Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4296, Time Waits for No One


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Many Open Heaven Realm Masters stood on the platform with different expressions on their faces. Some were worried while others were excited.


They were worried about the safety of their disciples. Judging by the current situation, the collapse of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was inevitable. The vast Blood Monster Cave Heaven was bound to break apart and become countless pieces scattered across the Blood Monster Territory. It was an unknown factor as to whether their disciples could return safely; after all, they would be lost forever if they got trapped inside the Void Cracks.


On the other hand, some were excited that Open Heaven Realm Masters like themselves would finally have the qualifications to participate.


Throughout the ages, whenever the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opened, the responsibilities of the Open Heaven Realm Masters had always been to escort their respective disciples to the Blood Monster Territory, quietly wait for the Blood Monster Cave Heaven to close, and bring their disciples back to the Sect.


There were many valuable treasures inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven that made their eyes turn green with envy. Unfortunately, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was a Universe Cave Heaven left behind by an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. With restrictions in place, there was no way for them to enter.


If the Blood Monster Cave Heaven really were to collapse and countless parts were to merge with the Blood Monster Territory, then they could go around searching for the various treasures that came from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. If nothing else, even obtaining a High-Order Monster Beast Core would earn them a fortune.


After recovering from their shock, many of the Open Heaven Realm Masters immediately flew off, heading straight for the depths of the Blood Monster Territory to search for opportunities.


In this short span of time, countless humongous Void Cracks had appeared throughout the entire Blood Monster Territory; moreover, enormous Spirit Peaks and vast Spirit Provinces had appeared out of the Void Cracks. They quietly floated in the void of the Blood Monster Territory, adding some life to this dead and silent space.


Soon, there were Open Heaven Realm Masters swarming all over every Spirit Peak and Spirit Province in search of treasure. Those who found anything valuable were few and far between. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven had been opened so many times before after all, so most of the valuable treasures had already been taken away. Of course, there were also some lucky enough to find invaluable treasures as soon as they arrived.


Be that as it may, those Open Heaven Realm Masters who landed on the Spirit Provinces also revealed looks of great jubilation despite not finding anything valuable.


Somebody exclaimed in amazement, “Such dense World Force!”


The Blood Monster Cave Heaven was a Universe Cave Heaven left behind by an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. It was only natural that the World Force it contained was extraordinary. The most basic method for cultivators in the Open Heaven Realm to strengthen their power was to enhance the World Force of their Small Universe; therefore, any Open Heaven Realm Master would benefit greatly if they could refine the World Force from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


It was just that cultivators would need to have great compatibility between their own Small Universes and the World Force in order for them to refine a World Force that did not belong to them. Take Old Ancestor Mo Yu for example. The reason he had his eyes on the Demon Realm and tried to conquer it was that the Demon Realm’s aura was highly compatible with his Small Universe. Not only would he not suffer major drawbacks after refining the Demon Realm, but he would also recover from his injuries and improve his cultivation in a very short time.


On the other hand, if their compatibility was low, there were heavy repercussions that could result in one’s own World Force becoming unstable or even damage being done to the foundation of their Small Universe.


The opening of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was a great event that swept across the entire 3,000 Worlds, so there was no shortage of cultivators who came here. As such, there were bound to be some people who met the refining conditions. These people were absolutely overjoyed. Landing on the Spirit Peaks and Spirit Provinces, they quickly used various means to collect them into their respective Small Universes to slowly refine at a later date.


Even though most people did not meet the refining conditions, there was no reason for them to pass up on the Spirit Peaks and Spirit Provinces from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven either. If they brought these Spirit Peaks and Spirit Provinces back to their Sects, the World Force contained within could greatly enhance the heritage of their respective Sects.


For that reason, many battles over the Spirit Peaks and Spirit Provinces broke out across the Blood Monster Territory in a very short period of time. The Open Heaven Realm Masters fought viciously among themselves and some of them would die from time to time.


Even the Proprietress and the others joined in the fight. They collected several Spirit Provinces into their respective Small Universes and placed a seal on them for later use.


The Small Universes of Open Heaven Realm Masters would only turn from ethereal to corporeal when they advance into the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm. At that point, their Small Universes would be no different from actual Universe Worlds and could even accommodate living creatures in them. Even so, the Small Universes of Mid-Rank and Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were not mere decorations either.


Back when Yang Kai first entered the Outer Universe, he had been lured into Duan Hai’s Small Universe. Duan Hai was the Fire Spirit Land Protector Venerable of Seven Wonders Land, but he was only in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm. It could be seen that even the Small Universes of Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters could accommodate living creatures as long as certain conditions were met and techniques were used. The only difference was that their heritage was not as majestic as a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master’s Small Universe.


The Proprietress and the others had spread out to search for the traces of Yang Kai and the others as at present, the Blood Monster Territory was in chaos. Yang Kai and the others were not yet in the Open Heaven Realm, so they had no means to protect themselves if they encountered danger.


Unfortunately, the Blood Monster Territory was a Great Territory, so it was incredibly vast. Even if they split up their forces to search, it was difficult for them to obtain results in short order. As such, they could only spread the news around in hopes of contacting Yang Kai and the others.




Meanwhile, Yang Kai burst out of the Void Crack in pursuit of the Spirit Province. When he abruptly found himself in a vast and dead environment, he immediately realised that he had returned to the Blood Monster Territory.


Not far away, a large Spirit Province floated in the void. All the cultivators in Abundance City stood on the Spirit Province, looking very uneasy. They might not know what had happened, but they had witnessed the sudden collapse of the world around Abundance City.


Looking around, they found that they were currently in a completely unfamiliar environment. Numerous Spirit Provinces not inferior to the one Abundance City sat on floated about in the void. The World Force was beginning to dissipate and the aura of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven gradually weakened as a result. When the aura of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven completely dissipated, the Blood Principles Restriction in their bodies would immediately burst out. At that time, the only thing waiting for them was death!


Inside the City Lord’s Mansion, Mo Mei and the Great Elders stood side by side. They looked out at the chaotic Abundance City and gave a small sigh. Despite having always known that such a day would eventually come, it was not until that day actually arrived that they realised how weak and powerless they were.


“Everyone, do you have any last wishes?” Mo Mei was slightly ashen-faced, but her tone was calm. She could be considered a person who had weathered many storms in her life, so her mentality was stronger than most. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for a woman to take up the City Lord’s position. Although what was happening before her was literally a world-ending disaster, it was not enough to cause her to panic. Thanks to her influence, the Great Elders also became much calmer as a result.


Pang Duo spoke after some thought, “I still want to go and see what the world outside looks like. Unfortunately, we will never get this chance.”


Gong Yang Xi stroked his beard and smiled, “This Old Master has lived a long time. I don’t really have any regrets.”


Jin Yuan Lang said, “I kind of want to know what the Open Heaven Realm is like. It’s a pity we could not advance any further in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.”


Mu Qian Xuan laughed softly, “Big Brother Yuan Lang, do you want to try advancing into the Open Heaven Realm right now?”


His expression changed upon hearing those words. What she mentioned was correct. They had already finished condensing their Yin, Yang, and Five Element Powers, it was just that they had always been stuck inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, so they could not advance into the Open Heaven Realm. Now that they had broken free of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven’s limitations, they could advance into the Open Heaven Realm as long as they were willing.


However, he soon shook his head and said, “I’m afraid it’s too late.”


Even though he had never tried to break through before, he knew that advancing into the Open Heaven Realm was not such an easy matter. He would almost certainly explode and die from the activation of the Blood Principles Restriction before he could finish preparing himself for the advancement.


Mo Mei suddenly bowed elegantly, “This Mistress is honoured to have received your help all these years. Many thanks for all your hard work.”


Everybody quickly turned towards her while Pang Duo spoke, “You are far too polite, City Lord. We were only performing our duties. Rather, it is your dedication to Abundance City that I highly admire, City Lord.”


Mo Mei smiled, “It’s not that bad to have your company on the road to the Yellow Springs.”


He laughed loudly, “Let us build another Abundance City when we arrive in the next world. We will behead anybody who dares to look down on us!”


The others roared their agreement.


“What are you talking about so happily?” A voice entered their ears suddenly, and in the next moment, their vision blurred slightly as a figure abruptly appeared in front of them. They jumped in fright and Pang Duo even took a few steps back without realising. After taking a good look at the newcomer though, he exclaimed in astonishment, “Yang Kai!? Why did you come back?”


Yang Kai smiled, “Of course, it’s to fulfil my promise.”


Mo Mei was puzzled, “Promise?” Seeming to recall something all of a sudden, she exclaimed in a mixture of surprise and joy, “Did you find a way to remove the Blood Principles Restriction!?”


When Yang Kai left earlier, he had mentioned that there was somebody who could remove the Blood Principles Restriction in their bodies. He also promised that he would do his best to obtain that method; even so, it had not been long since he left. Despite asking that question, Mo Mei had only asked out of a small sliver of hope. She did not actually believe that he had succeeded.


Contrary to her expectations, Yang Kai nodded in affirmation, “En. I obtained the necessary Secret Technique. I can help you remove the Blood Principles Restriction in your bodies so that you will never be bound by the Blood Monster Cave Heaven again.”


Gong Yang Xi accidentally tore out his beard hairs as his eyes widened when he heard those words and shouted, “Are you serious!?”


Likewise, Mu Qian Xuan’s eyes gleamed, “Yang Kai, you better not be lying to us.”


Yang Kai replied seriously, “Of course I wouldn’t lie to you. I’ve already experimented on the way here. The Secret Technique works.”


Pang Duo was taken aback for a moment, before he burst out laughing, “There’s always a way out! The Heavens have eyes after all! Hahahaha!”


Yang Kai raised a hand to interrupt, “Don’t get so happy just yet. There’s still a difficult problem to solve first.”


Mo Mei seriously asked, “What is it? Can we help? If so, then please speak freely.”


Yang Kai swept his gaze over them and answered in a troubled voice, “There are too many people in Abundance City. Using the Secret Technique depletes my strength. If I do this one at a time, I’m worried that the World Force here will dissipate completely before I can remove the Blood Principles Restriction from everybody.”


There were some 4,000 or so people in the city, so Yang Kai estimated it would take him at least one month to finish lifting the Restriction from all of them. However, the cultivators in Abundance City would lose the nourishment of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven’s aura when the World Force in this place fully dispersed. The only reason they were safe and sound at the moment was that Abundance City was located on a rather large Spirit Province; hence, some of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven’s aura still remained.




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