Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4292, Fierce Counterattack


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Artifact Spirit, is there any other way to stop him?” Yang Kai asked through gritted teeth while struggling to defend.


The Artifact Spirit remained silent.


Looking at the Artifact Spirit, Yang Kai knew that the other party was powerless to help; thus, he couldn’t help feeling desperate.


Under normal circumstances, the Artifact Spirit would have absolute control over the Blood Monster Divine Palace; however, he had said that Blood Monster Divine Monarch had limited his abilities, so he was utterly powerless to help at this time. Otherwise, he would not have gone to Yang Kai for help in the first place. 




Black Crow Divine Monarch guided the power of the Grand Array to slam towards Yang Kai once more. Even though Yang Kai struggled desperately to defend, he was once again driven back, allowing the territory controlled by Black Crow Divine Monarch to expand a little bit more.


The situation was extremely precarious and Yang Kai had almost fallen into a desperate situation.


Black Crow Divine Monarch let out a wicked cackle, “Boy! Let’s see how long you can resist! The moment this Monarch completely refines this Grand Array will be the moment you die!” 


Then, he turned to look at the Artifact Spirit, “And you! It was not easy for you to be born and gain sentience. If you acknowledge and repent for your mistakes, this Monarch is not opposed to forgiving you and sparing your life!”


The Blood Monster Divine Palace was not a living creature so it was indeed extremely difficult for an Artifact Spirit to be born out of it. Besides, his current strength was not that great. If Black Crow Divine Monarch could obtain the support of the Artifact Spirit, then it would be easier for him to control the entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven. If that were not the case, why would he bother wasting his time on a mere Artifact Spirit?


The Artifact Spirit remained silent and glanced in Yang Kai’s direction.


Seeming to notice the Artifact Spirit’s gaze, Yang Kai jerked in surprise and quickly said, “Artifact Spirit, don’t listen to his nonsense! Even if you join him now, things will not end well for you in the future!”


However, the Artifact Spirit drifted over and landed behind Black Crow Divine Monarch and bowed deeply, “This Artifact Spirit greets Master!”


Black Crow Divine Monarch burst into laughter, “Good! Good! Good! Obediently stand to the side. This Monarch will speak to you once I deal with this annoying ant!”


“Yes!” The Artifact Spirit immediately stood to the side.


Yang Kai coldly snorted at the sight. [This Artifact Spirit is completely unreliable after all. A two-faced coward. Earlier, he came to me in hopes that I could defeat Black Crow Divine Monarch. I can’t believe how eagerly he submitted himself to Black Crow Divine Monarch after seeing that I am having trouble defeating the opponent.]


Nevertheless, it didn’t matter who the Artifact Spirit recognised as his Master. It did little to change the current situation since he had no power to interfere with the Grand Array in the first place. For that reason, Yang Kai ignored the Artifact Spirit even though he scorned his actions.


Meanwhile, the attacks from Black Crow Divine Monarch were getting stronger and stronger with each passing moment. The portion of the Grand Array that Yang Kai refined had always been smaller compared to Black Crow Divine Monarch’s; moreover, their repeated collisions caused Yang Kai to lose large tracts of his territory.


On the contrary, Black Crow Divine Monarch’s territory grew larger and larger with each clash. This situation created a vicious cycle that quickly exhausted Yang Kai to the bone. It didn’t take more than an hour before the territory that Yang Kai controlled in the Grand Array was reduced to a mere 20%. At this point, it could be said that he was suffering from a crushing defeat.


Although they were both holding the right of control over the Grand Array, Black Crow Divine Monarch was using 80% of its power against Yang Kai’s 20%. It was practically impossible for Yang Kai to resist.


[Have I reached my limits?] Yang Kai grimly asked himself. [If I fail to stop him here, then he will take control of the entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Leaving aside whether or not I can escape if that happens, Qu Hua Shang, Zhang Ruo Xi, Chef, Accountant, Lang Qing Shan, and the others will surely become his prisoners. Knowing Black Crow Divine Monarch’s personality, everybody will be better off dead by then!]


[Chef!] Yang Kai abruptly recalled something and his eyes suddenly lit up with hope. Hurriedly activating his Divine Sense, he released Chef, whom he previously placed into the Small Sealed World.


Earlier, Chef had used a powerful Secret Technique against the Star Turtle, one that consumed a massive amount of his strength, leaving him almost completely drained. As such, Yang Kai later placed him into the Small Sealed World for his safety. He had almost forgotten about him. 


At this moment, Yang Kai was facing off against Black Crow Divine Monarch and neither side could afford to be distracted, so whoever had an extra helper would surely gain a huge advantage over the other!


As soon as Chef appeared, he took in his surroundings warily. What entered his eyes left him stunned and he exclaimed in amazement, “What’s going on?”


Black Crow Divine Monarch was just as taken aback. Even though he wanted to ask the same question, it didn’t matter how this fatty appeared in this place as it was incredibly disadvantageous for him. The only thing that reassured him slightly was that this newcomer did not seem to be in a good state.


Even though Chef had recovered some of his strength, his complexion was still very pale and his aura was quite weak.


Yang Kai explained the current situation to Chef in the briefest manner possible.


When Chef finished listening to the explanation, he understood the severity of the matter. Thus, he gritted his teeth and glared at Black Crow Divine Monarch, “In other words, everything will be fine as long as I can take this opportunity to kill this guy, right?”


“You can say that, but…”


Before Yang Kai could finish his sentence, Chef summoned his kitchen knife. His chubby figure moved with indescribable agility as he rushed towards Black Crow Divine Monarch and roared, “Old Dog, die!”


Black Crow Divine Monarch’s expression was incredibly gloomy. Things had reached a critical juncture where he was about to take full control over the Grand Array. He initially thought that this matter would be settled soon, but how could he have predicted that a disturbance would pop up at the last moment?


While Black Crow Divine Monarch was not afraid of Chef, he was forced to split his attention in order to defend against him. Opening his mouth, he spewed out a massive blood cloud that wrapped around Chef tightly.


Yang Kai glanced in that direction and saw that Chef could no longer be seen. All that could be seen were the wriggling and squirming movements coming from within the blood cloud. In addition, violent bursts of energy would occasionally erupt from within the blood cloud. It was obvious that Chef was struggling fiercely!


Yang Kai ground his teeth. There was no time for him to be concerned about Chef’s safety though. Taking this opportunity, he quickly drew upon the power of the Grand Array to counterattack.


Black Crow Divine Monarch had anticipated this move though and pretended that he was being pushed back, retreating slightly before suddenly surging forward with a counterattack.


Yang Kai was caught off guard. Not only did he fail to turn the situation around, but he made the situation worse instead! This outcome nearly depressed him to the point of spitting blood!




Chef, who had been enveloped in the crimson blood cloud finally broke out at that moment. His eyes were widened with rage and the kitchen knife in his hand glinted with a cold light. He was about to charge forward once more when Yang Kai hurriedly sent a Divine Sense transmission to him, “Attack the Grand Array!”


At this moment, it was unrealistic to try and wrestle control of the Grand Array from Black Crow Divine Monarch; the latter held the absolute advantage in this situation. If things were to continue, nobody would be able to stop Black Crow Divine Monarch once he completely assimilated Yang Kai’s territory.


Since competing for control was no longer viable, then they could only choose to destroy the Grand Array. In the worst case, it would be ruined for good and nobody could try to refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace again.


Chef’s eyes brightened and he nodded at those words, “Good idea!”


Following that, he brought his knife slashing down on the patterns of the Grand Array that covered the ground.


Black Crow Divine Monarch paled in shock at the sight and roared, “Junior, you dare?!”


Chef just sneered, “Watch me!”


His attack did not falter in the slightest and the blade light sliced down hard.


At the same time, Yang Kai took the opportunity to counterattack. He needed to distract Black Crow Divine Monarch so that the latter could not interfere with Chef.


A series of clanging noises rang out and sparks flew in all directions. Both Yang Kai and Chef were a little dumbfounded by the situation. Chef’s attack was incredibly fierce, but even so, it did no damage to the Grand Array at all.


Black Crow Divine Monarch burst out laughing at this sight, “Ignorant child! This Control Array was arranged personally by that old dog Xue Yao! It cost him a massive fortune to even just refine its base! How could it be something you pitiful weaklings could destroy? Stop making me laugh!”


Yang Kai’s expression darkened, “Don’t listen to his nonsense! Just keep attacking!”


Chef gritted his teeth and grunted in reply. Leaping onto the Grand Array, he used all his strength to launch a barrage of attacks down on it.


Black Crow Divine Monarch’s expression remained calm though. When he saw that Chef could not damage the Grand Array in any way, he stopped trying to interfere and simply watched coldly from the sidelines.


After attacking for some time, Chef panted for breath and called out, “Brat, this isn’t working. My strength isn’t high enough. I’m afraid this method will not work.”


Yang Kai’s expression was extremely ugly. At this moment, he only retained control over some 10% of the Grand Array. It could be said that he was being pushed into a corner, literally. Black Crow Divine Monarch only needed to attack a few more times to completely remove his energy from the Grand Array. If that happened, Black Crow Divine Monarch would easily refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace and take control of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


[The situation is desperate!] Yang Kai sighed. [It looks like I will have to use the Divine Ability Bead given to me by Proprietress in this place.]


He was very reluctant to use this Divine Ability Bead unless he really had no other choice. Besides, he did not know whether the Divine Ability Bead could destroy the Grand Array. Proprietress might be powerful, but she was only in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. How much power her Divine Ability Bead could unleash remained unknown, so it would be a waste if it had no effect on the current situation,


It had been extremely difficult for the Proprietress to refine this Divine Ability Bead, so how could he willingly let it go to waste? But, Yang Kai had no choice now that things had come to this. He had to use it even if he was reluctant. Aside from the Divine Ability Bead, he had no other means to stop Black Crow Divine Monarch.


Yang Kai glared coldly in the direction of Black Crow Divine Monarch, but just as he was about to bring out the Divine Ability Bead, his gaze landed on the Artifact Spirit. A light flashed through his eyes at that moment and a bold conjecture emerged from the depths of his heart in the next moment. Then, he secretly sent a Divine Sense transmission to Chef.


Chef was still gasping for breath, but he raised his brow at those words and nodded almost imperceptibly. Swinging his kitchen knife, he slashed several dozen sword lights towards Black Crow Divine Monarch.


Black Crow Divine Monarch coldly snorted, “How dare a mere ant act so impudent!?”


The blood mist around his body boiled and countless Blood Crows flew out to meet the sword lights. They cawed noisily when they were cut down but still easily blocked the assault.


Taking this opportunity, Chef raised his hand and summoned his chopping block. He casually tossed the block out and it rapidly enlarged, radiating a strange aura as it quickly slid under its target.


At the same time, Chef’s figure abruptly swelled up and became massive. He looked extremely ferocious. The apron around his waist was covered in grease stains and the ‘Butcher’ character stretching across his chest was absolutely horrifying. He grinned savagely as he roared, “I am the knife and chopping block, you are the fish!”


The Artifact Spirit jerked in surprise. He was astonished to discover that he was standing on top of the chopping block without him noticing. Furthermore, he was being restrained by a strange force. He couldn’t help feeling the situation was all rather absurd. At this moment, he felt like a pig waiting to be slaughtered.


How could Black Crow Divine Monarch not realise Chef’s intentions after seeing this situation? He did not know what effects would come from killing the Artifact Spirit, but he did not dare to take this gamble; hence, he roared, “Don’t you dare!”


Raising his arm, he shot a blood arrow in Chef’s direction.


Yang Kai flashed forward. At this moment, he completely gave up on the territory he had been guarding.


If Black Crow Divine Monarch wanted, he could have taken this opportunity to finish refining the Grand Array, it was just that he was distracted in his efforts to stop Chef and failed to notice this point. By the time he realized Yang Kai was attacking, the spear was already rapidly enlarging in his vision. The pitch-black Golden Crow’s True Fire lingered at the tip of the spear and its power was too great for him to simply ignore.




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