe those words or not; however, he realised that he would not be able to escape if Black Crow Divine Monarch had appeared here with the intention of actually killing him. Upon arriving at this conclusion, he relaxed considerably and quickly said, “This is Black Crow Divine Monarch.”


“Divine Monarch?” Everybody was so astonished that they could barely believe their ears. Since ancient times, the only ones with the qualifications to call themselves ‘Divine Monarch’ were High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Open Heaven Realm Masters were unable to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, so how could there be a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master in this place? Besides, they had never heard of the name ‘Black Crow Divine Monarch’ before.


Pei Wen Xuan explained, “The Divine Monarch was trapped in this place by Blood Monster Divine Monarch, but his Soul did not perish. He recently possessed Zhou Yi of Great Thousand Blood Land and came back to life.”


Everybody felt their scalps going numb with fear as Ba Liang exclaimed in horror, “Is that the truth!?”


Pei Wen Xuan nodded solemnly in response.


Nobody doubted his words; after all, they witnessed what happened just now with their own eyes. Aside from a Divine Monarch possessing somebody and coming back to life, nobody else could have the strength to nearly kill Yin Xin Zhao in one move. In an instant, it wasn’t just the Cave-Heaven and Paradise disciples who looked at Black Crow Divine Monarch warily. Even the people standing around Yang Kai became anxious and uneasy.


From the actions of Black Crow Divine Monarch earlier, it was obvious that he was not a compassionate man. There was a high possibility that he was subject to shifting moods and killed others casually. If a person like him were consumed by bloodlust, nobody in this place could stop him.


“Don’t be so nervous.” On the other hand, Black Crow Divine Monarch was smiling cheerfully, “This Monarch did not spend so much effort to gather all of you in this place just to kill you.”


“You gathered all of us in this place?” Yang Kai furrowed his eyebrows.


“Of course.” Black Crow Divine Monarch tilted his head to the side, “If not for this Monarch, do you think all of you could have arrived here safely? I was the one who removed all the dangers and barriers along the way for you.”


Yang Kai did not doubt those words. His journey here had certainly been very smooth. Logically speaking, that should not have been possible. It was not until this moment that he learned Black Crow Divine Monarch had removed all the dangers and obstacles along the way. [No wonder so many people arrived here even though nobody had ever managed to arrive at the depths of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven after so many years.]


“This Junior has a question,” Ding Yi suddenly spoke up.


“Speak,” Black Crow Divine Monarch turned to him.


“Sir Divine Monarch, you could have quietly cultivated after possessing somebody and coming back to life. Why did you have to gather all of us here? What are your intentions, Sir Divine Monarch?”


This question hit the nail on the head. Everybody wanted to know the answer.


Black Crow Divine Monarch chuckled softly, making him seem rather insidious, “Of course, it’s for the Blood Monster Divine Palace. Why else would this Monarch spend so much effort to gather you all here?”


“The Blood Monster Divine Palace!?” A series of exclamations rang out. Everybody’s eyes blazed with excitement.


It had long been said that the Blood Monster Divine Palace was located in the depths of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, wherein the inheritance and legacy of Blood Monster Divine Monarch were hidden. Anybody who could locate the Blood Monster Divine Palace and pass Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s various tests would be able to inherit everything within the Blood Monster Cave Heaven!


Nevertheless, rumours were just rumours. Nobody had ever confirmed these rumours; after all, nobody had ever found the Blood Monster Divine Palace throughout the years, so how could these rumours be verified?


Be that as it may, Black Crow Divine Monarch had mentioned the Blood Monster Divine Palace!


“Does the Blood Monster Divine Palace really exist? You’re not trying to deceive us, right?” Yang Kai stared at Black Crow Divine Monarch suspiciously.


Black Crow Divine Monarch laughed, “Of course the Blood Monster Divine Palace exists. I don’t mind telling you. The Blood Monster Divine Palace is right in front of you. In this very mountain valley.”


While speaking, he reached out and pointed downward.


They looked down but did not see the Blood Monster Divine Palace anywhere. The mountain valley might be green and lush with beautiful scenery, but there was no sign of a palace at all.


Black Crow Divine Monarch calmly explained, “As long as the barrier is not broken, the palace will not show itself. If you want to find the Blood Monster Divine Palace, you have to destroy the barrier first!”


Yang Kai quickly asked, “What does that have to do with you gathering all of us in this place?”


Black Crow Divine Monarch snickered, “If this Monarch had his full strength… No, with just 10% of the strength I possessed before, it would have not been a problem destroying that barrier. Unfortunately, you have also seen this Monarch’s current situation. The strength I can wield currently is very limited. Although I know the secrets behind the barrier, my strength is not enough for me to break it alone. I need the help of many people!”


Upon hearing those words, everybody understood the situation. They finally knew why Black Crow Divine Monarch had gathered so many people in this place. It was not rare to see barriers like this which required the joint efforts of many people to destroy; therefore, there was nothing strange about his words.


“There’s one more thing.” Black Crow Divine Monarch’s expression became a little solemn, “There is probably a Monster Beast protecting the palace, and if this Monarch’s guess is correct, it is a Seventh-Order Monster Beast!”


“Seventh-Order!?” Everybody exclaimed in surprise. All of them had killed some Monster Beasts during their travels, so they each had a rough idea of the strength of these Monster Beasts. A Fifth-Order Monster Beast was roughly equivalent to a Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Master. On the other hand, a Sixth-Order Monster Beast was as strong as a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master at the very least. Wouldn’t that mean that a Seventh-Order Monster Beast could exert the strength of a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master? Who among all the people present could resist such a Monster Beast? Even Black Crow Divine Monarch himself could not win against it in his current state.


“You are unable to detect the existence of the Monster Beast because it is sleeping at the moment; however, it will awaken once we begin breaking the barrier. That’s why this Monarch doesn’t just need some people to help him break the barrier. I also need some people to help fend off the Seventh-Order Monster Beast.”


“Are you insane?” Yang Kai jokingly asked. He had already been at a serious disadvantage during his previous battle with Golden Gorilla King at Abundance City. Golden Gorilla King was only at the peak of the Sixth Order, not to mention that he was heavily injured at the time. If Golden Gorilla King was already so powerful, how much stronger would a Seventh-Order Monster Beast be? With their current strength, meeting a Seventh-Order Monster Beast was no different from courting death.




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