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Martial Peak – Chapter 4285, Wood Element Divine Ability

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Black Crow Divine Monarch, who was presiding over the Grand Array, coldly snorted at those words, “Brat, don’t you dare shirk your responsibility!”


It was obvious that Yang Kai had not gone all out. If nothing else, he had yet to use the Divine Manifestation that he showed previously. That Divine Manifestation contained an impressive amount of destructive power. Unleashing that move here would surely be of great help to the current situation.


Nevertheless, Black Crow Divine Monarch could not ignore Yang Kai’s plea for help. Should Yang Kai’s side be defeated, his Grand Array would also be affected. He was at a critical juncture to break the barrier and did not wish for all his efforts to be in vain.


Therefore, he waved his large banner despite his dissatisfaction with Yang Kai’s inadequacy. A large part of the blood mist suddenly converged to form a blood cloud that floated towards the Star Turtle and wrapped around it. Immediately after that, the blood cloud condensed into two Blood Beasts that were no smaller than the Star Turtle, as well as countless blood snakes that wriggled like living creatures.


The two Blood Beasts fearlessly flanked the Star Turtle from both sides. On the other hand, the countless blood snakes swarmed the Star Turtle’s body by crawling along the edges of its shell.


The Star Turtle flicked its tail and one of the Blood Beasts immediately exploded, only to regroup immediately in a seemingly immortal and indestructible manner. Thanks to these Blood Beasts, the others had some time to catch their breaths and readjusted their formation. Then, the barrage of Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques resumed once more.


Yang Kai took a small breather. It was true that he had not used his full strength; after all, under these circumstances, he did not dare to exert his full strength. Although the power of the Golden Crow Casts the Sun was explosive, its power consumption was simply too high. He might not have any strength left for self-protection if he consumed too much energy in his battle against the Star Turtle. How could he do something so stupid?


Fortunately, Black Crow Divine Monarch valued the Blood Monster Divine Palace so much that he could not afford to be distracted even though he understood Yang Kai’s intentions. As a result of the two immortal and indestructible Blood Beasts charging the enemy and the countless blood snakes distracting the Star Turtle, everybody’s safety was greatly increased.


Even though the Star Turtle was strong, its sentience seemed to be somewhat lacking. There was no saying whether the cause was its long years of sleep or its inherent nature. Annoyed by the Blood Beasts’ badgering, it fought them endlessly. The battle occupied it so much that it had no time for anything else.


This situation delighted Yang Kai and the others. Before they could rejoice though, the Blood Beasts were destroyed to the point where they could no longer re-condense. Similarly, the blood snakes crawling all over the Star Turtle’s body were destroyed by the Earth Element Power it emitted.


Yang Kai secretly cursed. With no other choice, he stepped forward once more. The Azure Dragon Spear flew out and pierced forward to draw the Star Turtle’s attention. This was something he had promised Black Crow Divine Monarch earlier after all. It was also related to whether the Blood Monster Divine Palace could be opened, so Yang Kai could not simply stand back and watch. Nevertheless, the pressure was as heavy as a mountain. Any negligence could turn into a fatal mistake when facing such a Seventh-Order Monster Beast, so Yang Kai had no choice but to remain alert at all times.


The others provided support from the side, and for a time, they successfully kept the Star Turtle at bay.


Taking a slight breather amidst the pitched battle, Yang Kai glanced in the direction of the Blood Monster Divine Palace and discovered that it had become far more solid in such a short time. It would seem that Black Crow Divine Monarch and the others were making good progress. According to the agreement from before, Yang Kai’s task would be over once the Blood Monster Divine Palace was completely opened and he would no longer have to strive so hard against this Monster Beast.


Meanwhile, Wei Bu Que was secretly shocked. He had heard about Yang Kai’s strength from his Junior Brother, Xu Zhen. He had also heard about how Yang Kai defeated Yu Luo Sha in the Asura Arena of Thousand Birds Star City in one move. Even so, it was one thing to listen to the stories and quite another to witness it for himself. It was not until this moment that he understood how wide the gap between him and Yang Kai was.


Everybody had done their best when facing the Star Turtle, but the majority of the pressure was borne by Yang Kai who constantly charged forward to attack the enemy. Wei Bu Que had to admit that he would have been exhausted in less than an incense stick if he were in Yang Kai’s shoes. He might even face the risk of death. On the contrary, Yang Kai persevered against all odds. The scene might seem precarious and sometimes extremely dangerous, but things also seemed to be in his control.


[Black Crow Divine Monarch truly has a good eye for people. It’s also no wonder that Junior Brother reminded me countless times before my departure that I should try and win Yang Kai over should I meet him. With such talent, he will be incomparable to ordinary Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters even if he only achieves that realm upon breaking through.] A ray of light suddenly shot in Wei Bu Que’s direction. Shaking his head, he cleared his mind of the many distracting thoughts and slashed forward with his sword.


With the passage of time, the number of wounded increased. Even Wei Bu Que and the other elites were covered in injuries. There was no need to mention Yang Kai’s condition. If not for his strong recovery abilities and endurance, he would have died countless times over by now.


The strength of a Seventh-Order Monster Beast was terrifying indeed. Despite combining so many people’s strength, they could only keep the Monster Beast at bay. It was impossible for them to kill it.


Yang Kai had the feeling that only a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master had hope of killing the Star Turtle; moreover, it had to be a Fifth-Order or Sixth-Order Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master. A Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was not capable of such a feat.


With the Star Turtle being held back, Black Crow Divine Monarch was undisturbed and made rapid progress. In the short span of an hour, the Blood Monster Divine Palace was almost fully condensed into solid form.


On the other hand, the Star Turtle’s purpose in sleeping here was probably only to protect the Divine Palace. As such, the further Black Crow Divine Monarch progressed, the more violent and powerful its attacks became.


Yang Kai and the others who were fighting the Star Turtle could feel these changes clearly.


All of a sudden, there was a soft crack. It was followed by a horrifying aura that permeated the air. Immediately after that, a Sword Qi slashed out from Lin Feng’s waist and shot towards the Star Turtle. The Sword Qi swept out wantonly and the Void shattered.


A several-metre-long crack was sliced open, stretching across the Star Turtle’s solid back. Through that crack, they could practically see the wriggling flesh and internal organs inside.


Yang Kai, who was struggling against the Star Turtle at the time, couldn’t help feeling stunned for a moment; likewise, the others were stunned too.


Meanwhile, Lin Feng stiffened and looked down at his waist. In the next moment, his eyes narrowed slightly. The Identity Token at his waist was shattered. In other words, his life had been in mortal danger just now. That was why the Divine Ability Sealed within the Identity Token had been triggered.


He was instantly drenched in cold sweat! He barely even understood what had happened. All he knew was that a yellow stream of light had shot out from the Star Turtle and flew in his direction. It had happened so fast that he had no time to react…


“Good job!” Black Crow Divine Monarch laughed loudly. Another blood cloud wriggled over and slipped into the Star Turtle’s body via that wound to wreak havoc from the inside.


The Star Turtle’s shell and flesh were extremely tough. Even though such a large group of people had been attacking him for half a day, the damage they managed to cause was negligible. In contrast, the Sword Qi Divine Ability unleashed from Lin Feng’s Identity Token had inflicted heavy damage in an instant. How could Black Crow Divine Monarch miss out on such a good opportunity? He took the initiative to attack without waiting for Yang Kai’s call for help.


The blood cloud vanished out of sight and the Star Turtle roared in pain while the pressure on Yang Kai and the others fell noticeably.


“Are you alright, Brother Lin?” Wei Bu Que asked while taking a breather.


Lin Feng slowly nodded, but a trace of fear lingered on his face. Never once had he ever felt so close to death before. He had never been so terrified in his life; not even when he was captured by Kun Sha in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary back then.


It would now seem that it was unrealistic to rely on the hope that the Divine Abilities sealed within the Identity Tokens of the Cave-Heaven and Paradise disciples could kill this Star Turtle. That Sword Qi just now had been indescribably powerful, but even so, it had only managed to open a single wound on the opponent’s back. Based on the outcome of this situation, they could not take the Star Turtle’s life even if they activated all of their protective Divine Abilities.


Nevertheless, it was thanks to this sealed Divine Ability that broke open the tough shell and allowed Black Crow Divine Monarch’s methods to take effect that Yang Kai and the others could catch their breath for a moment.


In the meantime, the Blood Monster Divine Palace was becoming more and more solid. Another quarter hour passed and there was a loud rumble accompanied by an earthquake that shook the entire world. Then, the gates of the Blood Monster Divine Palace slowly opened.


Black Crow Divine Monarch’s eyes blazed with a raging heat. Similarly, the cultivators standing at the various Array Nodes looked excited.


“Success!” Black Crow Divine Monarch laughed out loud, “This Monarch will be leaving first.”


After saying that, he ignored everybody else and charged forward. He rushed straight into the Blood Monster Divine Palace and disappeared out of sight. Upon seeing that, the others did not hesitate to follow suit. All of them quickly swarmed towards the Blood Monster Divine Palace, scrambling to be the first!


On the contrary, Yang Kai wanted to curse and scream! That was because the Star Turtle was no longer restrained by Black Crow Divine Monarch following his departure. Like a tiger that had been released from its cage, the Star Turtle’s aura soared wildly.


Yang Kai and the others had barely been able to cope earlier, but the pressure increased sharply at this moment. Several people gathered near the Star Turtle were swept away by its aura and swiftly retreated into the distance.


A battlefield was like a game of chess. One wrong move would lead to another, then another, until everything collapsed. Black Crow Divine Monarch’s sudden departure had left Yang Kai and the others in an extremely difficult and precarious position.


The Star Turtle shook its body. Dozens of figures collapsed on the ground, bleeding profusely as a result. This attack was swiftly followed by numerous yellow bolts of light shooting out from its body, causing the remaining people to panic.


Black Crow Divine Monarch probably never intended to bother about the lives of Yang Kai and the others in the first place. From his standpoint, he couldn’t be happier if Yang Kai and the others were killed by the Star Turtle. That was why he left without the slightest hesitation.


Although Yang Kai struggled hard to fight back, it was difficult for him to block the onslaught of a Seventh-Order Monster Beast.


“Go quickly!” He shouted while stabbing out continuously with his spear.


As soon as the words left Yang Kai’s mouth, the Star Turtle raised his meteor-hammer-like tail. A blinding yellow light gathered at the tip of its tail and a moment later, it moved at lightning speed and smashed down at the place where the most people were gathered.


Qu Hua Shang stood in that spot, her beautiful face drained of all colour. She knew that she would die if she didn’t move, but the Star Turtle’s horrifying aura locked her firmly in place. A feeling that she could not escape in time washed over her. The light in front of her eyes became obscured and the world darkened around her.


Yang Kai felt his teeth nearly cracking at the sight. Manipulating Space Principles, his figure flashed and appeared in front of her as a terrifying wind pressed down on him. He already felt suffocated before the Star Turtle’s attack arrived. [I can’t block this! With my current strength, I can’t block an attack of this magnitude! It’s not enough even if I use Golden Crow Casts the Sun! But, if I can’t stop this attack, then Qu Hua Shang will definitely die!]


In that moment between life or death, an aura flashed through his mind and the Wood Element Power shone brightly in his Dao Seal. An emerald aura flowed out and a great tree appeared out of nowhere behind his back, holding up a huge canopy that swayed in the wind. The tree gave off the feeling that it would stand tall even if the sky came crashing down.




The Star Turtle’s tail smashed down and the yellow light collided with the canopy of the great tree. The emerald light and yellow light impacted with an explosive sound that shook the world.



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