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Martial Peak – Chapter 4299, A Seventh-Order Monster Core

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It was not until this moment that Yang Kai was thankful that he had not tried to hold back and had used the Divine Ability Bead given to him by the Proprietress from the start. Otherwise, he would not have been a match for the Golden Wolf King.


Thanks to the gentle finger within the Divine Ability Bead, the Golden Wolf King had been considerably weakened. It was conceivable how powerful it would have been if Yang Kai had not heavily injured it from the start.


A vicious battle ensued. Although Yang Kai inflicted wounds all over the Golden Wolf King’s body, actually killing the opponent would take much more effort. It would take at least an hour or more for him to succeed. Of course, the longer the battle went on, the more advantageous it would become for Yang Kai. That was because the Golden Wolf King’s injuries would only worsen with time and the strength it could exert would also weaken. At some point, it would become easy for Yang Kai to kill it.


However, Yang Kai could not afford to drag things out. He had to end the battle as soon as possible as this place was the Blood Monster Territory. There were Open Heaven Realm Masters everywhere and there was no shortage of Mid-Rank ones among them. It would definitely attract unwanted attention if somebody detected the commotion here. A Seventh-Order Monster Beast’s Monster Core was extremely valuable, so it would inevitably arouse the greed in others and incite their killing intent.


Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai raised his spear and surged the Power in his Dao Seal. Golden Crow’s True Fire spread out, distorting the void. A Great Sun suddenly leaped out from behind his back and the sound of the Golden Crow’s cry rang out. Inside the Great Sun, a Three-Legged Golden Crow danced happily. The moment the Divine Manifestation appeared, Yang Kai’s aura increased madly.


A look of shock and fear flashed through the Golden Wolf King’s humanised eyes and it hesitated for a moment before turning around and fleeing.


How could Yang Kai allow the Golden Wolf King to escape though? His expression was calm as he manipulated Space Principles to turn the void into a prison, instantly slowing the Golden Wolf King’s movements.


Meanwhile, with the Great Sun perched atop the tip of his spear, Yang Kai thrust forward fiercely.


At the critical juncture of life and death, the Golden Wolf King turned around angrily and shot out a beam of golden light from its mouth to meet the dazzling Great Sun.


A violent collision erupted. Beams of light spread out everywhere and brutal energy ran rampant. When the golden light finally went out, the Great Sun enveloped the Golden Wolf King completely.


A short while later, the dazzling light dissipated. Yang Kai’s complexion was slightly pale as he held his spear and breathed heavily.


Not far from Yang Kai, the Golden Wolf King’s head had been blasted to pieces. The headless carcass twitched slightly as its vitality rapidly faded.


This battle began abruptly and ended swiftly. Nevertheless, Yang Kai was extremely lucky to have killed the Seventh-Order Monster Beast. If the Golden Wolf King had not been heavily injured in the first place and he did not have the Proprietress’ Divine Ability Bead, the only thing Yang Kai could have done upon encountering a Seventh-Order Monster Beast with his current strength would be to flee. It was only because of multiple coincidences overlapping with each other that led to the death of the Golden Wolf King.


Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Yang Kai flashed over to the Golden Wolf King’s carcass. He swept his Divine Sense over the carcass and quickly found something in the chest area. Thrusting his arm into the carcass, Yang Kai grasped something and pulled his hand out, holding a bloody Monster Core that emitted a golden radiance. The Monster Core was about the size of his fist.


[Seventh-Order! It really is a Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Core!] The urge to throw back his head and laugh wildly consumed Yang Kai. He originally thought that he would not obtain what he desired from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven this time around, but who could have known that he would gain a Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Core after the collapse of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven? It truly was a blessing from the Heavens. [Great efforts will be rewarded indeed. I’m glad the Proprietress’ Divine Ability Bead was well-used.]


Before he could put away the Monster Core though, a figure appeared suddenly and landed not far away from him. Yang Kai’s heart sank at the sight. He knew that he would attract the attention of others if he did not finish the fight quickly. Unfortunately, he was still too slow. Both the Proprietress’ Divine Ability Bead and his own Divine Manifestation were incredibly powerful after all, so it would be more difficult for people not to notice if they were nearby.


The person who came was an elderly man. Yang Kai glanced at the man briefly and was surprised to realise that he could recognise this person. He did not know the name of this elderly man and only knew that other people called him ‘Old Hong’. If he remembered correctly, this elderly man came from a great force known as Heaven’s Border.


Back when Yang Kai snatched the carcass of the Golden Crow in the Golden Crow Divine Palace, Old Hong and several other Open Heaven Realm Masters had chased after him. 


Afterwards, Yang Kai escaped into First Inn. 


When the matter in the Golden Crow Divine Palace was exposed, Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters like Old Hong lost the qualifications to participate. And so, Old Hong backed down quickly.


As soon as Old Hong arrived, he glanced at the Golden Wolf King’s carcass with a gloomy expression. His eyelids twitched at the sight, “A Seventh-Order Monster Beast!”


The Golden Wolf King might be dead, but the aura of a Seventh-Order Monster Beast coming from his body had yet to dissipate completely. Being rather knowledgeable, it only took one glance for Old Hong to understand this. He then turned to look at Yang Kai and his gaze immediately became fierce, “Brat, it’s you!”


It was obvious that he recognised Yang Kai. His memory of this boy was still fresh in his mind. There were few who could survive the pursuit of several Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters after all. It had been his first time meeting such a person.


Yang Kai ignored the other party. Quietly taking out some Spirit Pills, he stuffed them into his mouth. Following that, he waved his large hand and kept the Golden Wolf King’s carcass into his Space Ring.


“Brat, hand over the Monster Beast’s Monster Core and this Old Master will spare your life!” Old Hong’s expression was a mixture of excitement and greed. It was a Seventh-Order Monster Beast’s Monster Core after all! He had never seen one in his life. As a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he was vastly superior to Yang Kai in terms of identity, strength, and status. However, he had less than a hundredth of Yang Kai’s wealth.


[How many cultivation resources can I receive in exchange for a Seventh-Order Monster Core?] It could be said that Old Hong would never have to worry about money again. How could he not be moved by such huge benefits in front of his eyes? Recalling how Yang Kai escaped in the past, he secretly drew upon the World Force in his Small Universe to seal this surrounding space while he was speaking. As long as he could seal this place, Yang Kai would never be able to escape from the palm of his hands no matter what kind of method he employed.


He was not clear as to how Yang Kai managed to slaughter a Seventh-Order Monster Beast with his trivial Emperor Realm strength. In any case, it was obvious that Yang Kai had a great stroke of luck; otherwise, how could a little brat who was not even in the Open Heaven Realm kill such a powerful existence? The might of a Seventh-Order Monster Beast was such that even he did not dare to face it lightly.


Yang Kai immediately noticed the moment Old Hong made a move. Raising a hand, he tossed a brilliant golden Monster Core at Old Hong and shouted, “Here!”


Old Hong instinctively reached out and grabbed the Monster Core in his hand, but after looking down at it, he nearly exploded with rage, “How dare you deceive me, boy!?”


It was indeed a Metal Element Monster Core, but it was a Third-Order Monster Core that was only worth 10 or 20 thousand Open Heaven Pills at most. By the time he looked up again, Yang Kai was already a black dot in the distance. Yang Kai had taken advantage of his momentary distraction to use Space Principles to escape.


Old Hong felt as though his teeth were about to crack from rage. Having learned from his past experience where this Brat had escaped his clutches, how could he give chase only to be left behind again? He knew that it was unrealistic to catch up to Yang Kai with his abilities alone. Even so, the temptation of the Seventh-Order Monster Core made him unable to give up so easily. Burning his Blood Essence, he struggled to catch up. At the same time, he took out communication bead after communication bead and sent various messages out.


Old Hong would never have informed others if he could enjoy the benefits alone; however, he wouldn’t even be able to catch up to Yang Kai with his abilities alone. He could only rely on others to help. Besides, the value of a Seventh-Order Monster Core was so great that he would still receive quite a lot even if he had to divide his gains with others.


Old Hong’s cultivation and identity might not be particularly outstanding, but he still had some friends. Not to mention, several Open Heaven Realm Masters from Heaven’s Border also came here with him. Be that as it may, he was cautious and did not inform the others about the specific details. He only asked them to help intercept Yang Kai and promised to reward them greatly afterwards.


Somebody soon responded to his message. Overjoyed, Old Hong desperately chased in that direction.


An incense stick later, Yang Kai had only just planted his feet in the void when he sensed World Force surge and lock him in place, creating a sealed space. Yang Kai was shocked as he never imagined that somebody would block the path in front of him. Looking at this situation, it seemed to be targeting his Space Principles. Why else would somebody purposely seal off space around him?


[Did Old Hong call for help?] The moment that thought flashed through his mind, he heard a loud voice entering his ears, “Junior, obediently surrender without a fight!”


Yang Kai desperately pushed his Space Principles again and Moon Blades slashed out in all directions, but could not tear apart the opponent’s World Force that was holding him in place. When he looked up again, he saw a middle-aged man approaching him and cutting off his escape.


The middle-aged man studied Yang Kai curiously. He did not know the reason why Old Hong had sent him a message asking him to stop this young man. It was just that he happened to be nearby and Old Hong promised great benefits, so he simply acted in passing.


Yang Kai’s thoughts flashed through his head like lightning before he immediately shouted, “Who are you? Why are you blocking my way?”


The middle-aged man asked, “And, who are you?”


[Does this guy not know who I am?] Yang Kai opened his mouth to respond, “I am a manager under Madam Lan of First Inn. I have an urgent matter I must report to her and need to meet up with her immediately. If there’s a misunderstanding, please allow me to pass. It will be very serious if Madame blames you for this delay.”


“Madam Lan!?” The middle-aged man jumped in fright. [This kid belongs to First Inn!? What the Hell is Old Ghost Hong up to? Did he swallow the heart of a bear or the gall of a leopard!? How could he dare to pursue somebody from First Inn!? What would happen if that crazy woman, Lan You Ruo, finds out about this!?]


He might not have heard about there being managers in First Inn, but he had no time to think about it either. After frowning and pondering for a while, he asked, “Little Brother, you claim to be from First Inn. Do you have any proof?”


“Madame’s token is right here. I’m just afraid that you might have eyes but fail to recognise her greatness!” Yang Kai coldly snorted. Raising his hand, he tossed a token towards the other party. He could sense the other party’s cowardice, so his courage increased sharply. At a time like this, he could not afford to be polite. It was better to be arrogant instead.


Besides, the token was not fake. It was something the Proprietress handed to him in the past so that he could go around collecting debts. He had been keeping it all this while; hence, her aura was indeed contained inside the token.


The middle-aged man took the token and probed the contents with his Divine Sense and instantly his expression cramped. He could sense a strong residual aura was contained within the token. Although he could not confirm that the aura belonged to Lan You Ruo specifically, it definitely belonged to a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Like Old Hong, he was simply a Fourth Order, so how could he dare to go against a Sixth Order? Furthermore, First Inn was very well-known.


The token felt like a hot potato in his hand; thus, he quickly returned the token and cupped his fists, “So Little Brother is a subordinate of Madam Lan of First Inn. Forgive me, Little Brother. Everything was just a misunderstanding.”


Yang Kai shook his head and impatiently said, “If this is a misunderstanding, then hurry up and release me!”



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