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Martial Peak – Chapter 4297, Collecting a Spirit Province


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Yang Kai’s meaning could not be any clearer, time waited for no man.


When Mo Mei heard those words, her expression became grim. If that were the case, she would be stuck with the extremely unenviable problem of choosing who to save and who not to save. Having served as the City Lord for so many years, she knew every single person in the city personally, from the oldest man to the youngest child. All these faces floated in front of her eyes. It would be extremely cruel if she had to choose a person’s death in exchange for another person’s survival at a time like this.


Fortunately, Yang Kai continued, “There is another possibility, but it will be a gamble. If it works, then everybody in Abundance City will be saved. If it fails… Well, we’ll discuss that when that happens.”


Mo Mei immediately asked, “What’s the gamble?”


Yang Kai explained, “I have an independent world. I can collect this piece of land into that independent world and use certain means to lock the World Force in place. It’s just that I’m not certain whether I can maintain and preserve the unique World Force in this land for long.”


If he could preserve the World Force for an extended period of time, then the aura of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would not dissipate so quickly and the Blood Principles Restriction in their bodies would not be triggered. In that way, he could slowly set everyone free. On the other hand, this method would be useless if he could not preserve the World Force for long enough.


Mo Mei’s eyes lit up at those words and she immediately agreed, “If you have a method like that, then please perform it as quickly as possible, Sir Yang.”


Nodding, Yang Kai requested, “Please wait for a moment. I also need you to tell everyone in the city not to resist what happens next.”


He was quite certain that it would not be difficult for him to collect this Spirit Province into the Small Sealed World; after all, his current Spiritual Energy was extraordinary. The main issue was that there were so many strong cultivators in the city as well. If anybody were to resist, it would add great strain to the load. Especially at a time like this where all the cultivators in Abundance City were already on edge. The slightest disturbance could send them into a panic, so it was crucial that they cooperated with him.


Mo Mei and the other Great Elders quickly relayed orders to the people. While comforting and reassuring everyone, they explained the current situation and told them not to resist under any circumstances. The cultivators in Abundance City slowly calmed down and soon there was not a single sound in the entire city, only their uneven breathing and the sound of pounding hearts remained.


Floating in the void above the Spirit Province where Abundance City was located, Yang Kai spread his Divine Sense into the surroundings to cover every corner of the floating piece of land. Even though he had already mentally prepared himself in advance, it was not until he actually attempted it that he discovered his initial assumption was far too naïve.


Even if his Divine Sense was incredibly powerful, his Spiritual Energy was gushing out like a waterfall at this moment. It didn’t take long before his Knowledge Sea was almost drained dry. If not for the Soul Warming Lotus’ continuous nourishment, he would probably be a dry oil lamp before he could even take action.


At times like this, Yang Kai couldn’t help missing the aspect of the Sealed World Bead that could transform into Gun-Gun. After all, Gun-Gun had even devoured the entire Demon Realm.


Everybody watched Yang Kai nervously only to see that his complexion was pale and his body was trembling slightly. Nevertheless, they could sense his overwhelming Divine Sense that was madly spreading out into the surroundings like a tidal wave.


Mo Mei and the others were shocked by the sight. Restrained by the limitations in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, they could only linger in the Emperor Realm for their entire lives. For that reason, their accumulation and precipitation in this Realm were by no means comparable to most other cultivators. Be it in terms of the purity and density of their Emperor Qi or their mastery of their Spiritual Energy, it was rare for Outer World cultivators to match up to them.


However, it was not until they compared themselves with Yang Kai that they understood their ignorance. Just in terms of Spiritual Energy alone, comparing themselves to him was like comparing a creek to the vast ocean.


A whole incense stick later, Yang Kai finally felt his Divine Sense wrapping around the Spirit Province without leaving out a single gap! His eyes, which had been closed all this time, jerked open abruptly and he roared, “Receive!”


The boundary of the Small Sealed World opened and Space Principles fluctuated violently and the Spirit Province became distorted. A series of ripples spread across the surface, then the Spirit Province suddenly disappeared.


Yang Kai exhaled softly in relief. Taking out some Spirit Pills, he stuffed them into his mouth and flashed into the Small Sealed World at the same time.


A large Spirit Province suddenly appeared in the Small Sealed World, its World Force clashing with the ambient World Force, causing the Blood Monster Cave Heaven’s aura to dissipate rapidly.


There was no time to rest as Yang Kai hurriedly communicated with the Sealed World Bead to seal the space around the new Spirit Province, preventing its World Force and the Blood Monster Cave Heaven’s aura from dissipating.


After working so hard, Yang Kai was so tired that he could see stars dancing in his vision. Nevertheless, the results were gratifying despite the huge effort required. The World Force of the Spirit Province that Abundance City was located on finally stopped dissipating. The preservation of the World Force meant that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven’s aura would not disappear; hence, the Abundance City cultivators had no need to fear or worry about the Blood Principles Restriction being activated.


It would seem that Yang Kai’s idea was feasible. A wave of relief washed over him after confirming this fact; then, he informed Mo Mei and the others about the results. Likewise, they also let out a deep sigh of relief.


“City Lord Mo, now is not the time for me to perform the Secret Technique. I’ll come to help you remove the Blood Principles Restriction in your bodies when I’ve settled down in a safe place,” Yang Kai said. The Blood Monster Territory was in chaos at the moment, so even if he wanted to help them, it was impossible for him to do so immediately.


Mo Mei bowed, “Please take care of your matters first, Sir Yang. This Mistress will manage Abundance City. Abundance City is greatly indebted to you for your life-saving grace, Sir.”


Pang Duo and the others solemnly cupped their fists, “Many thanks, Sir!”


Yang Kai returned the gesture and slipped out of the Small Sealed World. Even so, he was in no hurry to leave. He stayed there and took a short rest. All of a sudden, his eyes flickered. He had just noticed something rather interesting. When he was collecting the Spirit Province where Abundance City was located into the Small Sealed World, the Small Sealed World had absorbed the World Force that dissipated from the Spirit Province!


Upon further consideration, he realised that it was nothing to be surprised about. Back when he killed some Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land, the Small Universes in their bodies had collapsed upon their deaths. Accordingly, a portion of the World Force that dissipated and filled Void Land had been absorbed by Void Land to enhance its heritage.


It was said that the Masters of various Cave-Heavens and Paradises would choose to return to their respective Sects when their predestined time of death was approaching. When the Small Universe in their bodies collapsed, their World Force would enhance their Sect’s heritage. In that way, the World Force of those Cave-Heavens and Paradises became incredibly dense and rich with the accumulation of many years. That was also how they grew to their current scale and power.


Being an independent world, it was only natural that the Small Sealed World could devour and absorb World Force from external sources to strengthen itself.


Yang Kai suddenly regretted it a bit. [If I had known earlier, I would have tossed the corpses of those Open Heaven Realm Masters I killed into the Small Sealed World. That way, the Small Sealed World could have absorbed the World Force from their Small Universes!]


Nevertheless, it was not too late to understand this now. He might not be able to kill any Open Heaven Realm Masters at the moment, but there was no shortage of Spirit Provinces in all shapes and sizes in the Blood Monster Territory.


The Blood Monster Cave Heaven had collapsed to form countless Spirit Provinces scattered across the Blood Monster Territory. These were all unowned property. If Yang Kai could collect some of them into the Small Sealed World, the Small Sealed World would surely be greatly enhanced as a result.


In the past, a bold idea had unintentionally formed in his heart. This idea was closely related to the Small Sealed World. If the Small Sealed World could become stronger, then it would only benefit him even more when his idea came to fruition!


All of a sudden, Yang Kai felt that the destruction of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven might not be such a bad thing for him after all. How else could he have obtained an opportunity like this?


After a short rest, Yang Kai immediately rushed in the direction of a nearby Spirit Province. At present, there was no shortage of Spirit Provinces in all shapes and sizes in the Blood Monster Territory. They practically filled the entire Blood Monster Territory, so he could easily find one or two without putting in much effort. It was just that this particular Spirit Province did not contain any native cultivators from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. It didn’t even contain the slightest hint of life. Not to mention, it seemed significantly smaller than the Spirit Province with Abundance City.


Yang Kai spent a lot of effort to collect this Spirit Province into the Small Sealed World, but fortunately, there was no need to preserve the World Force of this place, so he simply allowed it to freely dissipate and add to the Small Sealed World’s heritage.


After two previous experiences, Yang Kai was becoming more and more skilful. He collected Spirit Province after Spirit Province into the Small Sealed World. Around half a day later, Yang Kai suddenly realised that he was not the only one doing this. Many other Open Heaven Realm Masters were also doing this!


It would seem that he was not the only one to realise that these Spirit Provinces contained great benefits. Thinking about it again, it was not that strange. The Open Heaven Realm Masters here were not stupid, so how could they ignore the benefits in front of them? This was the World Force of a Universe Cave Heaven left behind by an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after all.


[As things stand, I have to move faster.] The Blood Monster Cave Heaven was vast, so it broke into countless Spirit Provinces after its collapse. Even so, these Spirit Provinces could not last long with so many people gathering them. It was conceivable that the entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven would be divided up among the Open Heaven Realm Masters and cease to exist before long.


Unwilling to compete with the Open Heaven Realm Masters, Yang Kai found a relatively remote area and rushed in that direction.


The truth was that he still held a glimmer of hope that he would come across a city similar to Abundance City. There should be many native cultivators within the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. If he could rescue them at a time like this, they would surely bring great benefits to Void Land in the future.


Unfortunately, he collected some Spirit Provinces along the way but did not encounter any native cultivators from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Yang Kai couldn’t help sighing slightly, knowing that these native cultivators would not meet a good end. The other Open Heaven Realm Masters had no way to remove the Blood Principles Restriction even if they collected the Spirit Provinces that had native cultivators inhabiting them. All that awaited these native cultivators was death.


With the passing of time, Yang Kai noticed that the World Force contained in the Spirit Provinces that he collected into the Small Sealed World was getting weaker and weaker. It was understandable; after all, the World Force contained in the Spirit Provinces would slowly dissipate as they drifted about in the void. In the end, these Spirit Provinces would all turn into dead land.


At one point, Yang Kai was floating in the sky above a certain Spirit Province located several hundred metres away. Opening the boundaries of the Small Sealed World, his Divine Sense surged as he made a move to collect the Spirit Province.


However, a violent aura erupted from the depths of the Spirit Province at that moment and smashed his Divine Sense to pieces in an instant. Not only did Yang Kai fail in his endeavour, but he also received some backlash from this encounter. For a moment, he was so dizzy that stars danced in his vision.


Yang Kai was extremely shocked. He had checked the Spirit Province just now and found no traces of life, so where did this violent burst of aura come from?




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