Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4294, Do You Want to Live


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When the Blood Monster Cave Heaven first appeared, there was only one entrance. That entrance had been firmly controlled by the major Cave-Heavens and Paradises. Only disciples of the Cave-Heavens and Paradises had the right to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven to train, gain experience, and search for treasures.


With the passage of time though, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven became more and more unstable. There were signs that it was gradually merging with the Blood Monster Territory. The most obvious sign was that more and more entrances were appearing. This was the result of both worlds colliding and coming into contact with each other.


Consequently, it became difficult for the Cave-Heavens and Paradises to maintain control over the entrances. Things gradually evolved into a situation similar to what happened when the Blood Monster Cave Heaven most recently opened. Everybody would each occupy a spot in the Blood Monster Territory and wait for entrances to appear to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven’s opening evolved into a huge event throughout the entire 3,000 Worlds, drawing countless cultivators to this place.


In any case, it was undeniable that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven had become unstable. This was something Mo Mei and the others from Abundance City had also mentioned. One day, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would eventually merge with the Blood Monster Territory and dissipate into it. When that happened, the Universe Cave Heaven left behind by an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would be completely exposed to the outside world.


The collapse of the Blood Monster Divine Palace had simply hastened the timeline.


With the collapse of the world, a scene of the apocalypse approaching spread to all corners of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. The world hummed continuously, as though crying. Countless Monster Beasts hiding in the depths of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven fled for their lives in a panic. The native cultivators living in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven looked up at the sky, ashen-faced with despair filling their souls.


Their ancestors had been captured by Blood Monster Divine Monarch, who then planted a Blood Principles Restriction in them so that they could only live and breed inside his Small Universe. If not for the Blood Principles Restriction, they would have been the happiest about the collapse of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. That was because they could finally be free of the restrictions of this world and head out into the vast 3,000 Worlds instead. Unfortunately, they were trapped in this world and unable to leave because of the Blood Principles Restriction in their bodies. Once they stopped receiving nourishment from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven’s aura, they would all die!


In the mountain valley where the Blood Monster Divine Palace used to stand, Black Crow Divine Monarch rampaged around as a blood cloud to search for Yang Kai. Everywhere he went, he left a reign of terror in his wake. Countless cultivators had the vital essence of their bodies devoured by him and died on the spot.


Yang Kai remained hidden for some time before he suddenly thought of something and couldn’t help cursing aloud, “Damn it!”


He originally wanted to remain hidden until the end as once the Blood Monster Cave Heaven collapsed completely, he would be able to escape from here and return to the Blood Monster Territory.


Black Crow Divine Monarch would not be able to continue to do as he pleased in the Blood Monster Territory. He was cruel and ruthless. Moreover, he was an Old Monster from the distant past that came back to life through possession. The Cave-Heavens and Paradises would never let him walk free. It was not that they were allies of justice and wished to purge evil out of kindness. Rather, it was that an Old Monster like Black Crow Divine monarch would surely have many valuable secrets on him. His strength was still rather low at the moment, so if they could capture him, then they could interrogate him for information and receive some benefits. At the very least, he knew the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light. Such a Heaven-defying Secret Art would surely tempt some people.


However, Yang Kai suddenly recalled Mo Mei and the others in Abundance City. It was very safe for him to hide there as with the Shadowless Veil concealing his body and his aura, Black Crow Divine Monarch would never be able to find him amidst all the surrounding chaos. However, wouldn’t the people in Abundance City die if the Blood Monster Cave Heaven collapsed completely?


Earlier, Yang Kai even went out of his way to ask Black Crow Divine Monarch for the Secret Technique to remove the Blood Principles Restriction. Didn’t he do that so that he could help the people in Abundance City? Not only were they related to the Proprietress, but Yang Kai also had his eye on their potential. It was almost certain that Mo Mei and the other Great Elders were existences who could advance into the Open Heaven Realm as long as he could save them!


They had lived their entire lives in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, so they had no place to go even if they left this place; therefore, it should not be a problem to take them into Void Land if he could save them. Void Land was currently in urgent need of Open Heaven Realm Masters, so Yang Kai could not let such a good opportunity pass him by.


When that thought crossed his mind, he couldn’t afford to be so cautious anymore. Doing his best to conceal his figure and his aura, Yang Kai hurried in the direction of Abundance City while secretly praying fervently in his heart. [I hope the Blood Monster Cave Heaven doesn’t collapse too quickly. At the very least, please wait until I finish removing the Blood Principles Restriction from the people in Abundance City!]


After flying for some time, he finally stepped out of Black Crow Divine Monarch’s detection range; thus, he was no longer held back by any scruples and increased his speed to a whole other level. Manipulating Space Principles, his figure flickered again and again to reach Abundance City at a high speed.


Humongous Void Cracks would appear in front of him from time to time. These were the signs the World was collapsing. Large tracts of land in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven vanished, flowing into these Void Cracks and disappearing. Under these circumstances, most people would have a hard time moving forward as they would be swallowed into the Void Cracks if they were not careful.


Yang Kai could feel the aura of the Blood Monster Territory coming from these Void Cracks. In other words, there was no danger even if a person was swallowed into them. The most likely scenario would simply be finding themselves back in the Blood Monster Territory. After understanding this point, he felt slightly more at ease. It shouldn’t be a problem for Accountant, Lang Qing Shan, Zhang Ruo Xi, and the others to return to the Blood Monster Territory safely.


Thanks to his mastery of Space Principles, Yang Kai could detect the existence of these Void Cracks in advance; hence, he was not greatly delayed in his travels.


While moving forward, Yang Kai separated a thread of his consciousness and immersed his mind into the jade slip given to him by Black Crow Divine Monarch. He had glanced through the contents of the jade slip earlier, and based on his foundation in the Blood Light Scripture thanks to the few chapters that he comprehended previously, he could basically confirm that the contents of the jade slip were real and this information could indeed remove the Blood Principles Restriction.


It was just that he had never used this Secret Technique before. Even though he was confident he could reach Abundance City in time, time would still be very tight. He needed to practice what he learned from the jade slip in advance. That was the only way he could rescue all the people in Abundance City in the shortest time possible.


The collapse in the World was becoming more and more obvious, so there was a possibility that it would fall apart at any moment. Therefore, Yang Kai became anxious and desperately rushed towards Abundance City. It was just that there was still some distance to go. It would still take at least half a day before he could arrive so all he could do was fervently pray that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would last for a little longer.


Four or five hours later, Yang Kai had already gone over the contents of the jade slip a hundred times. He was very skilful in theory, so now he just needed practical experience to pull it off.


At this moment, a panicked figure suddenly rushed in Yang Kai’s direction like a headless fly. His figure floated about erratically and his complexion was extremely pale. He was a young man in the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm. It was just that the energy fluctuation coming from his body indicated that the Order of the Open Heaven Elements that he condensed was not very high.


Yang Kai initially planned to ignore this person, but a sudden idea came to mind. With a flash of his figure, Yang Kai arrived next to that person and captured him. At the same time, he did not stop moving and continued to head towards Abundance City.


The young man instinctively fought back after being caught so suddenly; however, the power that leaked out of Yang Kai’s hand shocked him. He could tell that he was not Yang Kai’s opponent at all, so he wisely gave up struggling and simply looked at Yang Kai in puzzlement, “Who are you? Why did you capture me?”


Yang Kai asked, “Are you a cultivator born in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven?”


“So what if I am?” The young man gritted his teeth.


[As expected, he is a native after all.] Yang Kai did not waste any time and got straight to the point, “Do you want to live?”


The young man was stunned as he thought to himself, [Isn’t that a stupid question?] Still, he bitterly replied, “Who would want to die if they can live?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Good. I want to perform an experiment on you. If it works, you’ll survive. If it doesn’t…”


The young man sighed and gloomily said, “I don’t know what you want to do, but you don’t need to waste your energy. You’re an Outer World visitor, right? I’m afraid you don’t know, but those who live in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven have a restriction placed on our bloodline. As long as this restriction exists, we can never leave the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. We will immediately explode and die without the nourishment of this World’s aura. Now that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven is about to collapse, we can only wait for our deaths to come to us.”


“I know about the Blood Principles Restriction. What I want to do is remove it.”


The young man was dumbfounded, but immediately after, his eyes lit up, “Do you have a way to remove the Blood Principles Restriction?”


He originally thought that his only option was to wait for death. All the cultivators who lived in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven had heard from their Elders that they would die alongside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven once this land ceased to exist. That was because the Blood Principles Restriction would immediately activate without the nourishment of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven’s aura.


When the changes in the world occurred and the apocalypse arrived, all the native cultivators living in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven suddenly realised that what their Elders mentioned was about to come true. Unfortunately, all they could do was prolong their dying breath. When he had fled from his residence, he never imagined that he would encounter a person with the ability to remove the Blood Principles Restriction. It was only natural that he became overjoyed.


“Yes. But, I have no idea whether it will work!” Yang Kai replied truthfully. He had never experimented with the Secret Technique in the jade slip after all. Only the Heavens knew whether Black Crow Divine Monarch had done anything to the Secret Technique, although the possibility was small.


“Go ahead and try. In the worst case, I’ll just die if it doesn’t work,” the young man quickly said. He originally thought that there was no way to escape death. But now, a chance for survival had appeared in front of him. It was only natural that he firmly grasped this opportunity.


Yang Kai gently nodded, “In that case, cooperate with me and don’t resist.”


While speaking, Yang Kai cut his fingertip and squeezed out a drop of blood. He flicked his wrist, turning the drop of blood into blood mist. After that, he used one hand to guide the blood mist so that it formed into a mysterious seal.


“Go!” Yang Kai raised his hand and slapped the seal against the young man’s forehead. The seal sank into the young man’s body and disappeared.


The young man’s body shuddered slightly; then, an inexplicable look appeared in his eyes.


“How is it?” Yang Kai asked anxiously.


The young man smacked his lips, “I can’t say for sure, but I feel a little more relaxed for some reason.”


Yang Kai’s eyes brightened, “A little more relaxed?” [If he can feel something, then it can only mean that the Secret Technique is working!]




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