Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4298, A Gently Pointing Finger


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This aura was clearly hidden somewhere in the Spirit Province. It was only exposed because Yang Kai’s actions had disturbed it. Not to mention, this aura… gave him a sense of déjà vu. It felt like he had encountered it before.


Before he could figure out the answer, an enormous figure emanating a sharp and overwhelming Monster Qi burst out of the Spirit Province. In addition, the figure was covered in dazzling golden light!


Yang Kai took a good look and exclaimed in surprise, “Golden Wolf King!”


[No wonder I found the aura familiar. I’ve actually met this fellow before!]


When Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang were being hunted down by Yin Xin Zhao, he had accidentally stumbled upon a battle between two peak Sixth-Order Monster Beasts. One of them was Golden Gorilla King while the other was a Golden Wolf King. Those two Monster Beasts were very powerful. At the time, the fight was evenly matched and both parties ended up wounded as a result.


It was with the borrowed strength of these two Monster Beasts that Yang Kai had escaped the pursuit of Yin Xin Zhao and the others. He later arrived at Abundance City.


During Yang Kai’s stay in Abundance City, Golden Gorilla King had taken advantage of the time when the barrier over the city had been torn open by Tan Luo Xing to enter and wreak great havoc. In the end, Yang Kai fought him and managed to force him back.


According to the explanation from Mo Mei and the others, Golden Gorilla King was a Sixth-Order Monster Beast that they supported. He also helped Abundance City out of trouble several times in the past. For that reason, Mo Mei pleaded on his behalf after Yang Kai severely injured him. Thus, Yang Kai allowed him to go free.


Yang Kai never expected to meet the Golden Wolf King in this broken Spirit Province after the collapse of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. He gnashed his teeth wondering just how unlucky he could be.


It was clear that the intense battle between the Golden Wolf King and Golden Gorilla King had left both parties heavily injured; therefore, they had both been treating their wounds in hiding. Yang Kai’s actions just now must have disturbed the Golden Wolf King.


The Golden Wolf King and Golden Gorilla King were both peak Sixth-Order Monster Beasts and the grudge between them was not something that was just one or two days old. They were both Metal Element Monster Beasts, so both of them were coveting each other’s Monster Core.


When Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang encountered these two Monster Beasts during their escape, both had been covered in serious wounds. Some of these injuries were fresh while others were fully healed. It could be seen that they had fought each other numerous times. It was just that they were so evenly matched that neither could finish the other.


Upon meeting the Golden Wolf King again, Yang Kai discovered that the other party’s wounds from earlier had not healed; furthermore, new wounds had been added into the mix. The flesh around those bloody wounds squirmed, looking extremely disturbing. In other words, the Golden Wolf King was currently in extremely poor condition.


Yang Kai was capable of pushing back the heavily injured Golden Gorilla King even when he himself was not fully healed; therefore, he was not afraid of the Golden Wolf King in the slightest. As such, he immediately raised the spear in his hand.


A furious roar reverberated through the air and the golden light around the Golden Wolf King’s body shone out brightly. He swiftly moved about on all fours and arrived within several dozen metres of Yang Kai in an instant. Opening his large and bloody mouth as he bit at him.


An overwhelming aura loomed over Yang Kai from above. He could even smell the nauseating stench coming from the Golden Wolf King’s mouth! Just as he was about to engage in battle against the Golden Wolf King, he suddenly became shocked and hastily retreated with a kick of his foot. That was because he discovered that the Golden Wolf King was not in the Sixth-Order anymore. The entire body of the Golden Wolf King was radiating with the aura of a Seventh-Order Monster Beast!


If Yang Kai had not encountered the Star Turtle previously, he might not have been able to judge this accurately. Fortunately, he had fought a great battle against the Star Turtle not long ago. The ferocity of a Seventh-Order Monster Beast was still fresh in his mind. That was why the realisation struck him immediately the moment the Golden Wolf King attacked. This was not the Sixth-Order Monster Beast that he knew, it was a Seventh-Order Monster Beast!


[Is it a different Golden Wolf King? That can’t be. This is the same Monster Beast I met previously. The wounds on his body look very familiar. But, I’m certain it was only at the peak of the Sixth Order when I last saw it. How did it advance into the Seventh Order?] Looking at the wounds on the Golden Wolf King, Yang Kai immediately understood. [This guy probably killed Golden Gorilla King and devoured the latter’s Monster Core. That’s why he advanced into the Seventh Order!]


Both the Monster Beasts had been at the peak of the Sixth Order, so no matter who killed whom, the surviving party would definitely be able to break through because they were only one step away from the Seventh Order. It was impossible for them to remain stagnant at their previous level after devouring the Monster Core of another Monster Beast at the peak of the Sixth Order.


Under normal circumstances, these two Monster Beasts would have been evenly matched; however, Golden Gorilla King had been badly beaten by Yang Kai in Abundance City, causing his already serious injuries to worsen.


[The Golden Wolf King must have taken that opportunity to kill his long-time enemy!] Yang Kai could almost imagine the scenario. The Golden Wolf King had been silently stalking Golden Gorilla King and waiting for a chance to finish him off after he invaded Abundance City. After Golden Gorilla King was driven away by Yang Kai and went into hiding to quietly lick his wounds, the Golden Wolf King finally made his move and dealt the finishing blow!


The Golden Wolf King managed to kill Golden Gorilla King, devour his opponent’s Monster Core, and advance into the Seventh Order. Even so, he had paid a heavy price for his success. That much was evident from the fresh injuries all over his body.


In an instant, many thoughts flashed through Yang Kai’s mind. Although he could not prove his conjectures, he was certain that his guesses were not too far from the truth. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help feeling a mixture of fear and joy upon learning that the Golden Wolf King was now a Seventh-Order Monster Beast.


He was apprehensive towards the terrifying might of a Seventh-Order Monster Beast; after all, he had a previous experience with the power of the Star Turtle. Even though so many people had joined forces, they failed to harm the Star Turtle in any meaningful way. The defences of an Earth Attribute Monster Beast were already extraordinary, so nothing need be said about one that was in the Seventh Order.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was happy because the Golden Wolf King’s body currently contained a Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Core!


Why did he enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven in the first place? Wasn’t it because he was searching for Metal and Yin Element cultivation resources? Out of all the Yin, Yang, and Five Elements, Yang Kai only needed two more. Once he gathered all of them, he would be able to advance directly into the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm. Only then would he finally have the qualifications to face all sorts of dangers and create a place for himself in the vast 3,000 Worlds for himself.


[Do I fight or flee?] Yang Kai only hesitated for a moment before he reached a decision.


The Golden Wolf King might be a Seventh-Order Monster Beast, but it had not been long since it broke through. Besides, its injuries had yet to heal. Why else would it be hiding here instead of leaving when such a huge disaster had befallen the Blood Monster Cave Heaven? In other words, it was hard to say whether it could fully exert the strength of a Seventh-Order Monster Beast.


More importantly, Yang Kai had no idea when he might come across another Seventh-Order Metal Element treasure if he passed up on this opportunity!




Yang Kai held his spear horizontally by his side. His gaze was fixed on the Golden Wolf King who was charging at him fiercely. While drifting backwards continuously, he gripped the Divine Ability Bead that the Proprietress had given to him in his other hand!


He had always been reluctant to use this Divine Ability Bead. Even when facing Black Crow Divine Monarch or the Star Turtle, Yang Kai had reserved the use of this Divine Ability Bead; however, this was related to a Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Core. He could not afford to hold back or delay.


After Yang Kai poured his strength into the Divine Ability Bead without restraint, the Proprietress’ familiar aura permeated from the inconspicuous Divine Ability Bead.


The Golden Wolf King was charging straight at Yang Kai when it seemed to detect a great crisis. Its enormous figure halted abruptly in the void and its strangely humanised eyes revealed uncertainty. In the next moment, it turned and fled.


It was also at this moment that the Divine Ability Bead in Yang Kai’s hand shone brightly. A slender jade finger suddenly appeared and gently pointed forward. That movement was absolutely gentle and did not carry the slightest hint of aggression. It was almost as if it was a flirtatious act between lovers, stirring up faint ripples in one’s heart.


However, this gentle movement contained an extremely horrifying power. In an instant, the world was turned upside down. It seemed as though even a Universe World would shatter to pieces if it stood before that finger.


The slender jade finger pressed down in the direction that the Golden Wolf King was fleeing. The Golden Wolf King clearly noticed that it was in a dangerous situation; thus, its figure moved about erratically in an effort to dodge.


A short while later, the jade finger vanished out of sight. On the other hand, the Golden Wolf King had already fled several hundreds of kilometres away.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai stood frozen on the spot in shock. He was feeling slightly dumbfounded.


[Is that… all?] Nothing dramatic had happened. The Divine Ability didn’t seem to have done anything to the Golden Wolf King either. When he first felt the power contained within that finger, Yang Kai wondered whether it could even kill a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Contrary to his expectations, the results were completely unexpected.


[That can’t be right. Proprietress spent so much energy to refine that Divine Ability Bead. It’s impossible for it to be useless.] As soon as that thought crossed his mind, Yang Kai quickly chased after the Golden Wolf King.


At this moment, the Golden Wolf King who had fled forward suddenly howled in agony. It stumbled and collapsed in the void, blood mist violently gushing out of all the pores on its body. Even the golden light around it dimmed in an instant.


The damage caused by that gentle finger might not be apparent from the outside, but it was clearly effective on the inside!


Before the Golden Wolf King could get up once more, Yang Kai swooped in and fiercely thrust his spear out!


Blood splattered everywhere. Although the Golden Wolf King tried hard to avoid the blow, this spear stabbed straight into its eye socket and caused it to burst. If the Golden Wolf King had not shifted his head away at the last moment, Yang Kai was certain he could have killed his opponent in one move!


The pain made the Golden Wolf King howl again. The golden light around its body fluctuated and a beam of light aggressively shot out from its mouth, aiming directly at Yang Kai. The destructive power was extremely high.


Yang Kai did not dare to underestimate this attack and dodged aside. Surging his Space Principles, his figure floated about erratically as he rained down spear attacks on the Golden Wolf King like a storm.


An endless wave of stabbing sounds sliced through the air as the Azure Dragon Spear pierced again and again. Although Yang Kai had experienced some setbacks in his battle against the Star Turtle, that was mainly because the Star Turtle’s defences were beyond terrifying.


The Golden Wolf King might also be a Seventh-Order Monster Beast, but it had only just finished its advancement and was also heavily injured. More importantly, the Metal Element was specialized in attacking, not defending; therefore, countless new wounds were added to the Golden Wolf King’s body in the blink of an eye, constantly drawing blood.


Yang Kai swung his spear with the speed of lightning. There were no tricks to his attacks, they were simply a barrage he unleashed without restraint. In spite of his calm exterior, Yang Kai’s emotions were incredibly excited.


[I can kill him! I can kill this Seventh-Order Golden Wolf King! As long as I kill the Golden Wolf King, I will obtain a Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Core! Then, I will only be missing the Yin Element!]


It was impossible for the Golden Wolf King to do nothing and wait for death under the endless rain of spears. It endured the pain and injuries on its body and fought back with all its strength. Its battle against Yang Kai was fierce. Although it was not an evenly matched situation, it was not a landslide victory either.


The heritage of a Seventh-Order Monster Beast was truly extraordinary. Even if it was just a newly-advanced Seventh-Order Monster Beast, it was absolutely incomparable to a Sixth-Order Monster Beast.


The same logic applied for Open Heaven Realm Masters. A Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master might only have a difference of one Order between them, but it was the difference between a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master and a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master. Even 10 Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters working together might not win against a single Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.




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