Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4286, The Blood Monster Divine Palace


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Qu Hua Shang stared blankly at the figure standing in front of her, feeling as though some kind of barrier which wrapped around her heart was struck by something and shattered in an instant, making it race faster than it had ever before.


She was one of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven’s Core Disciples. Having been vigorously cultivated by the Sect since she was young, she never lacked for anything. Not only did she have great aptitude and high cultivation, but she also had a beautiful appearance. Countless Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven had tried to woo her in the past.


What she cultivated was the Heartless Dao. In order for her to advance into the Open Heaven Realm, she would first need to experience love. She herself knew that it was only a matter of time before she had to settle down with a man.


Most of the other female disciples in the Sect from her generation had long since fallen in love and became intimate with their partners of choice; however, she had never been able to find a suitable candidate. Hence, she was always honest and straightforward with the Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers who approached her.


It was only when she entered the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary that she encountered a man who could clearly and eloquently discuss Yin-Yang Union Cultivation with her. Although she found the man rather interesting, she did not give much thought to the matter at the time.


After returning to Yin-Yang Cave Heaven, she underwent intensive cultivation to absorb all the benefits she received in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. It was not until she finally came out of retreat that she heard many things about Yang Kai.


Feeling appreciative of the life-saving grace she received from him in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, she persuaded her Sect to take a softer approach to win him over instead of trying to kill him. Her status as a Core Disciple gave her some say in making decisions, and due to her constant lobbying, the higher-ups in the Sect agreed. Naturally, the task of winning Yang Kai over fell upon her as the person who proposed this idea in the first place. Besides, she was already acquainted with him so there could be no better candidate than her.


Upon entering the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, Qu Hua Shang was not surprised to meet Yang Kai again. She was entrusted with a task from her Sect and had her own Grand Dao to consider as well; therefore, she was much more proactive in approaching him than before.


During this period, she survived through various hardships and even shared life and death together with him. The admiration in her heart grew greatly after she witnessed his abilities and temperament with her own eyes. Despite the mutual protection and unfaltering support during their travels, she only felt that he was a very responsible man. A trace of affection would occasionally bloom in her heart, but she knew that those feelings were a far cry from love.


She had more than once asked herself, ‘What is love?’ Unfortunately, she could not find the answer to her question.


However, at this very moment, when her life flashed before her eyes as the darkness of death enveloped her, that familiar figure had descended from the sky without hesitation to stand in front of her. That figure was akin to a majestic mountain that shielded her from rain and storm…


Qu Hua Shang suddenly felt as though a seed in her heart had germinated and burst out of the ground with great vigour. It was a strange feeling that instantly permeated her entire body. Even though she was standing at the threshold of life and death, she broke out into a smile. Her aura that had gone chaotic when danger loomed over her suddenly cleared up and became calm once more, even becoming more vigorous than before.




The Star Turtle’s tail came slamming down to crash against the huge canopy. The yellow light and emerald light symphonically blended together. The great tree stood strong below, forcefully holding up the enormous tail.


Everybody was stunned by the sight, and even Yang Kai was taken aback. He looked up and stared at the large tree and huge canopy behind him and a single question flashed through his heart, [What is this?]


In that moment just now, he had instinctively pushed the Wood Element Power in his Dao Seal. It never occurred to him that a giant tree would appear behind him.


Among the Five Elements, the Wood suppressed Earth. What the Star Turtle unleashed was undoubtedly a Seventh-Order Earth Element Power. On the other hand, the Wood Element Power in Yang Kai’s Dao Seal was condensed from the essence of the Immortal Tree. In terms of Order, his Wood Element Power was definitely much higher than the Star Turtle’s Earth Element Power. In addition, these two Elements mutually restrained each other, so it was not hard to understand how he managed to block that terrifying blow.


What Yang Kai could not understand was what he did just now. He was astonished that he managed to comprehend a Wood Element Divine Ability at such a critical moment.


All this while, he had been trying to unlock the mysteries of the Elements in his Dao Seal in hopes of comprehending a Divine Manifestation no weaker than his Golden Crow Casts the Sun. If nothing else, comprehending a Divine Ability or Secret Technique like the Dragon Shield was not bad either. In particular, the Wood Element was the first Open Heaven Power that he condensed, so he had been rather disappointed that he could not comprehend any Divine Abilities from it.


Over the years, Yang Kai had wondered if the Order of the Wood Element Power that he condensed from the essence of the Immortal Tree was simply too high for him to comprehend anything from it. Nevertheless, he knew that some things could not be forced. Everything would remain an unreachable dream if the timing was not right. Correspondingly, everything would naturally fall into place once the moment arrived. Even so, he never imagined that the Wood Element Divine Ability would emerge right here and right now due to necessity!


[Sure enough, the fine line between life or death not only contains great terror but also holds great opportunities!] At the time, Yang Kai simply wanted to save Qu Hua Shang. There were no other thoughts in his head, so he drew on the Wood Element Power in his Dao Seal instinctually, causing the giant tree behind him to suddenly appear out of nowhere.


[This must be a Defensive Divine Ability!] Yang Kai immediately understood the situation. It was just that he did not have time to investigate it carefully. He could sense that the large tree could not withstand the Star Turtle’s aggressive attacks for long; thus, he quickly shouted, “Go quickly!”


Everybody returned to their senses. How could they dare to delay a moment longer? They hurriedly rushed towards the gates of the Blood Monster Divine Palace. Black Crow Divine Monarch was the first person to rush inside while the rest of the cultivators acting as Array Nodes soon followed out of fear and greed. Therefore, those fighting the Star Turtle were the last ones remaining outside.


At this moment, the Blood Monster Divine Palace had been opened so there was no longer any need to fight this Seventh-Order Monster Beast. Since it was impossible to kill this Star Turtle, it was only logical to flee as soon as possible.


One after another, their remaining figures slipped into the Blood Monster Divine Palace. Before leaving, Lin Feng, Wei Bu Que, Ning Dao Ran, and the others each sent a Divine Ability in the direction of the Star Turtle, giving one last burst of effort to help relieve some of the pressure on Yang Kai. Ding Yi also followed close behind with the rest of the surviving members of Emperor Heaven.


Accountant shouted, “Brat, we’re going on ahead. Take care of yourself!”


After saying that, he summoned Lang Qing Shan and the others before they charged into the Blood Monster Divine Palace.


Zhang Ruo Xi was not willing to leave, but Gu Pan dragged her into the Blood Monster Divine Palace by the arm and vanished out of sight.


Qu Hua Shang quietly whispered, “Junior Brother, I’ll be waiting for you inside. Hurry and catch up.”


Her emotions were a little agitated at the moment and for some reason, her body felt soft and weak. She knew that she would only add to his worries if she stayed here, so she forced herself to leave.


Yang Kai grunted in reply without looking back, sensing her aura quickly disappear.


In a blink of an eye, he was the only person left in the entire mountain valley. The great tree condensed from the Wood Element Power was already beginning to falter. It was true that the Wood suppressed Earth. Moreover, this newly comprehended Defensive Divine Ability was absolutely amazing in terms of power. Unfortunately, even the strongest defence could only last so long in the face of a furious attack.


Seeing that the huge canopy of the large tree was about to break, Yang Kai grit his teeth and stared up at the Star Turtle. Space Principles fluctuated around him and he appeared outside the gates of the Blood Monster Divine Palace in a flash.


If possible, he would have preferred to kill the Star Turtle. Although he was not in need of a Seventh-Order Earth Element Monster Core, it was still an invaluable cultivation resource. If he brought this back with him, he might be able to exchange this for something that he did need. It was a pity that a Seventh-Order Monster Beast was not something he could defeat with his current strength. So many people working together had been unable to leave a scratch on that Monster Beast earlier, so what could he do now that he was alone?


Standing in front of the gates of the Blood Monster Divine Palace, Yang Kai gave one last glance at the enraged and roaring Star Turtle before he turned around and rushed inside. The furious roars behind him stopped abruptly. Instead, he was greeted by a vast expanse of white everywhere he looked. Although his Divine Sense was not restricted by anything, he could not detect any other presences in this place. All the cultivators who rushed in before him were nowhere to be seen.


Yang Kai stopped and looked back, only to see that the gates of the Blood Monster Divine Palace were gone, replaced by a completely white world. It was as though there was nothing else in this place aside from the dazzling whiteness that stretched out in all directions.


[Where are the others?] Yang Kai frowned. Judging by the current situation, there seemed to be a strange restriction in the Blood Monster Divine Palace. It might not be harmful, but it gave off an indescribably peculiar feel.


After trying for a while, Yang Kai did not sense any danger; furthermore, he could neither see anything within his field of vision nor detect any life auras within the range of his Divine Sense. It was as though the people who came in before him had vanished without any rhyme or reason. Seeing as it was impossible for them to have gone missing, Yang Kai suspected that they were stuck in the same situation as he. They had all fallen into this world of pure white.


[How can the inside of the Blood Monster Divine Palace look like this? Why was Black Crow Divine Monarch so desperate to enter this place?] Yang Kai was a little worried about Zhang Ruo Xi, but upon further consideration, he recalled that Gu Pan had dragged Zhang Ruo Xi by the arm and entered the Blood Monster Divine Palace together. The two of them were most likely together at this moment. Even if something dangerous were to appear, Zhang Ruo Xi would have Gu Pan taking care of her. At the very least, she would not have to deal with the dangers alone.


With that thought in mind, Yang Kai relaxed slightly. He pondered for a moment before activating the Demon Eye of Annihilation. His left eye immediately transformed into a majestic column of golden light.


The Demon Eye of Annihilation had impressive power and utility, and Yang Kai had never been disappointed whenever he used this skill. However, he gained nothing this time around. He suspected that this was some sort of Spirit Array like an Illusion Array or a Bewildering Array. Seeing as he did not gain anything from the use of his Demon Eye of Annihilation though, it could only mean that there was nothing odd about this place, or that his Demon Eye of Annihilation was not strong enough.


Thinking about it, Yang Kai realised that this was not surprising. This place was the Blood Monster Divine Palace, the home of Blood Monster Divine Monarch. If an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master decided to place a restriction on this place, it would not be something Yang Kai could see through so easily.


Withdrawing his Divine Ability, he let out a sigh. This damned place had nothing. There was only whiteness all around. Furthermore, it gave off the feeling of infinity which made him somewhat anxious.


With no other clues, Yang Kai could only take things one step at a time. He adjusted his breathing and recovered his strength. At the same time, he decided on a direction and walked forward. There was no saying how much time had passed. He even had the feeling that the flow of time in this place was very strange. For that reason, he was unable to judge just how long he had been walking.


It seemed like it was only a moment, but it also seemed like several days had passed. Just as Yang Kai was starting to get frustrated, he suddenly heard a scream coming from a certain direction. His expression stiffened in shock and he hurriedly turned to look in that direction; however, he frowned deeply the next moment. That was because a figure had appeared in his field of vision. It was almost as if that person had been there all along and he simply had not noticed the man all this while.


It was a male cultivator who looked around forty years old or so. There was no way to tell which Sect’s disciple he was, but at this moment, he seemed absolutely panicked. His eyes were filled with terror, as though he had seen something extremely horrifying, and he was running around screaming, “Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”




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  1. So if I understand things correctly when an element of a lower order can’t beat an element of a higher order.
    Except when it’s convenient by the author…

    1. High order Elements that have been refined into dao seals cannot be used to their full potential until the cultivator breaks through to open heaven realm. This is because using the elements puts a strain on the dao seal, and if they use too much power the dao seal can break. It also has to do with the fact that most emperor realm don’t have enough energy to sustain the full power of high order elements. If something is powerful naturally it would take more energy to use.

      Whereas for the turtle, it has none of those concerns, it can bring out the full potential of its earth element. You can think of it this way, even though wood suppresses earth and the quality of Yang kai’s wood element power is greater than the turtle’s earth element, the quantity of power he can bring out is vastly, and I mean vastly lower. Sure, high order elements are stronger than lower order elements but that doesn’t suddenly mean Yang kai can just negate all elements at and below 6th order. He can do it against other emperor realm juniors, because the power they can bring out is also limited, just like it is with him. And he can do it with low order open heaven realm. But when his opponent can bring out vastly more power than him, its hard for him to just negate all that power. That doesn’t mean his High order elements are useless, they are why he stands a fighting chance whereas all the other emperor realm juniors don’t.

    2. It’s not poker, where stronger hand always beats weaker one. It’s not rock, paper, scissors (elemental edition). It’s not higher level (realm) character always beats lower one. It’s not more skilled player beats a newer one (sheltered flower). It’s combination of all of the above and a bunch of other considerations.
      Can water put out oil fire? Normally no, because oil can float on water and still burn. Unless it’s 30 meters tsunami wave that will suddenly cut off any oxygen to the flames and break up the oil into suspension. And these “unless” is exactly why you shouldn’t listen to people, who are eager to give you an easy answer without thinking and why you shouldn’t be one yourself.

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