Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4282, Blood Principles Restriction Secret Technique


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Black Crow Divine Monarch’s expression became gloomy and uncertain for a time before he coldly snorted, “What is your condition? Let’s hear it. But, I’ll say this in advance. If it’s too excessive, then don’t blame this Monarch for acting ruthless.”


“Don’t worry, Divine Monarch. My condition is not excessive.” Yang Kai smiled brightly, “I only need a Seventh-Order Metal or Yin Element material.”


Upon hearing those words, Black Crow Divine Monarch shook his head so hard that it rattled, “I don’t have any.”


Yang Kai said, “Divine Monarch, how can you be so unreasonable? You are a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master who came back to life through possession. Although Seventh-Order materials are valuable, they should not be a problem for you, right? Don’t you have any kind of legacy?”


Black Crow Divine Monarch angrily snarled, “This Monarch was trapped in this place by Xue Yao for countless years! What legacy would I have to speak of!? I would not hesitate to give you such trash if I had one in my possession, but I don’t have anything right now.” 


He paused for a moment before he continued, “Why don’t we do this instead? Help me open the Blood Monster Divine Palace, and if I find what you need inside, this Monarch will deliver it to you. I’m sure there are some Seventh-Order materials inside the Blood Monster Divine Palace.”


Yang Kai scoffed at those words, “Divine Monarch, do you take me for a three-year-old child?” [If this bastard finds anything good inside, he would never hand them over to me. It’s not the first time I’ve encountered betrayals.]


Black Crow Divine Monarch said, “There’s nothing I can do if you don’t trust this Monarch. It’s just that this Monarch really does not have what you want. Why don’t you change your request to something this Monarch can satisfy?”


Yang Kai rubbed his chin thoughtfully, “Since you said that, Divine Monarch, then I won’t make things difficult for you. I’ll change my condition to something you have. That’s right. I’ll take the true Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture.”


Black Crow Divine Monarch’s expression immediately darkened upon hearing this, “Junior, don’t go too far!


Yang Kai looked at Black Crow Divine Monarch coldly, “Divine Monarch, don’t you think you’re being rather insincere? I wanted High-Rank materials, but you claimed that you don’t have any. Now, I’m asking for the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture. Are you going to tell me you don’t have it either?”


Black Crow Divine Monarch was furious, “Who is the one being unreasonable here!? This Monarch is simply asking for your help to distract the Seventh-Order Monster Beast for a while. How dare you try to covet the Blood Light Scripture for such a small task? It’s unfortunate that this Monarch has only just been reborn and not recovered his strength, or I would have killed you a long ago!”


“You know that if I have to face a Seventh-Order Monster Beast, I will have to risk my life, Divine Monarch.”


“The Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture is the Core Secret Art of that old dog Xue Yao’s Dao of Blood inheritance! This Monarch spent countless years obtaining it! Handing it to another person is impossible! Not unless it’s a dead person!”


“This won’t work; that won’t work. Divine Monarch, are you trying to benefit without giving anything in return? I may be young, but I’m not so easily fooled either.” Likewise, Yang Kai looked annoyed.


Black Crow Divine Monarch furrowed his brow tightly and softened his tone, “Brat, don’t make things difficult for me. This Monarch is unable to fulfil the two conditions you asked for, so why mention them? You’re simply causing everybody to become unhappy as a result. Change your condition. This Monarch will not refuse you if it is within my abilities to satisfy you.”


“Really?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows.


Black Crow Divine Monarch arrogantly said, “Of course. This Monarch will not deceive a Junior like you.”


Yang Kai pretended to think for a while before he finally said, “In that case, please hand over the Blood Principles Restriction Secret Technique in the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture.”


“Why would you need that?” Black Crow Divine Monarch glanced at Yang Kai suspiciously, but a few moments later, he suddenly realised something, “Are you trying to bring somebody out of here?” 


He looked Yang Kai up and down, then he grinned meaningfully, “Brat, you beat around the bush for so long, but it seems your real aim was the Blood Principles Restriction Secret Technique.” He seemed delighted to have seen through Yang Kai’s heart.


Yang Kai revealed nothing, “Just tell me whether you’ll give it to me or not.”


The truth was that Black Crow Divine Monarch was reluctant. It was just that he had already rejected Yang Kai twice, and doing so a third time would likely lead to a complete breakdown in negotiations. If that was the case, then there was no need to continue discussing this matter. Besides, the Blood Secret Technique was not related to the core of the Blood Light Scripture even though it was part of it. There was no need to worry about Yang Kai deducing the rest of the Blood Light Scripture from this derivative technique.


Thus, he immediately nodded, “This Monarch can agree to this condition.”


Black Crow Divine Monarch agreed so readily that Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling uneasy, so he frowned and said, “Divine Monarch, don’t try to deceive me. I’ve also comprehended a bit of the Blood Light Scripture myself, so I’ll know whether those Secret Techniques are real or fake. If you dare to play tricks on me, don’t blame this Junior for turning around and betraying you.”


Black Crow Divine Monarch coldly snorted, “Rest assured. This Monarch made a promise to you. I will not cheat. Why do you need to be so suspicious, Brat?”


While saying so, he took out a jade slip. His Divine Sense surged for a moment, seeming to inscribe something, before he tossed the jade slip over to Yang Kai.


Yang Kai reached out to catch the jade slip. While maintaining a thread of consciousness to watch Black Crow Divine Monarch warily, he examined the contents of the jade slip.


If not for the experience at the blood lake, Yang Kai would not have been able to determine the authenticity of the information contained within the jade slip. Fortunately, he had comprehended several chapters of the Blood Light Scripture previously and did not find any flaws after he carefully examined the Secret Technique in the jade slip.


The Blood Principles Restriction Secret Technique was not hard to undo, the only issue was that he needed to consume some of his own Blood Qi. [If only I could return to Abundance City. I’d be able to experiment on the cultivators there. That way, I’d know whether this information is real or fake.]


Everybody paid close attention to the conversation Yang Kai and Black Crow Divine Monarch were having via Divine Sense transmission; however, they had no idea what was being said. They saw various expressions flitting across the faces of those two and a short while later, Black Crow Divine Monarch tossed a jade slip to Yang Kai, who then began examining it.


Everybody couldn’t help looking at each other, wondering what kind of deal Black Crow Divine Monarch made with Yang Kai…


A quarter-hour later, Black Crow Divine Monarch urged impatiently, “Brat, are you done? Do you have to study it so carefully? You’ll have plenty of time to study it once we’re out of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.”


Yang Kai put the jade slip away and nodded, “Good.”


Black Crow Divine Monarch looked satisfied, “In that case, let us begin. But, there’s something I have to say in advance…” 


He looked around him and his expression gradually became colder as he darkly added, “You will all need to work together to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. If this Monarch discovers that somebody is secretly attacking another or holding back, then this Monarch will kill him!”


While speaking, he specifically glanced at Yang Kai and Yin Xin Zhao. It was obvious he knew that these two were not on good terms.


Yang Kai nonchalantly said, “I won’t do anything if nobody provokes me first.”


Yin Xin Zhao cupped his fists, “Divine Monarch, please rest assured. In the current situation, the Blood Monster Divine Palace is the top priority. This Junior understands his priorities.”


“Very good.” Black Crow Divine Monarch laughed, “In that case, this Monarch will explain how we will work together to break the barrier. As long as we can break through and enter the Blood Monster Divine Palace, this Monarch guarantees that you will all gain something!”


Nobody understood the Blood Monster Divine Palace better than him, so it was only natural that he presided over the process of breaking the barrier. In addition, Black Crow Divine Monarch was very well-prepared. Now that he was in charge of coordinating the entire situation, he immediately conveyed order after order. That was not all though as he brought out Array Flags from somewhere and distributed them to the cultivators.


The cultivators gathered in this place numbered a thousand at the very least. Soon, everybody except the people around Yang Kai were divided into sixty-four groups to stand at various positions according to Black Crow Divine Monarch’s arrangement. The leaders of each group were elite disciples from the Cave-Heavens and Paradises, each of whom carried an Array Flag with them.


Yang Kai frowned slightly at the sight. Black Crow Divine Monarch had been imprisoned in this place for so many years. Not to mention, he himself was a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master who came back to life through possession. Logically speaking, he should have a deeper understanding of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven than anybody else, and yet, even with his extensive knowledge, experience, and ability, he still needed to go to such lengths to set up such a Grand Array in order to break the barrier here. Furthermore, there was also a slumbering Seventh-Order Monster Beast that would awaken the moment they began to break the barrier.


[Did Blood Monster Divine Monarch really have the intention to pass down his legacy and inheritance?] Yang Kai seriously doubted that Blood Monster Divine Monarch had truly considered such a thing; otherwise, why would he set such high-difficulty tests? These were not obstacles that ordinary Emperor Realm Masters could overcome.


Be that as it may, it was too late to think about it now. Black Crow Divine Monarch had already begun his preparations. Whether or not they could open the Blood Monster Divine Palace would depend entirely on his methods.


The entire process took no more than an hour before the Grand Array was ready. Black Crow Divine Monarch appeared in front of Yang Kai and solemnly said, “Brat, it will be great if the Seventh-Order Monster Beast does not appear later, but if it does, then I can only rely on you and the people around you to distract it. The others will be part of the Grand Array, so they will be unable to move. Don’t disappoint this Monarch.”


Yang Kai said, “I’ll do my best!” [I have no idea how much strength a Seventh-Order Monster Beast can exert. If I can’t win, then I’ll definitely make my escape. How can I just stay here and wait for death to come?]


Black Crow Divine Monarch clearly read between the lines and understood the thoughts that Yang Kai did not express; thus, he glared at Yang Kai deeply. Nevertheless, there was nothing he could do except try to entice Yang Kai with the benefits, “Didn’t you want Metal Element and Yin Element High-Rank materials? If you help this Monarch distract the Monster Beast, I will surely bring you what you need if I find them in the Blood Monster Divine Palace.”


Yang Kai nodded, “That can be discussed later.”


Needless to say, Black Crow Divine Monarch could not be trusted. He might be showing a kind and friendly facade at the moment, but that was only because he needed him right now. Once Yang Kai’s value vanished, why would Black Crow Divine Monarch bother playing nice?


[But…] Yang Kai was a little excited. [I wonder what element the Monster Beast sleeping in this place is. If it happens to be the Metal or Yin Element… I’ll definitely kill it! I haven’t used the Divine Ability Bead given to me by Proprietress yet. If I do, there’s a high chance I can kill the Monster Beast in one blow!]


Black Crow Divine Monarch transformed into a blood light and departed. By the time he reappeared, he was standing in the middle of the mountain valley. He formed a set of hand seals and shouted, “Get ready! Our success or failure depends on this! Start the Array!”


As he spoke, he reached his hand into the void and pulled out a large banner from somewhere. He opened his mouth and sprayed out a mouthful of blood mist. The large banner absorbed the Blood Qi and immediately seemed to come alive. 




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