Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4281, Discussing Terms


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Black Crow Divine Monarch laughed, “A Seventh-Order Monster Beast might be extraordinary, but it’s been asleep for a very long time. It is unknown how much strength it can exert at the moment. Every one of you are the elite disciples of major Sects. I’m sure it won’t be a problem if you join forces and work together to fight it. Besides, this Monarch is not asking you to kill it. You only need to distract it for some time. Once we enter the Blood Monster Divine Palace after the barrier is broken, what can that Seventh-Order Monster Beast do to us?”


Yang Kai ignored Black Crow Divine Monarch’s little speech. Before entering the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, he had hoped to encounter a Metal Element or Yin Element Seventh-Order Monster Beast and obtain the Monster Core by slaying it, but he completely gave up on that idea after his battle with the Golden Gorilla King. A Seventh-Order Monster Beast was not something he could challenge.


Black Crow Divine Monarch continued, “The Blood Monster Divine Palace is where Old Ghost Xue Yao lived. There are countless hidden treasures inside there. If you can obtain some of those treasures, you will surely experience a soaring improvement in your cultivation.”


Although his words were bewitching, not many people were moved. After witnessing the methods Black Crow Divine Monarch displayed previously, many people were very scared of him. He was a Divine Monarch who not only came back to life through possession but also had a deeper understanding of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven than them. Even if what he said was true, even if they could work together to fend off the Seventh-Order Monster Beast and destroy the barrier, who could remove the treasures from beneath his nose? Wouldn’t he take all the good things for himself?


Who would be willing to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others? The disciples of the various Cave-Heavens and Paradises were not stupid and understood this point clearly.


Black Crow Divine Monarch stretched his arms and shouted, “Everyone, please lend me your strength! This Monarch can only rely on you. Once we succeed, we will split the treasures in the palace according to our respective opportunities!”


Countless pairs of eyes stared at him indifferently, but nobody responded.


Yang Kai sneered, “Black Crow Divine Monarch, I’m afraid you took the wrong approach by trying to borrow our strength to open the Blood Monster Divine Palace. I suggest you give up on that idea as soon as possible.”


Black Crow Divine Monarch looked around after hearing those words, “This Monarch is being sincere. Is nobody going to show some appreciation?”


Ba Liang quickly said, “Divine Monarch, you are a Senior Master and we can only sigh at our inferiority before you. Please help yourself to all the treasures in the Blood Monster Divine Palace. I’m afraid we will have to decline your offer to participate.”


Black Crow Divine Monarch chuckled lightly, “What are you so afraid of? Are you afraid that this Monarch will simply slaughter you once we enter the Palace? If that’s the case… this Monarch can swear a blood oath!”


While saying so, he bit the tip of his tongue and sprayed out a mouthful of blood mist. Both his hands quickly formed seals, guiding the blood mist to transform into a mysterious blood pattern. He faced the blood pattern and solemnly swore, “This Monarch, Hei Ya, will swear a blood oath on his Dao Seal. If you all cooperate with this Monarch to open the Blood Monster Divine Palace, we will split the treasures according to our respective opportunities once we enter the palace, and as long as you do not provoke me first, this Monarch will not harm you. May my Soul be extinguished if I break this oath!”


After saying that, he formed a final seal and the blood pattern transformed into a blood light that shot straight into his forehead. Grunting softly, he staggered backwards and turned a few shades paler.


Upon seeing that, everybody looked at each other in shock. The fact that Black Crow Divine Monarch would decisively swear a blood oath on his Dao Seal was something nobody expected. Moreover, this oath sounded rather sincere. As long as they entered the Blood Monster Divine Palace, he would not attack anyone who did not provoke him. Those words essentially guaranteed their safety.


Of course, they could guess that the more sincere he seemed, the more it meant that he desperately wanted something from within the Blood Monster Divine Palace. Even so, there was no denying that many people became interested after Black Crow Divine Monarch made the blood oath. The main reason for their hesitation previously was their fear of his strength. He could force Yin Xin Zhao’s Identity Token to activate with a single move, which meant if he really wanted to kill them, nobody could stop him. However, things were different now that their safety was guaranteed. In any case, his actions had clearly shown his sincerity.


Yin Xin Zhao and the others looked at each other and saw the interest in each other’s eyes. They were the first batch of people to arrive in this place since ancient times, so there was no saying what kind of treasures they could find if they managed to open the Blood Monster Divine Palace.


Qiu Kang Xian of Clear Mind Heaven asked, “Divine Monarch, can you tell us what kind of treasures can be found inside the Blood Monster Divine Palace?”


Black Crow Divine Monarch chuckled softly, “How would this Monarch know? I’ve never entered the Blood Monster Divine Palace before. Nevertheless, that Old Ghost Xue Yao was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. There must be some treasures inside. Who knows? There might be some Seventh-Order or Eighth-Order cultivation resources within.”


Those words made Qiu Kang Xian and the others breathe a little quicker in excitement. Even Yang Kai’s eyes flickered slightly. Although he could not let his guard down around Black Crow Divine Monarch, he desperately needed Seventh-Order Metal and Yin Element resources. If there really were Seventh-Order or Eighth-Order resources inside, then he had to try his luck no matter what. Even though those thoughts swirled in his heart, Yang Kai revealed nothing on the surface.


Ba Liang considered for a moment before he gritted his teeth and said, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained. How can this Ba back down after coming here? Sir Divine Monarch, this Ba Liang is willing to lend you a hand no matter what the others may choose!”


“Good. Very good. Boy, you’re not bad.” Black Crow Divine Monarch looked at Ba Liang approvingly.


Qiu Kang Xian said, “There’s no reason for me to refuse if Brother Ba agrees.”


Ye Cheng of Azure Nether Paradise smilingly chimed in, “This Ye will lend a hand too.”


As soon as these people expressed their stance, more people immediately expressed their willingness to help Blood Monster Divine Monarch break the barrier.


Even so, there were also some cultivators who realised that their strength was inferior to others present. After hesitating for some time, one of them cupped his fist and said, “Sir Divine Monarch, please forgive us. Our strength is lacking and I’m afraid we won’t be of much help even if we joined you. We will take our leave now.”


That person quickly led several of his Fellow Brothers and retreated down the mountain after saying that.


Black Crow Divine Monarch did not stop them. He simply watched their departing backs with a faint smile.


Those people had not walked further than several tens of metres away when a layer of crimson-red blood mist emerged from the ground and enveloped them. Their screams of agony immediately rang out, followed by several energy fluctuations.


The blood mist disappeared as quickly as it appeared. It didn’t take more than several breaths of time before the crimson-red mist vanished out of sight. What entered their sights made them gasp in horror. The cultivators that were preparing to leave just now had been turned into mummified corpses that collapsed to the ground without a shred of vitality.


Black Crow Divine Monarch grinned, “This Monarch even went so far as to swear a blood oath. Who else dares not give me face?” He turned and looked around, “Who else wishes to leave? Reveal yourselves to this Monarch!”


Who else would dare to step forward with such a precedent? Even though those people died a horrible death right in front of them, nobody had noticed when Black Crow Divine Monarch made his move. It was only natural that nobody wanted to follow their footsteps.


As such, he sneered, “I don’t mind telling you. This Monarch has already arranged a Grand Array in this area. Nobody can leave without this Monarch’s approval!”


Yang Kai calmly said, “Don’t wag your tongue so wildly, Divine Monarch, you might bite it.”


Yang Kai had tried to activate his Space Principles just now and discovered that he was not bound by any restrictions. In other words, Black Crow Divine Monarch could not stop him if he wanted to leave.


Black Crow Divine Monarch glanced sideways at Yang Kai, murderous intent overflowing from his eyes; however, he quickly composed himself and snickered, “You’re quite capable, brat. It’s true that this Monarch cannot stop you if you wish to leave. You can escape, but… can the people by your side do the same?”


Yang Kai’s expression immediately darkened. There was really nothing he could do if Black Crow Divine Monarch threatened the people around him. While he might be able to place everybody into the Small Sealed World and leave with them, Black Crow Divine Monarch would surely act before he could finish.


Ignoring Yang Kai, Black Crow Divine Monarch looked at the others and asked, “Does anybody else wish to leave?”


[Leave, my ass! Those who tried to leave died right in front of us! Who would dare try to leave?] Regardless of whether they were willing or unwilling, they had no choice but to follow Black Crow Divine Monarch now.


Pleased with the situation, Black Crow Divine Monarch nodded repeatedly. Then, he turned to look at Yang Kai, “What about you? Are you coming or not?”


Only the people around Yang Kai had yet to express their stance, which meant as long as Yang Kai agreed, then all the pieces were in place.


“Do you agree to let me leave, Divine Monarch?” Yang Kai asked.


“You can try.” Black Crow Divine Monarch smiled brightly in response; however, his gaze swept across Qu Hua Shang, Zhang Ruo Xi, and the others with malicious intent.


Yang Kai was so furious that his teeth hurt. After a brief consideration, he quickly said, “Divine Monarch, I can assist you, but I have a condition.”


Black Crow Divine Monarch burst into laughter, “You want to negotiate with this Monarch? I’m afraid you don’t have the qualifications to do so!”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I believe I do.” After saying that, he immediately changed his tone, “You mentioned it yourself, Divine Monarch. There are two main issues. One is to destroy the barrier and the other is to fend off the Seventh-Order Monster Beast. We are completely clueless about the barriers in this place while you seem to know something. In other words, you will be presiding over the process of breaking the barrier. During this time, you will be preoccupied so you won’t be able to do two things at once. As such, you will need somebody else to distract the Seventh-Order Monster Beast.”


“So what?” Black Crow Divine Monarch looked over calmly.


Yang Kai said, “You know the ferocity of a Seventh-Order Monster Beast. Out of everybody here, I am the only one who stands a fighting chance against it. Who else can fight a Seventh-Order Monster Beast?”


Black Crow Divine Monarch snorted, “Many of those little ones have those nameplates. When they are in grave danger, the Divine Abilities within the nameplates will automatically be activated. Forget keeping the Seventh-Order Monster Beast occupied, even killing it won’t be an issue.”


Yang Kai said, “They will need to be in grave danger for that to happen. Do you think they will intentionally place themselves in grave danger and use up the Divine Abilities in their Identity Tokens? Why fool yourself, Divine Monarch? These people are unreliable. You know you can only rely on me to distract the Seventh-Order Monster Beast. You’ve seen what I can…” 


At this point, Yang Kai frowned and murmured, “No. Were you waiting for me, Divine Monarch?”


Yang Kai suddenly recalled that Black Crow Divine Monarch arrived here a long time ago; however, it was not until he arrived here that the latter leisurely showed up. It was clear Black Crow Divine Monarch was waiting for him. Upon understanding this point, Yang Kai immediately realised something else. [This Old Ghost planned to use me to hold off that Seventh-Order Monster Beast from the start! This Old Ghost is so sly! I nearly fell for his trick!]


Black Crow Divine Monarch coldly snorted, “Brat, those who are too smart tend to die young.”


Yang Kai burst out laughing, “Divine Monarch, why are you getting angry out of shame?”


Since Black Crow Divine Monarch had planned for him to distract the Seventh-Order Monster Beast in the first place, there was no reason to be reserved, so Yang Kai immediately asked, “Do you think I have the right to negotiate with you now, Divine Monarch?”




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