Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4284, The Might of a Seventh-Order Monster Beast


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Although Yang Kai had condensed his Wood Element Power from the essence of the Immortal Tree, he had yet to comprehend a Wood Element Divine Ability. On the other hand, his originally strong restorative and healing abilities had been greatly enhanced as a result.


There were precious few among the crowd who had realised any form of Wood Element Divine Ability at all, so even if they unleashed these Divine Abilities, the effects on the Star Turtle were negligible. This was a Seventh-Order Monster Beast; therefore, the Earth Attribute light surrounding its body was formed from a Seventh-Order Earth Element Power. It was very difficult to destroy such a barrier without a high enough Order strength.


When everybody attacked at this moment, the disparity between their strength was revealed.


Qu Hua Shang, Gu Pan, and the others were undoubtedly the strongest in the group. They were Core Disciples of their respective Cave-Heavens and Paradises after all. As the future pillars of their respective Sects, they had been vigorously nurtured since young. The power behind their Secret Techniques was amazing, difficult for ordinary cultivators to match up to.


Meanwhile, Chef, Accountant, Lang Qing Shan, Ding Yi, and several others were slightly inferior in comparison. As for the ones from Emperor Heaven, their attacks were quite weak by comparison; however, what they lacked in individual strength they made up for in numbers. Their attacks raining down on the Star Turtle gradually made the light surrounding its body slightly dimmer.


At this moment, the Star Turtle seemed to be slowly awakening and soon it swivelled its head around and looked in their direction. Roaring up into the sky, it immediately began moving. It rushed over towards them at an extremely high speed despite looking clumsy and heavy. Every step it took made a thunderous thud against the ground.


“He’s coming!” Yang Kai shouted at the top of his lungs. At this moment, he did not dare to hold back any longer. Drawing Power from his Dao Seal, Golden Crow’s True Fire spread out and began burning everything before him.


Yang Kai had condensed five types of High-Rank Elements and had managed to comprehend Divine Abilities from two of them so far. One was the Dragon Shield and the other was the Golden Crow Casts the Sun. Be that as it may, it did not prevent him from mobilising these powers in other ways.


The pitch-black flames threatened to burn down the space around them and even the horrifying blood mist evaporated upon contact. When the pitch-black flames reached the Star Turtle’s body, a series of crackling sounds rang out. The khakis-yellow light dimmed further by a considerable extent.


The others continued to provide support while at the same time, they quickly retreated and scattered in all directions. It was not until the Star Turtle approached to within 1,000 metres that its yellow light barrier finally shattered.


Yang Kai was overjoyed by the sight. Without even pausing to think about it, he summoned the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd and opened its lid. A dazzling light immediately swept out and wrapped around the Star Turtle.


A loud cry sounded once more. The Yuan Magnetic Divine Light contained devastating destructive power that tore into the softer parts of the Star Turtle’s body that were not covered by its shell, slicing open countless bloody wounds all over its body.


When a dim light suddenly lit up, a sense of terror descended on the world. Everybody felt a shudder going through their hearts. It felt as though they could hear death calling out their names.


Yang Kai looked up and saw that the Star Turtle had opened its large mouth to reveal its jagged fangs. Moreover, there was a small ball of khakis-yellow light the size of a washbasin taking shape in its mouth. The attack was aimed directly at where Yang Kai was standing.


“Watch out!” Qu Hua Shang screamed. Touching her fingers together, she quickly formed a seal and pressed her hand down in the direction of the Star Turtle.


At the same time, Wei Bu Que slashed out with his sword. The whip-like sword light caused all the colours to drain out of the world. Ding Yi summoned Bi Fang’s Fire and stirred the clouds. Lin Feng drew his sword and flicked out countless sword shadows that covered the sky. Gu Pan held a paintbrush in her grip, drawing in the air. An enormous ‘Seal (封)’ character appeared as though printed upon the Star Turtle’s mouth.


Meanwhile, the peach wood sword behind Ning Dao Ran’s back came flying out to transform into a flitting shadow that cut down the stars. Last but not least, Lang Qing Shan, the people of Emperor Heaven, and the others also attacked all at once.


It was an extremely lively scene, with all kinds of blinding lights bursting forth and dazzled their sight. Unfortunately, the Star Turtle was unaffected. It allowed the numerous attacks to simply land on its body as the ball of light spewed out from its mouth like a winding bolt of lightning.


The sword lights shattered and the sword shadows were erased. Moans and groans rang out from all around. Qu Hua Shang was thrown backward like a paper kite, spitting up blood in mid-air. Wei Bu Que was pushed back several dozens of metres by the huge impact force, dragging his feet and creating long troughs in the dirt. Ding Yi’s face was flushed and his body glowed red as though cooked through. Creaking sounds came from the wooden sword in Ning Dao Ran’s hand as slim cracks appeared along its length.


The combined strength of so many elites could not stop a single blow from the Star Turtle, horrifying them all.


In the meantime, the ball of light continued to shoot towards Yang Kai even though the momentum had decreased somewhat.


Yang Kai raised his hand and summoned out the Azure Dragon Spear. Gripping it in both hands, he thrust out. A Dragon Roar resounded, reverberating through the sky as the figure of a Great Dragon seemed to flash out from the Azure Dragon Spear to collide with the ball of light.


In the next moment, the ball of light exploded and a shockwave spread out in all directions. Yang Kai felt a mighty force slamming straight into his chest and the sound of his bones breaking rang out. Several of his ribs were broken in an instant and the bone fragments stabbed into his lungs. The pain was absolutely unbearable. Unable to hold back, he sprayed out a mouthful of blood.


The khakis-yellow force raged about wildly. Everybody present was forced back and thrown into a miserable state. Some of the weaker Emperor Heaven cultivators were heavily injured by the impact and collapsed on the spot. It was hard to tell if they were even still alive.


Only Yang Kai advanced instead of retreating. Raging flames blazed in his eyes because he knew that at least half of the people on his side would die in the next instant if it backed down. Black Crow Divine Monarch had valid reason for choosing him to challenge the Seventh-Order Monster Beast. He was the only person who could stand a fighting chance against this Seventh-Order Monster Beast.


Holding his spear in one hand, Yang Kai kicked off slightly and swiftly arrived in front of the Star Turtle. Taking advantage of the latter’s lack of vigilance, Yang Kai flipped himself onto the opponent’s back with several agile leaps. In the next moment, spear shadows rained down endlessly to stab into the vulnerable spot behind the Star Turtle’s neck.


*Du du du…* 


Several muffled thuds rang out. The Azure Dragon Spear that had never failed Yang Kai before turned out to be ineffective. Although the defences on the back of the Star Turtle’s neck were relatively weak, that was only in comparison to the other parts of its body. For a Seventh-Order Earth Element Monster Beast like this, every part of its body was as solid as rock.


It was not that the Azure Dragon Spear was weak, but rather that Yang Kai was not strong enough. The Azure Dragon Spear was bestowed to Yang Kai by Ah Da; moreover, it was refined from the corpse of a true Azure Dragon. Yang Kai had never been able to bring out the full power of his spear.


Hundreds of consecutive thrusts might have turned the back of the Star Turtle’s neck into a bloody mess, but such injuries were no more threatening than an insect bite to it. The turtle shook its head and flicked its tail, trying to throw Yang Kai off, but how could Yang Kai comply with the Star Turtle’s wishes? He didn’t budge in the slightest, almost as though his feet were nailed in place.


Needless to say, everybody else did not hold back in this situation. They quickly unleashed their killing moves and attacked the Star Turtle from all directions.


Bursts of light exploded against the Star Turtle’s body, but although these attacks were incredibly violent, they did not cause any effective damage to it at all. 


Suddenly, the turtle stopped struggling and its entire body shuddered for a moment. Immediately following that, countless rays of khakis-yellow light flickered and shot out from its body, each ray containing incredible power.


Yang Kai was caught off guard, and as a result, he was hit by one of the light rays and immediately grunted in pain. His body flew high into the air while the others were similarly flustered by the attacks and many were now lying motionless on the ground.


Upon shaking Yang Kai off, the Star Turtle reacted like a Flood Dragon that had escaped its bonds. Its ferocity was greatly magnified and its enormous body thrashed about from side to side. Nobody dared to approach within a radius of a thousand metres.


“Move aside! Leave it to me!” Chef roared furiously, suddenly charging forward. He was holding his kitchen knife in his left hand and a chopping board in his right. His appearance made him look like it was about to butcher a pig or a goat. It was a rather funny sight; however, what he was aiming to butcher this time was a Seventh-Order Monster Beast.


The chopping board in Chef’s hand flew out and rapidly expanded in the wind before it slid under the Star Turtle’s body. It was hard to determine what kind of artifact the chopping board was, but it was emitting a strange and mysterious aura. A Monster Beast as powerful as the Star Turtle was trapped on the chopping board in a moment of negligence.


Chef strode over with a wide grin, “I am the knife and the chopping block, you are the fish!”


As he shouted, his body suddenly swelled and transformed into a several-dozen-metre tall giant. That was not all; the kitchen knife in his hand also became incomparably huge. His expression was so savage that it could only be described as terrifying. He stretched out a large hand and pressed the Star Turtle against his chopping block. The apron around his waist showed the large printed ‘Butcher’ character. At the same time, the kitchen knife in his hand swung down.


For a moment, it looked like Chef was in control of the situation. The Star Turtle seemed no different from a fish that was being cut up in the kitchen.


Everybody was stunned by the sight. They never imagined that Chef had such skill! Such means were beyond the reach of even the Core Disciples from the various Cave-Heavens and Paradises. Even Yang Kai never expected Chef to be so astonishing. He had always believed that Bai Qi was the strongest among all the shop hands working under the Proprietress and only now did he realise that he might have been mistaken. [If Chef successfully advances into the Open Heaven Realm, he will surely end up stronger than Old Bai.]


Every time the knife chopped down, Chef caused dazzling bursts of sparks to shoot out from the Star Turtle’s shell. He was forcefully gouging a white mark into the shell with every cut!


While everybody was in a trance, Accountant flew over with an abacus in hand. His fingers flew across the abacus, shooting out bead after bead that enlarged and came crashing down on the Star Turtle’s head.


*Hong hong hong…* 


Every single blow made the Star Turtle’s head dip downward slightly. The Star Turtle’s head was smashed deep into the ground by the time hundreds of beads finished crashing down.


Everybody quickly took out their artifacts and unleashed their Secret Techniques, viciously attacking the Star Turtle.


All of a sudden, Chef’s expression changed drastically as he shouted, “It’s up to you now.”


While saying that, his huge figure shrunk back to his original size like a deflated balloon. The chopping board also flew back to his hand. After returning to his original appearance, his aura was so weak that he could barely stand. Moreover, his complexion was as pale as a sheet.


Upon seeing that, Yang Kai immediately understood that the Secret Technique Chef executed just now had consumed essentially all of the latter’s strength. It was not as if Chef could actually transform into such a big giant, it was simply a manifestation of the Secret Technique he used.


Therefore, Yang Kai immediately stopped his indiscriminate bombardment of the Star Turtle and flashed to appear beside Chef while shouting, “Don’t resist!”


Reaching out to grab him, Yang Kai tossed Chef into the Small Sealed World. Since the latter was no longer in any condition to fight, leaving him outside would only put him in danger. Since that was the case, it was better to let him rest in a safe place.


The Star Turtle seemed to have been agitated greatly by Chef’s attack. When it raised its head again, it shook its body hard. Its tail swept out in all directions like a meteor hammer, the power behind each blow so immense that nobody could defend against it. Countless people were thrown into the air and instantly suffered grievous injuries.


Zhang Ruo Xi was about to be hit by the sweeping tail of the Star Turtle. Seeing that she could not dodge the attack in time, Yang Kai flashed to her side and thrust out with his spear. When the mighty impact came, they both crashed into each other and became entangled. Yang Kai quickly got back to his feet and confirmed that she was alright before shouting, “Hei Ya, we’re all going to die here if you don’t do something quick!”




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