Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4290, Universe Furnace Open Heaven Pills


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Spirit Pills with Pill Clouds were extremely difficult to refine. Many Alchemists might never even refine a single Spirit Pill that formed Pill Clouds in their entire lifetime. Yang Kai had refined countless Spirit Pills since he first started cultivating, but the number which formed Pill Clouds could be counted on one hand.


There were no Spirit Pills with Pill Clouds in this place, but there were quite a few with Pill Veins. Moreover, there was quite a wide variety of them. Some were used to facilitate cultivation and some were for healing purposes. There were also some Yang Kai did not recognise. Nevertheless, he swept all of them into his Space Ring without exception.


When he picked up one of the jade bottles to investigate the content, he couldn’t help but frown as it only had a single Open Heaven Pill.


Blood Monster Divine Monarch was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so why would he place a bottle with a single Open Heaven Pill here with such solemnity? 


What surprised Yang Kai even more was that this Open Heaven Pill still retained its medical efficacies.


He casually tossed the bottle into his Space Ring, but just as he was about to continue with his search, he froze in surprise. [That can’t be right. If that really was an Open Heaven Pill, then it should have lost all its medical efficacies over the years. It’s impossible for them to be preserved so perfectly. Besides… that Open Heaven Pill seemed a little different from the other Open Heaven Pills that I’ve seen before.]


Yang Kai quickly took the jade bottle out again and opened it and poured out the single Open Heaven Pill. At a glance, there was no doubt that it was an Open Heaven Pill. Both the size and colour of the Spirit Pill were almost identical to that of a common Open Heaven Pill, but even so, Yang Kai could clearly sense that this Spirit Pill contained an energy that was countless times stronger than ordinary. There was also… a faint hint of the World Force leaking out of this Open Heaven Pill.


Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged as he immersed it into the Spirit Pill to investigate.




A wave of dizziness swept over him as it felt as though he had tried to sweep his Divine Sense over an entire Small World; his Soul shaken under the oppression of the World Force. That was not all. A distinct kind of Grand Dao aura emanated from this Open Heaven Pill, making him feel enlightened all of a sudden.


Sucking in a breath of cold air, Yang Kai focused his mind and studied the Spirit Pill in his hand intently. It was not until this moment that he noticed that there were countless fine and delicate patterns on this Open Heaven Pill. These patterns intertwined with each other and covered the entire surface of the Spirit Pill, seeming to contain 10,000 Grand Daos within them. These patterns made a person subconsciously yearn to investigate them further.


These were neither Pill Veins nor Pill Clouds. More importantly, this Spirit Pill was definitely not an ordinary Open Heaven Pill.


Yang Kai suddenly thought of a possibility that excited him so much that his hands trembled.


When he set off from the Star Boundary, Zhang Ruo Xi had once explained to him about the use of Open Heaven Pills. Open Heaven Pills were generally used by Open Heaven Realm Masters to increase their strength. They were also the hard currency used throughout the 3,000 Worlds.


It was just that there were limits to consuming Open Heaven Pills for advancement. Generally, one could only increase their Order twice by consuming Open Heaven Pills, and they became completely useless after that. 


The cultivators who had reached this point had also reached the limits of their strength; however, those who were lucky enough to find Innate Open Heaven Pills could go a step further!


The Heavens never sealed off all hope, so there was always a path forward, no matter how narrow and dangerous. There was a mysterious Supreme Treasure in this vast universe known as the Universe Furnace. Most of the time, the Universe Furnace was hidden in the Void and it was something most people would never have the chance to encounter. The Universe Furnace drew upon the very essence of the Universe to produce Innate Open Heaven Pills. These Innate Open Heaven Pills not only had incredibly potent medical efficacies but also carried no side effects for cultivators.


It was rumoured that the cultivation and Order of a cultivator could be improved continuously without any risk or hidden dangers as long as one had enough Innate Open Heaven Pills.


Be that as it may, these Innate Open Heaven Pills were extraordinarily rare and a reign of terror would be unleashed every time the Universe Furnace appeared. Even the Cave-Heavens and Paradises would do everything in their power to snatch these naturally-formed Open Heaven Pills. That was why they were considered treasures that ordinary cultivators would never even lay eyes on. Not many people even knew what these Innate Open Heaven Pills looked like.


The Open Heaven Pills circulating in the 3,000 Worlds today were actually imitations of the Innate ones refined by Alchemists in the ancient past. There was a large difference between imitations and the genuine product, be it in terms of medicinal efficacies or effects.


Yang Kai gulped nervously. He was almost certain that this Spirit Pill in his hand was a legendary Universe Furnace Open Heaven Pill!


Thinking about it carefully though, it was not that surprising. Blood Monster Divine Monarch was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so it would not be impossible for him to obtain such a treasure.


This bottle contained only one Spirit Pill, but although this one pill did not seem significant or useful, its value was practically immeasurable. Just imagine; a cultivator who had initially broken through to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm then spent countless years and energy to finally advance to the peak Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Unfortunately, this was the pinnacle of his or her life and the limit of their Martial Dao.


At this point, they could not increase their strength again no matter how many Open Heaven Pills they consumed or how many cultivation resources they refined. However, this Innate Open Heaven Pill gave a glimmer of hope in that desperate situation! If that were the case, they would probably agree to any condition just to obtain it.


This Spirit Pill was simply priceless!


Yang Kai’s heart pounded with excitement. Regardless of whatever else he gained, this trip to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would be worthwhile just with this pill alone. 


Yang Kai took a moment to compose himself. Although he was almost certain that what he received was the legendary item, he would still need the Proprietress to verify whether it was genuine; after all, she had far more experience and a better eye than him and would definitely be able to tell whether they were real or fake.


Placing this bottle into the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai continued to look around. The results made him very excited. He actually found 5 bottles with Innate Open Heaven Pills! In other words, he now had 5 of these Spirit Pills!


Yang Kai did not know how many Innate Open Heaven Pills an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would need to consume to advance into the Ninth-Order, but since these 5 pills were stored so carefully here, they would definitely be of at least some use!


Compared to these 5 Spirit Pills, all the other gains he obtained up until now could only be regarded as bonuses. Yang Kai quickly stored them away and looted the rest of the Spirit Pills that could still be used. He didn’t even spare the furnace.


Void Land would surely need to refine their own Open Heaven Pills in the future, and this Alchemy Furnace belonged to Blood Monster Divine Monarch, so it would definitely be of great quality. It would be perfect if he brought this back for Wondrous Pill Great Emperor to use.


Yang Kai exited the Pill Room and continued his search. It was just that he seemed to have used up all his good luck now and had no gains for a while after that.


All of a sudden, he heard a loud rumbling sound coming from the depths of the Blood Monster Divine Palace. This phenomenon made his expression change drastically


At this moment, the only one who could move about freely inside the Blood Monster Divine Palace aside from him was Black Crow Divine Monarch. Seeing as he was not the one creating this sound, then it had to be the doing of Black Crow Divine Monarch. Such a large commotion could only mean that Black Crow Divine Monarch had already begun to refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace.


Yang Kai became desperate. He hurriedly followed the source of the sound but could not find Black Crow Divine Monarch no matter where he searched. On the other hand, the rumbling sounds could occasionally be heard from a certain direction in the Blood Monster Divine Palace. These sounds were extremely upsetting.


He searched for another hour only to find no clues, causing him to grind his teeth hard. If Black Crow Divine Monarch succeeded at refining the Blood Monster Divine Palace, then he would be able to control the entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven. At that time, everybody’s life or death would be his to control.


Moreover, Yang Kai had greatly offended Black Crow Divine Monarch, so the first person to die would undoubtedly be him. It was impossible to retreat now, not unless the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opened again and ejected them all.


Just as he was at a loss for what to do, Yang Kai suddenly had a tingling feeling in his heart and he turned to look in a certain direction while shouting, “Who!?”


What he saw made his expression freeze in surprise. There was a bright figure floating in mid-air and staring at him expressionlessly. This figure looked like a seven or eight-year-old boy. He seemed to exist between the lines of ethereal and corporeal. Moreover, he wore a child’s traditional outfit. His hair was tied into a braid, making him look very soft and adorable. It was just that his expression was so cold that it was terrifying. Even his gaze gave off an air of indifference.


Yang Kai frowned. This child was clearly not a living creature as he could not sense the slightest hint of vitality coming from the other party. The boy was not a dead creature or a Yin Soul either because he did not give off a gloomy feeling. Rather, he gave Yang Kai a vague sense of familiarity. It felt as though they had met somewhere before… But, Yang Kai could not recall where at the moment.


“Child, who are you?” Yang Kai asked, watching the other party warily.


The child swept his eyes over Yang Kai and said, “I can offer you a fateful encounter. Do you want it?”


It was a child’s voice but it spoke in an old-fashioned manner, so it sounded extremely strange to the ears.


“What do you mean by fateful encounter?” Yang Kai remained unmoved.


The child replied, “This world!”


Yang Kai immediately sneered in response, “Such a small child, but what arrogance! What gives you the right to offer this world to me in the name of a fateful encounter?”


The child calmly said, “You only need to swear a Dao Oath to obey me in the future. Then, I can give you this world.”


Yang Kai rolled his eyes and pursed his lips, “Such a small child spouting such nonsense. Aren’t you afraid that the wind might slice off your tongue? I can’t believe you want me to swear a Dao Oath…” 


While speaking, Yang Kai seemed to recall something. He looked the young boy up and down, then he exclaimed in astonishment, “Are you the Artifact Spirit of this place?”


He finally recalled why this small child gave him such a familiar feeling. This was clearly the aura of an Artifact Spirit, similar to how Liu Yan used to be. Combined with the child’s seemingly shameless boasting, how could Yang Kai not realise the truth?


The child nodded, “That’s right. I am the Artifact Spirit of the Blood Monster Divine Palace.”


Yang Kai’s expression turned serious, “Isn’t there somebody refining the Blood Monster Divine Palace right now?”


“Yes!” The child nodded.


Yang Kai became greatly anxious, “If somebody is refining the Blood Monster Divine Palace, then why are you still wasting time here with me!? Why aren’t you stopping him!?”


The child shook his head, “I am just an Artifact Spirit. I can’t stop anybody from refining me, no matter who comes to do so.”


Yang Kai frowned at those words, “Didn’t you just say you can give me this world? Doesn’t that mean you want me to refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace?”


“That’s right.”


“Why?” Yang Kai was truly puzzled.


“The one who is trying to refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace right now is a great enemy of my Master. I don’t want him to inherit the Blood Monster Divine Palace. So, I came to you.”


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up at those words. This Artifact Spirit was the Artifact Spirit of the Blood Monster Divine Palace, so he definitely inherited a part of Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s will. It made sense that he would instinctively hate Black Crow Divine Monarch, and at this moment, the only one who could move around in the Blood Monster Divine Palace aside from Black Crow Divine Monarch was Yang Kai. That meant that he basically had no other choice!




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