Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4289, Hei Ya’s Aim


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Yang Kai coldly snorted, “That’s what I wanted to ask you.”


Upon taking a closer look, Yang Kai realised that Black Crow Divine Monarch was severely injured and covered in blood.


Black Crow Divine Monarch looked as though he had undergone enormous pressure. Despite his knowledge about the mysteries of the Nothingness Array, it would seem that escaping had still taken quite a lot of effort from him. It was no surprise considering that he had possessed Zhou Yi’s body. Zhou Yi was simply a Great Thousand Blood Land disciple who had condensed Fifth-Order Elements. There was quite a large gap between his foundation and Yang Kai’s.


Black Crow Divine Monarch probably received those injuries during his escape from the Nothingness Array.


Recalling the blood oath Black Crow Divine Monarch made just now, Yang Kai’s expression became calm. [What is there to fear? He is restricted by his own blood oath inside the Blood Monster Divine Palace. As long as I don’t provoke him, he cannot attack me.]


Yang Kai flicked his wrist and put away the Divine Ability Bead given to him by the Proprietress; then, he coldly asked, “Hei Ya, where are the others?”


Black Crow Divine Monarch chuckled, “Why ask when you already know the answer? They are stuck in the same place you just came out from.”


[I was right!] Yang Kai previously suspected that everybody who entered through the gates of the Blood Monster Divine Palace would fall into that world of pure white. Now that he received confirmation from Black Crow Divine Monarch.


This knowledge made Yang Kai so furious that his teeth hurt. The Nothingness Array was not only incredibly peculiar, but also filled with deadly dangers. There was no saying what kind of fate one might face inside that place.


It could be said that everybody had been tricked by Black Crow Divine Monarch. They had helped him open the Blood Monster Divine Palace only to be trapped in the Nothingness Array.


Yang Kai was very tempted to summon the Azure Dragon Spear and stab this bastard to death!


“This Monarch is truly astonished. I can’t believe you escaped that place in such a short time. You truly are extraordinary.” Black Crow Divine Monarch looked at Yang Kai with admiration. The only reason he made it this far so quickly was that he had known about the Nothingness Array in advance. On the other hand, Yang Kai managed to reach this place despite knowing nothing. His aptitude and comprehension ability were simply astonishing.


Yang Kai ground his teeth and said, “The only thing I want to know right now is how I can get them out.”


Black Crow Divine Monarch grinned meaningfully, “You want to save them? It’s simple. You just need to refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace. If you successfully refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace, forget rescuing them, it won’t be difficult for you to control the entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven.”


Yang Kai stiffened at those words, “Has your aim been to snatch the Blood Monster Cave Heaven all along?”


Based on what Black Crow Divine Monarch said, it was clear that he planned to refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace and take control of the entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven. How could Yang Kai tolerate something like that? If Black Crow Divine Monarch succeeded in his endeavour, then the lives of all the people in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would fall into his hands!


“Why else did you think this Monarch spent so much effort to come here?” Black Crow Divine Monarch stared at Yang Kai with a measured look and quickly said, “Junior, you’re a talented one. In the future, you will achieve greatness. If you submit to this Monarch, I will share a portion of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven with you. What do you think?”


“Good!” Yang Kai agreed readily, “Tell me how to refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace first.”


Black Crow Divine Monarch snorted with disdain, “The opportunity is right in front of your eyes, but you don’t know how to grasp it. Junior, you are so short-sighted. It will cost you your life one day!”


After saying that, his body shuddered and turned into a blood cloud that rushed to the back.


Yang Kai exclaimed, “Where are you going!?”


At this moment, Yang Kai couldn’t care less about Black Crow Divine Monarch’s blood oath anymore. He immediately pushed his Space Principles to imprison the world around Black Crow Divine Monarch. However, the blood cloud abruptly exploded and shot out in all directions. Although Yang Kai managed to trap most of the blood lights, some still slipped through his fingers.




The blood lights transformed into several clusters of blood that flew about inside the Grand Hall, but Black Crow Divine Monarch was nowhere to be seen.


Yang Kai gnashed his teeth, knowing that Black Crow Divine Monarch was not afraid of him. Rather, Black Crow Divine Monarch was simply eager to refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace and did not want to be held up here. How could Yang Kai allow such a thing though? He immediately chased after Black Crow Divine Monarch.


At this moment, Yang Kai was the only other person aside from Black Crow Divine Monarch who could move freely inside the Blood Monster Divine Palace. If Yang Kai failed to stop Black Crow Divine Monarch and the latter successfully refined this place, he would gain total control over the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Everybody would end up enslaved by Hei Ya as a result. It would be a life worse than death!


Be that as it may, Yang Kai had no idea which direction Black Crow Divine Monarch was heading. The Grand Hall was connected to the rest of the palace and there were many corridors heading in different directions; thus, he could only choose a direction at random in his pursuit of Black Crow Divine Monarch.


Rushing out of the Grand Hall, Yang Kai arrived at a long corridor with rooms on either side. He frowned and came to stand in front of one of the rooms. After investigating with his Divine Sense and confirming that there were no dangers inside, he pushed open the door and entered the room.


What he saw stunned him for a moment. It was probably a woman’s bedroom. Yang Kai might not know the identity of the owner, but the furnishings in the room gave off a feminine aura. It was just that too much time had passed and everything inside had long ago rotted away. The slight gust of wind that stirred up from when he opened the door caused many things to disintegrate into dust.


Yang Kai glanced around and determined that there was nothing of value inside the room. There were no signs of Black Crow Divine Monarch either, so he immediately left. He then pushed open the door to another room and found that it was rather similar to the previous room.


After investigating the rooms one by one, Yang Kai found nothing at all. This area seemed to be filled with women’s bedrooms; thus, he secretly guessed that this place used to be the living quarters of Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s harem. Blood Monster Divine Monarch was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after all, so it was not strange for him to have several women by his side. Even so, his women couldn’t survive until today when he himself had already passed away.


Passing through the harem, Yang Kai arrived at another Grand Hall. This Grand Hall covered an extremely large area. Moreover, it was surrounded by strange and seemingly indestructible stones that emitted a constant brilliant light.


Looking around, Yang Kai couldn’t help but shudder. There were many cages inside the Grand Hall. Furthermore, these cages were filled with many Monster Beast skeletons. Some were as small as one’s palm while others were several metres tall. These Monster Beasts came in all shapes and sizes. The list could go on forever. It could be conceived that countless Monster Beasts had once been imprisoned here a long time ago. With the passage of time though, they had reached the end of their lifespans and finally died.


Yang Kai walked over to one of the cages and studied the pile of bones. When he noticed a dull and faded bead among the bones, a sudden thought came to him and he immediately retrieved it.


Upon careful investigation, however, Yang Kai sighed. This dull and faded bead turned out to be the Monster Core of a Monster Beast. Judging from the weak aura remaining in this Monster Core, this Monster Beast used to be a Fifth-Order Monster Beast at the very least. It was just that too much time had passed. The Monster Beast Core had not been properly preserved, so most of the energy within had dissipated. A Monster Beast Core like this had very little value.


Weaving through the Grand Hall, Yang Kai found Monster Core after Monster Core that had long lost their value. He even suspected that some were Seventh-Order Monster Cores; thus, he couldn’t help feeling his heart ache. If these Monster Cores had retained their usefulness, then he would no longer need to worry about cultivation resources.


This place seemed to be where Blood Monster Divine Monarch used to research Monster Beasts. He was proficient in the Dao of Blood and the Dao of Beast Taming, but that was not all. He also managed to modify Monster Beasts so that they only had singular Attributes in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. It was proof of his supreme attainments in the Dao of Beast Taming.


Unlike in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, the Monster Beast Cores in the outside world would normally have a complex mix of Elements. Not many of them could be refined and used by cultivators directly. However, the Monster Beast Cores in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven were different in the sense that they could be used directly as Open Heaven resources. If this method was leaked to the outside world, the various Cave-Heavens and Paradises would surely scramble over themselves to get their hands on it.


[Since this place used to be where Blood Monster Divine Monarch did his research on the Monster Beasts, wouldn’t he have left some notes here?] Yang Kai had a sudden idea and carefully searched the surrounding area. It didn’t take long before he found a few remaining jade slips lying around. He carefully picked these jade slips up and confirmed that they were not damaged. Only then did he immerse his Divine Sense into the jade slips to check their contents.


A short while later, he revealed a look of pure joy. These jade slips might not contain information that fully described the methods to nurture these Monster Beasts, but there were some scattered records within them.


There were many parts that Yang Kai did not understand; however, that was not a problem. Martial Beast Great Emperor, Mo Huang, would surely be very interested in these research notes; after all, he rose to the status of Great Emperor by cultivating the Dao of Beast Taming. 


Yang Kai solemnly put these jade slips away. Afterwards, he circled around the Grand Hall once more. When he confirmed that he had not missed anything else, he finally continued to head deeper into the palace.


There were many Grand Halls and rooms in this place, but most of them were empty. Apart from those jade slips, Yang Kai did not find anything else that was of value. It was not that this place did not contain great treasures, it was just that too much time had passed and many of these treasures had long since lost their spirituality. Take for example the Monster Cores he came across earlier. Some of those Monster Cores were originally Seventh-Order resources. Unfortunately, they had long since lost their effects and became worthless as a result. Yang Kai also found some artifacts that were of very high quality, but their aura was so dim that they could not be refined at all.


It could be seen that the rosy picture that Black Crow Divine Monarch had previously painted in front of everybody was nothing more than a bunch of nonsense. He simply wanted to borrow their strength to help break the barrier of the Blood Monster Divine Palace. There was no saying where he was hiding at the moment. He might even be refining the Blood Monster Divine Palace right now!


Even if Yang Kai wanted to search for Black Crow Divine Monarch though, he had no idea where to even begin. As such, he could only proceed one step at a time.


At a certain moment, Yang Kai pushed open the door of a room and was surprised to discover a large Alchemy Furnace inside. There were many wooden shelves in the surroundings which contained various herbs and jade bottles.


[Is this the Pill Refining Room?] Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat in excitement. Blood Monster Divine Monarch was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so the things that he would keep in this place would surely be of high quality!


Be that as it may, Yang Kai was disappointed once more when he stepped forward to examine the shelves. There were many herbs on the wooden shelves. Not only were they of very high quality, but they also had various barriers and methods cast on them to preserve them. It was just that far too long had passed so most of the barriers had lost their effects, causing these herbs to lose most of their medical efficacy.


It was the jade bottles that Yang Kai held out some hope for. After checking through the rows of jade bottles, he finally obtained some results. Most of the Spirit Pills in the jade bottles had lost their effects, but Blood Monster Divine Monarch seemed to be fairly skilled in Alchemy. Quite a few of the Spirit Pills here had Pill Veins.


Once a Spirit Pill produced Pills Veins, they would retain their efficacy no matter how much time passed as long as they were properly stored. They would be even more incredible if they formed Pills Clouds, in which case their medicinal efficacies would continue to increase with the passing of time.




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