Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4300, Reunion


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“Please go ahead, Little Brother!” After confirming that Yang Kai had a powerful supporter, the middle-aged man no longer dared to stop him, releasing his World Force and returning the token.


Yang Kai nodded gently and moved to leave.


The middle-aged man said, “Little Brother, you should head this way if you are looking for Madam Lan. I last saw her graceful figure from afar in that direction one day ago.”


He stretched out his hand and pointed in a certain direction.


Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Many thanks. I hope we meet again!”


With a flash of his figure, Yang Kai hurried in the direction that man had pointed.


At present, the Blood Monster Territory was in chaos. Being only in the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm, Yang Kai did not feel very safe moving alone. It would be best if he could meet up with the Proprietress and the others.


After Yang Kai departed, the middle-aged man angrily took out a communication bead and poured his Divine Sense into it to question why Old Hong had tried to harm him.


Old Hong was rushing over when he saw the message, so furious that he nearly spat blood, “Brother Xu, you let him go!?”


The man surnamed Xu snapped, “He is First Inn’s manager. How could I dare to stop him?”


Old Hong scolded scathingly, “What do you mean by the ‘Manager!? First Inn is just an inn! Why would it need another manager when Lan You Ruo is already there!?”


The man surnamed Xu couldn’t help realising the oddity of the situation when he heard those words. He had been frightened by the reputation behind the names ‘Madam Lan’ and ‘First Inn’ earlier, but now that he thought about it, he realised the truth behind those words. First Inn was just an inn, a place that collected and sold information. Why would it need multiple managers?


Despite feeling cheated, he replied, “Even so, that kid is from First Inn. We can’t afford to provoke them. Old Hong, I suggest that you give up as soon as possible to avoid accidents.”


Regardless of Yang Kai’s real status, the token was not fake. The aura contained within the token had terrified him. More so with the current situation in the Blood Monster Territory. There were disciples from major Cave-Heavens and Paradises everywhere. One could not be fooled by the fact that the other party was only in the Emperor Realm. Who could say which Sect the other party came from? What if he offended somebody he could not afford to? Not only would he suffer misfortune, but his actions might also endanger his Sect.


If this were a more hidden environment, he could have silenced the witness to his crime and be done with the matter; however, it was not easy to silence someone out in the open with so many people crawling all over the Blood Monster Territory. Determined to stay out of this shady business, the man surnamed Xu cut off contact with Old Hong.


Old Hong put away the communication bead and scolded angrily, “Cowardly rat! You are not qualified to participate in this great plan!”


Be that as it may, Old Hong could not be sure whether or not Yang Kai was from First Inn. If that were really the case, then he did not dare to provoke them either. Thinking about it carefully, Yang Kai had escaped into First Inn after snatching the Golden Crow carcass back then. Taking that opportunity to join First Inn did not seem unreasonable.


[In that case, that damned brat might really be part of First Inn!] Old Hong’s heart sank at the thought. [It feels like the Seventh-Order Monster Core will no longer have anything to do with me.]


Nevertheless, it was a miserable feeling to have such a tempting delicacy in front of him that he could only stare at but not eat. Old Hong stood there hesitating for a while. Then, he seemed to recall something all of a sudden. An idea came to him and he took out another communication bead. His expression became very respectful as he poured his Divine Sense into the communication bead and sent a message.



Inside the void, Yang Kai swiftly headed in the direction pointed to him by the middle-aged man earlier. At the same time, he took out his communication beads and kept sending messages to the Proprietress, Yue He, and Old Bai in hopes of getting in touch with them.


He was certain that the Proprietress and the others were also looking for him, it was just that they didn’t know each other’s location. The communication beads were certainly very useful and convenient, but they were limited by a certain distance; thus, they would not be able to communicate with each other if they were too far away from one another.


Half a day later, Yang Kai finally managed to contact Yue He. Once they exchanged information on each other’s locations, he finally calmed down slightly. Yue He was relatively close to him, so it would only take her an hour or so to arrive. Not daring to move around carelessly, Yang Kai found a dead Spirit Province nearby and hid there.


The Spirit Province he was hiding on clearly came from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. It was just that it wasn’t very large, only kilometres wide and long. Several days had passed since the collapse of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, so the World Force of these Spirit Provinces that were not collected in time had dissipated completely and merged with the void, causing these remnants to become barren.


There were not many similar wastelands like this. Some 80% of the Spirit Provinces had been collected. It could almost be said that the entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven had basically been divided up between the Open Heaven Realm Masters who came here. This was the first time Open Heaven Realm Masters had benefited from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Unfortunately, this chance only came once. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven had collapsed, so it was impossible for another opportunity like this to arise again.


Before an hour was up, a graceful figure landed nearby. Yue He swept out her Divine Sense and looked around for a bit before she glanced at Yang Kai’s hiding place and called out softly, “Young Master?”


Yang Kai stepped out and took off the Shadowless Veil to reveal his figure.


She hurriedly greeted him and asked in concern, “Young Master, are you alright?”


Her expression was filled with worry. The main reason was that Yang Kai seemed to have experienced various difficult battles. His outer appearance was quite a miserable sight. His clothes were ragged and torn. Moreover, the dried blood crusting his clothes could almost form a complete shell.


He shook his head and said, “I’m fine. Have you found the others?”


Yue He examined his condition carefully and confirmed that he was really fine. Only then did she relax and answer his question, “We found almost all of them; five or six of them are still missing.”


Yang Kai fell silent. Those missing people had probably met with a disastrous end. Before he entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, he had mentally prepared himself for this eventuality when his subordinates decided to explore on their own. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven was not a safe place after all. There would always be a risk when going for training, but he could not stop them. If he refused their request and protectively brought them around with him all the time, they would never grow stronger.


Only losing five or six people could even be said to be a great fortune amidst the various misfortunes. Furthermore, those who had survived the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would surely have grown tremendously. This would be of great benefit to their future.


Yang Kai composed his emotions and nodded, “Let’s go see Proprietress!”


Yue He immediately summoned her flight-type artifact and returned the way she came with Yang Kai.


Searching for the Proprietress took quite a lot of time as she was also searching for Yang Kai. It was quite troublesome not to have a fixed meeting place in this vast Blood Monster Territory. It was fortunate that the Proprietress had not been too far away from Yue He in the first place. Half a day later, a familiar-looking ship came into view.


When Yang Kai and Yue He boarded the ship, Lang Qing Shan and others rushed up to greet Yang Kai, cupping their fists as they shouted, “Sir!”


Yang Kai swept his gaze over them and nodded lightly. It was certainly as Yue He had mentioned earlier. There were a few missing from this group of subordinates that he brought along with him.


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a little sad. These subordinates had been serving under him since the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Having carefully nurtured them over the years, they would surely have been able to advance into the Open Heaven Realm with enough time. The most important point was that they were extremely loyal to him and had accompanied him through many dangerous and life-threatening situations in the past.


Guo Miao was also back, standing beside Guo Zi Yan.


Accountant looked at Yang Kai with his triangular eyes and asked, “Where’s Chef?”


Yang Kai slapped his forehead. He had nearly forgotten about Chef again; thus, he immediately brought him out of the Small Sealed World.


Chef had previously used his knife and chopping block Secret Technique twice in a row, but his complexion was better after recuperating in the Small Sealed World for the past few days. As soon as he came out of the Small Sealed World, he immediately hooked his arm around Accountant. Then, they slipped away into the cabin to do something.


The Proprietress looked at Yang Kai and said, “Smelly Brat, I heard that you caused a lot of trouble inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.”


She might have remained outside all this while, but she had received all sorts of news following the collapse of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


Yang Kai replied shamelessly, “There’s no such thing. Whoever said that must be slandering me.” Then, he hurriedly changed the topic, “By the way, Proprietress, there was this guy called Black Crow Divine Monarch in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven…”


Before he could finish his sentence, she raised a hand to interrupt him, “The news regarding Black Crow Divine Monarch has spread already. At present, all the Territory Gates of the Blood Monster Territory have been blocked. The Cave-Heavens and Paradises are currently searching for this person’s whereabouts.”


Black Crow Divine Monarch had returned to life via possession. That in itself was not a big deal as he would only have offended Great Thousand Blood Land. The body he possessed belonged to Zhou Yi of Great Thousand Blood Land after all. It was just that he had killed many people in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, including many disciples of the various Cave-Heavens and Paradises. More importantly, draining a person’s Blood Essence was an infringement of a serious taboo.


That was why the Cave-Heavens and Paradises immediately took action to block the Territory Gates of the Blood Monster Territory as soon as the news of Black Crow Divine Monarch was exposed. Anybody who wanted to leave the Blood Monster Territory would have to undergo a strict inspection. They were determined to find Black Crow Divine Monarch.


The Cave-Heavens and Paradises had taken an extremely aggressive approach towards this matter. The first reason was that they wanted to avenge their dead disciples, but a bigger reason was that Black Crow Divine Monarch was an extremely valuable source of information. If nothing else, the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture was enough to make anybody envious. Who would not want such an extraordinary Secret Art? Even if they could not cultivate that Secret Art, they could not let it fall into another person’s hands.


Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief to hear the Proprietress’ words. If the Cave-Heavens and Paradises were taking the lead to deal with Black Crow Divine Monarch, then things were not going to be easy for that old dog. Nevertheless, Yang Kai had the sneaking suspicion that Black Crow Divine Monarch would not be captured so easily. There was a high possibility that the people deployed by the Cave-Heavens and Paradises would return empty-handed.


In any case, this matter was no longer related to him. 


Yang Kai had obtained some benefits from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, so his top priority was to digest them as soon as possible, especially the Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Core. Just thinking about it made him excited. [Once I refine that Metal Element Monster Core, I will only be one more step away from the Open Heaven Realm!]


“By the way, Proprietress, do you know where the people of Lang Ya Paradise are?” Yang Kai asked.


The Proprietress looked at him strangely, “Why? Did you quarrel with the people from Lang Ya Paradise?”


“I have a friend in Lang Ya Paradise. I want to check up on her.” He had seen Gu Pan escaping with Zhang Ruo Xi when the Blood Monster Cave Heaven collapsed. It was just that he was not sure what happened after that.


She replied, “The people of Lang Ya Paradise left one day ago. If you want to find them, you will have to go to Lang Ya Territory.”


Yang Kai was a little disappointed to hear those words. He had wanted to talk to Zhang Ruo Xi some more, but it would seem that his plan was no longer feasible. In any case, the fact that Lang Ya Paradise had left had to mean that Gu Pan and Zhang Ruo Xi had met up with the others. There was no need to worry about Zhang Ruo Xi’s safety with Gu Pan watching out for her.




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  1. Can’t he enter SWB and give it to madam Lan first b4 he can do chit chat.(or he could have done it when he met up with Yue He.)Pretty sure everyone will besiege their group bcoz of himfor whatever fckng reasons they can come up with. But plot armor will prevail.

  2. Is Madam Lan’s inn now the only inn of First Inn? Because when it was first introduced, I thought it said that it is in multiple Territories. Also, when Yang Kai went around to get the debts for the Proprietess, one of the debtors asked for which Proprietess of First Inn after Yang Kai said he was there to collect debts for the Proprietess (iirc).
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