Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4301, Old Friends Meet


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The Proprietress looked at Yang Kai strangely, “Forget about Lang Ya Paradise for now. Tell me what happened with Yin-Yang Cave Heaven first.”


“Yin-Yang Cave Heaven?” Yang Kai immediately thought of Qu Hua Shang when he heard the name, hoping she was safe as well. 


As such, he subconsciously asked, “What happened with Yin-Yang Cave Heaven?”


The Proprietress gritted her teeth slightly as she snapped, “I’m amazed that you have the cheek to ask me! A representative came to me to propose marriage! They are asking you to marry into Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.”


“Propose marriage? Marrying into Yin-Yang Cave Heaven?” Yang Kai’s eyes widened in surprise, “Y-you are joking, right!?”


The people surrounding them also turned to look at Yang Kai in astonishment. Yue He’s expression was resentful as she bit her scarlet lip lightly, looking like a wife who had been thoughtlessly abandoned.


“Hah…” The Proprietress gave a short humourless snort, “I thought they were joking at first, but they’re not. They even handed me a list of dowry gifts. Would you like to take a look?”


Yang Kai was oozing sweat like a waterfall as he shook his head, “No need. I’m afraid there must be some sort of misunderstanding somewhere!”


The Proprietress gave him a savage look, almost as though she was going to slowly shave off several pounds of flesh from his body, “It’s not a misunderstanding if Yin-Yang Cave Heaven is proposing marriage. I heard that you were very close with Qu Hua Shang in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.”


[You even know about that!?] Yang Kai was tempted to ask just which loud-mouthed person had told her this information. Be that as it may, this was not something that could be hidden anyway. Many people had seen him travelling with Qu Hua Shang before they arrived at the Blood Monster Divine Palace.


As such, Yang Kai solemnly answered the question, “Senior Sister Qu offered me great assistance in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. I would have been killed if not for her.”


“What happened?” The Proprietress’ eyes narrowed at those words and a chill began lingering around her. She only heard that Yang Kai and Qu Hua Shang had travelled together inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven and that their relationship looked very intimate, but she was ignorant of everything else. She had no information about how the two of them had supported each other in the face of several deadly crises.


In response, Yang Kai waved his hand to push the matter aside and simply said, “In any case, I owe a life-saving grace to Senior Sister Qu.”


He was reluctant to elaborate on this matter, not because he was afraid of causing further misunderstanding, but mainly because the person trying to kill him at the time was Yin Xin Zhao from Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven.


The supporter behind First Inn was a Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven Elder in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm. If the Proprietress learned about this matter, she would certainly stand up for him, but it would not benefit her if she burned her bridges with Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven.


She had protected him for so many years, so how could Yang Kai possibly cause trouble for her? As for the grudge of being hunted by Yin Xin Zhao back then, he would exact his own revenge one day!


The Proprietress gave Yang Kai a deep look before finally sighing, “It’s not that I want to speak badly of somebody behind their back. I also know the Qu Hua Shang girl. She is a good person, but she is also a Core Disciple of Yin-Yang Cave Heaven. It might even be possible for her to inherit the position of Sect Master one day. It’s not a good thing for you if she falls in love with you.”


“Rest assured, Proprietress. I will handle this matter myself.”


She sighed again and said, “In that case, you better take good care of yourself. We’re done here. It’s time for us to head back.”


As for those people who had not been found so far… Even if something bad had happened to them, it was the result of their own choices. On the other hand, if they survived, they would naturally find a way to return to First Inn in Thousand Birds Territory or Void Land; therefore, there was no point in lingering here further.


The ship quickly turned around and headed towards one of the Blood Monster Territory’s Territory Gates.


Inside his room, Yang Kai took a bath and changed into a set of clean clothes. These simple actions immediately refreshed him. Then, he checked his harvest from this trip and smiled brightly.


Strictly speaking, he did not gain many things from this trip, at least nothing compared to his harvest from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Even so, he was very satisfied. The main reason was that he had obtained a Seventh-Order Metal Element Monster Core! This was what he needed the most right now.


However, he was in no hurry to refine the Monster Core. Refining a Seventh-Order Monster Core would definitely take some time, so he had to wait until he returned to cultivate in retreat.


Aside from the Seventh-Order Monster Core, his largest harvest was the 5 Innate Open Heaven Pills formed in the Universe Furnace! These were treasures that would make anybody jealous.


[I should give one of these to Proprietress later. It might allow her to advance into the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm!] If the Proprietress could advance into the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm, then her status and strength would be greatly improved. It would give her the capital to speak even if she stood up against Xuan Yuan Cave Heaven.


In addition, Yang Kai had high hopes for the cultivators from Abundance City. From the City Lord Mo Mei, Pang Duo, and the other Great Elders, down to Deacon Fan Wu Xin and the many ordinary residents, many of them had remained in the Emperor Realm for centuries, constantly improving themselves. In his eyes, they were all seeds that could sprout into Open Heaven Realm Masters. As long as the Blood Principles Restriction in their bodies were removed, they could advance into the Open Heaven Realm at any time! At that point, Void Land’s heritage would soar!


Yang Kai himself had been targeted by various major Cave-Heavens and Paradises, so a strong sense of crisis now existed in the depths of his heart. Unfortunately, he himself had no means of advancing into the Open Heaven Realm any time soon. So, he could only think of other ways to increase the strength of Void Land. Otherwise, how would Void Land fight back if a powerful enemy were to attack one day?


The Seventh-Order Monster Core, the Innate Open Heaven Pills, and the cultivators of Abundance City; these were Yang Kai’s greatest harvests during this trip. The partial method of cultivating Monster Beasts, the Alchemy Furnace, and the various pills obtained in the Blood Monster Divine Palace, and even the fragments of the Blood Light Scripture were only incidental gains. There was no comparison with the former gains that he obtained.


Naturally, there was also his Wood Element Divine Ability. Yang Kai had to take some time to properly comprehend the Divine Ability. At the time, the aura of the Divine Ability had burst out without any warning and came out of him directly. Hence, he himself was not clear how that Divine Ability worked. It was only natural that he had to understand his own methods; otherwise, how would he activate them again when he faced an enemy next time?


[That’s right! Mo Mei and the others are acquainted with the Proprietress. It’s time for me to let them meet.] Yang Kai had not had the time to tell the Proprietress about Abundance City in detail. After considering this, he immediately entered the Small Sealed World. When he swept his Divine Sense over his surroundings, he couldn’t help revealing a look of surprise.


He collected plenty of Spirit Provinces into the Small Sealed World back in the Blood Monster Territory but only the Spirit Province with Abundance City on it had received special treatment. Yang Kai used his authority as Master of the Small Sealed World to seal and contain the World Force of the Spirit Province. On the other hand, he had not bothered to do anything to the other Spirit Provinces. For that reason, the World Force contained in those Spirit Provinces had already begun to merge with the Small Sealed World.


At this moment, the World Force in the Small Sealed World was many times denser than before. As the Master of the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai could feel this difference very clearly.


He secretly sighed to himself. [Truly worthy of the Universe Cave Heaven left behind by an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. All I did was collect some broken fragments, but the Small Sealed World experienced such a huge leap in growth as a result. What will become of the Small Sealed World if I devoured the entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven?]


What’s more, the fusion of the World Force would not be completed after just a few short days. The World Force in the Small Sealed World would only become richer and richer with the passage of time. The benefits enjoyed by the Small Sealed World were also extremely beneficial to him! If the idea he concocted in his head could be completed, then his strength would surely be greatly enhanced in a short period of time.


Focusing himself, Yang Kai came to Abundance City with a flicker.


This place had been sealed by him. Consequently, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven aura had been preserved and the people of Abundance City remained safe.


Mo Mei and the others were gathered in one place, so they quickly came over to welcome Yang Kai when they noticed his arrival. After greeting each other, Yang Kai said, “Everyone, I came here to help you remove the Blood Principles Restriction. After that, I’m going to bring you to meet some old friends.”


“Old friends?” Mo Mei was astonished, but she quickly understood the situation, “Is it Big Sister Lan?”


“Exactly!” Yang Kai nodded, “My independent world is incomplete and cannot accommodate Open Heaven Realm Masters, so the Proprietress cannot enter this place. In that case, I can only bring you out to meet her instead.”


Mo Mei revealed a look of pleasant surprise and nodded repeatedly, “Good. I haven’t seen Big Sister Lan for many years. I wonder how she is now.”


He smiled, “You’ll know when you see her, City Lord Mo.”


Yang Kai immediately began using the Secret Technique without further ado. Thanks to his previous experience, it was not difficult for him. It was just that every time he cast the Secret Technique, some of his blood would be consumed in the process.


Numerous seals shot out and entered Mo Mei and the others’ foreheads. Closing their eyes, they perceived their conditions and soon Mo Mei said with a look of pleasant surprise, “Although there is no proof, it feels like something in my body has been freed and I feel more relaxed. I think the Blood Principles Restriction no longer exists.”


Pang Duo, Jin Yuan Lang, and the others also nodded in agreement.


“We’ll know whether the restriction has been lifted after we test it out!” Yang Kai’s Divine Sense surged and wrapped around them. Then, he slipped out of the Small Sealed World. By the time Mo Mei and the others realised what had happened, they were already standing in a room.


Yang Kai watched them nervously. Although he was fairly certain that they would not suffer any backlash from the Blood Principles Restriction, there was always a possibility. Under his careful watch, he saw that they were in perfectly fine condition. Thus, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. [Hei Ya might have been despicable, but he at least did not deceive me in this matter.]


“Where is Big Sister Lan?” Mo Mei turned to look around but did not see the Proprietress.


Yang Kai beckoned to them and said, “Come with me.”


Leading them out of the room, he came to another room on the top deck of the ship and gently knocked on the door


The Proprietress’ voice soon called out, “Enter.”


Yang Kai opened the door to see the Proprietress and Yue He sitting opposite each other at the table. They seemed to be discussing something, but their expressions stiffened in surprise when they looked up.


In the next moment, the Proprietress slowly got to her feet. She stared at the people behind Yang Kai in shock, her beautiful eyes trembling slightly. Meanwhile, Yue He couldn’t stop herself from covering her red lips with her hands as she asked in a trembling voice, “Mo Mei?”


Even though so many years had passed, the memories they had of each other had not faded. Both Yue He and the Proprietress had recognised Mo Mei and the others as soon as they appeared.


Mo Mei’s eyes reddened. She walked forward and gave an elegant bow, “Big Sister Lan, Big Sister Yue He, we finally meet again after so many years! Have you been well?”


The Proprietress reached out to lift Mo Mei up, her cherry lips moving as though she wanted to speak, but she couldn’t bring herself to in the end. Her eyes reddened too.


Pang Duo and the others cupped their fists, “Greetings, Senior Sister Lan, Senior Sister Yue He.”


Yue He murmured in a daze, “You… Why are you here? What about the Blood Principles Restriction planted by Blood Monster Divine Monarch in your bodies?”


Mo Mei wiped away the tears at the corners of her eyes and explained, “It’s all thanks to Sir Yang. He removed the restriction on us. That’s how we broke free of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven’s shackles to appear here.”




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