Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4293, This Is Bad


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The spear shadows shrouded the sky, looming over Black Crow Divine Monarch. It was accompanied by crackling sounds that rang out endlessly. 


Hei Ya gave a furious roar. Under normal circumstances, it would have been easy for him to block this attack from Yang Kai. In the worst case, he could simply dodge; however, he was currently in the last stages of refining the Grand Array, so not only was he unable to move, but most of his attention was also focused on the Array itself. There was no way for him to avoid this attack, much less defend himself.


His entire body was instantly riddled with holes by Yang Kai’s spear and countless large and bloody holes appeared on his body, gushing with fresh blood. Any other person would have died from such injuries, but he had cultivated the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture. He even resurrected on the spot after being split in two by the protective Divine Ability from Pei Wen Xuan’s Identity Token; hence, Black Crow Divine Monarch’s injuries would only cause him to expend his Qi and did not threaten his life in any way.


At the same time, Chef made several consecutive chopping motions with his kitchen knife all while shouting, “Chop chop chop!”


A chilling blade light loomed down upon the Artifact Spirit. Three breaths later, Chef gave a muffled groan. His enlarged body deflated rapidly and the chopping block flew back into his hands. His complexion as pale as a sheet, he muttered weakly, “It’s up to you now.”


When he last used this Secret Technique, he had exhausted all his energy in an instant; thus, Yang Kai had placed him into the Small Sealed World for his safety. Performing this Secret Technique again after such a short time made his condition worsen even more than the first time. Yang Kai quickly appeared beside Chef at that moment, lifted a hand to grab him, and tossed him into the Small Sealed World.


On the other hand, the flesh around Black Crow Divine Monarch’s wounds squirmed vigorously and his injuries healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. At this moment, Yang Kai was no longer opposing him in the Grand Array and it could be said that there was nothing stopping him now. As long as he willed it, he would be able to refine the Grand Array to completion. Even so, he seemed numb to this fact and was simply staring in the Artifact Spirit’s direction with an ugly expression.


Similarly, Yang Kai was watching the Artifact Spirit closely. His spear was held loosely by his side and his expression was a mixture of nervousness and vigilance. His other hand was holding the Proprietress’ Divine Ability Bead; moreover, his strength was circulating wildly, ready to attack at a moment’s notice.


The Artifact Spirit looked perfectly fine, standing there motionlessly as though Chef’s Secret Technique had been completely ineffective on him.


Black Crow Divine Monarch burst out laughing, cackling so hard that he nearly cried; however, his expression began to stiffen in the middle of his laughter.


The Artifact Spirit lowered his head to look down at his body. All of a sudden, he gave a soft sigh and murmured to himself, “This is fine too.”


While speaking, his body shattered without warning and turned into wisps of light that soon faded into nothing. He was just an Artifact Spirit without any real defensive strength, so how could he withstand the ferocious attacks of Chef’s Secret Technique when he could not mobilise the power of the Blood Monster Divine Palace?


The Artifact Spirit was annihilated!


Both the gazes of Yang Kai and Black Crow Divine Monarch turned to look at the Grand Array in unison. Yang Kai’s gaze was cold while Black Crow Divine Monarch’s entire face twitched.




A soft sound suddenly came from the Grand Array and they both looked over to see that a crack had appeared in one of its corners.


Yang Kai was overjoyed. How could he not realise that his conjecture had been correct? The Artifact Spirit might have seemed useless, but his very existence was closely tied to the Grand Array. Chef might have been powerless to destroy the Grand Array, but killing the Artifact Spirit was well within his means.


As soon as the Artifact Spirit was destroyed, the Grand Array was deeply affected too. There was no reason to hesitate, so Yang Kai thrust his spear at the crack.


“Don’t even think about it!” Black Crow Divine Monarch roared furiously and a blood arrow shot directly at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai used his Dragon Shields to protect himself while focusing all his strength into his spear thrust.




A violent force burst forth and the crack in the Grand Array immediately spread outward like a spiderweb.


At the same time, the Dragon Shields protecting Yang Kai shattered to pieces and his body was sent flying out.




A series of cracking sounds came from various spots of the Grand Array. Black Crow Divine Monarch hurriedly activated his power to try to stabilize the situation, but unfortunately for him, the damage had already been done. There was nothing he could do to reverse it with his current strength.


It didn’t take longer than ten breaths before the Grand Array completely lost all spirituality and broke apart.


“Damn you, Junior!” Black Crow Divine Monarch felt as though his eyes were going to explode at the sight. The raging flames of fury in him threatened to burn him alive. There was only a little bit left to refine! If he finished refining that remaining bit, then he would have gained complete control over the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. At that time, recovering to his full strength would have been a breeze. However, that little bit was now as wide and deep as a mountain valley. He had fallen short at the very last moment!


There had never been a time where the murderous intent he felt towards Yang Kai had been so intense. Although Yang Kai had ruined his plans back at the blood lake, it had not affected the overall situation. He had managed to possess Zhou Yi’s body and came back to life in the end. Unlike that time though, there was no way to recover from this loss.


A deep sense of regret filled Black Crow Divine Monarch’s heart. If he had known this would happen earlier, he would have slaughtered Yang Kai back at the blood lake. If he had known earlier, he would never have allowed Yang Kai to enter the Blood Monster Divine Palace! But, it was too late for regrets now!


Yang Kai stood up and wiped at the trickle of blood at the corner of his lips before letting out a wild loud laugh, “Hei Ya, let’s see how you refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace now!”


Black Crow Divine Monarch’s voice was low, but his entire body gave off a bone-chilling coldness, “Since I can’t refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace, this Monarch will refine you instead!”


Yang Kai’s heart clenched. He knew that he had truly enraged Black Crow Divine Monarch by ruining his plans. [It looks like this guy is determined to kill me now.]


Before Black Crow Divine Monarch could do anything though, a huge change suddenly occurred. A rumbling sound came from the depths of the Blood Monster Divine Palace, like distant thunder. Both Yang Kai and Black Crow Divine Monarch looked surprised.


Releasing their Divine Senses, they examined their surroundings and it didn’t take long for their expressions to change drastically. That was because the Blood Monster Divine Palace was showing signs of collapse. The surrounding walls came crumbling down one after another, turning the structure into ruins. Similarly, the bedrooms and Grand Halls also came crashing down with a loud rumble.


Yang Kai never imagined that destroying the Artifact Spirit would trigger a chain reaction of this scale. First, the Grand Array had broken apart, and now, even the Blood Monster Divine Palace would soon cease to exist.


Regardless, this was a good thing for Yang Kai. His friends had been trapped inside that strange Nothingness Array and were unable to extricate themselves, so if the Blood Monster Divine Palace was destroyed, then they would regain their freedom. With that thought in mind, Yang Kai’s figure flashed away as his voice lingered in the air, “Hei Ya, I’ll spare your life today. I’ll definitely kill you when we meet again!”


How could Black Crow Divine Monarch allow Yang Kai to escape though? He roared, “Don’t even dream about escaping!”


His entire body shuddered for a moment and a blood cloud that blocked out the whole sky appeared. However, Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space, so if he was determined to flee, there was no way for Black Crow Divine Monarch to stop him without sealing the world in advance. Yang Kai vanished in the blink of an eye, leaving behind Black Crow Divine Monarch who was so furious that he nearly coughed up blood in response.


The reason Yang Kai fled was not that he was afraid of Black Crow Divine Monarch. The Old Dog might be powerful, but he was not yet an Open Heaven Realm Master. If it came down to a fight, neither of them would come out unscathed. On the contrary, Yang Kai was thinking that the Blood Monster Divine Palace contained many treasures. Now that it was on the verge of collapse, he was anxious to do one last search to see if he could find anything else of value. He barely had any time to search though when the entire Blood Monster Divine Palace fell apart completely.


One after another, numerous silhouettes suddenly appeared in the initial mountain valley, every one of them in a miserable state. All of these people had entered the Blood Monster Divine Palace, but their situation was different from Yang Kai’s. They had been trapped inside the world of white from the moment they entered the Blood Monster Divine Palace, unable to tell North from South or find an exit.


Yang Kai had relied on the power of his Golden Crow’s True Fire and the guidance of a Remnant Soul he helped to break free of that Array, but the others had neither the strength or the luck to do so. It was not until this moment when the Blood Monster Divine Palace collapsed completely that they were freed.


Looking around, there was no trace of the Blood Monster Divine Palace. All that remained in front of them was a huge ruin. Therefore, they couldn’t help feeling shocked. Nobody knew what had happened earlier, but before they could recover from their shock, they heard a gloomy roar. Immediately after that, an overwhelming aura enveloped them.


Somebody shouted in horror, “It’s the Star Turtle!”


The Seventh-Order Monster Beast was still guarding the mountain valley. Having lost all his targets when all the cultivators fled into the Blood Monster Divine Palace previously, how could it hold back when it saw these people re-appear? Countless rays of yellow light shot out like a storm of arrows, raining down on the cultivators. Many of the cultivators were caught off guard and nearly lost their lives as a result.


The Star Turtle had previously been restrained thanks to the efforts of Yang Kai and his allies, not to mention that they had prepared themselves in advance. The current events had happened so abruptly though that none of them could stop the might of this Seventh-Order Monster Beast. It didn’t matter whether it was the disciples from the Cave-Heavens and Paradises or the cultivators from weaker forces. All of them quickly fled for their lives.


Yang Kai was also flying away at the time when he spotted Qu Hua Shang and Gu Pan. Each of them was fleeing in different directions. Zhang Ruo Xi was following closely beside Gu Pan. It was likely that Gu Pan had located Zhang Ruo Xi as soon as they were freed from the Spirit Array.


Yang Kai was about to join up with them when a blood cloud appeared in front of him. The blood cloud morphed into Black Crow Divine Monarch’s furious face and his eyes searched the surroundings as his howls rang out endlessly, “Boy, show yourself!”


“Persistent bastard!” Yang Kai was a little annoyed. He knew that Black Crow Divine Monarch was not going to let him go this time, so he stopped trying to chase after Gu Pan and the others; instead, he summoned the Shadowless Veil and covered himself, concealing himself in an instant.


The Shadowless Veil was an absolutely invincible artifact in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. It was impossible to trace by anybody below the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm, much less Black Crow Divine Monarch who was just a Remnant Soul that did not have such a powerful Divine Sense.


Just as Yang Kai was considering if he should take the chance to launch a sneak attack on Black Crow Divine Monarch, the world rumbled. It was followed by a deafening sound. Large fissures suddenly appeared throughout the sky like ferocious and terrifying wounds. That was not all. Continuous rumbling sounds also came from the deep underground. Countless large ravines suddenly emerged, turning many places into canyons that were thousands of metres deep.


The world split apart and rumbled violently! Cracks and ravines continued to extend outward while at the same time, more scars appeared in the sky.


Yang Kai was dumbfounded for a moment. It took a long while for him to realise what was happening but once he did, a bitter taste filled his mouth as he muttered, “This is bad.”


He never imagined that the chain reaction from killing the Artifact Spirit was not over yet. It was not until this moment that the true extent of the consequences appeared. The entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven was about to collapse!


Thinking about it again, this was not too surprising. Black Crow Divine Monarch wanted to refine the Blood Monster Divine Palace in order to seize control of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. That meant that the Blood Monster Divine Palace was the core of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Now that the Blood Monster Divine Palace was destroyed, it made sense that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would also be affected.


If the Blood Monster Cave Heaven had been completely stable, it might not have been affected so badly. Unfortunately, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was already showing signs of collapsing in recent years. The destruction of the Blood Monster Divine Palace was simply the last straw that broke the camel’s back.




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