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Martial Peak – Chapter 4295, Collapse of the Universe Cave-Heaven

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The young man said, “I can’t confirm whether the Blood Principles Restriction has been removed or not. I will only know when this place collapses completely.”


If he was not dead when the Blood Monster Cave Heaven collapsed, then that would mean he no longer needed the nourishment of this World’s aura. It would also mean that Yang Kai’s methods had worked.


“There’s no need to go to such trouble. I’ll send you somewhere.” How could Yang Kai possibly wait until the Blood Monster Cave Heaven collapsed? It would be too late by then. He tossed the young man in his grasp into the Small Sealed World while speaking. At the same time, he paid close attention to the young man’s condition.


It was not as if he had never thought of hiding the people from Abundance City in the Small Sealed World to bring them out of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven; it was just that the limitations of the Blood Principles Restriction had ruined his plans. The Small Sealed World was an independent world, so without removing the Blood Principles Restriction, rashly sending Mo Mei and the others into the Small Sealed World was tantamount to sending them to their deaths.


At this moment, the success of the Secret Technique recorded in the jade slip obtained from Black Crow Divine Monarch depended entirely on the young man’s survival.


Under Yang Kai’s careful watch, the young man entered the Small Sealed World and looked around his surroundings in confusion, not feeling uncomfortable in any way. After a while, he seemed to realise what had happened and threw his head back to release something that seemed to be a mixture of a roar and laughter. The excitement and joy in his heart could not be expressed.


He initially thought that he had no other option aside from death. Unexpectedly, he encountered a person who helped him remove the Blood Principles Restriction and sent him to an unfamiliar world. Although he had no idea what kind of world this was, at least he no longer needed to worry about dying. The feeling of waiting helplessly for his death was not something he ever wanted to experience again!


Yang Kai let out a small breath of relief. It would now seem that the jade slip given to him by Black Crow Divine Monarch was real. The Secret Technique recorded inside had not been falsified.


Thinking about it again, it made sense. The situation had been very urgent at the time, so Black Crow Divine Monarch had no time to do anything after he came up with his request. It was one thing if he was completely clueless about the Blood Light Scripture; however, Yang Kai had comprehended several chapters of the Blood Light Scripture. If Black Crow Divine Monarch had falsified the information, there was a chance Yang Kai might have noticed something. Besides, this Secret Technique was unrelated to the Core Secret Art of the Blood Light Scripture, so Black Crow Divine Monarch was more than happy to oblige.


Now that it had been proven that the Secret Technique worked, all that was left was whether or not Yang Kai could arrive at Abundance City before the Blood Monster Cave Heaven collapsed.


In addition to his joy though, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling troubled. The residents in Abundance City were neither too many nor too few, somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 in total. It would take a lot of time for him to remove the Blood Principles Restriction from so many people. Clearly, he would not be able to rescue everybody. Still, he could only do his best and leave the rest up to fate!


Space Principles fluctuated and Yang Kai’s figure flashed erratically. The shaking in the world had gotten worse, and the World Principles in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven were showing signs of shattering. He became extremely anxious. Even though he was travelling very quickly, it had taken him half a day’s time before he could see the lake where Abundance City was located in the distance.


At this moment, the Spirit Array outside Abundance City had been destroyed due to the changes in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. In the first place, the lake was a product formed from an Illusion Array, not a real existence. At this moment, it had become heavily distorted and Yang Kai could vaguely see the cultivators of Abundance City fleeing in a panic through the Spirit Array’s disguise.


Just before he arrived at Abundance City, an incomparably large ravine suddenly appeared outside Abundance City. It was immediately followed by the appearance of another Void Crack in the sky, as though the sky had been torn apart.


Abundance City, along with several hundred kilometres of land in the surrounding areas, were swallowed up by the Void Crack and vanished in an instant. Screams rang out from all over Abundance City and many of the cultivators turned pale with fear as they stood absolutely petrified.


Yang Kai’s heart sank at the sight! Despite his rush, he was still one step too late. Nevertheless, he did not slow his pace. His figure shifted and he rushed straight into the Void Crack. A wave of dizziness washed over him, but he ignored it. His Divine Sense was fixed firmly upon the land where Abundance City was located as he hurriedly gave chase.



The Blood Monster Territory was a vast and desolate void. It was one of the few Great Territories without any great forces or even living creatures.


The Blood Monster Territory was originally no different from other Great Territories with several great forces and many Universe Worlds. However, things changed because of the entrances of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven that would appear at random all over the Blood Monster Territory. These entrances eventually resulted in the instability and collapse of the Universe Worlds, as well as the destruction of the Spirit Provinces. Thus, this Great Territory became dead and silent over time. Only when the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opened would it become extremely lively once more.


At present, countless cultivators were gathered on top of a large platform in the middle of the Blood Monster Territory. There were as many Open Heaven Realm Masters here as the hairs on an ox, including many in the Mid-Rank.


It was unknown which Senior Expert had brought out the platform, but it had become the base of many cultivators. These Open Heaven Realm Masters had led their disciples here to participate in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, and after their disciples had entered, there was no reason for them to wait around doing nothing. Hence, they gathered here and this place became a kind of shopping district.


With so many Open Heaven Realm Masters gathered together, meeting up with friends or holding an exchange meeting was a great way to pass the time. They might even obtain some unexpected benefits in this place.


At this moment, all the cultivators in the shopping district were staring at the void around them in shock. Half a day ago, some unusual changes seemed to have taken place in the Blood Monster Territory. It started out with frequent space fluctuations, followed by the emergence of large Void Cracks. Many people could even see the situation inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven through these Void Cracks.


“Proprietress, what’s going on?” Bai Qi asked with a frown while looking at the Void Crack located a thousand kilometres away.


The Proprietress’ expression was unbelievably solemn as she observed the situation for a while before shaking her head, “I’m not sure. But, something seems to have happened in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.”


Yue He suddenly became nervous, “Something happened in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven? What will happen to the Young Master?”


The Proprietress remained silent. Yang Kai, Chef, Accountant, and the others were all in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Even so, nobody knew what the situation was like inside. Judging by the situation in front of them though, something major had happened.


After pondering in silence for some time, the Proprietress took out several communication beads and sent out various messages to inquire about the situation.


A figure suddenly flew over from not far away and landed beside her. It was the man with a crown on his head from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven, Guo Nu. He asked, “Junior Sister Lan, do you know what happened?”


She glanced sidelong at him and sneered, “How would I know when even Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven doesn’t know?”


Still, he shook his head, “First Inn is renowned for its intelligence-gathering abilities. Did you not hear anything about this?”


The Proprietress might be annoyed with him, but she was in no mood to argue at the moment. Hence, she simply shook her head in response, “This happened too suddenly. I have not received any news. What’s wrong? Are you worried about your treasured apprentice?”


“That kid might have good aptitude, but he does not have much experience with worldly affairs. It’s inevitable that I will worry about him.” Guo Nu sighed. In this field, it was not easy to find a disciple suitable to inherit his mantle. It was only natural that he regarded his Disciple like a treasure.


Bai Qi asked, “Proprietress, could it be that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven is about to close?”


Guo Nu shook his head, “The closing of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would not have created such a huge commotion. The current situation seems a bit more like…”


“Like what?” Bai Qi asked.


Guo Nu said nothing. He simply glanced at the Proprietress, who solemnly spoke, “It looks like the Blood Monster Cave Heaven is collapsing.”


Bai Qi jumped in fright and exclaimed in shock, “The Blood Monster Cave Heaven is collapsing!? Why so suddenly!?”


Although everybody knew that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would collapse and merge completely with the Blood Monster Territory one day, that was something far in the future. Anybody would be surprised to be faced with this situation so suddenly.


“Something is coming out,” Yue He suddenly pointed at one of the Void Cracks in front.


The words had only just left her mouth when they saw numerous figures rushing out of the Void Crack. Upon a closer look, it turned out to be Monster Beasts.


Guo Nu reached out a hand and grabbed at the void. Even though it didn’t look like he had moved, a Monster Beast suddenly appeared in his grip. He gave a slight shake and the Monster Beast exploded into a cloud of blood mist. All that remained was a Monster Core in his hand, “A Fifth-Order Water Element Monster Core. This Monster Beast came from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.”


Even the Monster Beasts had come rushing out of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, which was a clear indication that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was about to collapse.


Not far behind these Monster Beasts, a huge mountain came floating out of the Void Crack. Monster Beasts fled from the mountain peak, leaving several trembling people behind.


Inside the shopping district, a certain Master turned into a giant and rushed into the mountain peak to bring those cultivators back to the shopping district.


“What happened inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven?” Somebody asked.


Those cultivators were only in the Emperor Realm, with the strongest among them being just Half-Step Open Heaven Realm Juniors. Therefore, they were so frightened that they couldn’t speak when they suddenly found themselves surrounded by a huge group of Open Heaven Realm Masters.


At this moment, a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master squeezed out of the crowd and cupped his fists in all directions, “Sirs, please wait a moment. These are the disciples of my Heavenly Crane Palace.”


The Open Heaven Realm Master who brought them back said, “Don’t worry. We don’t want to cause trouble. We just want to ask a few questions.”


The Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master wiped at the cold sweat on his forehead and spoke to those young cultivators, “Answer any questions that these Seniors may ask. Don’t hide anything.”


Heavenly Crane Palace was just a Second-Class great force. Furthermore, it was somewhat weak even among the Second Class. How could this man dare to be impolite in front of these Masters from the various Cave-Heavens and Paradises?


The disciples calmed down upon seeing an Elder from their Sect. Thus, the leading disciple took a breath and said, “This Disciple has no idea what happened either. We were hunting a Fifth-Order Monster Beast when the world suddenly began breaking apart without warning. Then, we found ourselves here for some reason.”


Another disciple added, “Countless Void Cracks appeared in the sky of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Numerous ravines also split the ground open. It was like… like the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was about to be destroyed.”


Many of the Open Heaven Realm Masters turned solemn at those words. How could they not know that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was truly about to fall apart? Judging from the current situation, the collapse of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would not mean its exile to the Void, but rather its dispersion into the Blood Monster Territory.



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